Carefully hung black chain brings the opposite effect

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but a station to get outside the chain of high PR station, which is not so easy, unless you webmaster friends friends broad, there are many webmaster friends, or you can choose to buy more money, buy the chain, the chain is divided into two types, one is the chain, another is the black chain, the chain refers to the so-called search engine, users can see the chain with the chain, this is generally the friendship exchange, or money, are generally paid monthly, according to the site of the PR value chain charges, the higher the PR value, the higher the price is, some big news site, a monthly rent to 800 yuan. But this chain brings the effect is also very high, which is equivalent to an industry celebrities has promoted a new human beings, new human values will rise.

black chain effect is debatable

station to increase the chain,

since the Google PR, we began to dawdle, how to rapidly increase the PR value, a method of increasing PR is the fastest made outside the chain of high PR site, outside chain is divided into two kinds, is always a two-way link, another is one-way, two-way link is called the connecting each other, and unidirectional links is a single direction of the chain, just like a vote for station to another station, another station did not know which station cast their vote, the more votes income, the higher the PR value of the site


!In this paper, is not easy!

due to the chain is expensive, some hackers have come up with the method of hanging black chain, this method first arose in the PW circles, hackers through intrusion security measures of low site, on the site linked to the hidden links, which is a black chain, this link is not seen, except the code view, general it is hard to find. But the black chain effect, actually did not imagine so good, with more and more people hung black chain, black chain is not like before the effect, the author also once bought black chain, but was online site less than a month, hang black chain, not only no bonus for the site, instead of being punished, analyzed the reason that this site is hanging too much black chain, therefore, buy black chain of friends, should be careful, don’t buy black chain site

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