Website optimization need to do a good job in eight aspects

station optimization mainly involves the following aspects:

5 site keyword density in 2%-8%, more than the search engines will be judged for the optimization of transition. Too low for the ranking of words can not play great role. Therefore, the need to master a degree. But now a lot of software can help the query keyword density, as long as in the optimization process can make full use of these keywords ranking do better.

6, itelinks refers to the channel and the channel between the column and column, and between the article and the article, key words and articles. Good Sitelinks is conducive to search engine optimization at the same time, more conducive to the increase of PV website. Internal links like friends, more friends, so people to find your chances, so the internal links is not a negligible key.


7, the website

2, URL end sub directory should be kept within six letters as well.

3, the site layout should be DIV+CSS form.


search engine for the original article abnormal love included, and >


keep and don’t repeat appeared in five words or so, to avoid being judged for cheating search engine.


directory structure is conducive to the search engine spiders crawl, the weight of channel columns (PR) increased also have some help.

website promotion is an important part of network marketing, and it is essential for Shanghai dragon website promotion part in 70% traffic sources most of the site to the major search engines. Shanghai Longfeng website optimization including the station optimization and stood outside promotion. Today we introduced several aspects need to pay attention to the process of priority station.

tag title of not more than thirty words, more than thirty words behind part in Shanghai love the search results page to see. Position of the front part and important keywords can be placed in the title tag, which is of great help to improve the keywords ranking.

1, website structure, website structure here include directory structure or the hierarchical structure of

4, tag optimization involves the title, keywords, description of three important parts.

link is too long is not conducive to search engine optimization and is not easy to read, users memory.

description of not more than 90 words, describe the part is to introduce the website to do is what, what are the functions, to facilitate users to better understand the website about the situation.

site layout is divided into two forms: form (table) this form is not conducive to the search engines crawl. DIV+CSS change this situation, more convenient search engines crawl the content of the website, the website is more conducive to search engine included.


Why not search the website finish

is a small website construction company programmers, after finish to the customer site, after the site was on the line for one or two days some customers will come to our customer service website MM asked: you do have a problem, why search product name can not find our website? What is our site is not in Shanghai the first love page? Then we call MM and began to explain this series has answered the question of thousands of times. It said is we do not understand the network marketing, many business owners by listening to friends say the same industry or research found that the website to market their business through the Internet is nowadays very popular marketing channels, so the site ready yet, why not others say the effect is good today? Xiaobian to have similar questions on the next friend.

mainly has two forms, one is search engine bidding and promotion, another is the natural ranking of Shanghai dragon.

first, the website and on-line just opened the first step of Internet marketing, is equivalent to you in the market to open a store, but want to attract visitors to your shop, you need some way to promote the publicity, so it is not done on the website not, on their own business here. Usually the site built after the line needs to be included in the search engine, determining the time included many factors, such as spatial stability, the quality of the site’s content, may soon have to take 1-2 days. When the site was included in the search engine, search your business name will search to your site, because the name of the enterprise is basically going to be the same, even if there is not too much, so the name of the enterprise are usually in the home. But the name of the product is different, sell this product you’re not the only one, and the other is the enterprise website have been done for several years or even 10 years of senior station, the new site in accordance with the statement you just on the line in order of arrival is unlikely to row in front of the people. So I want to let more people like them to search your site should have some way.

search engine bidding and promotion is through the payment of a fee to buy ads on the search engine, for example, put your product name as the bidding word, this word can be set up to hundreds of thousands, then you want to offer these words on the front page, the user through the search of the word and click into your site, then the search engine will deduct 1 of the price of the key words. Your website in the first few rows, depending on the price. Although the "degree" and other search engines that offer is not the only factor ranking position, and creative quality etc.. But the most pro body club bidding friends said that the high bid will row forward, offer the higher ranked first. The bidding benefits that do not need to do Shanghai dragon, and can have a large number of keywords in Shanghai love home in a short time, quickly let more people search to your website at the same time, the search engine will be put to auction the search results in front of nature. It is not only a good point: "

From the guest station overnight fell down the right reason analysis ranking


Shanghai dragon who do not want their website ranking keywords are getting better and better, more and more able to love Shanghai rushed to the home page, so every day the hair of the chain, every day update every day to Links…… To move all thought, not to recruit, it is this idea of greed sometimes will send the site on a road of no return. Stretch marks of my station is a good example of the original, ranking fell overnight, dozens of words, a fall can not find a moment without the flow.

2, a wrong address jump

I always feel that the Links is awesome, website links are not many, so a few days ago a few medical links into the group QQ group, was also a surprise, wow! So many high-quality links, the chain also ranked their super, super good, this time do not have to find a link worry, then, two days to do the 15 Links. Although thought at that time Links can not add too much, but I think the station is the old station, to weight the weight, contents of content, add a Links should be no matter what. So, find the links are the same PR, even more than my PR high standing, and home are ranked, had wanted to, maybe a few days and a pile of key words rushed to love Shanghai home

began to start off from the Taobao website in March 10, the first station is on my pregnancy (www.lady126贵族宝贝), has passed through more than half a year time, although the site to do some simple, but think small and lean, Wuzangjuquan. For this, it was found a few webmaster I have also imitation station. The reason is because he through the past year ranking has been very good, the same guest website ranking first, basic is the steady rise in the state, the conversion rate is also good. Because the source code was specially developed to help make friends, so the search engine or favor my website, website soon have a good ranking, then of course, competition is relatively much smaller.

Links be inopportune or inappropriate. A


on the third day after the link, found that individual keyword ranking fell to the second page, because it is not a large range of word ranking dropped, so did not care too much. But the link after the ALX world rankings and ranking domestic every day on the rise, rose from 1 million 100 thousand to 960 thousand now, ALX rankings rise to a certain extent also reflects the quality of the website, I think Links play a role, so it is not found that the seriousness of the problem, still toward the good aspect to think.


site is down right there must be some reason, since it is a problem, we should try to find out the problem, not the fall in this place, next time also continue to fall here. So, today with you to analyze why the station is right down and some of my experience, hope to bring inspiration to everyone, I don’t make such mistakes.

[Tuiyou network] essay analyze the effect of website directory on the website of the Shanghai Dragon

1, outside the chain of high quality.

