The natural wind tobacco firms business skills

the current market, the number of thousands of shops, a shop can be highlighted, naturally has its advantages, as well as other shops should learn skills. My shop – natural wind tobacco firms, has become the first batch of Jinjiang tobacco companies flagship store tobacco. What is "natural wind"? Take the double meaning, one is the natural wind is intermittent wind, gust of wind blowing, continue to bring people with more oxygen and negative ions in the fresh air, it is fit for my business purpose.

I hope that through my hard work and service to every guest to bring fresh feeling; the two is some places have lakes, rivers and lakes where there is a natural market, I also often to the lakes in a natural wind at, my life is also like the natural wind, prone to easygoing, happy to make friends, expand their circle in sharing with others at the same time, its progress.

my experience

I have been working for 2 years, can so quickly grow into the flagship store in Jinjiang tobacco companies, and tobacco companies staff at all levels of care and help are inseparable. Of course, I have formed some experience, to share with you.

people in the rivers and lakes, the body must by oneself. To continue to build their own , in order to remain invincible. Today’s business competition, to a certain extent, is the competition of human relations, especially in Jinjiang this environment is particularly evident. As a friend said, on the ground in Jinjiang with my relationship, there is nothing impossible. Although it is a joke, but not without reason.

and I as the retail shop business households angle to understand, in general, when people want to buy a commodity, especially for big purchases or a larger number of shopping goods, always think there are no acquaintances shop, or to ask their relatives, friends and colleagues there are no acquaintances shop, always feel to the acquaintance of the store to buy things, one can enjoy discount, on the other hand will be more assured of the quality of goods. So I think as much as possible to do good marketing.

connections exist in social communication, as long as good at using all available channels and tools to communicate with others, we will make connections continue to grow, and thus bring more opportunities for their career and life. As a cigarette retailer, how to make their own more extensive contacts, acquaintances, to increase their business opportunities? Here are a few of my humble opinion:

one is to learn to use social resources. As our retailers, friends and family is our greatest social resources, is the foundation of my of contacts. I’ve been trying to take the appropriate way to bring their friends and family back into my , beyond my basic

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