Strictly prohibited by the administrative monopoly management fees

In order to regulate the behavior of charges related enterprises in accordance with the law, to further reduce the burden on enterprises, according to the national development and Reform Commission notice spirit, the provincial government in accordance with the requirements of the relevant work, after cleaning, the provincial departments of enterprises related to administrative examination and approval pre service charges before the date, the provincial development and Reform Commission issued the "notice on announced Sheqi administrative examination and approval pre service charges list of provincial government pricing the".

"notice" clearly the provincial government pricing projects Sheqi administrative approval pre service charges a total of 4, including the seismic safety evaluation, lightning protection device, detection performance of antistatic safety detection and energy saving monitoring fees. "Notice" provides that the list of documents without the basis of laws and regulations shall not be charged as an administrative examination and approval of the pre conditions and charges. It is strictly prohibited for all administrative departments to use administrative power to monopolize the business, to force the service and to impose fees. In the process of examination and approval, the examination and approval department shall, in the process of examination and approval, entrust the technical service to be selected by means of competition, and the service fee shall be paid by the examination and approval department. Shall not be within the scope of the responsibility of the government to the public institutions or intermediary organizations to bear and charge. "Notice" requirements of the competent price departments at all levels to strengthen the implementation of the list and other administrative approval intermediary service conduct supervision and inspection, strictly investigated and dealt with according to law without additional fees, fees and other price violations increased.

it is reported that the list of the implementation of dynamic management, according to the changes of laws and regulations and the list of powers and pricing policies, timely adjustment and improvement, and real-time updates released.

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