80 after the success of the beauty of cheese Road

no matter when you don’t know what’s going on in your life in the coming years, so for the next second, you must work hard. There is such a beauty after 80 years ago, seven years ago she was unknown, ready to take off. Seven years later, when the opportunity came, she will do their best to win the career success. This beauty is Chen Xiaolu.


85 Yongzhou woman, cut a capable short hair, done 7 years of make-up artist, has many presenters and other stars to do cosmetic work, the average monthly income of 7000 yuan, a petty and quiet life. However, at the beginning of 2014, during the cold, she inadvertently bask in the WeChat circle of friends homemade delicacy – baked cheese, has changed her life: turned from makeup for her delicacy operators, cheese has become popular throughout the Changsha, and 7 days to create a circle of friends through sales of 150 thousand records, April sales of up to 400 thousand. After nearly half a year of operation, her fans chowhound total of nearly 8000 people, the development of more than and 20 agents, agents less profit is two thousand yuan, up 40 thousand yuan.

only 7 days a month to sell cheese bar hot circle of friends

2 pm, Tencent Hunan network editor to see the deer when she was carrying two mobile phone in WeChat kept busy, she said: "because it is our home cheese order period, get up at 7:30 in the morning, packing delivery to 12 noon, afternoon have orders, reply WeChat, have to get to three a.m.."

outside said micro business is lying in the house brush circle of friends easily put money earned, Chen Xiaolu smiled and said: "this is it, can be hard work behind only the talent around know."

has just started, she alone at home, all things need hands-on, often stay up all night for my friends to make cheese, the body too much, she said do not want to default with friends, orders to let them receive the first cheese.

in order to ensure the taste of cheese strips, she provides a single day only seven days a month. Chen Xiaolu did not take a single time is not idle, usually used to study and test new products, training agents.

in order to test the taste of cheese strips from 94 pounds to eat up to 120 pounds

cheese, also known as cheese, milk is concentrated, fermented milk products, known as dairy in the "gold", especially by women like. In Chen Xiaolu view, only the continuous development and testing, new products to market success.

grew up in the love of food, she tried to taste cheese from 94 pounds to eat a total of 120 pounds, although now thin back, but still can not help but, she said she was born

The natural wind tobacco firms business skills

the current market, the number of thousands of shops, a shop can be highlighted, naturally has its advantages, as well as other shops should learn skills. My shop – natural wind tobacco firms, has become the first batch of Jinjiang tobacco companies flagship store tobacco. What is "natural wind"? Take the double meaning, one is the natural wind is intermittent wind, gust of wind blowing, continue to bring people with more oxygen and negative ions in the fresh air, it is fit for my business purpose.

I hope that through my hard work and service to every guest to bring fresh feeling; the two is some places have lakes, rivers and lakes where there is a natural market, I also often to the lakes in a natural wind at, my life is also like the natural wind, prone to easygoing, happy to make friends, expand their circle in sharing with others at the same time, its progress.

my experience

I have been working for 2 years, can so quickly grow into the flagship store in Jinjiang tobacco companies, and tobacco companies staff at all levels of care and help are inseparable. Of course, I have formed some experience, to share with you.

people in the rivers and lakes, the body must by oneself. To continue to build their own , in order to remain invincible. Today’s business competition, to a certain extent, is the competition of human relations, especially in Jinjiang this environment is particularly evident. As a friend said, on the ground in Jinjiang with my relationship, there is nothing impossible. Although it is a joke, but not without reason.

and I as the retail shop business households angle to understand, in general, when people want to buy a commodity, especially for big purchases or a larger number of shopping goods, always think there are no acquaintances shop, or to ask their relatives, friends and colleagues there are no acquaintances shop, always feel to the acquaintance of the store to buy things, one can enjoy discount, on the other hand will be more assured of the quality of goods. So I think as much as possible to do good marketing.

connections exist in social communication, as long as good at using all available channels and tools to communicate with others, we will make connections continue to grow, and thus bring more opportunities for their career and life. As a cigarette retailer, how to make their own more extensive contacts, acquaintances, to increase their business opportunities? Here are a few of my humble opinion:

one is to learn to use social resources. As our retailers, friends and family is our greatest social resources, is the foundation of my of contacts. I’ve been trying to take the appropriate way to bring their friends and family back into my , beyond my basic

Grassroots can also win a large fortune grassroots entrepreneurs how to choose the direction of entr

business needs like war, be familiar with the law, a clear direction, "meditation", in order to achieve the "war" victory. "Sir, after the first operation and development; management; two birds in the forest, as a bird in the hand."

