Self driving license is expected to test the pilot during the year

This year, the small car driver self-study straight test, independent appointment examination, off-site exam will start the reform, which is the reporter from the national public security organs of the State Council on the reform of the office of the 25 meeting was informed. It is reported that more than 110 public security measure of comprehensive deepening reform involves, has to the police department and the division of labor.

according to the Ministry of public security Party committee, director of the political department, deputy head of the Ministry of public security comprehensive deepening of reform leading group and director of the office of summer Chongyuan, deepen the public security reform involves more than 110 reform initiatives have been implemented, the leadership responsibility, the division of labor to the police and the Department this year, 9 key aspects of the reform tasks have signed a responsibility the book will be carried out within the year, a small car driving straight people self examination and self exam appointment, off-site examination, difficult cases to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the prosecution system and a number of pilot reform.

according to the reporter, these pilot work may be in full swing in July. China Road Transport Association, deputy director of the driver’s working committee Fan Li said that these measures are not only convenient, if done well, but also improve the quality of driving school teaching, improve the integrity of the test.

Fan Li introduction, at present, Shenzhen has been in the trial of independent appointment examination. Fan Li believes that to achieve an independent appointment examination, the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of communications and the two departments should work together to promote. Transportation department is responsible for driving the qualification management, traffic control department is responsible for the issuance of driver’s license. After carrying out the independent examination appointment, as long as the car driving to learn the basics, other aspects can no longer to the driving school, where you can find your car again don’t money, driving will have a sense of crisis. Two departments should coordinate how to recognize the driving hours, for example, students can take a driving school certificate examination, which is convenient for students, but also to improve the quality of driving training. At the same time, can also block the corruption of driving license.

for self-study straight test, Fan Li said, for the driver’s license was revoked, or driving license expired due to the replacement of the driver does not need to re test, may be more realistic. Fan Li said, like a different exam is a very good policy of convenience, allowing students to more places to fewer places to test students, accelerate the progress of the card, but also to reduce corruption.


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