2, enhance the

website directory is worth us to do outside the chain, after delivery in addition to bringing the URL, but also bring a text link, but also generated a separate page for the search engines, once our website appeared in the high weight on the page, then the search engine weights we link will also improve.

generally do a good website directory is to take manual review of the system, such as the DMOZ catalogue, common YAHOO catalogue, coodir category and Tuiyou categories, and these categories.




a lot of people may think that the chain is the more the better, of course, this is indeed a hand, and we also need to pay attention to the chain exposure, meaning that the chain can’t our limitations in several major platforms, such as you always go to the chain of words in the A5 Forum, the forum of stationmaster forum, Shanghai dragon the mainstream webmaster forum, short term may have a certain effect, but the effect is not so much, because the chain is too limited, and once in these forums ID is blocked, so the chain loss is great, so we need to pay attention to the chain widely degree, that is to think of a way to let us the link appears on more sites, but also try not to appear in the garbage site.

The chain of

before opening, first to understand the definition of Web site directory, we often refer to the web site directory, the website on the Internet website information collected together, according to different classification, subject, put in the appropriate directory. Famous DMOZ catalogue, YAHOO directory, before these platforms are free webmaster website promotion platform, because in addition to visit these sites can improve the popularity of the website, also can bring flow, what is important is that this promotion is free.

for we do it in addition to the site itself, Shanghai Longfeng content and layout of the details, the chain is also an important aspect, so many people are trying to do the chain, what will spend money to buy the chain, but the vast majority of people choose to hand free to do outside the chain, outside common blog, forum, Post Bar platform, there are a lot of friends in the site directory of Shanghai dragon attention to this kind of site, because this station is generally higher weight, more active, large amount of updates, once our website appeared in this website, it will bring a high quality of the chain.

3, the hard work is usually a good chain.

perhaps at that time to promote the main purpose is to improve visibility and bring traffic, there are other aspects will also benefit, that is Shanghai Longfeng levels below the usual practice and through personal observation and understanding of the knowledge, the impact on the site directory of Shanghai said the dragon.

How to use the site within the chain skills enhance the site right

chain optimization

3, the chain deployment, can greatly improve the user experience, so as to search engine recognition.

, a clever place do recommend

as a Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster, site weight is very important to a site, because the higher the weight, that your site holds no weight relative to a little better in the search engine. At present no new weight, everyone will have a common finding, that is your site content even if the original content updates included is very slow, sometimes even included, they would also be deleted, but for high weight site, even if he were not the original site updates. As long as they collect it, then the site included speed is very fast, and deleted the probability is very low. So, the website weight is particularly important for a site, so how do we get website weight fast? For a no weight site, how do we do will quickly get your weight, then introduce the promotion website weight of money, Qiao said Shanghai Longfeng forum here to introduce the importance of how to using the website chain skills:


now there are still many people in the time of the navigation within the chain, always love to the bottom of the Links, will own keywords or long tail keywords hyperlinks to the home page, think that can improve the keywords ranking. In fact, doing so can make your site for search engine is more favor, because this behavior is always love to hit Shanghai. We should put the Related words linked to the corresponding page, so that this is love Shanghai navigation.

sites within the


1, the content of which skillfully recommend relevant content can transfer page weight, weight can also get home.

The importance of

if an article to remove punctuation and 450 Chinese characters, so we try to start after 50 words in the insert keywords or long tail keywords do hyperlinks on the recommendation, the key word here to remember the long tail keywords or key words do not appear above the title. Otherwise it is easy to be search engine that you are cheating. Here, I’ll give you an example: for example, I read the title of this article is to see Qiao said Shanghai Longfeng forum how to skillfully use the website chain skills quickly improve site weight, so Qiao said Shanghai dragon or Shanghai dragon is not as the forum here is your keywords, but can be inserted into the Shanghai dragon in other optimization position plus chain

well, the importance of using the site within the chain is introduced here, here is to introduce how to deploy, enhance the website weight good site within the chain can quickly:

2, the chain construction deployment, can increase the spider in the residence time of the site itself, so as to reduce the return rate of spiders.

two, making navigation within the chain


site within the chain

How to increase the advertising revenue of shlf1314 AdSenseMust pay attention to the registered Wang

anyway, do Wangzhuan novice must learn to see more tutorials, this is a very important point, people are often do not know how to operate, so one must learn to look at the tutorial to operate, do not know to ask webmaster or Q group looking for answers. The station will be detailed to make Chinese tutorial, let everyone can understand, well, first talked about here, I wish you earn more dollars in Wangzhuan road.

in front of a good registration, you can register click on the site’s account, and this is also a critical step. For example, the registered NEOBUX site, first find the station tutorial, open the registration page through the recommended links, attention must be registered to become 99 net Wangzhuan downline opened by the link to this site, registered mail must be GMAIL, not domestic mail, like 163, , 126 mailbox is not received to activate the letter, a detailed description of the tutorial, there is not more to say.

PP the first to talk about it, it is very common in the world of online banking, online payment business support in more than 190 countries, support domestic credit card and bank account at the same time, it is very convenient for the people, the authentication is relatively easy. Open the PP page to see whether the official home page, then select the registered personal account, the choice of language Chinese, fill in the relevant information, there is a lot of people a lot of problems without a credit card should be how to do, the station again, no new credit card to hand the option with credit cards removed, do not tick, and then submit the registration, certification can be used later to PP domestic bank card.

novice do Wangzhuan the first thing is to learn how to register your account, this point is the basis, if this step is done, it is difficult to have the confidence to do it, must pay attention to matters so today to talk about the new registered account.

, how to improve the shlf1314 Adsense advertising unit price is a lot of webmaster has been more concerned about the problem. On my and the various groups, I have seen many friends ask. I myself have just started doing shlf1314 advertising. In conjunction with my observation of shlf1314 Adsense during this time, briefly talk about my personal views.

for two above described one example: for example a station put two ad, a 468*60 is placed on the top of the site, another 300*250 and the mixed shlf1314. Because the first high advertising display, so 468*60 display ads than 300*250 display high prices, but unfortunately this 468*60 what advertising does not point, the 300*250 ad click rate is high, but the advertising price is particularly low. How to do? The solution is to remove the 468*60 ads or put it in other locations it is best to remove it, ha ha.

registration AP must pay attention: set up 4 to 8 bits of pure digital trading code, must be pure digital, this withdrawals or payment to use, and there is security question and answer, don’t forget to fill in. This station is in English, so this station has a Chinese course, new people can read more tutorials to register, so as not to make mistakes.

original text from:>

has just started, newcomers have registered a GMAIL mailbox, is used to charge the activation of the letter, but also use this email address for registration for online banking account, registered mail is relatively simple, there is not much to say. About two registered foreign online bank accounts, one is AP, one is PP, the two must be registered, because in your collection is to use two of them, this is the same with the domestic alipay.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

Website home page by K’s solution in the sea

third: love Shanghai included normal, but every day an irregular time to site to the home page. If new words without Shanghai Longfeng excessive optimization, then you should immediately check the Links, if is old station, see if you modify the title, and then carried out according to the situation.

is currently the most popular solution several love Shanghai home page by several means K, indeed there are many owners to solve the problem through the above means, but sometimes owners use the above method can not be solved. I want to use some way to solve the problem of the K home page is not love the sea really because of your attitude change, is just a routine update period repeatedly. In the final analysis, is the Limited website weight home page is the real reason of K.

