Qinghai Tibet Railway Co., Ltd. Xining Ministry of public works with the help of network resources t

The end of the year, the author visited the Qinghai Tibet Railway Xining Railway Engineering, the workshop, the staff of a smiling face, let us feel the fusion of the eighteen spirit charm and youthful beauty. Eighteen closing the section to implement the eighteen spirit of publicity for traction, and actively explore innovative grass-roots workers to learn the popularization and popularization of the way, let the theory of learning expression more vivid, effectively enhance the pertinence and persuasive.

‘building’ is a process, ‘building’ is the result. Through hard work, the strategic goal of well-off society will be realized. From "construction" to "build", the change of the word reflects the great changes in the development stage of our country"…… The section of the local area network to open the spirit of learning eighteen column, a lot of insightful discussion caused workers onlookers".

railway workshop Party branch secretary Han Zuyue, told reporters: Comrade Mao Zedong had the image of the ‘method’ likened to the bridge and the bridge across the river, that does not solve the problem of the bridge or the ship, the river is empty talk. In section eighteen we explore the process of learning the spirit of popularization and popularization, that LAN has become a new front propagation." The eighteen spirit of learning as an opportunity to make full use of the network resources, the establishment of the "big learning column", "big machine forum", the flying letter learning group and other columns, greatly enriched the network resources, such as.

is an enhanced eighteen learn the spirit of attraction, guarantee workers learning content timely digestion, the full use of modern media resources to strengthen the armed basic theory, flexible use of electronic screen, Fetion answer form loved by the workers, penetrated into all aspects of learning theory.

sat in the flaw in the car can learn the spirit of the eighteen!" Inspection team staff Zhang Lei happily told reporters that some sites in the landing inspection vehicle through a dedicated wireless network card can, into the grass-roots workers eighteen spirit of learning topics, employees can learn and participate in the quiz at any time.

party secretary Chen Zufu comments: at present, armed with the spirit of the eighteen minds, guiding practice, promoting the work is the starting point of our study, but also the end result of learning." (author: Meng Jihui)


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