Wang Tong Strategic Analysis of Alibaba group

wrote an article "B2B" the inevitable decline of Alibaba blog yesterday, in this article, I have been clear just according to the analysis of Alibaba B2B business, I just put myself about three years ago to say, still attracted Ma fans abuse, but abuse, not a reason the twins. Sorry…

Alibaba B2B is playing a concept, bullying small and medium-sized enterprises do not understand network marketing, Alibaba charging model unchanged, inevitably decline. But Ma smart like aliens, will not wait, so we analyze the Alibaba’s strategy, may be able to better judge the Alibaba to


1, Alibaba launched shop

Alibaba’s shop is to provide a simple self-help site for SMEs, this product seems simple, but still relatively cost-effective for smes. Because more than 2000 yuan, the establishment of a business website, fairly cost-effective. Alibaba this strategy grabbed a lot of construction company’s rice bowl, but still clever trick.

recommends: products do better, and if you can integrate some of the marketing services in accordance with the effect of charging into, you can get leaps and bounds.

2, Alibaba launched business platform

U88, 28, Alibaba with a website to make money is cool, also launched a business platform to join, this approach is not clever, because the water is too deep, and too dark. A friend in this field is such evaluation of the franchise project, which more than 90% of the venture to join the project is to cheat joining fees,


recommends: cut off this item,

3, Ali software project, Alibaba launched this project is very smart, because this project can be very good in Alibaba current customers to tap new values. But as far as the current form is concerned, the Alibaba seems to be working too hard on this project.

suggested: "as with Taobao, we need to make further efforts to develop faster,


4, word of mouth

Alibaba own team out to do, and then back in the acquisition, in the classification of information inside is not the top, but still good. And recently, money has been collected through the "shop".

suggests: "word-of-mouth shop should be more personalized, and at the same time reduce the price by half, it is estimated that there may be more frenzied sales growth.".

5, Taobao

burned more than N million, burned to the position of China’s C2C boss, helped countless people earn money, but he has not made money. If it wasn’t because Taobao had trained its users as a free habit, with charging in other countries, Taobao would be crazy. But the Internet in China is a free environment, and you need to pay for it

Personal forum development must have good management team and forum activities

you know, BBS is a hard developing website, because it needs strong interaction and active nature, no one will stay in your forum,


personal business forum is the most difficult to develop membership and posts, one person alone is difficult to succeed, so we have to have a strong, a very strict management team, let them help you do, be your own boss


to attract talent can not be reluctant to pull money, because money is super power! People have money, what people are willing to do! My Forum (YY community) invited many moderators, are used to pay the wages of the RMB, the effect is significant, the Forum on the development of 300 day a member of the post, reached more than 500. I was to make sure they don’t become a member of the "run", to engage in activities, let the members profitable, they will be most willing to stay here! I YY community where registered members 2 posted reward 1Q coins, so that they can earn money on the Forum (of course must be! The quality of things, whether the forum has no significance) such an active forum will naturally, do not need to call people to post every day, posted the top


Description: activities and management of wages must be true, otherwise you lose even more by webmaster feeds.

Several opinion prevention websites were plucked by Baidu

1, new sites, it is best not to collect too much, the original article the more the better.

2, do friendship connection, we should pay attention to. First check whether the other website is K.

3, do not choose cheating method to do the station, the best real intentions to do the station.

4, post is to send, but not too much, every 15-20 minutes to send the best.

5, a web site with a server has been pulled out of Baidu, it is best to change space quickly.

6, it is best to check the website’s illegal information

7, we should know that Baidu did not record the site is very cold, so hurry up for the record

8, the title tag inside the key words should be written clearly.

9, publicity tools, please do not abuse.


By doing the station and Thinking success requires a good attitude

I once had a dream, alone in the Internet and electronic control, both


I just graduated from university during the study of electronic information professional, but because I want to earn part-time living expenses, so during the University hooked on the Internet, but electronic is also my hobby. If you ask me more about that, I can’t tell myself. In order to participate in the electronic design contest, I gave up a daily IP1 million movie website (about 200 yuan per day). But now, in order to do the website, I gave up the job of electronic engineer. Experienced these things, gradually felt that he is more love the internet.

in February this year, from his hometown in Hubei, a person came to Beijing. Everything starts with looking for a house. In Beijing, there is a saying, "after a few years’ work, I can’t even buy a bathroom.". I also know the cruelty of reality. Simply earn some money by working, not to buy a house in Beijing, even the car is difficult to buy. So I came up with an idea, since before doing website can make money, why not spare time to do so? So I did the now two sites: Taobao supply amount Taobao (

life is full of contradictions, and that’s the way it is. Because I work for electronic products, I work very hard all day, and sometimes I have to work overtime at night. So the boss always felt I didn’t do it seriously, but I was really serious. Boss every Monday meeting to say I have a pass, I was really intolerable, with the boss to resign. But the boss had no one else to finish his project. Finally, the boss gave him a compromise: I can do no overtime, but the salary is minus 500 yuan. At that time I was also very depressed, and then think about it, anyway, not 500 yuan, and can not work overtime, so I have more time to take care of my Taobao supply network.