: the first love Shanghai website not included the home page, other pages normal included.

this case, should first check the Links. Hang out very front page of Links, see if there is love sea K station, found the right word to get rid of the other friend chain, if not timely affirmation of your station will be K off love Shanghai. In addition, this is probably the biggest Shanghai dragon over optimization, a new station in the early stage of optimization is easy to be excessive love Shanghai K away home, at this time the best website keyword density is reduced, the relevant keywords to H1 label processing. After the test, generally 2 weeks or so, they will come back home.



said the station is not easy ah, hard to do a station, it is possible to accidentally offend love Shanghai, punished, and fell in love with the sea home page by K which is a more common situation, this is K keywords in Shanghai love a search results page, up to a million, can see many webmaster is this problem, to solve this problem, many owners put forward their own views, to provide their own solution for everyone. At present, the popular program is mainly the following several solutions.

weight is not high site, love Shanghai slow to update, so after a renewal period if found to have a lot of new things, is likely to lead to the home page is ignored. I have always believed that much weight on how much content. The weight is not high, a lot of pages, the contents of these pages should be suspected as unknown.

second: if the old station, it has been normal, suddenly one day to site to the home page, but directly with the URL of the form to be able to search the home page, and included a reduction in a step by step. This time we must go and see the same IP there is not in love with the sea K out of the station, if it is available to change space.

home page is K, may wish to take this way, the webmaster may slow down or even stop the update website update, and then wait for the next update love Shanghai. This means the effect is also good, especially for some of the new station, the webmaster can consider.

The webmaster should forget Shanghai dragon UEO

enterprise network 贵族宝贝01p贵族宝贝 original release. Please indicate the source.


in fact, we should change a way, stop doing product, do content, do the real value to the users of the website. As long as your real website for users to use, they will recommend to other users, word-of-mouth. Here the word-of-mouth legend is certainly not the traditional sense of the word, is definitely a must through the community, social media, forum, blog, micro-blog and other media, in this case, you need hard to do outside the chain, every day to send spam? Natural links, and artificial links. It is certainly not the same.


removed Shanghai dragon, we should pay more attention on UEO. UEO, User Experience Optimization, user experience optimization. Through the UEO, prompting the user experience, improve customer satisfaction, improve the users of our website value recognition, so as to achieve the long-term natural growth.

The first

is now the general impetuous and utilitarian attitude, leading to the webmaster using pseudo original, buy black hat means the chain called, quickly improve website weight, then a short time to get a lot of traffic, resulting in a large number of pseudo original, as well as the birth of the chain business.

, come and go, once found in the search engine, or buy the chain is canceled, a flow rate fell to 0, revenue also fell to 0 of the natural. In fact, from a technical point of view, the search engine to find you outside of the chain is purchased is very easy. First of all, selling links, especially the weight is relatively large, relatively high PR, then hundreds of dozens of Shanghai, love can not know? Secondly, the site of the chain website, and his own website are very poor correlation. So in love with the sea is really easy to find this kind of cheating.

Shanghai dragon, English called Search Engine Optimization, Chinese name for search engine optimization. This year, Shanghai dragon is more and more attention. The webmaster friends summed up the 8 words: content is king, the chain for the emperor.

is everything in the world, is because it has a certain value. You made a bend over backwards, garbage site, the user has no value, even if you through the Shanghai dragon means, a short time to get a lot of traffic, will soon disappear. There is no value to the user, the user from the search engine click here, find your website content not what use the page is full of ads, pop-up ads that many users will quickly close your site search engine from the bounce rate and residence time of users, can you judge this page quality is very poor. The long-term accumulated, site is down right is just a matter of.

The website method for preventing CC attack

actually, do not use site guards class service, directly through the analysis of Web logs, or it is easy to tell which is the IP CC attack, CC attack because after all is through the program to crawl the web, browse the characteristics different from ordinary or great, such as ordinary visitors to access a web page will be continuous grab the page HTML files, CSS files, JS files and pictures and a series of related documents, and the CC attacker only grab a URL address file, does not capture other types of files, the User Agent and most ordinary visitors, this can on the server it is easy to tell which visitors are CC attack, the attacker can determine since IP, so preventive measures is very simple, only need the batch IP shield can achieve CC attack prevention purpose .

CC attack attack technology content is low, the use of tools and some IP proxy, a primary and intermediate level computer users will be able to carry out attacks. However, if you understand the principle of CC attacks, it is not difficult for CC attack some effective preventive measures.

CC (Challenge Collapsar DDOS) attack (distributed denial of service) a is a common site of attack, the attacker through a proxy server or to the broiler victim host constantly send a large number of data packets, causing the other server resources exhausted, until the crash down.


not only that, I also found that after a certain site guards is enabled, but more likely to be attacked by the CC, because this site guards and can not filter out CC attacks, IP attacks after the acceleration, change become the website guardian of the IP, is the same on the website server to display IP, server to filter these IP.

CC attacks, one is through the firewall, and some Internet companies also provide some services such as firewall, XX site guards and XX Bao, another method is to write their own procedures to prevent CC attacks, the website yesterday met, this also let me try a variety of effective CC attack method to prevent.

in principle, all firewall basically will detect concurrent TCP/IP connection number, more than a certain number of a certain frequency will be considered Connection-Flood. But if the number of IP is large enough to make fewer connections of single IP, may not be so the firewall can prevent CC attacks.

I’d like to start using certain site guards to prevent attacks from the interface, seems to prevent a large number of CC attacks, but the login, traffic still abnormal, attack still looks, this effect did not reach the site guards.

finally, I spent half an hour to write.

