Liu Jun how to record relevant data website external links

checks 100 myself a week to do in the link, and then check the one hundred links in the page how many loved Shanghai included, can be used to gauge.

not every day inspection records of the chain, external links for a week to check it once. Because basically all of the search engine and the chain check tool are not daily with the new data, so every day to check what meaning. But Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun himself really could not help but every day look at the data, but not to record. About a week record at a time. In fact, you can even choose a data record for a month. This can be very good to see the data overall growth in a stage of own website.

is the number of the chain is the chain site on the home page. The more links, the better the quality of the link.

1, the total number of links

6, the chain of the page where pr

In fact, no matter what Do this only analysis tool chain?

5, the chain in the domain name of the website how many a domain name and domain

2 pages, the total number of links

can distinguish between the chain website domain name. In general a domain of congenital weight will higher than the two level domain name, so the chain will do the same energizer website of a domain name, here again take the A5, will do A5 consulting energizer link portal than forum link.

7, check outside the chain of the page citation rate of

twoThe distribution of

3, where the number of

home page

4, link in the domain name PR value

, artificial to a check all the chain page where PR is not realistic. But if you choose to calculate the overall quality checks are also good page links.

is the inside pages of many links from other sites. Page link proportion is higher, the overall quality of the chain of natural decline.


is the link from many different domains, such as you do in the A5 forum 10 thousand outside the chain, but also a number of domain names.

website links

link is on A5, records of A5, record A5 pr. Here we should pay attention to, such as your link is in the A5 forum, then records the domain name should be the A5 forum two domain names, don’t get me wrong.

The total domain name

tools are basically out of query in advanced command using a search engine results as a basis. Mainly is in the chain found with YAHOO tools, some tools to analysis the chain YAHOO check out further, or to connect more accurate classification. For example, the total number of the total connected domain name query, the number of links is the home link, how many pages link. How many links to the page where the pr. What data is required to record

For example,

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