, now I can be happy with my website. At present, I work during the day, at night to promote the site, but also work hard to pay attention to the people, and now the site traffic is rising steadily. My goal now is to put my site up, such as money I use the money to invest in the electronics industry, electronic product development, is also the Quxianjiuguo bar, I in fact to tell the truth I do not want to give up electrons.

said that the above words, no purpose, just want to share their webmaster experience, but also want to say the next person to do two industry, really very hard. But I feel full time to do a lot of pressure to do website, so now no thorough resignation, promised the boss’s request. But when the income of the website exceeds my present salary, I will quit my present job without hesitation. As the saying goes, "take someone’s bowl and take someone else’s pipe.". Be free to do what you do.

below two pictures, one is I participate in the Fujitsu microelectronics competition winning photos, one is I yesterday Google advertising revenue. Although advertising revenue is not much, but I am also very satisfied, you


these two >

90 MM website construction experience

this article for the novice friends, seniors take over, everybody is good, I am a novice, is a new webmaster, just started to learn the station, bought others a ready-made program, recently became aware of a push to A5, and learning is so important.

1, because new people do not understand, how to deal with the problem,


A5 yesterday, I was reading the article, see the article mentioned a push, I find them a free diagnosis web site in Baidu, in a free diagnosis section, put forward many questions have been answered. All the problems I’ve been hiding for a long time, such as: what I bought is a program, I have done a lot of modifications, and some other websites should pay attention to the problem of routine maintenance. When all the questions were answered, I felt so happy and held back in my heart that the problem was so long that I finally got it, so I understood that someone was going to guide me. How much progress you make, at least let you have a heart bottom, know how to do it later.

for the above point summary, please do not believe the pursuit of success, a person hard, bitter is your last. Unless you’re born with these. If you are just learning from the rookie, so we have to ask some predecessors, according to disclose a push webmaster, please don’t mean to ask some good, to the forum to post. Everyone will be happy to answer for you. (personally feel that the forum answer questions, answers are generally Baidu can not find the problem, the question must have been Baidu search, ask and answer a lot of keywords, will certainly bring traffic to their forum.


2, the domain name and space issues when building

domain name, remember, do not go to Taobao to buy, I seem to be 09 years in February, in Taobao bought a domain name, Bought, then prepared to do SP, and now change to picture station did not change. Read the article, if said many, site title and similar domain name, such as his website name is Baidu, I asked a push for my master station check yesterday, for my future development, guiding the next, he went to search my corn look, I two meters, not all the personal name, my rice is Taobao bought, that is my domain name ownership in the hands of others, one day, you can do the site every day thousands of traffic, the station has value. Then it’s very likely that someone will take back your domain name. And you can’t win a lawsuit,

now I have to yourself to re apply for a meter, the meter sold me told me, want to transfer to pay 65 dollars, plus 1 years, 15 express, people like BS, there is the problem of space must be stable. There is not much space. In this paper, please do the station, must want to use what domain name, of course, except the dumpster, if you want to do a decent station, you must pay attention to these. Don’t wait to do it, think of, like I now Baidu included more than 200 pages, to change meters. Heart >

Interpretation of millet MIUI’s Internet development model from Lei Jun manuscript

these days watching millet co-founder Li Wanqiang wrote the "sense of participation: word of mouth marketing millet internal manual" one book, intended to write a book review, welcome to reply after reading the exchange.

