Let love Shanghai, noble baby love on your website

second: attract spider crawling your site

spider is to write text, soft paper is not only the high quality of the chain, a method of this station is to attract the spider crawling. When we released it write original articles to some weight high site (general weight high website spider crawling more frequently), spider will find your article, then follow the soft connection in the address into your site, then you start to judge spider web resources according to the anchor link your article, keyword crawl your site, here, I remind you of a few words, do not use false original tools, although these tools will save time, but the Internet most software spiders are immune, they have their own algorithm, then according to the algorithm to identify whether your paper is machine pseudo original and if anything, the spider is still not included your article. When a spider crawling your site after the end will send the collected content to the server and then collected, and then it will appear because the station for the keywords and link address to improve your website ranking work. The process is as follows:

spider crawling

1, try to use a static web site, the spider can’t identify the dynamic website should do things in text notes;

when the engine spiders crawling the web, they need to crawl information is the first station structure, the inspection station structure is smooth, when a spider crawling site after structure identification is smooth, then it is judged to do site information freshness, were collected according to the fresh degree of information, when the spider the collected information to the website server, the server will be based on the value ranking processing. According to these characteristics, we can do this:

The best way to attract

for the love of Shanghai, Google, most of the owners feel is not easy to want to love you. In fact, relatively speaking, love Shanghai, Google will not be so difficult to get along with. Let us love Shanghai included content, updated snapshot every day love Shanghai, the basic premise is that your site should be content, and don’t try to content and other site duplicate content is too high, or is the big fairy can’t help you. First of all, on this basis, I put my xiaomm.net station in Shanghai dragon optimization experience to share to everyone, hope for those who hold the door webmaster some help.

2, the station resources as the original, duplicate content spider not included;

4, the spider will crawl the web site is updated regularly, try to grasp at the same time every day.

3, properly, the weight of Web information such as key words, do not mislead the spider;

is the first problem: to understand the search engine spider

1, in some relatively high weight of the original site to publish original articles, and then finally add a keyword link address, attract spider crawling your site.

Love Shanghai, you dare to increase the rejection chain function

from the recent A5 and Chinaz articles, many owners have begun to change the way of thinking, for the original and high quality of the chain construction continue to emphasize the importance of attention, attention, in. This month the April 19th update once again confirmed this point, outside the chain of many sites have undergone great changes, which lead to website ranking changes, this trend seems to have been inevitable.

looked at a lot of the regular site, did not want to open, then think that since it is the cleanup work, or take a look at it, it does not matter, the chain has only a few points are garbled, rather baffling problems well, and the family home is normal, a hot heart do? To link, refused to hand shake, turned to refuse to link tools inside to see, found directly rejected the primary domain, also can not be changed, so here to remind you, for this type of chain, to use tools inside "refused to page" function, don’t use shortcuts Oh, that is to the primary domain. I want to regret will not regret it!

The main domain

found two jurisprudence chain in the cleaning process, how come? I really don’t know, I never in the jurisprudence site to send the chain. The website is usually the web site, click on the link but will jump directly to the jurisprudence pages, and these pages contain no mention of your web site, through this performance I judge this site grab some web site content to my website caught in, and loved Shanghai index. So here suggest that owners must see more of the chain, and preferably not in some sort of Web site link. Jurisprudence links are to come, we can blame Shanghai for my love down right?

link address

, may contain links to jurisprudence.

there is a type of chain, a link address, but once inside, I was almost tired blind krypton golden eyes, lengshi >

three, no

in 2013 can be said to be the year of change in the search for love in Shanghai, this year unveiled a "green" algorithm "and refused to link in" tools ", we reject outside the chain of tools may cause the site to drop right" in an article pointed out that this change is of epoch-making significance, because it opens up the chain to the door website right down, each of our ER Shanghai Longfeng should pay more attention to this change, if we can’t keep up with the pace of love Shanghai, so our website will be eliminated, even if you are feeling pretty good.

two, the regular site may not be trusted

so, we grassroots webmaster how to respond? Strengthen the site of the original article which is first, but today we don’t talk about this, we talk about the focus, how to use the chain link to tools to optimize the site. Here’s to my station as an example to explain, it can be said, do not know to do a jump! We found by cleaning up the web site outside of the chain mainly has the following characteristics:

Zhou Hongyi the complexity of simplicity, can produce subversive forcesKingsoft Duba install allianc

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today’s young people probably don’t know what computers are like in the 70s. At that time, the computer was a giant, bulky, but seemed weak and had to be placed in the engine room. When people use computers, they have to change into slippers and put on white coats. And you have to wait in line when you can’t make an appointment.

imagine: if you’re a photographer, you’ll go out with a digital SLR camera. But for ordinary users, if the family also purchased a SLR camera, but he will go out with?. Instead, they took pictures with their cell phones. To put it plainly, mobile phones are more convenient than slr. Of course, of course, I know that the quality of the SLR camera is better than that of the cell phone. But as ordinary consumers, we tend to be irrational. Do you want to go out, subconsciously to see mobile phone pocket in touch, rather than look at the shoulder is not carrying slr.

