Online children’s clothing store opened the secret of great secret

for venture capital investment intentions of friends, choose a suitable industry is very necessary. Children’s clothing brand, fashion is quietly rising. Why not open an online children’s clothing store, at home to make money. Online children’s clothing stores want to make money need skills, let Xiaobian to tell you about the children’s online shop operating skills!

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Zhongguancun looking for entrepreneurs under the age of 30 to change the world

is now in the whole society are actively carry out some entrepreneurial activities at the same time, such activities are also very meaningful, recently, it was held in Beijing Zhongguancun to find "under the age of 30 world changing entrepreneurs" activities.

is looking for "under the age of 30 world changing entrepreneurs (Zhongguancun U30)" by the Haidian District Youth Federation launched, invited academician Huai Jinpeng, the famous investor Xu Xiaoping hundreds of industry leaders as CO sponsors. Sign up to participate in the activities of the Zhongguancun U30 there are two ways: the joint sponsor recommended or entrepreneurs to introduce themselves, "Zhongguancun U30" WeChat public number has been officially opened for registration.

In fact, for a


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The idea of getting rich yet to be tapped

side is not a lack of opportunities, many lack of business opportunities, but the lack of opportunities to find, find the eyes of ideas. Below, Xiaobian for you to sum up, for you to bring together a number of gold mining has not been excavated ideas, I hope to help you get rich entrepreneurial!

waste treatment

flowers food ZhuangLittle difference between restaurant

elderly small table

energy saving and emission reduction

Open lingerie store brand choice is critical

is now in the social life, we all know that the underwear store relatively large profit margins, while many entrepreneurs shop, will choose to open a lingerie shop, then underwear shop business, how to choose a brand?

for people who want to start, choose to join the brand, or join headquarters, is a strong guarantee of success to join. How to choose a good brand to join it? Now all kinds of underwear brands engage in dazzling, how to successfully investigate the brand? How to prevent being cheated?

franchisees choose to join the brand before, must clearly understand the brand positioning of the brand (price positioning, including the brand positioning, the audience) then local consumers and competitors’ information, analyze whether the brand positioning with the needs of the local market, the local preliminary calculations about how many people will this product ratio interested in purchasing, judging the number of your target customers is not enough, so as to whether you should join an important basis for the brand of the.

through the media, the Internet understanding brand

through magazines, networks, newspapers and other media can understand the brand image of the enterprise, market policy, media reports, a preliminary understanding of the brand enterprise. In the case of unprecedented competition in the market, underwear brands if they do not know how to use the media, do not know how to deal with the media, the brand is absolutely impossible to open the market.

as of a brand to join investment information of interest, you can search on the brand’s name, phone number, address, etc., to see if there is no bad records or network complaints, even if the brand changed the name (company, address, telephone, etc., its brand) mode of operation can not change, search for "join cheated" and other similar information, a lot of deceptive practices and patterns will be presented on the internet. Use the Internet, you will have more discoveries, but also allows you to face the choice of more mature.


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What is the most profitable farming project in 2014

selection of breeding projects, we must first understand the market. What is the most profitable farming project in 2014? If you want to fish in the breeding industry, then this article can be read carefully.

the County Ma Shan Xiang is the most concentrated township for the establishment of two breeding wild Rhizomys breeding professional cooperatives, responsible for issuing and in unified recovery, unified sales of goods of rhizomyidae, formed a production, supply and marketing through-train business model, farmers development Rhizomys aquaculture. At present, the total of 20 thousand kinds of Rhizomys aquaculture Xiang sell goods, only 240 thousand years of rhizomyidae, the annual output value of 41 million 280 thousand yuan, the annual profit of about 35 million 280 thousand yuan, output and profits accounted for the "half of the country".

wild quailWhat is the highest profit



How much money to join the hotel how to find a quality brand hotel

have a sum of money and don’t know what to invest can have a better return to join, so in many business projects inside consider to join the hotel industry, to open a convenient chain hotel in some key areas of the region, this is a very good business projects, and choose a brand express chain hotel to join, so basically can not lose business. However, these franchisees may also worry that they do not have the experience of hotel management, but also do not know how much money to join the hotel and other issues, which is also a lot of interest to join the cause of the stop. Today, as a small point to join, we also explain for everyone to join the hotel how much money, how to find a good hotel brands to join, let us invest when the more convenient easy access to the lucrative returns.

