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today’s young people probably don’t know what computers are like in the 70s. At that time, the computer was a giant, bulky, but seemed weak and had to be placed in the engine room. When people use computers, they have to change into slippers and put on white coats. And you have to wait in line when you can’t make an appointment.

imagine: if you’re a photographer, you’ll go out with a digital SLR camera. But for ordinary users, if the family also purchased a SLR camera, but he will go out with?. Instead, they took pictures with their cell phones. To put it plainly, mobile phones are more convenient than slr. Of course, of course, I know that the quality of the SLR camera is better than that of the cell phone. But as ordinary consumers, we tend to be irrational. Do you want to go out, subconsciously to see mobile phone pocket in touch, rather than look at the shoulder is not carrying slr.

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so, this is the point I want to pass on, that is, innovation doesn’t exist

digital camera when successfully subvert the film camera market, but had to face the fact that digital camera itself is smart and intelligent mobile phone mobile phone subversion, subversion of digital camera and digital camera for subversive film camera is the same, it is convenient.

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I’ve found that all innovations are from a human perspective. Man is born lazy, and all innovations are from lazy people.

I remember Jobs’s biography saying that he was looking for HP with a primitive, rough, personal computer, which HP declined because it seemed to HP to be at most a toy. Indeed, at that time, the huge computing power of the huge IBM mainframe was very strong, and Jobs’s personal computer computing power was very weak. But it has an advantage of large machine is in any case can’t ratio, it is convenient.

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Kodak’s film camera was eventually overturned by digital cameras, but when the digital camera first came out, the resolution was only 300 thousand pixels, even if it was 1 million pixels, its imaging still has many problems. The quality of the photo is terrible if it is washed. However, although it had many disadvantages at that time, it has been using continuous improvement for ten years. Today, the market for film cameras has been completely overturned.

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convenience, this thing is so important, I think it is the most important force to promote business progress.

, for example, if you buy a car, you have to study the engine principle and master the mechanical principle to drive it. Then, the automobile industry can not develop until today. Today, the Internet is becoming more and more popular. Compared with the Internet ten years ago, it is becoming more and more simple. If the telephone is a person who has to master the communication technology, then the phone will always be a laboratory product.


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