"empty talk"

1. determine the "enemy" orientation.

project has no direction? Can’t work? Said popular point is: who benefits, who is responsible for. I personally think that the most classic business plan is: play tyrant sub field! In a word, everyone knows what to do.

The so-called

2. pick point.

this project needs many people in the verification phase. People from the two convenience considerations: first, skills, direct inspection of past work experience can be. The two is to cooperate, try to find people who have worked together to cooperate, the core staff to pay special attention to whether there is a running in period.

project what needs to be done? Their hearts must be clear, but also to be clear: partners want to do, what to do, together to be able to finally decide what to do. If it’s too hard, it won’t be happy and it won’t last.

3. the armed forces did not move, the forage.

How much money is needed to start the project is expected to stage

. Preferred to make money, a small group of teams, do not invest too much, you can make money, this is the ideal situation.

second financing, capital strength is strong, but the financing cost is high, the establishment of continuous trust and investors communication is not easy, you have to be ready for.

most of their own pockets, a short-term can not make money and not to the financing of the project, the final success probability is extremely slim, unless you are rich, probably a little bit of money to drop into even the bubble can not see, finally to the family.

4. days.

2016 wisdom Cup College Students Innovation Contest held in Shenzhen

2016 spring bring students entrepreneurial opportunity is very much, it’s in the spring, a young entrepreneurial dream of the action, the wisdom of Public College Cup innovation and entrepreneurship competition kicked off! Hurry to pay attention to it!

the contest for the national institutions of higher learning, college students can team up. Contest set up finalists award, best fundraising Popularity Award, public innovation and Creative Award and other awards, the organizers also jointly Internet public platform to help outstanding finalists launched online public chips. The amount raised in the specified time, the organizers will be in accordance with the ratio of 1: 1 for the project to donate. The winner can get a total of 60 thousand yuan of funds.

contest is now open for application, students team through WeChat public number related gongyidaren entries. From now until March 31st for the project reporting period, 4· 1-4· 10 expert review, in late April announced the finalists and the project began to attract funds for the dissemination of the project.



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Auto parts stores are management method

auto parts market prospects, because now the auto industry huge holdings, therefore, more and more entrepreneurs choose the car market, the auto parts industry is the ideal business projects, to grasp the development if the auto parts industry to shop can gain wealth. How to operate auto parts store? Not every entrepreneur can grasp the way to open the auto parts stores. If you do not understand these places, then take a look at the small series in the following details.

The store must have one or two brands to attract the consumer car accessories:

auto parts stores no positioning of high middle and low, or very vague, is bound to affect future sales. Therefore, the sales orientation must be realistic, to meet the local consumption level. If the position is higher than the local average level, it may cause a highbrow, in front of the cold situation.

how to run auto parts stores? Auto parts supply. Generally speaking, near the store in auto parts wholesale market purchase should be able to transfer goods or other products distribution companies, although the profit is a little thin, but not by the vision and experience problems caused by too much product backlog. Unless special circumstances, it is not appropriate to purchase the town.

auto parts store style, quantity and variety. Style is not too much, each product is not more than 3 kinds of colors, each not more than 3 – 5 species should be appropriate to strictly grasp the cash flow. Auto parts shop in the purchase to consider the product and positioning, price and market, the relationship between color and store style, do not cause a backlog.