How much money is needed to join

in the hotel to join, different brands of hotel to join cost is different. To join the Seven Days Hotel Chain as an example, a high profile quick hotel chain to join the cost is more than 5 million of the funds, which is the higher capital requirements to join the hotel; if is similar to the Super 8 hotel chain hotel like this, then joined the capital in 200 to about 5 million, which is suitable for less than adequate funds entrepreneurs.

How to choose the hotel to join the

roughly to join the hotel how much you need to have a simple understanding, then needs to be concerned about is to choose a suitable hotel to join to. Xiao Bian think there are several aspects are more important, first of all, the reputation of the hotel, a good reputation of the hotel is often adequate source of tourists, which is conducive to the long-term development of the hotel. Followed by the service, whether or not to join the headquarters will provide professional guidance and supporting services, so that no experience franchisee can easily manage. Finally is the return of profit and market space considerations, choose a suitable hotel to join, which requires the demand from the market and it can bring profit to aspects of a detailed analysis, to find suitable for their franchised Hotel, this is the practice of steady money.

Hotel to join to do

choose to join the hotel, then it is necessary to start the preparatory work, the good development for the hotel opened as soon as possible and later still have a great impact. In the aspect of the selection of the location of the hotel, according to the needs of the surrounding to choose, both to avoid the competition area and the surrounding many of the hotel, the location of the hotel can not be too remote, try to choose a relatively low cost, but also can avoid the hotel gathering area, this can often have more tourists to stay. If the surrounding environment is not familiar with or understand, so you need to communicate and hotel headquarter professionals, listen to the guidance of their profession, so that we can choose the suitable position.

in the recommended

Online shop so easy to operate successfully

contemporary shopping, the most common is the online shopping. With the continued strengthening of the trend of online shopping, more and more entrepreneurs have seen this fat, especially after the double eleven 19 billion 100 million last year, more and more people began to plan in the online shop, then a qualified business plan is essential.

executive summary whether it is business or to sell a new product to find new profit growth point, in the selection of new products must first clear their goals, is prepared to develop the product as a long-term career, or just as a supplement to existing products, or for some purpose the other purpose is not the same, this project will determine your money, time, energy and operating methods are not the same, these factors often directly influences and even determines the fate of the project.

1, the beginning is not online, but in your mind.   you need to think about what you want to open a shop in this shop is no different from the traditional shops, looking for a good city to taste their own goods is the cornerstone of success.

2, choose to shop platform or website.   you need to select a site that provides a personal store platform, registered as a user. This step is very important.   most sites will require the use of real names and identity cards and other valid documents for registration. In the choice of the site, popular and strong and whether the charges, as well as charges are very important indicators. Now many platforms provide free shop service, which can save you a lot of gold.

3, apply to the site to open stores.   you have to fill out their own shops to provide goods classification, for example you sell fashion watches, it should be classified as "jewelry, watches, glasses" in the "watch" category, so that your target users can accurately find you. Then you need to start a name for their own shops, users click on the list which shop, depending on whether the name is attractive. Some shop display personal information, should be filled in order to increase the level of trust.   shop how to choose the shop treasure house

4, purchase.   can be purchased from your familiar channels and platforms, control costs and low price is the key.

5, login products.   you need to put the name of each commodity, origin, location, nature, appearance, quantity, trading, trading time and other information to fill in the website, it is best to match the pictures of goods. The name should be as comprehensive as possible, because the advantages of others, when others search for such goods, only the name will be displayed on the list. In order to increase the attractiveness, the quality of the picture should be as good as possible, it should be as detailed as possible, if you need to post >

Shop business needs to pay attention everywhere

customers the same kind of demand, some bosses carefully after the attention, from the perspective of consumers, you can meet more consumers, so that the business is more prosperous shop. Some bosses do not really from the consumer’s point of view, is not careful enough, should pay attention to the place did not notice that such a shop would like to do business is very difficult.

Shandong Ji’nan Changqing District GUI De Zhen Wan Zhuang Cun opened the shop has been more than two years, customers have been. Today, the snow shops a wedding with smoke cigarettes and Lu shop designated rural retail terminal demonstration shop, just 30 years old the shopkeeper Li Xue to do business more vigorously. The morning of September 12th, I went to the winter store, speaking shop management experience, with Li Xue.