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so, this is the point I want to pass on, that is, innovation doesn’t exist

digital camera when successfully subvert the film camera market, but had to face the fact that digital camera itself is smart and intelligent mobile phone mobile phone subversion, subversion of digital camera and digital camera for subversive film camera is the same, it is convenient.

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I’ve found that all innovations are from a human perspective. Man is born lazy, and all innovations are from lazy people.

I remember Jobs’s biography saying that he was looking for HP with a primitive, rough, personal computer, which HP declined because it seemed to HP to be at most a toy. Indeed, at that time, the huge computing power of the huge IBM mainframe was very strong, and Jobs’s personal computer computing power was very weak. But it has an advantage of large machine is in any case can’t ratio, it is convenient.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

Kodak’s film camera was eventually overturned by digital cameras, but when the digital camera first came out, the resolution was only 300 thousand pixels, even if it was 1 million pixels, its imaging still has many problems. The quality of the photo is terrible if it is washed. However, although it had many disadvantages at that time, it has been using continuous improvement for ten years. Today, the market for film cameras has been completely overturned.

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convenience, this thing is so important, I think it is the most important force to promote business progress.

, for example, if you buy a car, you have to study the engine principle and master the mechanical principle to drive it. Then, the automobile industry can not develop until today. Today, the Internet is becoming more and more popular. Compared with the Internet ten years ago, it is becoming more and more simple. If the telephone is a person who has to master the communication technology, then the phone will always be a laboratory product.


Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

How to dig Shanghai dragon essence improve website popularity


Links: we usually do with the website Links its purpose is to allow more spiders through the friendship index to your website, to grab data. The second is increase website weight and PR through friendship, friendship is no longer, but in essence, only high weight, high site outside the chain to quickly enhance their PR the weight of this station and PR, mainly with the weight calculation and PR related.


as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is a must go through every webmaster, whether large or small, Shanghai dragon is a must to do every day, but deliberately excessive to do Shanghai dragon, the consequences are very serious risk of direct K station, Shanghai dragon hand just to better search engines identification data on the other hand, in order to facilitate users to browse. From the two points so we can better understand the Shanghai dragon, let Shanghai dragon looks more common, specifically in the following aspects:

3: the chain

picture: General webmaster all know spiders can’t grab pictures directly, because it does not recognize the images, it is how to grab pictures? Spiders crawl picture is mainly rely on the image to describe the inside of the ALT text, so only in pictures with ALT information will be more conducive to spider recognition, it will be crawling. In the article add the picture is more conducive to the article by spiders, because the picture more easily express the content of the article, to help the user understand the article meaning.

text: we generally write why need to be divided into paragraphs and subtitle, because the only way to facilitate users to browse, if an article all black text, not only beautiful, but also is not conducive to reading, but also not conducive to the spider crawling data capture the long tail keywords (subtitle), our subtitle generally need to be bold, this is why? First we learn the text in a web page: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags, these tags represent the text is actually displayed in the page size, H1 for the H6, as a minimum, the general spider that is the site H1 tag is a very important part. The back of the label next, so when the spider crawling data, the priority is to grab the H1 tag. We see the subtitle is bold, in order to reflect the importance he embodied in the article, let the spider grab priority. In order to achieve the purpose of grasping the long tail keywords.

with those of

in Shanghai Dragon

Miao Wenben: this kind of link connection forum signature.

The characteristics of

site structure mainly refers to the site within the chain within the chain, only to do good, will be more easy to grab data spider. The spider crawling is the main index through the link, if your site within the chain is not done well, the spider cannot index more data, so this time we need to do this through the map, convenient spider crawl the web site map data.

