Wang Tong Strategic Analysis of Alibaba group

wrote an article "B2B" the inevitable decline of Alibaba blog yesterday, in this article, I have been clear just according to the analysis of Alibaba B2B business, I just put myself about three years ago to say, still attracted Ma fans abuse, but abuse, not a reason the twins. Sorry…

Alibaba B2B is playing a concept, bullying small and medium-sized enterprises do not understand network marketing, Alibaba charging model unchanged, inevitably decline. But Ma smart like aliens, will not wait, so we analyze the Alibaba’s strategy, may be able to better judge the Alibaba to


1, Alibaba launched shop

Alibaba’s shop is to provide a simple self-help site for SMEs, this product seems simple, but still relatively cost-effective for smes. Because more than 2000 yuan, the establishment of a business website, fairly cost-effective. Alibaba this strategy grabbed a lot of construction company’s rice bowl, but still clever trick.

recommends: products do better, and if you can integrate some of the marketing services in accordance with the effect of charging into, you can get leaps and bounds.

2, Alibaba launched business platform

U88, 28, Alibaba with a website to make money is cool, also launched a business platform to join, this approach is not clever, because the water is too deep, and too dark. A friend in this field is such evaluation of the franchise project, which more than 90% of the venture to join the project is to cheat joining fees,


recommends: cut off this item,

3, Ali software project, Alibaba launched this project is very smart, because this project can be very good in Alibaba current customers to tap new values. But as far as the current form is concerned, the Alibaba seems to be working too hard on this project.

suggested: "as with Taobao, we need to make further efforts to develop faster,


4, word of mouth

Alibaba own team out to do, and then back in the acquisition, in the classification of information inside is not the top, but still good. And recently, money has been collected through the "shop".

suggests: "word-of-mouth shop should be more personalized, and at the same time reduce the price by half, it is estimated that there may be more frenzied sales growth.".

5, Taobao

burned more than N million, burned to the position of China’s C2C boss, helped countless people earn money, but he has not made money. If it wasn’t because Taobao had trained its users as a free habit, with charging in other countries, Taobao would be crazy. But the Internet in China is a free environment, and you need to pay for it

Personal forum development must have good management team and forum activities

you know, BBS is a hard developing website, because it needs strong interaction and active nature, no one will stay in your forum,


personal business forum is the most difficult to develop membership and posts, one person alone is difficult to succeed, so we have to have a strong, a very strict management team, let them help you do, be your own boss


to attract talent can not be reluctant to pull money, because money is super power! People have money, what people are willing to do! My Forum (YY community) invited many moderators, are used to pay the wages of the RMB, the effect is significant, the Forum on the development of 300 day a member of the post, reached more than 500. I was to make sure they don’t become a member of the "run", to engage in activities, let the members profitable, they will be most willing to stay here! I YY community where registered members 2 posted reward 1Q coins, so that they can earn money on the Forum (of course must be! The quality of things, whether the forum has no significance) such an active forum will naturally, do not need to call people to post every day, posted the top


Description: activities and management of wages must be true, otherwise you lose even more by webmaster feeds.

Several opinion prevention websites were plucked by Baidu

1, new sites, it is best not to collect too much, the original article the more the better.

2, do friendship connection, we should pay attention to. First check whether the other website is K.

3, do not choose cheating method to do the station, the best real intentions to do the station.

4, post is to send, but not too much, every 15-20 minutes to send the best.

5, a web site with a server has been pulled out of Baidu, it is best to change space quickly.

6, it is best to check the website’s illegal information

7, we should know that Baidu did not record the site is very cold, so hurry up for the record

8, the title tag inside the key words should be written clearly.

9, publicity tools, please do not abuse.


By doing the station and Thinking success requires a good attitude

I once had a dream, alone in the Internet and electronic control, both


I just graduated from university during the study of electronic information professional, but because I want to earn part-time living expenses, so during the University hooked on the Internet, but electronic is also my hobby. If you ask me more about that, I can’t tell myself. In order to participate in the electronic design contest, I gave up a daily IP1 million movie website (about 200 yuan per day). But now, in order to do the website, I gave up the job of electronic engineer. Experienced these things, gradually felt that he is more love the internet.

in February this year, from his hometown in Hubei, a person came to Beijing. Everything starts with looking for a house. In Beijing, there is a saying, "after a few years’ work, I can’t even buy a bathroom.". I also know the cruelty of reality. Simply earn some money by working, not to buy a house in Beijing, even the car is difficult to buy. So I came up with an idea, since before doing website can make money, why not spare time to do so? So I did the now two sites: Taobao supply amount Taobao (

life is full of contradictions, and that’s the way it is. Because I work for electronic products, I work very hard all day, and sometimes I have to work overtime at night. So the boss always felt I didn’t do it seriously, but I was really serious. Boss every Monday meeting to say I have a pass, I was really intolerable, with the boss to resign. But the boss had no one else to finish his project. Finally, the boss gave him a compromise: I can do no overtime, but the salary is minus 500 yuan. At that time I was also very depressed, and then think about it, anyway, not 500 yuan, and can not work overtime, so I have more time to take care of my Taobao supply network.

