Love Shanghai certification system flaws in authentication ticket network blog

thus, poor certification is mechanism of love Shanghai. There may not be any customer service staff to do this. As the largest search engine. Users have the most love Shanghai, actually so poor awareness of serving the people. How to play the leading the identity of the eldest brother




look at a map.



this blog has passed the "China Aviation Association certification? Sales website with this blog, you do not want to love Shanghai fooled us, we think is a three year old child? So passing things can happen? This is also the author of a case just found, if there is the kind of illegal trap site really? It is too much to handle

this is what the website blog?! just learned how to access the old aunt will know, but also two articles blog. No design ticket purchase information etc.. But do not have the regular ticket sales qualification.

is obviously the first aviation association agent with mechanism, second is the regular ticket sales website.


authentication ticket believe a lot of people know that there is a call the Airlines Association certification, in particular how through certification, how to audit mechanism. I don’t know this. This is what needs qualification can be found at official statement below:

so why Shanghai will lead consumers to buy tickets to see the error below

I love

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