How to use the original article to optimize the key words

in the middle of it is still reasonable with optimization of the key word to us, so that can make the search engine that we attach great importance to this keyword. As for how many times? In general, only your article statement is smooth, with several key words more than it is. But, still want to repeat remind a: this in all the key word must not add hyperlinks to other pages, otherwise, will disperse the weight you want to optimize keyword.

we use to optimize the key words in the article, the title of the article must be with you to optimize the key word, which is conducive to the search engine to search the first time you to optimize the key word. But note, an article generally optimize a keyword, otherwise, the weight will distract you to optimize the key word, that is to say, the title of the article with only one of your key word to optimize. With you to optimize the key word in the title, the key word in this article, can be said to be the key word in all the weight is the highest, so, we must write the title of the article, and the title is unique, that is to say, not search second such title in love Shanghai, this is beneficial to be love Shanghai included and improve the weight of keywords.

finally, to remind, to optimize the key word with the article, must be original article! Otherwise the effect is the reverse! Well, said very detailed, as long as you webmaster.

2, the beginning of

to do the optimization, less than before the 30 general the word must appear once you to optimize the key word, and bold, so you can smoothly to the search engine search to you to optimize the key word, but note: this keyword must not add hyperlinks to other pages otherwise, the weight will also loose you to optimize the keywords, this is very important, specific can see I was helping a dating website optimization: stuffed edge network, look at how we do, sometimes we can be the key words in bold, which is conducive to do search engine optimization.

1, the title of the article

at the end of the article is very important, generally speaking, 30 words at the end of the post is still an optimization of the key word to us, and are bold, so as to make the search engine more clearly know that we attach great importance to this keyword, we are efforts to optimize this keyword, so Google will love Shanghai we need to improve the key word ranking to go slowly.

some time ago wrote in an article: "Shanghai dragon A5 webmaster site in the five optimization operation", we can learn from the feedback information, this article does help to many webmaster, in addition, there are some Adsense in consultation: how to optimize the key word in the original article to take with you? The exchange, I hope after reading this article can help you webmaster.

, the middle of 3

At the end of 4, the We use

The key algorithm of the evolution of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er current optimization warning

2012-2013 from Amoy as everyone knows that time still prevails, the chain is king of the era, all kinds of chain transactions, manipulating the ranking black hat this situation emerge in an endless stream, love Shanghai in 2013 but also strive to begin the upgrade optimization algorithm itself, such as green chain hit algorithm, according to the requirements of the original article of the Mars program, in 2014, Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools on the line, all this shows that love Shanghai from beginning to end in upgrading its own algorithm, especially for the various means of the chain.

optimization work

we know, Shanghai dragon optimization direction is the content and the chain, but this simple two core principles, it is not an easy job to do, a lot of the time we have to pay more effort, of course we also love Shanghai’s face, because the search engine has been changed, we can only follow the optimization ideas the trend, if we have been standing still, so that the whole industry will eventually be abandoned.

so, love Shanghai changes in the Shanghai dragon Er certainly can not be completely indifferent, optimize the way we should change with it, with the emergence of network marketing, now micro-blog, WeChat marketing to join, it can be said that the entire Shanghai dragon market has had a huge impact, Shanghai dragon ever before it brings high order into the enterprise? This time Shanghai dragon to ER in the teeth of the storm we still insist on, but the industry pay we seem to have unspeakable pain, Shanghai dragon often called Er " network of migrant workers " the pronoun is our decadence? Not. Mainly the search engine algorithm upgrade too fast, Shanghai dragon before Er can be adjusted to " death row ".

so, what is the key moment of our website optimization? The author summed up the two words, is to comply with " ". The old saying: " Chang Shun me against me dead, " with the words to describe the relationship between the Shanghai dragon ER and search engine has been in the good, the optimization of Shanghai dragon must have been to go on the Internet, where Shanghai is the dragon, the problem was how to change the optimization ideas let us, according to the search engine optimization development work requirements to benign, this time we began to change, UEO, user experience, site optimization, the quality of search engine and so on, attention to detail, Shanghai dragon Er began to gradually adapt to the situation, we are indeed change, we don’t change then, Shanghai will change our love away, so Er Shanghai dragon to be mixed in the industry long-term, we will be in accordance with the love of Shanghai’s request to do, do website details, conscientiously do a good job of Japan Often.

today’s article the author did not talk about the optimization techniques, the author thinks that the best skills is not a skill of water conservancy things and not fight, not very, can name, very name. Mystery of mysteries, all the wonderful door. >

Liu Jun how to record relevant data website external links

checks 100 myself a week to do in the link, and then check the one hundred links in the page how many loved Shanghai included, can be used to gauge.

not every day inspection records of the chain, external links for a week to check it once. Because basically all of the search engine and the chain check tool are not daily with the new data, so every day to check what meaning. But Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun himself really could not help but every day look at the data, but not to record. About a week record at a time. In fact, you can even choose a data record for a month. This can be very good to see the data overall growth in a stage of own website.

is the number of the chain is the chain site on the home page. The more links, the better the quality of the link.