There are several ways to prevent

The station optimization technology in Shanghai ranked best love

Corkish has been in the research for love Shanghai ranking technology, Fuzhou Shanghai dragon think maybe many people would think that the so-called Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, but pay attention to the Shanghai Longfeng resources and Shanghai Longfeng ideas only, other technology it is inconsequential details! However, I would like to point out that technology the details of Shanghai dragon actually has a very important role, especially for love Shanghai! As we all know, love is not good in Shanghai ranking optimization, especially for new sites, many people feel that Shanghai Longfeng basic technology is very simple, the rest is on the high quality of the chain of accumulation, by Shanghai dragon the ranking of resource accumulation, but for ranking optimization love Shanghai have a lot of details, if you pay attention, and learning, will make your site in There is a substantial leap ranking on

third, the website main keywords each title and content must be with the website similar to

this is definitely a very important, according to my personal experience, very obvious, there are several stations operating very well, without any problems, updated snapshot overnight, outside the normal chain release, the article also included normal, but not until after I always rank, to some Shanghai Longfeng for advice, just know originally. The main keywords my website title and content of many articles and websites have obviously deviated! As I go to India.

first, the content of the layout problem.

keyword hyperlinksThe

this is a very fine details, but for the love of Shanghai, due to the construction of love Shanghai more and more attention to the content of the website, so the content will be typeset love Shanghai used to determine whether an article with an important basis of user experience, so we must learn to love Shanghai editing Wikipedia article, the article it is very beautiful and the best layout can be illustrated, it will be very useful for the website ranking in the search engine


second, the

here to talk about his findings, because Kotch always alone of Shanghai dragon, so ashamed to have said about Shanghai Longfeng progress is not fast, but slowly progressive process. Kotch do several guest station, but 30% of the station is not love or love is ranked Shanghai, Shanghai ranked poor station, this raises a lot of my thinking. Until, I constantly and the Shanghai dragon master for advice and their own thinking, put a few lessons from the failure of the station are summarized as follows:

keyword hyperlinks, namely the site within the chain, the most important of course is the link anchor text, anchor text link anchor text! Must follow is the link must be completely consistent, and the anchor text in the article must be appropriate, not too much, not too bold, and a little bit the details are from Shanghai dragon why learn, is the anchor text keywords appear around. The anchor text in the article try to choose to have a relevant keywords near

! !

love Shanghai!

To the novice Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai dragon should decide on what path to follow

we all know, if you want to enter an industry, you have to learn some knowledge of the industry, Shanghai dragon is no exception, although the Shanghai dragon was hard hit in 2012, but there are a lot of new people to enter the industry. But according to my understanding to the side of the new Shanghai dragon Er, they are complaining that don’t know where I should go to study in Shanghai Longfeng, feel very confused mess.

as a has been a year of qualifications Shanghai dragon Er, in fact the author of Shanghai Longfeng learning feel very confused, the former Shanghai Phoenix Forum is a good place to study in Shanghai dragon, but now? BBS almost became a chain dump, so people don’t learn the real value the knowledge in the Shanghai Dragon forum. The author through research, here can provide some tips to the confused novice Shanghai dragon Er, hope you can get help.

(2) reading love Shanghai optimization guide for two purposes: to follow the new trend of Shanghai dragon. Remember the old Shanghai dragon method: keyword stuffing, the chain for the emperor. The children of the old… These mistaken knowledge is still exist in a variety of Shanghai Longfeng forum, if the novice will only go to the forum to learn, so unfortunately may be misleading. The optimization guide is updated, it is able to provide the latest algorithm love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon can learn new knowledge and new Shanghai dragon here, so as not to be misguided.

(1) study the optimization guide of love Shanghai: about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge system. Love Shanghai optimization guide proposed "proposal" is actually Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, new Shanghai dragon Er should learn carefully, one by one sentence read these guidelines, and then refer to the knowledge of the other Shanghai dragon.

Optimization GuideThe Shanghai dragon

forum has become a chain of garbage, but there still exists a place of pure knowledge that is the pure land of Shanghai Longfeng, – micro-blog. Many celebrities have opened Shanghai dragon like micro-blog, Shanghai dragon teacher Cardiff, Wang Tong why, the authority of Shanghai dragon circles they are active in the micro-blog platform, so the novice don’t take micro-blog as an entertainment place, you can through the attention of these celebrities to get the latest micro-blog about Shanghai Longfeng dynamic, of course, is not.

recommendation two: micro-blog is also a good place.

object is love Shanghai Shanghai dragon for the huge search engine, it can be said that all knowledge of Shanghai and Phoenix are the optimization guide originated in Shanghai love, so for the novice Shanghai dragon, should learn the optimization guide as Shanghai dragon bible. Why go to study love Shanghai optimization guide for the novice? This question, the author here to do a simple answer:

suggested: read the Bible: Shanghai dragon love Shanghai

What is behind this hyperlink algorithm to upgrade the subtext of cheating

May 8th released "love Shanghai Web2.0 anti spam spam Internet Raiders strike". From the title can be seen in the fight spam, we don’t produce waste sites, it is said the content.

August 22nd "love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, will affect the cheating site included and low-quality site ranking". Love Shanghai’s official statement "the love of Shanghai system upgrade, hit mainly as random sampling, influence the user experience of the website chain cheating etc.". In fact, here at the mention of hyperlink cheating, but the five kinds of situations are introduced about the content, and not as a hyperlink, nor the webmaster actually feel blow hyperlink. It is a bit like the blow hyperlink foreshadowed.

this year, love Shanghai efforts to upgrade algorithm over the years is not, almost two months for a major upgrade. In May the low quality of the news website, in June a large number of sites There was no parallel in history. algorithm is upgraded by K on August, low quality content processing algorithm and upgrade, and the fight against cheating the chain in October. Such a strength of the upgrade to the webmaster toss miserable, there are many webmaster said this love Shanghai is too hard to pondering the future direction in which ah. In fact, I think the love of Shanghai in every major upgrade direction after the algorithm is more and more clear, before love Shanghai upgrade algorithm we don’t know before, now in love with Heby open, give us a notice on each algorithm in force, make our website dead a bright white.

In July 2nd

from each announcement in the title we can find some common characters:

October 23rd "on the upgrading of hyperlink cheating algorithm". We can see from the title seems to be for the hyperlinks, in fact also for hyperlinks. But the subtext is according to the content, please see the official is how to say "the love of Shanghai system upgrade, the main object of attack for the intention of manipulating sites in Shanghai love search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat in the exams. Among them, including any point to your site links or derived from your link to deliberate manipulation. Manipulation of these links may affect the quality of search results to Shanghai love hurt the user experience, but also a lot of hard damage websites owners interests, vicious spiral, lead to the Internet ecological healthy development, there are a variety of interest groups.