, now I can be happy with my website. At present, I work during the day, at night to promote the site, but also work hard to pay attention to the people, and now the site traffic is rising steadily. My goal now is to put my site up, such as money I use the money to invest in the electronics industry, electronic product development, is also the Quxianjiuguo bar, I in fact to tell the truth I do not want to give up electrons.

said that the above words, no purpose, just want to share their webmaster experience, but also want to say the next person to do two industry, really very hard. But I feel full time to do a lot of pressure to do website, so now no thorough resignation, promised the boss’s request. But when the income of the website exceeds my present salary, I will quit my present job without hesitation. As the saying goes, "take someone’s bowl and take someone else’s pipe.". Be free to do what you do.

below two pictures, one is I participate in the Fujitsu microelectronics competition winning photos, one is I yesterday Google advertising revenue. Although advertising revenue is not much, but I am also very satisfied, you


these two >

90 MM website construction experience

this article for the novice friends, seniors take over, everybody is good, I am a novice, is a new webmaster, just started to learn the station, bought others a ready-made program, recently became aware of a push to A5, and learning is so important.

1, because new people do not understand, how to deal with the problem,


A5 yesterday, I was reading the article, see the article mentioned a push, I find them a free diagnosis web site in Baidu, in a free diagnosis section, put forward many questions have been answered. All the problems I’ve been hiding for a long time, such as: what I bought is a program, I have done a lot of modifications, and some other websites should pay attention to the problem of routine maintenance. When all the questions were answered, I felt so happy and held back in my heart that the problem was so long that I finally got it, so I understood that someone was going to guide me. How much progress you make, at least let you have a heart bottom, know how to do it later.

for the above point summary, please do not believe the pursuit of success, a person hard, bitter is your last. Unless you’re born with these. If you are just learning from the rookie, so we have to ask some predecessors, according to disclose a push webmaster, please don’t mean to ask some good, to the forum to post. Everyone will be happy to answer for you. (personally feel that the forum answer questions, answers are generally Baidu can not find the problem, the question must have been Baidu search, ask and answer a lot of keywords, will certainly bring traffic to their forum.


2, the domain name and space issues when building

domain name, remember, do not go to Taobao to buy, I seem to be 09 years in February, in Taobao bought a domain name, Bought, then prepared to do SP, and now change to picture station did not change. Read the article, if said many, site title and similar domain name, such as his website name is Baidu, I asked a push for my master station check yesterday, for my future development, guiding the next, he went to search my corn look, I two meters, not all the personal name, my rice is Taobao bought, that is my domain name ownership in the hands of others, one day, you can do the site every day thousands of traffic, the station has value. Then it’s very likely that someone will take back your domain name. And you can’t win a lawsuit,

now I have to yourself to re apply for a meter, the meter sold me told me, want to transfer to pay 65 dollars, plus 1 years, 15 express, people like BS, there is the problem of space must be stable. There is not much space. In this paper, please do the station, must want to use what domain name, of course, except the dumpster, if you want to do a decent station, you must pay attention to these. Don’t wait to do it, think of, like I now Baidu included more than 200 pages, to change meters. Heart >

Interpretation of millet MIUI’s Internet development model from Lei Jun manuscript

these days watching millet co-founder Li Wanqiang wrote the "sense of participation: word of mouth marketing millet internal manual" one book, intended to write a book review, welcome to reply after reading the exchange.

Lei Jun’s manuscript

article title from some of the big, from the book Lei Jun on Internet thinking manuscript. The original picture is as follows:

started the script by saying that the product was released because of BLUES’s experience with the YY voice product team, a story about YY founder Li Xueling.

in YY voice made product, I do YY founder Li Xueling about product point of view, a very impressive, is the product of his time in the study, with particular emphasis on the child to pay attention to the product, is from the current product back to the original look, this is the first version of the product release that is a core which meet the user demand, the product was what


then heard Li Xueling this view, my first reaction is that this guy is worthy of the people’s University Philosophy Department graduate. Three famous philosophical propositions: who am I, where am I from, where am I going?.

on the product, that is, this product is what, where products come from, the initial core needs, what is the future direction,


product release: user’s doubts

more coincidentally, in the micro signal background, a chubby his father friends very much love to think, to mention the following questions:

as an ordinary user, I still feel that most of the upgrade at least not my perceived benefits, to windows, office, and my work with professional software, small mobile phone Android version app update, in addition to every possible hardware upgrade requirements to improve a little. Software may solve a lot of problems from scratch, but the perceived advantages of their upgrades are too few. Except for some games, I almost never take the initiative to upgrade because there are new levels of upgrades. So many times I feel like upgrading is just messing around.


