Calm face the adverse effects brought by the website snapshot (two)

the final reason is that black chain. Recently, the black chain very fast, now many webmaster have used the black chain. The concept of black chain must we all know. But the black chain also has one of the biggest features: instability. When you are with 50 stations at the time, but fell in love with the sea update, check again found that only 10 of the station. Like this black chain is not stable, it is easy to love Shanghai on your website, so remember to use less with special respect "is wonderful, of course not better.

Hello, I am the light shadow, then the last time to share with you the website snapshot "calm face to your site to bring adverse effects (a)", today the rest of the experience in the second part, all show. On this website snapshot article has all finished, personally feel that the two articles of Shanghai dragon ER is very meaningful. Learning website, Shanghai dragon must clearly understand all the first off the problem, such as a web site snapshot: why website snapshot; website snapshot which will bring adverse effects to the site, today the light shadow will give you the second half.

website snapshot there are many factors that can cause, first need to find out why. To reduce the snapshot one of the main reasons is that your website has been continuously modified. A lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the site to do Shanghai dragon often appear in such a situation, the site just on the line a few days, began to change the title. Remember that this is absolutely taboo, the title of a web site can casually better, so the website snapshot sure correction. In such cases the best solution is that when the line on the website in advance, will need to add the title, keywords, description, are written in a TXT notebook, after careful consideration, in addition to the site, don’t change after the addition of. Just online website can modify the title, but there must be a degree, 1-2 can also change, but also want to see everyone how to change.

today said so much, in fact, is not a difficult thing to do in Shanghai and Phoenix, as long as the master, the contents of the chain do, do, OK. The main factor is the two: do not worry too much; there must be regular steps to increase the chain in the chain, so, love Shanghai will be updated every day snapshot site, Dalian 贵族宝贝dalianguanggao贵族宝贝.cn original design company, respect the labor transfer.

also causes more common is: with the mass software link love now many Shanghai dragon ER started. Although the beginning effect is very good, but the love of Shanghai search engine is very mature, as long as your blog with links to it is not included. But once it is found that you use the software group, will first give you drop right, then the snapshot site, finally more abhorrent is K, so everyone in the Shanghai dragon, remember not to use mass software.

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