In fact,


released "the low quality site measures have been effective". Love quotes Shanghai’s official statement "this update for the low quality of the site in the search results show more of control; low quality sites refer to: no original or false original (rarely original content, or content / machine generated a large collection of the Amendment); this part of the site is not designed for the final users, but only in order to get traffic from search engines." What is the low quality site, no good content of the website is the low quality site.

Those years! A grass root to Shanghai dragon chain process station



3 blog chain

is about 2012, when Sina blog has a Links module, blog link blown all blog group software miraculous, then came out, the author also put on the market all have famous blog all registered again, bought a hack blog group software, write 2 articles every day, each big blog hard mass, but due to link flooding, good times don’t last long, its value has been declining, even known as the station group to treat.

website Shanghai dragon all know the chain for the king, as the golden rule of yellow, the author from 2011 entered the industry, after either part-time or full-time, has not given up the website profit dream, so do the site the chain has never stopped, today we talk in recent years Shanghai Longfeng outside the development process of

as early as 2011, Shanghai also know that love is not so strict, remember the time, love Shanghai know from time to time you can see a variety of short URL, then the author made a video website, when the latest video out, will love Shanghai know answer, then can not put myself the site directly links, but you can put the blog address, I created a Sina blog on their own, to write the article with the text and super address, then this blog address to love Shanghai know the answer, through the blog transit drainage, a day easily to hundreds of traffic, so days and months multiplying I blog weight, go up, not only to transfer the weight and bring traffic, time should be for shooting two birds with one stone, when the easy flow of

2: love Shanghai encyclopedia chain


chain! I often go to

then as a webmaster is behind, A5, Shanghai dragon Why webmaster forum, the forum attracted large quantities of replies, affixed to the top, because the signature at the end of the link, the higher the level of your signature. The longer, which triggered the trading volume of these forum account number and the promotion of various top stick machine and the machine also replies to let these small owners emerge in an endless stream, worried now, like A5 and so many stations have closed this signature function, as for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng effect, do not do or better, but cannot be the only one.

4 BBS signature chain

1: love Shanghai know that the chain of

is almost 2011-2012 years at that time, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love threshold is relatively low, micro film at that time just came out, many of the micro film encyclopedia are not perfect, the author through the search Youku, potatoes and so on all the latest micro video created directly in the URL below the encyclopedia, Wikipedia sources, directly write on their website in the page URL, so directly to the website of the weight of the inside pages, also bring traffic

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The Shanghai dragon diagnosis teach you to write website promotion plan

site targets

write the website operation promotion plan we must first consider is the site location problem, this is supposed to be like at the beginning of the site, but no matter what the reason until now it was thought well, then put the whole operation mode of the website, the website will write down the direction of development. You want the website development back in what form this, to now, only a clear understanding of their own website, to the success of the operation, also can be successful, to make money.

said the objectives of the implementation of this website includes site execution issues above division is again good, everyone works in more detail, the responsibility to the people, but if you still can not keep quantity, that is afraid of even a small initial goal to achieve, a this is also a common problem of A5 group found in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization to the customer site diagnosis, the first is the A fighting spirit soars aloft. soon, but no news, it was like this website settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, There are plenty of people who, ultimately ended in failure, therefore, A5 diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization team to remind you and since you chose to do a website, do the webmaster, then you have to be able to endure loneliness, there should be more than several times of patience and perseverance, execution will is the key to your success, so In fact, the success of sites that you have enough execution.

websiteAfter the

, the site location of


no matter what the website needs.


site is the site of the next target, you want to achieve what kind of effect in what time, what is the ultimate goal? And to achieve the ultimate objective will depend on each stage of the struggle, only a small stage small target realization, can slowly closer to the ultimate goal, but also to profit. This includes, in each stage to achieve what specific goals, each person is responsible for what things should be done and what work arrangements all these must be clear and adhere to the implementation of good caixing.

A5 group in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization to the customer when diagnosis website, found a lot of personal small webmaster in website built on their web sites is not entirely located, mostly because of their own on how to do at first station, on site operations, such as Shanghai dragon does not have a very clear understanding, this is It’s only human. what, who also could not have understood that no matter who is from unknown to known. Therefore, in the initial construction site can be what you do not know, what all don’t understand, but in the later you have to understand how to operate this website, you want to do the site, then you must first learn to write a website operation promotion plan, to do there is a target number. To be successful. The following A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization group to talk with you about how to write the website operation promotion plan.

four, the website daily promotion

What kind of website need to update what kind of site do not need to update

stand for the enterprise, in order to update and more.

content with the chain to become Shanghai dragon ER in operation of a website optimization process with the most points, I believe the vast majority of Shanghai dragon Er most of the time is spent on the above two points. We think this is not, the snapshot in the traditional Shanghai Longfeng officials eyes of a website is very important, and has important links with the snapshot is updated. Of course, some sites also is not simple to update the snapshot, but to tell the search engines my content is continuously updated, your spider will often come to my site. If this is to update and update the site sooner or later is to the problem, there are countless people of Shanghai dragon are doing in order to update and update web site. In fact, not all types of websites need to be updated, today is mainly want to talk about what kind of website needs to be updated with you, what kind of site do not need to update. Those who do not need to update the site every day to update after what will be the consequences.

first to introduce what kind of website need to update? Like some news websites, the website needs to be updated every day. We need to get the latest news every day uploaded to our website for users to browse, imagine if this kind of website is not updated. Users every day to see news are the same, believe that users will not come. So this kind of real-time information need very frequent content updates. Like some of the personal blog also needs to be updated, blog is a good platform for interaction, if you do not often publish content words, users every time to see the old content, you do not see the latest news, that you do not pay attention to the blog. The number after May will be less and less, so like this one can communicate with an interactive web site also need to update the latest trends in the us.

what kind of website does not require daily or frequent updates? Such as some technical site, like mechanical technology article some mechanical website is not updated every day. Because the principle of technology is something that is not change, the most is to have some breakthrough, that is how many years a change. So this kind of technology the type of website is not updated every day. Here also said one of the most commonly used do not need to update the site, it is the enterprise site. Enterprise site due to the attributes of the reason, is actually does not need to be updated every day, but many webmaster to Shanghai dragon. This forced the attribute to twisting it, actually this is wrong. Why not? Because of the general business station is mainly for the product display, in order to sell those products, what news and technical articles is just to introduce the situation of the enterprise, not the user is most concerned about. But many people focus on this above, because the product is difficult to have a chance to update, but also need to update the site, the natural way can think in the news and technical articles. In fact, it is harmful to the next, we analyze the content update what is the harm to the website.