many products let users do not feel the benefits of version upgrades, from the source of the demand is not clear, out of the user. I also often discuss with peers, the timely release version is the product manager’s basic duties, ask yourself:

Where each version of the

? Fat version with no fat version, users have perceived how much? (some are inevitable users cannot perceive, not over here) and non fat versions made version, there is no change in the

product data?

millet MIUI version of the development model

The first version of the MIUI version of

millet was released in August 16, 2010 with only 100 users, one from the MIUI team, and one from the third party forum, "human flesh"

Huyou is one of the important ability to be a successful webmaster

in the QQ group to see such a sentence, "women famous to take off, the famous webmaster to rely on blowing", although there are joking ingredients, but think about it, there seems to be really a little truth. All say Tang Wei by "lust, caution" a fame, in entertainment, this is the unspoken rules. We are not entertainment personage, not to talk about entertainment is right, and say, "famous station to rely on blow" this words, pondering some also not without reason.

in Zhao Benshan’s words, is "Huyou", modern society, if not Huyou others, may have been fooled. Throughout the station circle of shrimp, shrimp, do not rule out their actual ability, there are opportunities, "Huyou" is also a very important ability. In the webmaster circles, there are many "controversial" and "expert", looks very fierce, said than singing also nice, maybe his article is also plagiarism, but a group of loyal followers, of course, as many critics. Although this character is controversial, but undoubtedly also a "celebrity", most of the webmaster know.

webmaster to properly "boast" under their own, Huyou others.

Spring Festival Gala "Maiguai" a sketch, let everyone from the impression of "flicker". Now the social reality more, one accidentally was fooled, and sometimes appropriate to fool others, boast of themselves, is also a good way to publicize. "Three points strength, seven points blow" is not unreasonable, this is publicity, marketing. Stationmaster this group, the life is a bit drab, if who has the ability of flicker, it is also a flavoring agent of plain life. A lot of good words, skilled in debate, increase a lot of opportunities to express themselves, can say, can also blow up their own, more easily fooled by others.

December 1st

Baidu phoenix nest plan high-profile on-line, in fact there are bluff ingredients, at present, have not seen this and PPC what a big difference, but people all know this plan, this is Baidu webmaster "Huyou" genius. The result that flicker is, A5 forum everywhere is discussing "phoenix nest plan" the post, lift enough the appetite of stationmaster, it is clever move really.

sites should also "exaggerate" to attract attention.

here is not to webmaster talk, just add some rhetoric. For example, only about 100 thousand registered users of the forum, said there are hundreds of thousands of registered users; website advertising revenue of one hundred thousand, will be talking to customers, there are hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of advertising revenue and so on, proper exaggerated websites, will allow users to more trust website, in order to get more users effect. Sometimes we know some strange site, always look to its data, if the data showed considerable, good first impression is established, even if later discovered may not be so good, but still more likely to accept it.

such as Sina blog, boasts many celebrities registered blog, how many celebrities may not have statistics, >

Are our stationmaster really so poor

first declared that my writing level was very bad, and said it was about the regrets of our Chinese webmaster.

, our stationmaster seems to be very poor, at least I am a poor stationmaster. Take a look at the Trading Forum ADMIN5, a site is a lot of dozens of pieces, hundreds of pieces, but also to keep selling every day, what Dongdong do you need to do so? The webmaster really to this point,


for me, I’m tired of this life, now the advertising downturn, Adsense is a technology, why don’t we change the road. We now look at the back of the so-called network company, professional website called, I think our work and we do things out is a natural one, of course should be discharged from the small part of the real strength of the company.

Why can’t we do

webmaster service enterprises, we charge cheaper, have confidence, we do first after the money, the brand first up, companies are like this, you will serve him, publicity for your promotion for you, like I do now morning sea station (http:// to do service for the enterprise, in an occasional opportunity to Shilin Education Bureau website construction project, through my service, they are very satisfied, now they started all schools to build their own school website, we are the only designated website provider.

has received almost more than 20 school websites like this. Think about it. At least we’ll make money faster than our adsense.

so I think we should play our webmaster’s expertise, do more value-added services, do webmaster, not just do website earn advertising fees, we can do a lot more. Of course, I said these are only for our junior webmaster. Believe that our senior webmaster, they each have a very good way to make money.

, so stop being lazy and move,


well, here it is. Thank you for your appreciation. Finally, I wish you all the best.