"everyone says my store is a" Star shop ", which can not be separated from the trust of customers." Li Xue said, when just opened, due to the lack of business experience, business shop cigarette snow is not satisfactory, which made her very worried.

has little understanding of the variety of cigarettes, and most of the channels to obtain the information of tobacco products are from the customer service manual and the account manager…… Soon, Li Xue found his shortcomings.

a new business website has a variety of brand knowledge and sales volume method to find Li Xue inadvertently. So, she took the initiative to apply for the original telephone ordering cigarettes instead of online ordering. "As long as the computer boot, and the page is opened. Business is not busy, I began to read the cigarette brand information, regardless of the text or picture I will browse." Li Xue told the author. Less than half a year, Li Xue has a lot of information about the specifications of cigarettes.


only master new cigarette products in business information is not enough, after several months of operation, I found that in addition to enhance their own, more exchanges with the customer, especially in the village of old customers, often can give me some good suggestions." In the eyes of Li Xue, the customer’s advice than a pack of cigarettes worth much more, "last month, in some of the old customer’s suggestion, I in the new business website amount into the purchase of a few fine cigarette, did not expect the villagers around a high degree of acceptance."

"Hello, my family is going to be engaged next month. What can you recommend?" A more than and 50 year old male customer walked into the shop. Li Xue pointed to the counter "wedding recommended" explosion stickers, pull smoke cabinet explained: "you see this area, the first row is ten yuan price of cigarettes, the second row is twenty yuan price of cigarettes, third rows of high price of cigarettes. We have a complete range of cigarettes, you will be able to choose the favorite."

subsequently, Li Xue also introduced to the customer a few of these best-selling cigarettes, customers finally bought a dozen just left. Before leaving, the customer >

How to choose Coffee 7

coffee to join the brand to choose what project is better? Small make up today to introduce the coffee to join the brand in the name of the first to give a special feeling, 7 coffee brand is a strange brand of coffee, the coffee how exactly?

7 coffee is GUSHENG brand in Vienna, the founder in traveling in Europe and in the process, the infected here with music cafe atmosphere, decided to open this cafe in China, so the creation of 7 coffee brand, to become China’s first music cafe. 7 how about coffee?

7 coffee join project introduction?

franchise fee. Because the company is booming stage, in order to better expand their brand influence. At the same time for the franchisee is also a very good business opportunities, at present in the coffee market free initial fee of the brand is very rare, since then, the headquarters will also have the corresponding guidance, help the franchisee better operation.

fewer competitors. Coffee is a beverage with hundreds of years in the west, and many different coffee brands have been formed in the historical development. Music cafe, both at home and abroad are very few competitors, but also to listen to music and coffee for consumers is also a very good enjoyment. I believe there will be more and more people like this cafe.

competitive advantage. Throughout the coffee market, music cafe is very rare, but the music is all very love, is a piece of art and enjoy something to drink coffee in the music cafe, the consumer experience is very attractive for young people to have unlimited potential market in the future.

through the above introduction, I believe we have a very clear understanding of this brand, and this is a project with unlimited prospects!

The operating skills of opening handmade candles

in recent years, a variety of handmade products more and more popular. For example, the opening of a candle is a very good choice. As long as you will make some small handmade products, you can successfully set up shop, or find a reliable brand, so that the headquarters can supply. What are the main concerns of this kind of shops? Come and learn.

Some marketing tricks

all into handmade candles stores customers we will seriously, to provide advisory services to its customers, with a cordial conversation, understanding of customer needs, the transaction is to leave a good impression; through various publicity activities, mining customers of competitors.

stores in the manual candles in the daily operation, many customers are always in the East West pick pick, color, specifications, style, delivery date. Stop, then do not talk about whether to buy immediately, to help each other warmly the selection of colors, specifications, style, delivery date, once the above problem resolved, on the implementation of the orders.