1, the total number of links

6, the chain of the page where pr

In fact, no matter what Do this only analysis tool chain?

5, the chain in the domain name of the website how many a domain name and domain

2 pages, the total number of links

can distinguish between the chain website domain name. In general a domain of congenital weight will higher than the two level domain name, so the chain will do the same energizer website of a domain name, here again take the A5, will do A5 consulting energizer link portal than forum link.

7, check outside the chain of the page citation rate of

twoThe distribution of

3, where the number of

home page

4, link in the domain name PR value

, artificial to a check all the chain page where PR is not realistic. But if you choose to calculate the overall quality checks are also good page links.

is the inside pages of many links from other sites. Page link proportion is higher, the overall quality of the chain of natural decline.


is the link from many different domains, such as you do in the A5 forum 10 thousand outside the chain, but also a number of domain names.

website links

link is on A5, records of A5, record A5 pr. Here we should pay attention to, such as your link is in the A5 forum, then records the domain name should be the A5 forum two domain names, don’t get me wrong.

The total domain name

tools are basically out of query in advanced command using a search engine results as a basis. Mainly is in the chain found with YAHOO tools, some tools to analysis the chain YAHOO check out further, or to connect more accurate classification. For example, the total number of the total connected domain name query, the number of links is the home link, how many pages link. How many links to the page where the pr. What data is required to record

For example,

Liu Xiangyan on the use of blog marketing events

, a news early, to the new

is the key time of blog marketing, for a long time in the online news, others have seen all published comments, you write this article and others won’t care about this event, so I usually watch the news on sina贵族宝贝.cn, zaobao贵族宝贝, so we should work in an open page, view news and time to rush to do. The news release for too long, we don’t need to write, unless your writing is very good.

an article written by others and even if others in your article, certainly no one can read, because they’ve seen this article. This will make them feel very tired, not attractive. So I’d like the original, but each.

two, to take the best title, take the long tail keyword

for the website optimization, event marketing is in a very big way can attract a lot of traffic, I think what is the event marketing event marketing is the use of hot events to attract the attention of customers, the ultimate goal is the marketing. Event marketing may be from many aspects, such as blogs, forums, micro-blog can use some other way. Today I want to talk about how to use blog to do event marketing, is the so-called blog marketing, because of its relatively large blog resources.

for an article, is generally the first sight is your title, the title to attract people in others will see your article. How to get a good title? Such as open love Shanghai Search Ranking we can also use search keywords to write popular. We are looking for love from Shanghai Search Ranking search volume before the three event, we first look at the first "Siu Chung Mok Xing" for such keywords, how to expand the long tail keywords? We need to look at what is the "Siu Chung Mok Xing" from the title of others then we go? The analysis, we can write "inside entertainment scandal Siu Chung Mok Xing suspected of drug abuse".

We are familiar with the

blog and nothing, published on my blog, what a good article, new events are published comments on the blog, the blog is a place to relax, you can see a good article can also learn some new things in the society inside inside. This is a piece of meat to do event marketing. Website optimization is usually to optimize your site keywords, but want to have a website weight high traffic is also an important aspect. So we can optimize the website from two aspects, first, the optimization of keywords, second, to attract a lot of traffic and IP, blog marketing is also from the two aspects to do. We can also use blog marketing keyword optimization, the two together will achieve the purpose of optimization, and attract traffic IP. We first analyze the blog how to attract customers, how to make this article is reproduced. Like to move forward we must understand its rivals. You want to use blog marketing

three, original content, pseudo original can also

Love Shanghai certification system flaws in authentication ticket network blog

thus, poor certification is mechanism of love Shanghai. There may not be any customer service staff to do this. As the largest search engine. Users have the most love Shanghai, actually so poor awareness of serving the people. How to play the leading the identity of the eldest brother




look at a map.



this blog has passed the "China Aviation Association certification? Sales website with this blog, you do not want to love Shanghai fooled us, we think is a three year old child? So passing things can happen? This is also the author of a case just found, if there is the kind of illegal trap site really? It is too much to handle

this is what the website blog?! just learned how to access the old aunt will know, but also two articles blog. No design ticket purchase information etc.. But do not have the regular ticket sales qualification.

is obviously the first aviation association agent with mechanism, second is the regular ticket sales website.