A webmaster entrepreneurial road empty and helpless

do not blindly do a stand, to do a good. Just like looking for a wife, it is difficult to recover the feelings that have been paid. If there is no end to this relationship, there is no return. Does it make sense to go on,


I now get a conclusion, do not stand blindly, planning is necessary, there is one in your insistence! Stick to it! If you have enough time to insist on doing it, my heart is bleeding. Regret. What a waste of youth!


hey, don’t say, pull it all out of your mouth. Let’s go and see for ourselves. Back is the way to go to do business, work every day, don’t daydream, see people doing station the success of the jealous! This is who I am, sorry ah. Empty every day, do not know what to do.

really tired, staying up late at night to sleep during the day, do something is the first, every day a new target. But it’s always going to be the end of the day, so let’s get started. In the development of CDN system, the development of halfway to the train of thought, is now at a standstill, I began to see other people do QQ station traffic, I also do QQ station. has no control over now.

later saw other people do movie stations, feeling very convenient, the heat for a few days, and now there is no tube.

suddenly one day saw a station, so I want to do a tool station, busy for half a month. Procedures are developed by themselves, and finally to the toilet when shit, think of a train of thought, the development of a QQ robot…… These days, I’ve been busy studying the QQ2005 protocol. I’ve just studied it and the agreement has changed. Bai worked and gave up. I don’t want to do it.

in the end, and casually bored to write a software,

now has several cooperative CDN contacts, and I want to engage in CDN dynamic DNS, so I went to register a DNS associated with corn, now is not in the mood to do. Now empty,! Think of what, now. No more ideas. I don’t know what to do. I’m tired……

will I succeed,


really want to verify outdated? A friend said to do 100 garbage stations? In the end these sites garbage?



Admin5 comments: Thank you for your contributions! I’m very sorry, now only the audit! Article typos more, typesetting confusion, mood is very bad when guess the author wrote this article. Through the author’s article, it is not difficult to see that the author needs only calm down to integrate their own resources, in fact, you are excellent,


Is your website div today

because the talent is sparse, learning shallow, DIV+CSS also did not thorough thorough research, just with their own point of view and written, hope the master don’t throw bricks. Cut the crap and go straight to the point.

now, the big and small websites all over the country are engaged in a technical revolution, which is called "website reconstruction". The simple point is that DIV+CSS can make web site. Use DIV+CSS instead of traditional Table to create frames and beautify pages.

Before refactoring,

must be able to understand why refactoring, why use DIV+CSS technology, and understand the problem, so that you can use the technology to rebuild the power of the site. The major CSS learning sites and tutorials, without exception, will list the following benefits of using DIV+CSS:

1 content and form separation, web front desk only need to display content on the line, the form of art to CSS to deal with. The generated HTML file is streamlined, smaller and faster to open.

2 Revision site is more simple and easy, no need to redesign the page layout, and even do not move the original site of any HTML and program pages, just change the CSS file to complete all the revision. For portals, revision is as simple and easy as changing clothes.

3 search engine is more friendly, ranking easier to rely on.

above three points is N more benefits, the most attractive, the most prominent three points. I’ll introduce them at three points,

the first content and form separation, the web front desk only need to display content on the line, the form of art to CSS to deal with. The generated HTML file is streamlined, smaller and faster to open.

this is the latest feature of DIV+CSS technology, and also the root of CSS. Total subversion is now the technology of table web design. All the content now produced with table can be solved with CSS, and the solution is more perfect and more powerful. You don’t need to form the set of forms, only need to use div div to realize the art form of all previous set of tables, this is the result of using div+CSS technology to generate web page file size is more streamlined, smaller. The table era, more than 10 of a page to form is a very common thing, but now with DIV+CSS, a table can not fully meet the previous effect, which led directly to the page file size reduction of 50%-80% than table, saving all the hard disk space, visitors to open a web page faster. But with div+CSS, unlike the past, when using table, must put all table read before it displays the content of the page, now you can read a div to show an effect, we open the page without. The benefits are obvious and powerful.

The advantages of

are indeed significant

Analyze the future of the game guild and the navigation station

hello dear friends (note that if you see so many connections that is soft, O (a _ U) O… It is wrong to me those are examples), we first question first, navigation station: webmaster friends certainly on the navigation station is the 5 station that has no future one of the. But I don’t think so, maybe HAO123265 has passed, I also agree that their time has passed, last year my home is still HAO123, but this year the station almost before I had been a few times, but other kinds of navigation station to keep in my bookmarks and favorites, such as the station. Although the navigation station, but you don’t say he didn’t have the money. The station, PR4, Baidu, Google and YAHOO included, reverse connect 2200. In view of a station, novel navigation station, money is no worse than the above. (Note: two members of the station is not me, not I just want to promote, for example)

to say that the navigation station has no money, I agree, but the alternative navigation station has no money, it is absolutely impossible.