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What are the problems of air conditioning cleaning industry

summer has come, air conditioning started useful, however, on the air conditioning internal used after winter has been very much bacteria, and the air conditioning itself because of dust pollution has brought greater loss, so that air conditioning cleaning naturally became a career before when the market demand is very big. However, although the market is large, the prospects are good, but if you want to engage in such business, but also a lot of problems. So, what are the problems of air-conditioning cleaning industry?

is the winter flu and other respiratory disease epidemic season, Beijing and other places for the beginning of 2007 influenza patients increased, China Indoor Environment Committee issued a warning: prevention of influenza and other respiratory infectious diseases in winter, starting from paying attention to the indoor environment, indoor air purification and disinfection. In the days before the Shanghai city "NPC and CPPCC", Shanghai City, Liu Zhongling and Ling members also submitted proposals Kongshan respectively, focus on this issue and suggested that the public should be regularly cleaned and disinfected air conditioning system.

building "lung" bacterial contamination can not be ignored

central air conditioning is vividly known as the "lung" of modern architecture, but the building of the "lung" will become a hotbed of bacteria breeding.

it is understood that the indoor and outdoor air conditioning unit in normal operation, the radiation of refrigeration or heating through the heat exchanger and air exchange and ventilation, dust, lint and debris will adsorption in the heat exchanger fin surface, adhesion, filter and air supply link parts, humid environment will in the heat exchanger fin oxide, and the accumulation of thick.

this will reduce the conduction efficiency of the heat exchanger, increase the air resistance and friction resistance, increase the work load at the same time, power consumption, reduce the use efficiency. According to statistics, only a single household air conditioning power consumption of 900 kilowatt hour meter, after cleaning can save electricity by 135 kwh.

in addition, air conditioning in the dust is easy to breed mold, causing the user’s allergic dermatitis, respiratory infections and other diseases, the air duct is also easy to become mice, cockroaches and other places of activity. Harbin in a health supervision and inspection found that 70% central air conditioning Legionella exceeded. Legionella bacteria through air vents into the hotel, office buildings, resulting in human lung infection, but also on the human nervous system, digestive system, renal function interference and destruction.

cleaning is extremely difficult yet to give enough attention to

standard central air conditioning cleaning including the main engine, water circulation system and ventilation pipe cleaning. In many large buildings in our country, the cleaning of the main engine and the water circulation system has been put into the budget. However, the central air conditioning ventilation ducts throughout the building due to internal, and criss cross, cleaning up

Yunnan, Yunnan creative entrepreneurial activities

is now attracting a number of entrepreneurial talent to return home to become a lot of entrepreneurial activities in the local government to do one thing, while all over the country have been held on the topic of a lot of activities to return home entrepreneurship.

investment "cool music box" and other well-known Internet music platform joint entertainment President Mr. Liang Lei, innovative investment bank experts bearing fund partner Mr. Zhang Jie of Yunnan investment venture showed great enthusiasm and interest, they think Yunnan still has great space mining venture.



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Are you sure you can buy Beauty needles Xiamen Customs seized 40 thousand illegal products

beauty has become a significant social phenomenon, although said, "no man is perfect," but many people in order to make their faces more beautiful, beauty needles and a series of beauty products continue to use. Recently, the Xiamen customs in the maritime Smuggling Investigation of smuggling channels of cosmetic injections, in one fell swoop seized the illegal entry of cosmetic injections of more than 100 boxes of more than 4 branches, in recent years the national customs seized the largest number of cases with cosmetic injections, including cosmetic whitening products "Beiliduo" "Nobel" "harutoshi health" and "high fill the life B12" Robin will benefit "" Shu Deqing "" Ming "liver" and "bleeding" the fate of live source "9 injection.

according to the provisions of the state, the import of foreign drugs must be approved by the State Food and Drug Administration approval number, while the packaging must be written in Chinese characters, and with Chinese instructions. After identification, these drugs are not labeled by the State Food and Drug Administration approved the drug approval number, the number of pharmaceutical products registration certificate or registration certificate of imported drugs, is a three noes products.

it is reported that since the beginning of this year, Xiamen Customs seized a number of illegal import of beauty needles, respectively, in the inspection and maritime smuggling channels, the number increased by nearly 140 times compared with the same period last year.

nowadays, domestic consumers of beauty and health care products demand, and the part of the shaping mechanism and the beauty salon exaggerated imported drug efficacy, the imported drugs have certain market demand in the domestic field of cosmetic surgery. According to the appraisal agency qualified news, by a group of "life live source" and other 9 kinds of injection combination of "whitening needle" package. In Taiwan the sales price of about 600 yuan, after smuggling entry will be 2000 yuan to the sales price of 3000 yuan to the cosmetology reshapingorganization, and finally into the the hands of the consumer price even up to a million.

