Let love Shanghai, noble baby love on your website

second: attract spider crawling your site

spider is to write text, soft paper is not only the high quality of the chain, a method of this station is to attract the spider crawling. When we released it write original articles to some weight high site (general weight high website spider crawling more frequently), spider will find your article, then follow the soft connection in the address into your site, then you start to judge spider web resources according to the anchor link your article, keyword crawl your site, here, I remind you of a few words, do not use false original tools, although these tools will save time, but the Internet most software spiders are immune, they have their own algorithm, then according to the algorithm to identify whether your paper is machine pseudo original and if anything, the spider is still not included your article. When a spider crawling your site after the end will send the collected content to the server and then collected, and then it will appear because the station for the keywords and link address to improve your website ranking work. The process is as follows:

spider crawling

1, try to use a static web site, the spider can’t identify the dynamic website should do things in text notes;

when the engine spiders crawling the web, they need to crawl information is the first station structure, the inspection station structure is smooth, when a spider crawling site after structure identification is smooth, then it is judged to do site information freshness, were collected according to the fresh degree of information, when the spider the collected information to the website server, the server will be based on the value ranking processing. According to these characteristics, we can do this:

The best way to attract

for the love of Shanghai, Google, most of the owners feel is not easy to want to love you. In fact, relatively speaking, love Shanghai, Google will not be so difficult to get along with. Let us love Shanghai included content, updated snapshot every day love Shanghai, the basic premise is that your site should be content, and don’t try to content and other site duplicate content is too high, or is the big fairy can’t help you. First of all, on this basis, I put my xiaomm.net station in Shanghai dragon optimization experience to share to everyone, hope for those who hold the door webmaster some help.

2, the station resources as the original, duplicate content spider not included;

4, the spider will crawl the web site is updated regularly, try to grasp at the same time every day.

3, properly, the weight of Web information such as key words, do not mislead the spider;

is the first problem: to understand the search engine spider

1, in some relatively high weight of the original site to publish original articles, and then finally add a keyword link address, attract spider crawling your site.

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