second, Chinese game guild future: the practice proves that at present almost all games have gradually entered into the game stage, is no longer a person to solve the problem of the era. Then a variety of public will stand the prospect of needless to say, look at these stations the old guild website, will stand in the station, from the recommended IS to YY now, has been for the public service. Http:// this guild station reputation is not small, look at these anti connection, and know how these stations.

talked about two topics above, this point, perhaps someone must have guessed, to do association navigation station, I want to do this station only lack may reverse connection, how to get, you want to. The owners are most concerned about the topic is to stop money, if not to stop wind, so the station can only think of how to make money, not to think about the problem of interest, you don’t have money to burn. How to make money, see the article webmaster must be very clever long, he will surely be able to think of how to make money.

write so much nonsense, I put the idea to write out, I really had began to pay close attention to changes in the association, from the first to do public will recommend the station to union station in the game guild to the present guild navigation station, the navigation station I have designed for a long time, he can not is a common site navigation station, that station perhaps is really no money of the station, I design a set of solutions at present, but not now write out, or give people the first theft is sorry myself (*^__^*) hee hee……

well, for a no money, technical and not very good novice!

10 ways to use blogs to promote websites

1. uses RSS to subscribe to web site related topics, which makes it easy to find the best source of pause and saves time for learning and pseudo artifacts..

2. in the blog published original soft Wen, strive for being recommended to the home page. Then the flow lead to website.

3. adds labels while blogging, which can greatly increase the chances of being discovered. Remember to send it to the forum and press

at the same time

button to attract traffic to the site.

4. refers to the site’s article, increasing the site’s chain.

5. step on other people’s blog, attract others to your blog; to blog message, introduce your website. Can be used to use the software.

6. makes web content blog bookmarks, highlighting its appeal,.

7. on the blog site links, and at the same time with other blogs do links.

8., because blogs are easier to optimize than websites, optimizing blogs, taking traffic to the site, is sometimes better than optimizing the site,.

9., because the blog content than the site more casual, for the current hot writing articles, send photos, viral marketing and event marketing, take the traffic to the site.

10. blog dating is probably a bigger gain than promoting.

Buzzfeed fire, why only this website has the ability to stir up cold rice


moment, people all over the world to display color black / platinum camp, let everyone at. This event really makes the Buzzfeed a fire, we reported the "devil" refers to wear blue and black dress it, yeah.

you can call it "Yin and Yang screen" dispute, also known as "cool and warm screen jihad.". The essence is not the school color shift, plus screen difference, why is it so fire?

Buzzfeed fired the leftovers again,

Countless editors of the

mainstream media are asking their correspondent the same question: why didn’t they report that skirt?.

actually, the color of the skirt was just a little argument on Tumblr at first. On an ordinary Friday afternoon, editor Cates Holderness received pictures from readers, and she sent them to several colleagues and found that the colors were different. As she began to puzzle, she thought that if she argued with the people around her, the message should be sent to the internet. Then there was the BuzzFeed, the 31 million 260 thousand – meter dress report, a number that many news websites couldn’t match for a month.

because of the incident, the editor Cates also received the editor’s hand crafted gold crown. She said she didn’t want to pick it up any more.


from the start, their goal is to help you know yourself,

Ben Smith editor in chief of their employees in the event after a message – "The Dress" (yes is this domineering title) expressed an attitude: Buzzfeed from the network culture, network culture is now coming toward them. "Before, we were network culture phenomenon, and now, we are culture itself."." The editor in chief believes that, in addition to some of the promotional techniques that are common in the promotion process, there is no doubt that they have created a number of new social phenomena worth analyzing.

For the establishment of

Buzzfeed, founder of Jonah Peretti put forward their own point of view: when people in the face of capitalism is growing speed and can not adapt to the hitherto unknown, they tend to lose will need to continue the search for the self. Perhaps this is more easy to understand, BuzzFeed’s former creative director Jeff Greenspan New York Magazine in an interview said: "nobody will make your site ‘care’, but they are willing to share and transfer information to help people around those who know themselves better."

in short, the website creates an atmosphere that is easy to watch, and doesn’t have any information such as sharing entertainment, slot messages, etc.

Introduction to the dedecms acquisition function for the Diamondback

for dishes, dedecms acquisition function entry

Dedecms acquisition function, although not as good as some professional software, but in fact it is also good. Of course, there are many novice friends may still be confused, here, I give you a demonstration of the most basic collection function.

, here we collect

‘s official article list, for example,

first comes backstage

one, into the dedecms background, into the acquisition node management, build a new node, model, we will choose the article model


two, fill in the node information:

name on the arbitrary, encoding to choose the right, or the acquisition will appear garbled, source casually, other default

anti-theft chain, regardless of his


three. List complete

, pay attention to a few places. We’re picking

and look at other listings like

see the rules, No. from 1 to 3


very good, so set the[var: paging].html


four. Content rule setting

because it is demo, as long as the set of the simplest, the two will do, the title and content, other settings are not

of course, here’s the content of the article in the page. Depending on the site and the page structure, the location is different.

so you have to understand the HTML code first. Know where the content of the article is stored between the code.