authentication ticket believe a lot of people know that there is a call the Airlines Association certification, in particular how through certification, how to audit mechanism. I don’t know this. This is what needs qualification can be found at official statement below:

so why Shanghai will lead consumers to buy tickets to see the error below

I love

How to prevent their website being illegally pan analytical

pan analysis and web site intrusion is not directly related to. Site permissions is known, is at most some black chain, such as delete data. The domain name resolution that is not get on the site.




first, because the owners of the site does not make money, but there is PR or some weight, and then sold to those who receive special pan analytical people. This is not to say, the webmaster voluntary.


said here using the DNS resolution service can play what role. This is equivalent to adding a double insurance. If others know your domain password management, but after you use the DNS, he can not directly use the pan analysis.

first, the domain name management to change password. (if this is the case, continue to consider from the domain name.

now seems to have closed. But the original time should be a talent website. Just do not know the pan analytical domain name expires after being bought is used in the past. Or on the site shut before being used. The analysis of what harm? Will make its own site is down right. If a problem, will be implicated.


site is generally appear several pan analytical possibilities:

then, the pan analytical all off. To love complaints about Shanghai (Something is better than nothing. ~



finally, consider a free DNS resolution service providers. Used to make a transfer.

first find a few pictures to see.


we can see that these two stations are two level domain name. The content of the website content is gambling. Look at the two station was originally what station.

third, the domain name service provider zuogeng. Although there is no evidence, but this possibility is still there. Generally a lot of friends to buy the domain name to love some small IDC that buy. They are agents, but they have permission, also have the ability to know your password management domain name. This is a piece of ~


if we stand by the pan analysis of how to do

This site is on them

station was originally a paint company website. But these contents can be seen, the domain name is pan analysis. All the betting. Another site.

second, domain name management their own password leak or guess, and then being the log domain management system to do the analytical yourself. And this situation generally we are hard to find. Because we often use a domain name, but also often not okay to love Shanghai own domain name included. But do not understand how the password is so easy to be out.

Guangxi network promotion master Jiang teacher online training course summary

analysis, two groups of potential customers

analysis of customer first to classify customers, including gender, age, region, income, hobbies, Internet habits, so that when we formulate promotion plan will be more targeted, make promotion plan according to the target user’s requirements or habits, truly targeted, we have only one goal, that is to improve the user experience.

, from which the analysis of rival

every day to complete what work? How much work? To achieve what effect, not reached to see what the reason is, for their own good work plan, work resolutely every day according to plan. Usually no goal is blind, can not improve their professional skills.

these days in the Jiang teacher online training, as a novice, I feel a lot, to become the real master of Guangxi network promotion. In training before I have been with my friends said I was doing network promotion, but the teacher in the river mouth so we push hands is actually the network of migrant workers, migrant workers IT. There is a lesson about the analysis of competitors, relative to other content, this part I hear more carefully, the main contents of this article is to promote the process of network, how to analyze the competitors, be on their own this time listening achievement summary.

3, rival personnel assigned personnel assigned departments: how to edit, technology, promotion and sales, to find their strengths of

four, set a good work plan

three, to determine the promotion method

1, the competition website background: time domain name, team size, member background, input

promotion methods collect competitors, information gathered through the analysis of the competition means of promotion, the opponent from the side and inquire about the progress achieved, determine the promotion strategy, list the promotion methods used, such as community forum posting, blog promotion, email marketing, QQ group communication, soft publicity, event promotion, network advertising so, the advantages and disadvantages of each method and effect evaluation and how to implement. My Guangxi network communication platform is slowly sat up, on the effect of these methods every day. Collecting on a good site to the classification, this is a fortune.

2, the competition website: website data, data channel data, registration number, date of posting, flat shot visibility, market share of


competitors can play the role of predecessors in many times. Their advantage? What are they doing? They next and what you want to do? If you want to develop, rely on their own ability is not enough, to observe the development of competition, learn from the successful experience of direct application, we can make many detours. What is called, baizhanbudai, then we mainly analyze the rival those of

Shanghai dragon website has yet to decrypt seven factors ranking


layout stage on the site early site there are a number of core keywords, the result is the main website optimization is decentralization, the keyword density will decline, will also have a competition between the core keywords, causing the site to post ranking is not ideal. If you want to do more core keywords, don’t be afraid of wasting money, you can build multiple sites, each of these core keywords and website. This will not occur the phenomenon of internal competition and decentralization.

two, do website based in Shanghai dragon


is the most important for Shanghai dragon Er is the site optimization for a long time does not rank, every day the hair of the chain, write original articles, but the site’s ranking is no effect. I believe that many people will have this kind of phenomenon, thus losing the optimal confidence. When I just engaged in Shanghai dragon also encountered this problem, encountered this problem, don’t panic, want to analyze, from the whole website to find out the reasons, today I give everybody to do the following points, for reference.