compared to profits, smuggling cosmetic injection safety risks should be caused more attention to consumers. Investigators found in the sea smuggling channels found cosmetic injections, a large number of external packaging on display at room temperature or even cold preservation of the injection, no cover to expose the temperature above 50 degrees Celsius fishing boat deck. The investigators found that in the immigration channels seized in such cases, often from the parties to carry the "incubator" seized packaging cosmetic injections, the injection also stated on the "cold" storage requirements. In fact, whether it is from the immigration channels or immigration smuggling channels of entry, these cosmetic injections did not strictly through the transport of cold chain logistics, transportation and storage conditions, once into the society, great security risks.

for their own investment, to take effective measures of beauty, although it is an excellent thing, but in the quality of the product must be careful to buy. Do you buy Beauty needles are guaranteed? Xiamen Customs seized more than 4 illegal beauty injections, you have to buy the brand? Xiamen customs to remind consumers not to buy the use of "three noes" U.S.

Clothing stores want to make money you have to learn how to avoid risks

The development of

garment industry has been the emergence of many brands, for fashion loving young people leisure clothing is to usher in the peak period of development, for entrepreneurs at this time is a good opportunity to make money. Look at today’s clothing market, the market for the development of leisure apparel industry market is still good, many people see the opportunity to invest in business, have chosen to open a casual clothing store as a business choice. For those who have just stepped into the casual clothing industry to join the business friends, shop or have the opportunity to make money. However, through the opening of casual clothes to join the business to become rich to know how to operate, small series in the following to tell you about.

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How to operate a female shoe store business

men’s shoes available, but the women’s shoes is not the same, all kinds of, what are, women love shopping, shoes for a female friend, is very important, as the saying goes, a good pair of shoes, can take you to where you want to go. And high quality shoes, we wear on the foot, is also very comfortable. Venture to open a women’s franchise stores, as long as the operation of quality shoes, presumably will bring a huge market. Here to introduce to you, how to carry out the promotion of female shoe shop.

allows consumers to try new products or existing products strategy. Consumer strategy. Maintain a long-term brand loyalty strategy. Some time to improve consumer purchase frequency and purchase quantity strategy. Clear inventory policy.

urges customers to visit the site. Promotion is not a panacea, can not solve all the problems, but can not do without the theme of promotion. Promotional activities to be creative and take the lead in the launch, the goal should be clear, you need to be in fashion women’s shoes, manpower, fashion women’s shoes store careful planning. When doing activities must rally, make atmosphere. Activities must be assessed after the event.

fashion women’s shoes directly affect the sales of goods, fashion shoes too much will occupy the cost of capital increase. Many shopkeepers have experienced such a thing: sell the product quickly out of stock, then for a long time not to make replenishment.

because you sell other products may also be very good sales, manufacturers get information and then organize a single, certainly need a process. This requires the owner on the one hand in the sales information to strengthen communication with manufacturers to ensure timely feedback information. Then you need to pay attention to the store, it is important to maintain patency, according to the customer’s line, to the layout of their stores. The main exhibition area, auxiliary exhibition, Promotional Exhibition of commodity differentiation, we must know how to use the advantages of each exhibition complementary.

if you want to engage in such shoes business, suggest that we must choose a brand awareness is larger, it is difficult to start business, when the female shoe, in a lot of time needed for product promotion, discount, give consumers a discount. The above is a detailed description of how to carry out the opening of the female shoe store promotions, hoping to give the women’s shoes store friends, help.

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Open the fish store before what

for the catering business novice, open a good taste, high popularity of the fish store also is a very good choice, but the food and beverage market competitiveness, as we all know, how to let yourself be in an invincible position in the future competition in the business, which requires you to do a fully prepared in the beginning.

fish stores the preparation work before what?

open a fish store, the first is the location.

will be their initial location into the intention of the site, the target audience for the location of the site to do a full and detailed investigation, analysis of advantages and disadvantages. In the business before, choose a good location is the most important step. We suggest that we should choose a popular and has the potential to appreciate the lot. "Passenger flow" is "money flow"". The fish store location must pay attention to the people around traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units of the situation. Of course, the site also has forward-looking. Not all of the "golden city" have some money, sometimes busy location and could become the deserted land. Therefore, the vision should be long-term, more understanding of the development of the region in the next few years. In addition, but also pay attention to the area near the fish store competition situation. If the site is not properly chosen, it is often difficult to be successful in decorating and food. So, we must choose a suitable address, only in this way can be handy after day.