Website optimization analysis of competitors I usually do

as everyone knows, the website optimization process as Shanghai dragon Er every one of us hope that their love Shanghai home site located in the top three positions, many website ranking can not get love a recognition of Shanghai there are more competitors websites occupy a prominent position as the first page, we do Er Shanghai dragon very simple, is squeezing out competitors, in love Shanghai home of the throne, saying this is easier than to do, the author mainly in their opponents in the process of optimization for site analysis and communicate with you, beyond the opponent we should start from what.

first, first clear what are our competitors? It is to confirm the objectives of the process, if the enterprise website, many times you will find that the core of the optimization of the word is often love their own products to occupy Shanghai, such as Shanghai Shanghai know love, love love Shanghai encyclopedia, library of these things is love Shanghai’s own products, as the station we obviously can not put beyond the object position in the ranking of the words, there are some people, such as the 58 city network channel page waiting for these are not counted as official we want to go beyond the object, we can do is to analyze the homepage and our similar independent enterprise site, industry portal pages in addition, because Shanghai love their products and some local station channel page, we mainly analyze and beyond the target or our consistent business station Or some higher weights within the portal page, that must be clear before we analyze the opponent’s heart.

second, basic data to understand the situation of these sites. As a webmaster we define their strength in the analysis of others you must not forget that the quantity and quality analysis data mainly includes the competition domain time competition, website content, number of competitors outside the chain, but would like to remind you that a lot of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix Er saw tens of thousands of people of the site outside the chain is scared to death in fact, don’t panic, encounter this kind of situation we have to open each other outside the chain, what is the source of the chain specific? Many similar to the forum signature, inquiry platform and so on the chain of its value is relatively low, if a firm stand outside the chain almost all from the high weight of the third party blog classification. The information industry portal site, this site the weight is relatively high, generally we have to weigh whether to how much time and energy to Beyond it. In this I would also like to remind you pay attention to details is a website domain name exists in time, many of the old site number is very small, the chain is scanty for this website we can not let down, there is time to observe the domain name is very important, especially for more than 5 years old domain name, itself has very high weights not only is, we can beat the opponents in the number and content of the chain, more requirements analysis of user experience and so on details of factors.

third, analysis of competitors details page optimization. We know that the current love Shanghai for the site of the examination is the key points of the user experience, user experience in.

Temperament investor Xu Xiaoping core competitiveness is the understanding of peopleA qualified pers

finds the air outlet after the Internet

, 20 years ago, he came back from Canada to study, not when he started his business. He was going to be a record company and needed 200 thousand yuan to start the money, but he couldn’t find it. Finally, Beijing University buddies gave him tens of thousands of dollars, to help him out of a record. "I’m also going to pirate. As a result, there is not only piracy, but even genuine copies. The record hasn’t been on the market yet, so it goes straight to the garbage collection station." Starting a business wasn’t an easy job then

When the


      however, this is only the most basic functions, like as a basic web programmer must know the HTML syntax, a lot of friends think site planning is a very empty seat, that anyone can do, this is completely mistaken. Before I write "star Wei a qualified website planning should know" articles have been marked the site planning should possess the knowledge, a lot of friends think as a web site planning just need to know how to write the article, picture frame diagram can be, actually on the surface can be completely, but the design of the website, function between programs are closely related. If you do not have comprehensive quality, so things are either useless, or let the program and design of fog. The reasons are as follows:

probably wrote a book about "a qualified site planner should know" in June. Many friends and my and my advice, and many problems are found in these friends in.

      2.; without a little design base, or UI development experience. Well, as everyone knows, the design of the front page can be horrible.

soon, Xu Xiaoping and photographers found their enthusiasm from this unusual attempt. Through repeatedly on the windowsill, down, down, run fast, finally grab a picture like this photographer Xu Xiaoping – the body straight, like Superman, his "throw out the window. Xu Xiaoping himself gasped as he expressed his satisfaction.

lead: Xu Xiaoping believes that he is at the beginning of talent and the source of growth. He is quick to judge people, many investments are talking with entrepreneurs for more than ten minutes, decided to vote on the spot. "Understanding people is my core competency."."

camera, Xu Xiaoping leaned on the side of the wooden wall stood, suddenly at the end of the tie tied to all of a sudden pull over your head, mouth hanging analog voice: "uh – Investment failed so." The crowd burst into laughter.

and Xu Xiaoping together, you don’t have to worry about the ice. He often has the act of pulling ties, as if to pull someone out of his current state, and in a humorous way.

in the eyes of others, Xu Xiaoping lived an angel in the clouds. After the success of the New Oriental listing, he achieved financial freedom. He specializes in angel investment now, go to where are entrepreneurs. He has invested in fifty or sixty companies, three of which have been listed in the United states. He and Wang Qiang another new Oriental founder jointly launched the real fund dedicated to start-up companies. Entrepreneurship is the hottest trend in China at the moment.

      site planning of the occupation should be regarded as a relatively new industry, it should start from the network in this industry, the early development of the website directly communicate design procedures, and even a lot of the website is a person and design and program, which is mainly manifested in some small personal site and enterprise website, some big the web site might be the site planning has begun to pay attention to. With the development of the Internet, the development of the website is also advancing by leaps and bounds. This is the emergence of more websites, the website has higher requirements in user experience and functional interaction. Early website compares everybody to know, a lot of websites design just oneself look comfortable, oneself are comfortable with respect to ok. There is no user experience UE and no dedicated user interface UI designers. This kind of website cannot satisfy the demand of the user already. At the same time, companies and web companies are demanding higher quality and development efficiencies, and there is an urgent need for a position to coordinate the work between program and design. Because if a company has both procedures and design, there will be a lot of problems with the direct communication between the program and the design, just as the chef in the restaurant communicates directly with the chef. So, as a website planning, the basic function is to coordinate the design and work between programs.