< >

Do not copy, succeed, imitate, but recreate

recently, the topic of "auction celebrity time" was again concerned. It is a famous CCTV CCTV producer exit, founder of quality rice network network TV platform (, one of the "celebrity auction time" is concerned. The current phase with Shi Yuzhu face to face, in a short period of time, the auction has been called 49999, and this is not the final price. Face to face with celebrities, what do you get,

?In 2008, Zhao Danyang spent $2 million 110 thousand on the chance to lunch with Buffett in

. Although the price of flowers, but Warren words make the investment quickly back to the. After all, is a celebrity, stand high and see far ahead, a few words of advice, in the stock market to avoid change unpredictably. Of course, this also depends on the listener’s ability to understand, how to translate dialogue into wealth. In terms of Internet buzzwords, what brother eats is not rice, but opportunity. Zhao Danyang and Buffett after lunch, went straight to Wall Street, in Wall Street, he quickly recovered 2 million 110 thousand. Quality rice network "Shi Yuzhu auction", still do not know now, who will face Shi Yuzhu and three hours after the dialogue will create wealth, what is more worthy of attention.

Chinese saying, and the king’s words, better than reading ten books, and celebrity dialogue, mystery here. How to translate the dialogue in business success, this meal was not free, the price was not called white. In the current fierce social competition, everyone hopes to achieve the accumulation of wealth as soon as possible, the improvement of life. Relevant findings show that the current social environment, employment problems, health care reform, housing issues are the three most important social issues. Under high pressure, it is more urgent to realize poverty alleviation as soon as possible, and face to face with celebrities also means more opportunities and possibilities. Dialogue with celebrities is not a simple duplication of their success, but more importantly, in the conversation to seize the opportunity, success can not be copied, then learn from it, so that at least a little closer to success.

believe that many people have a herd mentality, others, lack of subjective thinking. Just say this time, network rectification, in the closed more than 140 thousand personal web site, I believe most of them are similar. A website does well, and its templates and programs will soon be sold online. For the success of others, if it is only a simple copy, doomed to walk behind others. Dialogue celebrity, looking for opportunities in the dialogue, this is the key. Successful experience can learn, but it is difficult to copy, draw inferences from others, try another way, perhaps you can achieve another brilliant.

is like webmaster communication platform, behind the times, A5 webmaster nets, and Chinaz, each has the key. Backward communication, the most popular; A5 re trading, is the webmaster preferred intermediary platform; Chinaz re information, every day there is the latest and most timely message. The three forum each have their own characteristics, is a situation of tripartite confrontation grassroots webmaster, spiritual paradise. The three forums differ in patterns and overlap with each other. In three forums, A5 starts late, and if A5 wants to do information, there’s china>

Hello, dialog box website dialog box design how to be more friendly to the user

"how?" unless you have a class of It is quite common for, otherwise, the first reaction is often such as you experience this? You hurry to go to the bus, the way they continue to be stopped as plug leaflets. It can not be denied that it is an interruption and sometimes even a disturbance. As a designer, although we know that "interruption" can not be stopped, but not to "disturb", but we should strive to achieve:

interrupts repeatedly = = disturb

interrupts you an hour or so, or you can put up with it. If 1 minutes several times to interrupt you, want to be mad? This is why Chrome judgment on this page "interrupt" dialog box appears many times the user, so a "prohibit this page to display the dialog box" option.


grasps a principle: do not use the dialog box as far as possible do not have the dialog box. Unless the following two cases:

A. an operation is very risky or irreversible.

below, please use this principle to judge, the dialog box appears reasonable:

in the win7 system, every delete a file will have a dialog box, please confirm whether to delete


(prompt: is the general deletion really irreversible? Windows, there’s a recycle bin, retrieve it from the recycle bin and charge a lot of money?)

B. cannot be avoided in advance. It must be confirmed by the user.

below, please use this principle to judge, the dialog box appears reasonable:


activity is over and the voting is still available. After the click, the dialog tells me that it’s all over,


briefly, before you’re ready to design a dialog box, is it really necessary to interrupt "three" thinking, is it worth it:



ambiguous meaning = disturb

A. asks "yes / no" or "OK / cancel"

first review the language:


then go back to our dialog box:

scenario 1: users click on the exit, in order to avoid the user is incorrect operation, you ask the user really want to quit, this time is "yes / no", or "confirm / cancel" good




Marriage website CEO Gong Haiyan Little Dragon’s entrepreneurial road


Gong Haiyan, a willing to take care of Hunan sister, with their own pursuit and dedication, inadvertently paved their own road between, and find their own happiness. "Still needs to All sufferings have their reward.," is her description of the status quo. Her success, in fact, stems from the combination of the ego and the ID.

has dropped out of school to earn a living as a part-time job,

Gong Haiyan, the net name "Little Dragon Girl", "Xiaoxiang swallow", "chili", graduated from the Chinese Department of Peking University, and received a master’s degree in journalism from Fudan University. In October 8, 2003, she raised funds, set up a special for college students matchmaking dating site Jiayuan. Today, the halo of her head is inseparable from her poor childhood.