, a server quality problemThere’s a problem with the quality of the

also said the server is the foundation of good website, the website optimization basis we will do. Even if the website based in Shanghai Longfeng work are very ignorant, not to mention a ranking, these foundations are including the site nofollow properties are correct, robots.txt writing is correct, the site did a 301 redirect and 404 error page, the site map sitemap is submitted to love Shanghai and so on, these I not one in-depth explanation, there are in my blog, need to see.

server, its stability is poor, which is the basis for a good website ranking. Some enterprises or individuals in order to save costs, buy low quality server, cause the speed of server is very poor, a long time to open the page. From the user’s perspective, the user will have very poor experience, eighty percent of users encounter this kind of situation will be the first time to leave the site. This result is the site of the bounce rate is very high. From the perspective of search engine, search engine included a website is required for indexing, search engine in the index when the site is difficult to enter, it will give up, so there will be no index included, not included no mention ranking.


four, core keywords competition degree is high, causing the site of long period

just engaged in Shanghai dragon friends may not be aware that the new site of Shanghai love there will be a review cycle, the audit cycle is the core keywords and website competition associated. The higher the degree of competition in the review cycle is long. Keywords related results in the 500 case of the review cycle in 1 to 2 months, 5 million to 10 million of the number of relevant results.

three, positioning too widely

4399 mobile product manager massive keyword optimization strategy

‘s massive keyword ranking optimization. The first step is to find all the words of this product.

to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we first need to understand the source web site for the flow of. At present, the main source of web traffic is divided into four parts: direct access, access, Shanghai Longfeng, APP recommended. In the third block of Shanghai Longfeng traffic sources, there are a lot of optimization channels, such as web pages, pictures, news source. Based on existing experience, web search is probably the biggest source of traffic for most web sites.

optimization is the premise of understanding the sources of traffic to the site. According to different traffic sources optimization scheme, including the choice of keywords, mining and arrangement.

Shanghai dragon

is of course the first brand word, because it is the brand keywords associated with the company, so long as it is the site must be obtained. Its main function is to maintain the existing users or potential users.

third is a general term, namely a large number of related keyword retrieval. The general flow is very large, can also be used to fight a part of potential users, such as Related words and answer the.

In this paper, we mainly discuss the

learned the main channel of Shanghai dragon, we need to think about the following points: the choice of what kind of programs do, flow distribution of keywords is what kind of, how to dig the words, words and words of cloth.



dig word is a huge amount of work, but the work that must be done. The word means to dig with major love Shanghai, Google, or industry input method thesaurus. We look through the love of Shanghai how to find a word.

second is a highly competitive products, because it points to a clear demand, it is generally for potential users who are worth fighting for quite effective.

in Shanghai Longfeng scheme, there are mainly single page optimization ranking, ZhengZhan optimization ranking and ranking of the three massive keyword optimization schemes, each optimization scheme for different products have different effects, such as single page optimization ranking is very important for web games, if the game ranked in the sea was not love first, that all your operating costs may be "dashuipiao".

is the last competitive word, is the brand keywords competitors.

for example, the joint operation of several companies Kung Fu "this a web game, each company will spend a lot of cost to do promotion, the user will see the ads in the search engines search; first-time users feel that this game is fun, and not remember the last time the site to play, only search in the search engine; when" Kung Fu "in the search engine ranking is very important.

fourth is a crowd of words, these words and the product correlation is small, but can reflect the target audience the mainstream point of interest and hobbies, through these words are likely to produce transformation.


Calm face the adverse effects brought by the website snapshot (two)

the final reason is that black chain. Recently, the black chain very fast, now many webmaster have used the black chain. The concept of black chain must we all know. But the black chain also has one of the biggest features: instability. When you are with 50 stations at the time, but fell in love with the sea update, check again found that only 10 of the station. Like this black chain is not stable, it is easy to love Shanghai on your website, so remember to use less with special respect "is wonderful, of course not better.