      1., if you do not understand the program, there is no minimum program base, database interaction basis. The planned functions may not be realized. In a weak management company, the position of the planner is very important. If the function is not clear, the procedure cannot be carried out.

photographer arranges Xu Xiaoping to sit on the window sill, with China World Trade Center three stage, CCTV new building takes the background photography, he looks helpless. "The portraits seem almost the same. There’s nothing new."." As he spoke, he tried to prop up one leg and push down the wall. The photographer pressed the shutter continuously. Xu Xiaoping, who gets "returns", is in high spirits. He stood on a foot high ledge, straight ahead down. When he was about to fall, he rushed forward and cleared the fall.

as an angel investor, Xu Xiaoping feels that the current tide of entrepreneurship in China has injected new vitality into the sustainable development of the economy. "Investors of all shapes and styles have money and will be willing to support those entrepreneurs, whether they’re making money or something else, that’s not important. The important thing is that entrepreneurs have an industry for the first time, and they can rely on them for help."

Jade Bird talk about Adsense website making money and advertising allianceDo Wangzhuan English Dicti

Application form application form

characters characters

ACCOUNT INFO account information

Account Name account name

, Age, age,

Annual Income annual income

address1 to fill out your address, the principle is that the postman can understand. Please refer to the basics for how to translate the mailing address

at least, at least


Alternate pays

buy online online shopping

again repeat, enter

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accept agrees and accepts

each game has a rules of the game, each circle has a hidden rule. Of course, the webmaster circle is no exception. Talk about the circle of stationmaster, everybody knows more than website construction, website operation, website profit. Among them, website construction and website operation serve the profit for the website again. Talking about website profit, you need to talk about the mode of website profit. There are many channels for profit making, including online sales, sponsorship, advertising, Internet advertising, and so on. Jade Bird here three points about web sites and online advertising alliance issues.

Address City address, generally does not contain information above the city

Category class

Bonus bonuses, bonuses, how much uncertainty, and not necessarily get

business page home page address

check your stats to see your earnings

BANNER advertising banners, a picture of a merchant’s content, placed on an advertiser’s page, usually 468*68 in size, often animated in

, advertising, advertising,

Authentication Information login login information select user name and password

is well known that in the circle of advertising alliances, shlf1314, Adsense and sh419 alliance are undoubtedly the industry’s leading players. Of course, there are many other excellent Union, jade birds here because of the length of the relationship, not one by one list. The shlf1314, Adsense, and sh419 alliances are now very easy to apply to. Previously, the sh419 alliance threshold is high, since shlf1314 quit mainland China, the sh419 alliance threshold is also getting lower. From time to time, the website can be divided into new stations and old stations. From the content, there are information stations, product stations, service stations, entertainment stations, forums and so on. From the formal point of view, there are commercial and non-commercial stations. Since all the features of the website are based on the content of the website, the Jade Bird will talk about the choice of the content of the website and the choice of the advertising alliance. If you are a recreational station, you choose the sh419 alliance; if you are a commercial information station, you have to choose shlf1314 Adsense; if you are a forum, you can choose two. There is a rule, the flow of large entertainment sites, sh419 alliance is the first choice, business information website, shlf1314, Adsense is the first choice. Why? Because the price of sh419 alliance will not stand content and change significantly, sh419 text ads are generally priced at 1 yuan or more, the image ads general price in the 0.4~0.8 yuan, as long as there is a click, sh419’s revenue is still pretty impressive. shlf1314 Adsense is different, because its unit price floats very big, and show advertisement according to website content again, accordingly, the profit threshold of shlf1314 Adsense is higher. But if your station content is more formal and has a certain commercial nature, the advertising unit price is very OK.

check check

one, what kind of website is suitable for what kind of advertising alliance?

access your account login personal account

two, first do the site, and then go to the advertising alliance

Additional additional

, Birth, date, date of birth,

, check, all, that, apply can all choose

address2 second collection address, address1, if not filled, can fill in here

Annual Household Income annual income level

Become a Member becomes a member, member

BALANCE account balance

, this little headline seems like a ray of thunder, but it’s not. Doing a website is a kind of realm, doing a good job of a website is a few realms again. Website finish is not equal to the website to do well. What is the website standard? Do garbage station, you need to do the flow; do BBS, you need to have popularity first; do information, you need to flow first. Webmaster after finishing the website, don’t be impatient, don’t start advertising full station flying, that will scare the user away. Things on the web can’t be counted on

Answer answer

Entrepreneur, what can you learn from Stephen ChowExplain why shlf1314 Adsense fluctuates at a price


start with what you know best,

you are not just to modify the website? Is not new advertising layout caused the decrease of CTR? You can refer to the problem of layout optimization techniques to improve our advertising, using 728x90300x250160x600 three "trump card" advertising format, and try to put the first screen advertising on the home page and the content page, can effectively improve the CTR.

the mainland audience for Stephen Chow’s film is: nonsense, funny comedy.

, CPC change,

The decrease in


in the comedy before, Stephen Chow also took a lot of positives, but he became popular in the mainland, to 90s as "do not", "Tang Bohu scholar" and a series of comedy, comedy style, farewell career, let him in the limelight.

"what’s the difference between a person without a dream and a salted fish?"

publishers are very concerned about the volatility of income, today we will help you in-depth analysis of how to know the reasons behind fluctuations in income, and take appropriate measures.


advertisers will also have an impact on CPC when they are online or finished.

web site to do the promotion recently, is not a promotion of the end of the event, so lead to flow down? Is not a link to your site, bring a lot of traffic to your

checks whether the site displays public service ads, or whether the ads show technical problems, or whether the site violates policy and is stopped advertising. If the ad is not successfully displayed on the site, the amount of display will not be recorded.

only in the familiar scenes of life do you know what the people are thinking and what they need. Stephen Chow’s best job is to photograph ordinary people’s psychological vibes.

check whether the site grabbed the problem. If the AdSense system is unable to grab your web page, you may display irrelevant ads.


if you find that revenue fluctuations are due to changes in advertising display, you should take the following actions:

"king of comedy" about his own career, the most familiar, some is what sense of income, it is this movie, let Stephen Chow film is no longer limited to the irreverent comedy, tragedy, there are large tracts of breath, also at the time of the economic crisis in the Hongkong reach the top of the box office champion.

With such a positioning, Stephen Chow’s image became clear to the audience.