Five concept of making money

2012 is coming, many people become a new target for small business investment to the real record as a, but the venture also need to continue to find good investment opportunities, we make clear about these business concept.

emphasize tailored personalized won ethnic identity concept can be divided into two types: one is commodity personalized, is to seize the young people nowadays and changeable, novelty, strong sense of personal characteristics, the self image, tailored to each customer to create a unique personalized merchandise two, like personalized ornaments, portrait doll personalized printing, etc., to meet the consumer potential narcissism, thus creating business opportunities. The other is the store personalized, because many domestic retail service industry has entered a fully competitive stage, at this stage, the shop is the key to success, so that consumers have a sense of identity, to the store has a unique personality. For example, the sale of coffee, Starbucks, selling MUJI products, selling beauty care products, such as The Body Shop, is a representative of the shop personalized. There are video games store, animation store these are also very creative.

second concepts: the concept of female

third concepts: the concept of


Fourth concepts: the concept of parity

fifth concepts: the concept of health

5 small coup to reduce costs

In the process of starting a business, the cost is a very important part. How to reduce your cost and how to minimize the cost, so that you can get the maximum profit with the minimum cost? Xiaobian for you to reduce the cost of 5 small coup!

the right size. If the size of the first production line is too large, the more the start-up capital is needed. Do not think that the market demand should come up on the opportunity to take a big step. Use the existing funds on hand to see how much of these funds are suitable for production scale. Kors · Johnson said: "the industry to conduct research, and then determine their own market segments."

for technical tools cheap. There are so many low-cost and free software solutions, all you have to do is find out. For example, Carbonite provides data backup services only $4 per month. "10 years ago, online marketing tools were very rare and very expensive," White said. "These tools are getting better and cheaper."

The funds will be used in the

elements can generate revenue. The key to a small budget business is to use limited resources wisely. The use of funds in the key employees, which greatly helped Michael Coolidge (· Michael  Kriz). At the age of 41, he founded the Aikelailuo company (AcclaroInc.), in order to provide translation services in overseas operations or to expand overseas companies. With the translation service industry Coolidge founded the company in 2002, using his extensive contacts, those who can only hire personnel to create a direct income. Coolidge said: "we used a shortage of funds to start, so that when we meet can pay for a service to customers, we have to hire for this service. We don’t hire people. All business is like this – first the customer promises to buy a service, and then hire someone to do it."

The use of

Fresh fruit juice shop needs to pay attention to matters

modern people on the increasing demand for beverages, people are gradually clear details of the production of tea shop, are not very good at product quality, and then turned to the consumption of fresh fruit juice. How about opening a fresh juice shop? Should be how to operate? If you want to learn more, you can take a look.

if it is small, it is clean, medium charge.

If this is

if you want to play high Rui, takeaway is absolutely not, this thing let you store Diaojia, if it is to play the public, it does not matter, is in the beverage brand, do not use plastic cards, but specifically to do beautiful beverage brand, above the name, price, introduction and the product photos, so one can feel high, in this case you what the charges are not subject, low you feel you this cheap and high grade, we feel about the price, because your customers rarely consider these things cost less if a bad drink can buy what things like home cooking dishes.


Entrepreneurship should first consider what kind of problems

everyone think it just a matter of expediency, is preparing for the day after the start. Now who are saying: work is not a lifetime thing, is never a way out! That being the case, how should we look for our future career as a working family?

1, learn to survive in the cracks". You can choose to start from the beginning of SOHO business, when you have entrepreneurial impulse idea, maybe there are a lot of things you need to accomplish, no matter what, you always need to be on Saturday, Sunday to return to run, for your customers to do analysis and implementation; Monday to Friday every day work to 12 points; every day doing your work plan when you get on the bus to work every day; when to change a head to do your own work, need more thinking.

2, in the work to do, there is nothing to do". We can not because of the idea of entrepreneurship, the company’s things aside, even the use of their own work on the convenience of the company’s business, or in the work time to do private work. I think this is a matter of principle of a person, especially for a future entrepreneur, you have to invest in your own reputation now, perhaps before the age of 35, you maintain a good reputation and not just input output; but when you were 35 years old, you you can get rich rewards from the reputation of investment, I believe this point.

3, looking for a business model. This model should be the soul of your company later, only the soul of the company, can slowly build the skeleton of the company – the formation of the team, and then fill the flesh – for business operations. I think this entrepreneurial model can be an idea, or even a peacetime you encountered in the work of an inspiration, the inspiration can come from your work, your learning, your life. But all of this requires you to have a heart that is ready for a moment, ready for a sudden inspiration in your mind. If you put your faith in your work at work, then you will find that the opportunity is in the side.

4, to determine the duration of an undertaking. The world is constantly changing rapidly, the market is also, people are, so, to keep track of the market, continuous technical and capacity update >