Hello, I am the light shadow, then the last time to share with you the website snapshot "calm face to your site to bring adverse effects (a)", today the rest of the experience in the second part, all show. On this website snapshot article has all finished, personally feel that the two articles of Shanghai dragon ER is very meaningful. Learning website, Shanghai dragon must clearly understand all the first off the problem, such as a web site snapshot: why website snapshot; website snapshot which will bring adverse effects to the site, today the light shadow will give you the second half.

website snapshot there are many factors that can cause, first need to find out why. To reduce the snapshot one of the main reasons is that your website has been continuously modified. A lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the site to do Shanghai dragon often appear in such a situation, the site just on the line a few days, began to change the title. Remember that this is absolutely taboo, the title of a web site can casually better, so the website snapshot sure correction. In such cases the best solution is that when the line on the website in advance, will need to add the title, keywords, description, are written in a TXT notebook, after careful consideration, in addition to the site, don’t change after the addition of. Just online website can modify the title, but there must be a degree, 1-2 can also change, but also want to see everyone how to change.

today said so much, in fact, is not a difficult thing to do in Shanghai and Phoenix, as long as the master, the contents of the chain do, do, OK. The main factor is the two: do not worry too much; there must be regular steps to increase the chain in the chain, so, love Shanghai will be updated every day snapshot site, Dalian 贵族宝贝dalianguanggao贵族宝贝.cn original design company, respect the labor transfer.

also causes more common is: with the mass software link love now many Shanghai dragon ER started. Although the beginning effect is very good, but the love of Shanghai search engine is very mature, as long as your blog with links to it is not included. But once it is found that you use the software group, will first give you drop right, then the snapshot site, finally more abhorrent is K, so everyone in the Shanghai dragon, remember not to use mass software.

Carefully hung black chain brings the opposite effect

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but a station to get outside the chain of high PR station, which is not so easy, unless you webmaster friends friends broad, there are many webmaster friends, or you can choose to buy more money, buy the chain, the chain is divided into two types, one is the chain, another is the black chain, the chain refers to the so-called search engine, users can see the chain with the chain, this is generally the friendship exchange, or money, are generally paid monthly, according to the site of the PR value chain charges, the higher the PR value, the higher the price is, some big news site, a monthly rent to 800 yuan. But this chain brings the effect is also very high, which is equivalent to an industry celebrities has promoted a new human beings, new human values will rise.

black chain effect is debatable

station to increase the chain,

since the Google PR, we began to dawdle, how to rapidly increase the PR value, a method of increasing PR is the fastest made outside the chain of high PR site, outside chain is divided into two kinds, is always a two-way link, another is one-way, two-way link is called the connecting each other, and unidirectional links is a single direction of the chain, just like a vote for station to another station, another station did not know which station cast their vote, the more votes income, the higher the PR value of the site


!In this paper, is not easy!

due to the chain is expensive, some hackers have come up with the method of hanging black chain, this method first arose in the PW circles, hackers through intrusion security measures of low site, on the site linked to the hidden links, which is a black chain, this link is not seen, except the code view, general it is hard to find. But the black chain effect, actually did not imagine so good, with more and more people hung black chain, black chain is not like before the effect, the author also once bought black chain, but was online site less than a month, hang black chain, not only no bonus for the site, instead of being punished, analyzed the reason that this site is hanging too much black chain, therefore, buy black chain of friends, should be careful, don’t buy black chain site

Shanghai Longfeng independent blog you can insist on how long

for the 2010 good and famous independent blog Shanghai dragon of the view, view 14 blogs, found that less than 4 blogs, still insist on update, will be able to find the Shanghai Dragon good article, the rest of the blog is not closed, is not updated for a long time, some of the updated content and Shanghai dragon blog theme to close sex is very small, I want in the end independent Shanghai dragon blog, you can insist on how long. I don’t know what is the establishment of an independent personal blog everyone’s purpose or intention, but I set up independent Shanghai dragon blog has two purposes:

is a platform to show yourself.

as follows:

independent Shanghai dragon blog in the end be able to insist on how long, the main is to adhere to, if you insist, adhere to regular updates, adhere to published articles and blog topics, not to update the article and look for some of the articles to publish, I think your blog Shanghai Dragon will go more long, such as Lu Songsong’s blog.

3, work, these blogs, most people are now more famous, perhaps in my work as a comparison, there is no time to get independent Shanghai dragon blog.

The The

1, the fate of individual stationmaster very hard to add love to Shanghai not very supportive of individual owners, so will insist on not a lot.

2, personal station record and website claims cumbersome.

In fact,

is actually Shanghai dragon need a long stick, you might find a long lonely, but you must keep going, keep doing Shanghai dragon blog update to Shanghai dragon blog, blog and keep updating the topic of the content in the blog, but also on their way. A > let oneself progress


4 and other reasons, mainly they are not able to stick to.

1, their study at the Shanghai dragon and promotion of knowledge, the establishment of an independent Shanghai dragon blog can verify their learning achievements and share some things, can also send some complaints (in the process of learning in Shanghai, etc.).