Lei Jun’s manuscript

article title from some of the big, from the book Lei Jun on Internet thinking manuscript. The original picture is as follows:

started the script by saying that the product was released because of BLUES’s experience with the YY voice product team, a story about YY founder Li Xueling.

in YY voice made product, I do YY founder Li Xueling about product point of view, a very impressive, is the product of his time in the study, with particular emphasis on the child to pay attention to the product, is from the current product back to the original look, this is the first version of the product release that is a core which meet the user demand, the product was what


then heard Li Xueling this view, my first reaction is that this guy is worthy of the people’s University Philosophy Department graduate. Three famous philosophical propositions: who am I, where am I from, where am I going?.

on the product, that is, this product is what, where products come from, the initial core needs, what is the future direction,


product release: user’s doubts

more coincidentally, in the micro signal background, a chubby his father friends very much love to think, to mention the following questions:

as an ordinary user, I still feel that most of the upgrade at least not my perceived benefits, to windows, office, and my work with professional software, small mobile phone Android version app update, in addition to every possible hardware upgrade requirements to improve a little. Software may solve a lot of problems from scratch, but the perceived advantages of their upgrades are too few. Except for some games, I almost never take the initiative to upgrade because there are new levels of upgrades. So many times I feel like upgrading is just messing around.


many products let users do not feel the benefits of version upgrades, from the source of the demand is not clear, out of the user. I also often discuss with peers, the timely release version is the product manager’s basic duties, ask yourself:

Where each version of the

? Fat version with no fat version, users have perceived how much? (some are inevitable users cannot perceive, not over here) and non fat versions made version, there is no change in the

product data?

millet MIUI version of the development model

The first version of the MIUI version of

millet was released in August 16, 2010 with only 100 users, one from the MIUI team, and one from the third party forum, "human flesh"

Huyou is one of the important ability to be a successful webmaster

in the QQ group to see such a sentence, "women famous to take off, the famous webmaster to rely on blowing", although there are joking ingredients, but think about it, there seems to be really a little truth. All say Tang Wei by "lust, caution" a fame, in entertainment, this is the unspoken rules. We are not entertainment personage, not to talk about entertainment is right, and say, "famous station to rely on blow" this words, pondering some also not without reason.

in Zhao Benshan’s words, is "Huyou", modern society, if not Huyou others, may have been fooled. Throughout the station circle of shrimp, shrimp, do not rule out their actual ability, there are opportunities, "Huyou" is also a very important ability. In the webmaster circles, there are many "controversial" and "expert", looks very fierce, said than singing also nice, maybe his article is also plagiarism, but a group of loyal followers, of course, as many critics. Although this character is controversial, but undoubtedly also a "celebrity", most of the webmaster know.

webmaster to properly "boast" under their own, Huyou others.

Spring Festival Gala "Maiguai" a sketch, let everyone from the impression of "flicker". Now the social reality more, one accidentally was fooled, and sometimes appropriate to fool others, boast of themselves, is also a good way to publicize. "Three points strength, seven points blow" is not unreasonable, this is publicity, marketing. Stationmaster this group, the life is a bit drab, if who has the ability of flicker, it is also a flavoring agent of plain life. A lot of good words, skilled in debate, increase a lot of opportunities to express themselves, can say, can also blow up their own, more easily fooled by others.

December 1st

Baidu phoenix nest plan high-profile on-line, in fact there are bluff ingredients, at present, have not seen this and PPC what a big difference, but people all know this plan, this is Baidu webmaster "Huyou" genius. The result that flicker is, A5 forum everywhere is discussing "phoenix nest plan" the post, lift enough the appetite of stationmaster, it is clever move really.

sites should also "exaggerate" to attract attention.

here is not to webmaster talk, just add some rhetoric. For example, only about 100 thousand registered users of the forum, said there are hundreds of thousands of registered users; website advertising revenue of one hundred thousand, will be talking to customers, there are hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of advertising revenue and so on, proper exaggerated websites, will allow users to more trust website, in order to get more users effect. Sometimes we know some strange site, always look to its data, if the data showed considerable, good first impression is established, even if later discovered may not be so good, but still more likely to accept it.

such as Sina blog, boasts many celebrities registered blog, how many celebrities may not have statistics, >

Are our stationmaster really so poor

first declared that my writing level was very bad, and said it was about the regrets of our Chinese webmaster.

, our stationmaster seems to be very poor, at least I am a poor stationmaster. Take a look at the Trading Forum ADMIN5, a site is a lot of dozens of pieces, hundreds of pieces, but also to keep selling every day, what Dongdong do you need to do so? The webmaster really to this point,


for me, I’m tired of this life, now the advertising downturn, Adsense is a technology, why don’t we change the road. We now look at the back of the so-called network company, professional website called, I think our work and we do things out is a natural one, of course should be discharged from the small part of the real strength of the company.

