The key algorithm of the evolution of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er current optimization warning

2012-2013 from Amoy as everyone knows that time still prevails, the chain is king of the era, all kinds of chain transactions, manipulating the ranking black hat this situation emerge in an endless stream, love Shanghai in 2013 but also strive to begin the upgrade optimization algorithm itself, such as green chain hit algorithm, according to the requirements of the original article of the Mars program, in 2014, Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools on the line, all this shows that love Shanghai from beginning to end in upgrading its own algorithm, especially for the various means of the chain.

optimization work

we know, Shanghai dragon optimization direction is the content and the chain, but this simple two core principles, it is not an easy job to do, a lot of the time we have to pay more effort, of course we also love Shanghai’s face, because the search engine has been changed, we can only follow the optimization ideas the trend, if we have been standing still, so that the whole industry will eventually be abandoned.

so, love Shanghai changes in the Shanghai dragon Er certainly can not be completely indifferent, optimize the way we should change with it, with the emergence of network marketing, now micro-blog, WeChat marketing to join, it can be said that the entire Shanghai dragon market has had a huge impact, Shanghai dragon ever before it brings high order into the enterprise? This time Shanghai dragon to ER in the teeth of the storm we still insist on, but the industry pay we seem to have unspeakable pain, Shanghai dragon often called Er " network of migrant workers " the pronoun is our decadence? Not. Mainly the search engine algorithm upgrade too fast, Shanghai dragon before Er can be adjusted to " death row ".

so, what is the key moment of our website optimization? The author summed up the two words, is to comply with " ". The old saying: " Chang Shun me against me dead, " with the words to describe the relationship between the Shanghai dragon ER and search engine has been in the good, the optimization of Shanghai dragon must have been to go on the Internet, where Shanghai is the dragon, the problem was how to change the optimization ideas let us, according to the search engine optimization development work requirements to benign, this time we began to change, UEO, user experience, site optimization, the quality of search engine and so on, attention to detail, Shanghai dragon Er began to gradually adapt to the situation, we are indeed change, we don’t change then, Shanghai will change our love away, so Er Shanghai dragon to be mixed in the industry long-term, we will be in accordance with the love of Shanghai’s request to do, do website details, conscientiously do a good job of Japan Often.

today’s article the author did not talk about the optimization techniques, the author thinks that the best skills is not a skill of water conservancy things and not fight, not very, can name, very name. Mystery of mysteries, all the wonderful door. >

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