open a fish store, followed by the choice of brand.

join the brand is essential, is a small investment in the key step. Choose a high-profile brand to join, can avoid many thorny issues facing the initial operation, even if the problem occurs, also survived in the professional brand’s help, at the same time, the brand effect is also conducive to the development of fish stores, can promote consumer spending, increase consumer confidence. Choose a good brand, will be able to enjoy the brand for many years accumulated comprehensive ability, as well as the operating process of the favorable cooperation, stand out in the competition, win development.

open a fish store, the last is to good service.

focus on the accumulation of loyal customers. The only way to ensure the long-term development of fish stores. "The customer is God", should be considered from the customer’s psychological needs, listen to customers’ opinions and suggestions. Of course, the franchise will also provide training and operational guidance, provide help in service skills, store management and fish knowledge training to the clerk.

fish stores, after open new fish shop in the location, select the brand and service are finally ready to work in the business, "

Venture financing tips and phenomena

Inside the

electricity market, a lot of people who are ready to accept either course went in, but to have to know how much financing way, so the problem now is the market for this phenomenon can be seen and learned.

small electricity supplier "can not afford to burn

is no longer obvious advantage or foreign trade business


In a hurry that year, the extent of the restaurant hot

red always inadvertently overnight, so everyone is always fighting the brains to become red net in every way. In Beijing, there is such a rush in the creative restaurant that year, because the novel film songs are very popular, deeply experienced as a restaurant network red feeling. This restaurant has been a lot of young people from the opening of the attention, it is not the extent of your hot two hours alone can be experienced.

before the spread of the Internet rush that restaurant owner is Han Han, is not it? Rush of that year the owner of the restaurant. There are a lot of rumors on the Internet, but there is no exact answer! One of the celebrities as Han Han, really opened a restaurant business, but do not call in a hurry that day, but is very glad to meet you! Well, or to introduce a rush that restaurant restaurant is in a rush of that year! Fashion restaurant, Restaurant restaurant, art fan, creative fusion cuisine restaurant in Shanghai as a whole, the restaurant is the fire line.

so, in that year, the creative restaurant to join? Now many restaurants have a chain, then, in a hurry that year creative restaurant can join it?

shop features brand:

steel pipe is a sign of the restaurant in a hurry that year, the whole chicken inserted in the steel pipe is still really enchanting, so that the clerk to help cut the pendulum soon after being wiped out.

is a gluttonous bullfrog hardcore favorite, fleshy tender, but inside the bullfrog side dishes are quite delicious.

no matter what you love is the "rush that year," the film is still a song, or just want to nostalgia, may wish to rush back to the restaurant experience.

rush that year to join the creative restaurant, mainly to meet the creative restaurant in the year to join the conditions can join:

1, with all the legal procedures.

2, agree with the development prospects of the creative restaurant that year, with the long-term development of the business philosophy.

3, to have a certain amount of capital investment and risk bearing capacity.

4, with the necessary shop area, to meet the requirements of the headquarters area.

5, the headquarters of the implementation of standards, a variety of management content recognition, identity.

6, in good faith oriented, with the intention of serving consumers thinking.

7, entrepreneurial spirit, dare to face difficulties and setbacks.

< >

Jingdong Liu Qiangdong is not a general entrepreneurial story

Liu Qiangdong and tea sister’s story attracted a lot of spectators, in fact, the reason why the electricity supplier was highly regarded, the reason is because of his extraordinary leadership and amazing innovation strength.

Liu Qiangdong called China

2014, a milestone year for Liu Qiangdong. May 22nd, Jingdong successfully listed on nasdaq. This is just the past 10 years since the founding of Jingdong mall. The past 10 years, the rapid development of China’s e-commerce in the past 10 years, every step of Liu Qiangdong stepped on the right node in the development of e-commerce.

Before the

as mixed Zhongguancun boss, Liu Qiangdong understands Zhongguancun digital store trick, soit drained also to newcomers to warn: user centered, do not pay attention to the user experience of the business model, will eventually be eliminated.

Jingdong when the line on the mall merchandise is not much, but Liu Qiangdong adhere to the authentic business, he believes that genuine low price is the core value of the demands of the user. To this end, he was lying on the Internet all day posting, interact with friends, slowly, Jingdong accumulated the first batch of loyal users.