West 7 activities of the masses happy New Year

2014 New Year’s day, Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival is approaching, in order to let the masses enjoy this year for the first time, the west area of elegant art to "section three" mass cultural activities, literary celebrities invited provinces and cities to the rural areas, into the community for the masses.

elegant art activities including "blessing" · China dream; west end area of the masses of all circles to greet the New Year party, "the world customs ·" the public taste of song and dance show, "golden horse new year · harmonious" public art show, "national charm · succinct" traditional art exhibition, "bamboo with · enjoy the" National Concert, "long surplus wind · new public" Lantern Festival drama party program. Bless the people activities including "new year" Fu · 1000 couplets to send public activities, "Laba Festival · community", "Ma Yue Jinxiu condolences activities · calligraphy calligraphy pen, dream" new year "happy family" xiaonianye warmth and other activities. Folk culture activities including "spring to spring" with Ji parade activities, "spring", "Ode to the public cultural activities" outstanding performance, Jinma off fire lights reflect western "Lantern Festival". Mass cultural activities, including the "three rural", the people’s cinema, to commemorate the birth of Wang Luobin’s Choral Competition for the year of 100, excellent community performances, badminton friendlies, farmers Winter Games, community new year concert. Cultural events include the Taipei the Imperial Palace Museum collection exhibition, modern Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibition, 3D magic art exhibition and other activities. Tourism shopping activities include "colorful winter" tour of the west, "taste buds West" food festival, "leading fashion" Shopping Festival, etc..

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