Guangxi network promotion master Jiang teacher online training course summary

analysis, two groups of potential customers

analysis of customer first to classify customers, including gender, age, region, income, hobbies, Internet habits, so that when we formulate promotion plan will be more targeted, make promotion plan according to the target user’s requirements or habits, truly targeted, we have only one goal, that is to improve the user experience.

, from which the analysis of rival

every day to complete what work? How much work? To achieve what effect, not reached to see what the reason is, for their own good work plan, work resolutely every day according to plan. Usually no goal is blind, can not improve their professional skills.

these days in the Jiang teacher online training, as a novice, I feel a lot, to become the real master of Guangxi network promotion. In training before I have been with my friends said I was doing network promotion, but the teacher in the river mouth so we push hands is actually the network of migrant workers, migrant workers IT. There is a lesson about the analysis of competitors, relative to other content, this part I hear more carefully, the main contents of this article is to promote the process of network, how to analyze the competitors, be on their own this time listening achievement summary.

3, rival personnel assigned personnel assigned departments: how to edit, technology, promotion and sales, to find their strengths of

four, set a good work plan

three, to determine the promotion method

1, the competition website background: time domain name, team size, member background, input

promotion methods collect competitors, information gathered through the analysis of the competition means of promotion, the opponent from the side and inquire about the progress achieved, determine the promotion strategy, list the promotion methods used, such as community forum posting, blog promotion, email marketing, QQ group communication, soft publicity, event promotion, network advertising so, the advantages and disadvantages of each method and effect evaluation and how to implement. My Guangxi network communication platform is slowly sat up, on the effect of these methods every day. Collecting on a good site to the classification, this is a fortune.

2, the competition website: website data, data channel data, registration number, date of posting, flat shot visibility, market share of


competitors can play the role of predecessors in many times. Their advantage? What are they doing? They next and what you want to do? If you want to develop, rely on their own ability is not enough, to observe the development of competition, learn from the successful experience of direct application, we can make many detours. What is called, baizhanbudai, then we mainly analyze the rival those of

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