How to prevent their website being illegally pan analytical

pan analysis and web site intrusion is not directly related to. Site permissions is known, is at most some black chain, such as delete data. The domain name resolution that is not get on the site.




first, because the owners of the site does not make money, but there is PR or some weight, and then sold to those who receive special pan analytical people. This is not to say, the webmaster voluntary.


said here using the DNS resolution service can play what role. This is equivalent to adding a double insurance. If others know your domain password management, but after you use the DNS, he can not directly use the pan analysis.

first, the domain name management to change password. (if this is the case, continue to consider from the domain name.

now seems to have closed. But the original time should be a talent website. Just do not know the pan analytical domain name expires after being bought is used in the past. Or on the site shut before being used. The analysis of what harm? Will make its own site is down right. If a problem, will be implicated.


site is generally appear several pan analytical possibilities:

then, the pan analytical all off. To love complaints about Shanghai (Something is better than nothing. ~



finally, consider a free DNS resolution service providers. Used to make a transfer.

first find a few pictures to see.


we can see that these two stations are two level domain name. The content of the website content is gambling. Look at the two station was originally what station.

third, the domain name service provider zuogeng. Although there is no evidence, but this possibility is still there. Generally a lot of friends to buy the domain name to love some small IDC that buy. They are agents, but they have permission, also have the ability to know your password management domain name. This is a piece of ~


if we stand by the pan analysis of how to do

This site is on them

station was originally a paint company website. But these contents can be seen, the domain name is pan analysis. All the betting. Another site.

second, domain name management their own password leak or guess, and then being the log domain management system to do the analytical yourself. And this situation generally we are hard to find. Because we often use a domain name, but also often not okay to love Shanghai own domain name included. But do not understand how the password is so easy to be out.

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