Gong Haiyan was born in Hunan County of Taoyuan Province town frame a poor farmer, was feisty. "The second day, every summer vacation I have sold popsicles to earn tuition."

in 1992 August, Gong Haiyan experienced daxitaibei: the first is to directly send the provincial key middle school in Taoyuan in a few days after admission, a car accident, causing the right leg fracture! When a car accident, she was on the road to sell popsicles. The car accident, so that the poor Gong Gong owed more than 3000 yuan of foreign debt. In the last semester of her sophomore year, Gong Haiyan chose to drop out of school, when her grade was second.

she persuaded his father to find relatives borrowed 3000 yuan of money, students opened a shop in the vicinity of rural primary school, Changde City, she was a person on the wholesale market to purchase, a person keep shop, a year down even earn more than 7000. She suddenly found out that the money was good. A year later, with the desire for the sea, with the dream of youth, Haiyan went to Zhuhai to work. In Zhuhai, the Panasonic Corp, with his literary talent, from an ordinary working sister to do the company’s internal newspaper editor.

although the working life is very smooth, can be the most cherished or that a book. In November 23, 1996, after dropping out of school for three years, Gong Haiyan returned to Taoyuan to read senior middle school. At this time, she was almost 21 years old, and then the country’s college entrance examination age was 24. "Just in time for the last bus."".

in July 1998, the dropout of 3 years of girls, the county liberal arts champion scores admitted to Peking University Chinese department. After graduating from college in 2002, she was taken to Graduate School of Journalism at Fudan University.

during the graduate school, run dating website

dropped out of school for 3 years, from high school to college, to graduate students, Gong Haiyan has been bigger than his classmates, "my personal problems become a chronic problem.". My mother was in such a hurry that I had to start dating." A talk about this, Gong Haiyan laughed, without the slightest tweak.

Gong Haiyan frankly told the author, during graduate school, once two dating matchmaking site fraud. This is the two time I’ve been cheated

Baidu, please do not let your price ranking promotion, deceived the eyes of Internet users


story goes, my father is a lottery fan, to buy lottery tickets every day, and every day to buy, the chance of winning is very bottom, father every day on a piece of paper to draw pictures, select the numbers, in my eyes is a hobby, as it is a kind of greed father, I want to help, I can do what


in the evening I searched Baidu for the word "lottery" and found that the first page was all about Baidu’s lottery website. I opened the first page, which is the website of "national lottery network". When I was writing an article, when I was searching for the word "lottery", I found that the number one in the first place is no longer now. It is estimated that IP is over. I look at the day’s number and website operation analysis, the membership fee is charged, according to my experience, this station is a new station, do very neat, fee from 385 to 1980 yuan, of course grades are not the same, I see the website ranked 3 column (because the father like this is to buy), the winning numbers, they have to test in the district membership number, see the probability of winning is very high, at more than 80%, I have a little heart, only 385 yuan, one can get 1000 yuan, can also give the father recommended number, then maybe can also become the local Reds do I have to register an account, that is the remittance contact customer service after the opening. Prepare for the morning of the second day on remittances, night could not sleep a long time, think a lot of good things, think now, really funny.

the morning of the second day, in order to confirm the site, afraid there is a problem, Baidu in the search for the domain name, the result is a problem, find the letter of complaint in 12315 on the site, a letter of complaint address Id=14120 (not AD) I understand that a lot of money, but also the delivery of 3000 yuan deposit to prediction of service to them, the following I will not say, we all understand.

who caused this kind of thing, whose fault is it? Baidu’s fault, or the fault of the lottery network, or the mistake of greed?. I want to stand in the webmaster perspective, is the use of Baidu lottery promotion to deceive the greedy Caimi, provides such a platform of Baidu, the lottery website using this loophole, I think Baidu is not a little wrong? There is no law "provisions of the website promotion"? Deceive users of the site can do, you go there for the money conscience? Baidu is for the Internet service, your company is the master, don’t cheat the lottery lottery fans are insignificant skill not see it? You are friends! Although we are poor, but we have a conscience! Please don’t let your Baidu jjpm promotion cheat netizens


Scindapsus algorithm for on-line bitter webmaster or continue to hang


Scindapsus on-line

algorithm, Baidu wants to fight against the trade links, let more grassroots webmaster get more traffic. But Changsha’s Web site says it is the beginning of a new Baidu business profit. We are just one of the small beneficiaries of the pain, the traffic accounted for absolutely no more than 20%