CTR if you continue to slowly decline, it is very likely that your website users on advertising gradually produce visual fatigue, then you can test some new ad formats, ad placements and color, give the user some freshness.

for years

don’t forget the traffic that the search engine brings. Use the webmaster tools to make sure that shlf1314 correctly captures and collects your site.

taking a look at all the movie images since Stephen Chow became famous, his life scenes, characters and stories are all small people. They are people and scenes of life they have known, which have not changed for decades.

display volume change

CPC is determined by the advertiser’s bidding and is not controlled by the publisher. Many of the changes in CPC are seasonal, for example, advertising in some industries adds more advertising money during holidays or back to school.

first of all, as you all know, the AdSense revenue depends on the following factors: display volume, click through rate CTR, and CPC. At the same time, many high-quality websites still have positioning advertising revenue. The following are the key factors for analysis,

he knew a dead walk on for several years did not red is unknown to the public, what taste, also think a person not to be known as "Jack" has its value of existence, "Kung Fu" in the cage walled city is reduced when he was young, the ground, said "the place my child is like this, it is a crowded place, as if all people are stuck together", "description of the sea Mermaid" from his childhood love of life in the sea, marine life. "Water is very mysterious to me.". I’m scared and curious, and I can feel what’s under the water."

In the

became famous, Stephen Chow shot nearly 60 movies, almost all of which were recognized as comedies. Stephen Chow can’t play the drama is not?.

CTR is often due to insufficient positioning of the site’s interface or advertising. So when CTR is down, you should start with improving your website interface and advertising positioning.

he knows well, go to electricity >

as publisher, the best way to improve CPC >

introduction: Stephen Chow make a living away from home for decades, perhaps some cheats can pass and you know.

"I know he is a walk on, but please don’t add a" dead "word?"

Recall that you are not on the

has been insisting on his style and positioning

under the wave of entrepreneurs, often do not understand the love to start their project, that any industry can "O2O" look, imagine, if you do not understand the industry, how can cause consumers "demand resonance"? You don’t know the people, how to know what they want? Plus there is no suitable helper, such as success, not Arabian Nights.

, CTR change,

Ofo defaulted on wages, and its financing was not 450 millionJoin Wangzhuan you must understand the

network training: online training is also very fire, training courses are also many types, there are SEO training, procedures, artists, online money making training, and even to hacker training. For example, seowhy do SEO training, annual profits are more than one million.

I think novice webmaster friends know that this data is very necessary, this is not a blow, I think it is an incentive. Making money on the Internet is not easy. Borrow a big truth: there is only pay in return. Of course, the amount paid is proportional to the return. Therefore, in the Red Army contact the Internet to the present summary is – concentration is the fastest way to use the Internet to make money. Concentration here refers to 1 or 2 technologies that use the Internet to make money. Like our university choose professional is the same, master a technology, use it to make money, to simplify things, the Internet is the same, we have to do is fine, not miscellaneous.

according to screenshots provided by friends show, someone’s company for the ofo supply chain of third party service company, mainly responsible for part-time bike project. The netizen pointed out that, as of now, has not seen the person in charge for more than a month, and wages have been arrears.


advertisement surnamed Zhang said that he is working, did not know at this time. Repair outlets ofo Liu park area is currently recruiting a large number of maintenance personnel, and every day there are more than two thousand vehicles damaged ofo small yellow car shipped here for repair, these bad cars were from the Tianjin area, repair employees daily workload.

use the Internet to make money is nowadays a hot topic, the current sh419 index every day about 2500 people. More and more people begin to pay close attention to this topic. Can you really make money by using the Internet? The answer is yes. The use of the Internet to make money in a variety of ways, it can be said that only we can not think of, can not do. Here are a few simple ways to make money online.

, and in a ofo operation and maintenance WeChat group, a suspected ofo outsourcing staff said, in June 30th, you can go home to rest, and called on everyone in July 1st do not have to go back to work. The reason is because the money ofo company since April has not been sent to our company, so we wages in June temporarily not issued, such as ofo, the money to the account, we will immediately give you a payment, hope to get your understanding and cooperation.".

Of course,

it is reported that the maintenance department is a third party service company and has signed relevant contracts with ofo. Work matters are specifically responsible for the company, ofo is not directly involved.

use SEO: Master SEO technology, you can pick up the list to make money, you can also use SEO keyword search engine home page, bring traffic, sales products, rent or sell sites, and so on.

, for example, SEO technology, is designed to improve the ranking of Web sites in search engines. And there are many ways to improve your site rankings


network vulnerabilities: the Internet also has some use of network loopholes to make money, many people think this is opportunistic, which requires luck and opportunity. And networking is also important. For example, in the first few days, a group of people found the loopholes in the shlf1314 alliance, that time is just registered to send 500 yuan advertising. Some people take advantage of this loophole and enroll people to sell at a price of 200 yuan or less. I know that one person earns 100 thousand in a month. However, this opportunity is inevitable.


ad: users buy your website ad position, there are many large advertising alliance, some pay by click, some pay by time and so on.

ofo officials said the incident was part of a supplier defaulting to employees and would urge suppliers to pay their salaries as soon as possible. But when asked whether ofo owed suppliers money, the other party’s response for the details are still verified.

today, micro-blog users broke the news that the Tianjin Liu Yuan ofo maintenance plant strike, employees pulled banners to discuss salary. Ofo official response, the incident Department suppliers arrears of wages, details are still under investigation.

, one of the ofo investors, new Hualian Holdings Limited in its WeChat public

professional writer: to help employers write soft money, high-quality a soft text in a few hundred dollars or so. It’s also very profitable.

in addition, ofo announced D round of financing and its investors announced the amount of financing is different. It is understood that the real amount is not 450 million U. S. dollars, but over 300 million U. S. dollars.


since April this year, the company has not received ofo arrears, from next month, part-time staff do not have to go to work. And another picture shows that the current staff pay for discussion, banners written on "small yellow car returns my hard-earned money" words.

, ofo share rose 99 yuan from the previous single deposit to 199 yuan. In addition, the recent financing of poor rumors, including operation and maintenance, manpower and other costs, had to let people guess again what the yellow car,

at present, the network is paid by the piece rate. According to the damage, the cost is about 3.5 yuan to 5 yuan per piece, and the monthly income is about 4000 yuan to 6000 yuan.

method of Internet money too much, we simply introduced to several, and these are not our important emphasis of this article is how to use the Internet to make money fast, this is a summary of the Red Army in contact with the Internet since the. Everyone can guess, according to statistics, China’s personal Adsense monthly income reached 1500 yuan proportion is how much? Answer: less than 1%