Love Shanghai, you dare to increase the rejection chain function

from the recent A5 and Chinaz articles, many owners have begun to change the way of thinking, for the original and high quality of the chain construction continue to emphasize the importance of attention, attention, in. This month the April 19th update once again confirmed this point, outside the chain of many sites have undergone great changes, which lead to website ranking changes, this trend seems to have been inevitable.

looked at a lot of the regular site, did not want to open, then think that since it is the cleanup work, or take a look at it, it does not matter, the chain has only a few points are garbled, rather baffling problems well, and the family home is normal, a hot heart do? To link, refused to hand shake, turned to refuse to link tools inside to see, found directly rejected the primary domain, also can not be changed, so here to remind you, for this type of chain, to use tools inside "refused to page" function, don’t use shortcuts Oh, that is to the primary domain. I want to regret will not regret it!

The main domain

found two jurisprudence chain in the cleaning process, how come? I really don’t know, I never in the jurisprudence site to send the chain. The website is usually the web site, click on the link but will jump directly to the jurisprudence pages, and these pages contain no mention of your web site, through this performance I judge this site grab some web site content to my website caught in, and loved Shanghai index. So here suggest that owners must see more of the chain, and preferably not in some sort of Web site link. Jurisprudence links are to come, we can blame Shanghai for my love down right?

link address

, may contain links to jurisprudence.

there is a type of chain, a link address, but once inside, I was almost tired blind krypton golden eyes, lengshi >

three, no

in 2013 can be said to be the year of change in the search for love in Shanghai, this year unveiled a "green" algorithm "and refused to link in" tools ", we reject outside the chain of tools may cause the site to drop right" in an article pointed out that this change is of epoch-making significance, because it opens up the chain to the door website right down, each of our ER Shanghai Longfeng should pay more attention to this change, if we can’t keep up with the pace of love Shanghai, so our website will be eliminated, even if you are feeling pretty good.

two, the regular site may not be trusted

so, we grassroots webmaster how to respond? Strengthen the site of the original article which is first, but today we don’t talk about this, we talk about the focus, how to use the chain link to tools to optimize the site. Here’s to my station as an example to explain, it can be said, do not know to do a jump! We found by cleaning up the web site outside of the chain mainly has the following characteristics:

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