Baidu Scindapsus algorithm intended to combat the sale of links, but finally the injured or us the bitter webmaster. A utilitarian society will never stop utilitarian struggle, and if opportunistic, it will become economic war. I do not know if you have noticed recently, Baidu bidding in various industries will be much more than usual, and the medical industry will be more competitive. Take Baidu bid for, you webmaster, Baidu home left 8 bidding advertising, plus natural ranking home, left a total of 18 seats. Remove Baidu home seven bid seats are not counted, let’s look at such a situation,


if you put "now what technology promising word do the first page, according to Baidu’s ranking, your ranking or ninth, if slightly ranked third or fifth, your site will not flow out estimation. No matter you are optimized by means of a white hat, but the end result is still the "pit" into a fix on our side still bitter webmaster, ziyuzile said my website keywords ranked first. What a funny joke it is. In fact, we have been playing with Baidu.

Scindapsus on-line

algorithm, blow blow webmaster webmaster opportunistic, hack tricky, knocked down a number of economic strength and the webmaster, let a group of wealthy boss quickly fill, it is a rich man’s world, "zhumenjiurouchou road with frozen" this sentence is suitable for any age. Today, we are forced to do SEO, do promotion, do rankings, has been around Baidu in turn. As a result, Baidu played us around. Tomorrow, the second generation "Jack Ma" launched the second generation "dig Taobao", throw money one billion, the day after tomorrow "dig Taobao" index 99999, weight 9. We are pushing hard ah ah ah, and excellent. Baidu says "sorry" in the light of your website does not meet Baidu optimization standard, your natural ranking fell 5 compared to yesterday, please don’t compromise efforts, we pay more attention to the quality of the site 2013.

tip: Baidu Scindapsus aureus on-line algorithm for the adjustment, the following three types of sites will be affected in different degrees:

1, hyperlink mediation

the hyperlink on the Internet is relatively high-quality recommendation, is the content on the page, the website value between ordinary users and website, but now all kinds of super chain cheating making the real certainly become a stepping stone to seek benefits for some people, the user cannot link according to the recommended find high-quality resources needed, and serious interference the evaluation of search engine on the web. Super chain intermediary is formed under this abnormal super chain Market

Sohu chief editor Chen Zhaohua resignation portal in anterior

Abstract: Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang confirmed that Chen Zhaohua is indeed considering new career development options, but will not abolish the content editorial department.



] titanium integrated media today news, as a veteran news portal, the Sohu will make snap reform, gradually remove the content department, and is no longer set the edit posts, will be changed to a news portal location from the media platform.

in addition, Chen Zhaohua, vice president of Sohu and editor in chief, will resign.

, however, confirmed by Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang that Chen Zhaohua is considering a new career development option, but will not abolish the content editor. Zhang Zhaoyang admitted, "Sohu news editor flow (ie, artificial editors recommend News) is not weakened, but to strengthen, strengthen the editorial flow of news content selection level and values."."

Reasons for the resignation of Chen Zhaohua

, the outside world is in constant speculation.

resigned from Zhang Zhaoyang,


Chen Zhaohua graduated from university in 1992 and enrolled in the "Southern Weekend". He served as deputy editor in chief of the Southern Metropolis Daily, deputy managing editor and editor in chief of Nandu weekly. In January 2014, he was appointed general manager of Southern Metropolis daily.

early in 2015, Chen Zhaohua joined Sohu, vice president and chief editor of Sohu network, known as the "first shot" of Sohu reform". Chen Zhaohua said after taking office, will be integrated in Sohu news products, versatile professionals, as well as multi product Taiwan’s way of pushing and active audience. How to make the "active audience" and Sohu to form better interaction is the future direction of Sohu content reform.

at the same time, he also promised to Sohu portal and mobile side of the combination of force, increasing the intensity of self media reform.

, however, Zhang Zhaoyang and Chen Zhaohua, chairman and chief executive of the Sohu board of directors, have always been divided on the concept of reform. Chen Zhaohua believes that even in the era of self media, the original content should be the core of Sohu portal, from the media can only be used as a supplement to the original content. And this year Zhang Zhaoyang proposed to traditional portal mode to self media convergence mode, that is, the focus of force Sohu media platform.

Chen Zhaohua said to the outside world, there is no formal resignation, but two weeks ago and Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang conducted in-depth exchanges, support for each other from the direction of media development is still the same.

Chen Zhaohua revealed that the future will still choose to do content, is expected in January 2017 will announce the latest development direction.

Where’s the way out of the old



, however, under the impact of the media and today’s headlines, veteran portals have no strong appeal. Whether NetEase or Sohu, as the bonus age of the portal era seems to be almost exhausted, so "portal resolution" gradually become industry trends, not