Liu Xiangyan on the use of blog marketing events

, a news early, to the new

is the key time of blog marketing, for a long time in the online news, others have seen all published comments, you write this article and others won’t care about this event, so I usually watch the news on sina贵族宝贝.cn, zaobao贵族宝贝, so we should work in an open page, view news and time to rush to do. The news release for too long, we don’t need to write, unless your writing is very good.

an article written by others and even if others in your article, certainly no one can read, because they’ve seen this article. This will make them feel very tired, not attractive. So I’d like the original, but each.

two, to take the best title, take the long tail keyword

for the website optimization, event marketing is in a very big way can attract a lot of traffic, I think what is the event marketing event marketing is the use of hot events to attract the attention of customers, the ultimate goal is the marketing. Event marketing may be from many aspects, such as blogs, forums, micro-blog can use some other way. Today I want to talk about how to use blog to do event marketing, is the so-called blog marketing, because of its relatively large blog resources.

for an article, is generally the first sight is your title, the title to attract people in others will see your article. How to get a good title? Such as open love Shanghai Search Ranking we can also use search keywords to write popular. We are looking for love from Shanghai Search Ranking search volume before the three event, we first look at the first "Siu Chung Mok Xing" for such keywords, how to expand the long tail keywords? We need to look at what is the "Siu Chung Mok Xing" from the title of others then we go? The analysis, we can write "inside entertainment scandal Siu Chung Mok Xing suspected of drug abuse".

We are familiar with the

blog and nothing, published on my blog, what a good article, new events are published comments on the blog, the blog is a place to relax, you can see a good article can also learn some new things in the society inside inside. This is a piece of meat to do event marketing. Website optimization is usually to optimize your site keywords, but want to have a website weight high traffic is also an important aspect. So we can optimize the website from two aspects, first, the optimization of keywords, second, to attract a lot of traffic and IP, blog marketing is also from the two aspects to do. We can also use blog marketing keyword optimization, the two together will achieve the purpose of optimization, and attract traffic IP. We first analyze the blog how to attract customers, how to make this article is reproduced. Like to move forward we must understand its rivals. You want to use blog marketing

three, original content, pseudo original can also

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