4399 mobile product manager massive keyword optimization strategy

‘s massive keyword ranking optimization. The first step is to find all the words of this product.

to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we first need to understand the source web site for the flow of. At present, the main source of web traffic is divided into four parts: direct access, access, Shanghai Longfeng, APP recommended. In the third block of Shanghai Longfeng traffic sources, there are a lot of optimization channels, such as web pages, pictures, news source. Based on existing experience, web search is probably the biggest source of traffic for most web sites.

optimization is the premise of understanding the sources of traffic to the site. According to different traffic sources optimization scheme, including the choice of keywords, mining and arrangement.

Shanghai dragon

is of course the first brand word, because it is the brand keywords associated with the company, so long as it is the site must be obtained. Its main function is to maintain the existing users or potential users.

third is a general term, namely a large number of related keyword retrieval. The general flow is very large, can also be used to fight a part of potential users, such as Related words and answer the.

In this paper, we mainly discuss the

learned the main channel of Shanghai dragon, we need to think about the following points: the choice of what kind of programs do, flow distribution of keywords is what kind of, how to dig the words, words and words of cloth.



dig word is a huge amount of work, but the work that must be done. The word means to dig with major love Shanghai, Google, or industry input method thesaurus. We look through the love of Shanghai how to find a word.

second is a highly competitive products, because it points to a clear demand, it is generally for potential users who are worth fighting for quite effective.

in Shanghai Longfeng scheme, there are mainly single page optimization ranking, ZhengZhan optimization ranking and ranking of the three massive keyword optimization schemes, each optimization scheme for different products have different effects, such as single page optimization ranking is very important for web games, if the game ranked in the sea was not love first, that all your operating costs may be "dashuipiao".

is the last competitive word, is the brand keywords competitors.

for example, the joint operation of several companies Kung Fu "this a web game, each company will spend a lot of cost to do promotion, the user will see the ads in the search engines search; first-time users feel that this game is fun, and not remember the last time the site to play, only search in the search engine; when" Kung Fu "in the search engine ranking is very important.

fourth is a crowd of words, these words and the product correlation is small, but can reflect the target audience the mainstream point of interest and hobbies, through these words are likely to produce transformation.


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