Xining efforts to improve people’s livelihood and happiness index

Speaking of people’s livelihood, people feel the most direct.

from people’s income increased significantly, increase fiscal spending, from low-income housing construction, to improve the social security system, employment from the public service system to create entrepreneurship…… Xining City, adhere to solve the people most concerned about, the most direct, the most realistic interests in the first place of the work, continue to build a strong bottom line livelihood security, to achieve a virtuous cycle of economic development and improving people’s livelihood.

"my older son, and cerebral palsy, but the government for our purchase of home-based care services, at the same time enjoy the meticulous care of the staff can also enjoy family life!" Who lives in the east slope of stone street community 84 year old Fu Ruilan happy to say.Since the

– people respond to the concerns in mind, in their hands, implement practical things warm people

"we are here to see the doctor who, convenient, and expert level high, Dr. Shao Xiulan is very famous in gynecology. Sometimes his wife’s periarthritis of shoulder if committed, and we have to tie the acupuncture, the effect is good!" Accompany daughter;

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