Why can’t we do

webmaster service enterprises, we charge cheaper, have confidence, we do first after the money, the brand first up, companies are like this, you will serve him, publicity for your promotion for you, like I do now morning sea station (http:// to do service for the enterprise, in an occasional opportunity to Shilin Education Bureau website construction project, through my service, they are very satisfied, now they started all schools to build their own school website, we are the only designated website provider.

has received almost more than 20 school websites like this. Think about it. At least we’ll make money faster than our adsense.

so I think we should play our webmaster’s expertise, do more value-added services, do webmaster, not just do website earn advertising fees, we can do a lot more. Of course, I said these are only for our junior webmaster. Believe that our senior webmaster, they each have a very good way to make money.

, so stop being lazy and move,


well, here it is. Thank you for your appreciation. Finally, I wish you all the best.

A webmaster entrepreneurial road empty and helpless

do not blindly do a stand, to do a good. Just like looking for a wife, it is difficult to recover the feelings that have been paid. If there is no end to this relationship, there is no return. Does it make sense to go on,


I now get a conclusion, do not stand blindly, planning is necessary, there is one in your insistence! Stick to it! If you have enough time to insist on doing it, my heart is bleeding. Regret. What a waste of youth!


hey, don’t say, pull it all out of your mouth. Let’s go and see for ourselves. Back is the way to go to do business, work every day, don’t daydream, see people doing station the success of the jealous! This is who I am, sorry ah. Empty every day, do not know what to do.

really tired, staying up late at night to sleep during the day, do something is the first, every day a new target. But it’s always going to be the end of the day, so let’s get started. In the development of CDN system, the development of halfway to the train of thought, is now at a standstill, I began to see other people do QQ station traffic, I also do QQ station. has no control over now.

later saw other people do movie stations, feeling very convenient, the heat for a few days, and now there is no tube.

suddenly one day saw a station, so I want to do a tool station, busy for half a month. Procedures are developed by themselves, and finally to the toilet when shit, think of a train of thought, the development of a QQ robot…… These days, I’ve been busy studying the QQ2005 protocol. I’ve just studied it and the agreement has changed. Bai worked and gave up. I don’t want to do it.

in the end, and casually bored to write a software,

now has several cooperative CDN contacts, and I want to engage in CDN dynamic DNS, so I went to register a DNS associated with corn, now is not in the mood to do. Now empty,! Think of what, now. No more ideas. I don’t know what to do. I’m tired……

will I succeed,


really want to verify outdated? A friend said to do 100 garbage stations? In the end these sites garbage?



Admin5 comments: Thank you for your contributions! I’m very sorry, now only the audit! Article typos more, typesetting confusion, mood is very bad when guess the author wrote this article. Through the author’s article, it is not difficult to see that the author needs only calm down to integrate their own resources, in fact, you are excellent,


Is your website div today

because the talent is sparse, learning shallow, DIV+CSS also did not thorough thorough research, just with their own point of view and written, hope the master don’t throw bricks. Cut the crap and go straight to the point.

now, the big and small websites all over the country are engaged in a technical revolution, which is called "website reconstruction". The simple point is that DIV+CSS can make web site. Use DIV+CSS instead of traditional Table to create frames and beautify pages.

Before refactoring,

must be able to understand why refactoring, why use DIV+CSS technology, and understand the problem, so that you can use the technology to rebuild the power of the site. The major CSS learning sites and tutorials, without exception, will list the following benefits of using DIV+CSS:

1 content and form separation, web front desk only need to display content on the line, the form of art to CSS to deal with. The generated HTML file is streamlined, smaller and faster to open.

2 Revision site is more simple and easy, no need to redesign the page layout, and even do not move the original site of any HTML and program pages, just change the CSS file to complete all the revision. For portals, revision is as simple and easy as changing clothes.

3 search engine is more friendly, ranking easier to rely on.

above three points is N more benefits, the most attractive, the most prominent three points. I’ll introduce them at three points,

the first content and form separation, the web front desk only need to display content on the line, the form of art to CSS to deal with. The generated HTML file is streamlined, smaller and faster to open.

this is the latest feature of DIV+CSS technology, and also the root of CSS. Total subversion is now the technology of table web design. All the content now produced with table can be solved with CSS, and the solution is more perfect and more powerful. You don’t need to form the set of forms, only need to use div div to realize the art form of all previous set of tables, this is the result of using div+CSS technology to generate web page file size is more streamlined, smaller. The table era, more than 10 of a page to form is a very common thing, but now with DIV+CSS, a table can not fully meet the previous effect, which led directly to the page file size reduction of 50%-80% than table, saving all the hard disk space, visitors to open a web page faster. But with div+CSS, unlike the past, when using table, must put all table read before it displays the content of the page, now you can read a div to show an effect, we open the page without. The benefits are obvious and powerful.

The advantages of

are indeed significant