I see 14 blog


can be said to these blog 2 years ago, or even 1 years ago are more famous, now go search Shanghai dragon blog, find the row in front of a lot of new sites, generally less than many a year. To view the 14 blog and the present situation, I think the independent Shanghai dragon blog in the end be able to insist on how long these blogs can appear the current situation, I think the reasons are as follows:

blog, the blog of Lu Songsong has been doing better, the article can be updated in a timely manner, and every time to see all the gains, so his current visit is a great amount of blog.

The case shows that web sites do not require daily updates


recently took over a coffee franchise website, according to the optimization of personal experience to understand, to join this kind of website is not necessary to update every day. Because of this kind of website for the user’s attention is the size of your company, brand, service and franchise fee have their own profit. While washing equipment maintenance knowledge, knowledge and skills will be joined in training, franchisees are generally the boss not to pay attention to these problems. But colleagues hope that every day, about the website to update this topic, I had to convince each other each one sticks to his argument, with their own personal examples of sites do not need to update every day. As the saying goes: Facts speak louder than words. Here we use the case to show the website does not need daily updated rankings stable.

through my list let colleagues sincerely convinced, if need to update the website and not by our love to Shanghai, but the user. To analyze our users on what is the content of demand and I >

friends do a Taobao guest website, last updated in August 24th, ranking the site before basically are in love in Shanghai before three, because now to not too busy with other projects management keywords ranking has declined, but enough to illustrate the problem. This site compared to the above wedding photography industry is special, because the users of this website is to buy goods, the text content of no interest, may be only interested in that you have not received promotional discounts. Don’t need to update the article, but I found a lot of peers every day love Shanghai included the number 100, at 200, look at the contents of this website are collecting the life cycle is very short.

A case of The two case of

niche web site optimization Xi’an wedding photography industry, wrote a lot of articles before the wedding photography industry articles such as: "how a cheating image station Shanghai home", "love optimization case study: wedding photography station how to enhance the user experience", "practical wedding photography how to tap the user demand" we are interested in you can see.

this site all target words were in love in Shanghai home, a few ranking is not so in Shanghai before the three or four day about 150 IP. Although the site is currently included only one, but fell in love with the sea is a number of specific index will not say. This site I was last updated in September 14th, so far I haven’t update an article. Because I can not find the updated content, this is a typical picture station user demand content is the picture rather than writing things, only for users interested in the text may be activity information, like wedding photography skills what users do not care, because these should be worried about the photographer. So, any text information is redundant will interfere with the user.

The case of

OK, look at this website:



The best reason to participate in Shanghai dragon training to confused graduates

actually, each training institutions can be based on the Internet or in the line, there will be people admire the place. The reason is very simple, not everyone’s time and energy can be used to the point, many people can not go to study new things, such as website operation, website promotion, network optimization, build Shanghai dragon ranking website, Wangzhuan mode, and we, the so-called one special attack. This is interesting, there are certain advantages (the relative freedom of time and energy, the manager of the company’s background, professional thinking, rich experience, etc.) so we in-depth study, and then continue to launch their own achievements, we advocate real name to the network marketing, network marketing, Internet to do the most authentic self. For the strength, we have "write your name" book value of 1 million.

channels in the search industry, is constantly building site for testing, including the use of different ways to show our way to Taobao customers, bidding to do stand outside promotion money.

if you will Shanghai Longfeng ranking optimization, and the study attitude of the obsession with search engine, can I go out of one hundred thousand annual salary plus commission for your remittance way if you don’t do things, to yearn for the development of the Internet, then you can enroll in real VIP class Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, then to earn one million, please help you do optimization.

in the stage of network marketing, there are a lot of training, team, have to go it alone, as long as you pay will get what they want, and we do the training is to help people make the best use of the "tool" of the money network.

Shanghai dragon training, we have a lot of successful students, such as Liu Minhua, general manager of Southern China speed transit network for electric kitchen brand Gu Zhou Peng, Home Furnishing mall project leader Wei Zhijie, Tianjin enterprise network training consultant with hook et al.

real name network marketing, no name, no marketing! Do the most authentic personal brand name, on the Internet is full of opportunities for real talent, allow yourself to get more contacts, get more recognition.

real name network marketing training courses and the new Shanghai dragon class, very confused or looking for people who are still looking for a job the students an opportunity to communicate. Have been thinking, in the reflection of their own way! On the Internet, through many years, and really can understand themselves, but those who make people. Someone said, understand their own people are not partners, but the opponent! Of course, we do not try to avoid these, anyway, they study, is to do better, we are not on the battlefield, so there will be no killing what. Talk to you first, we exchange the idea, that is the way people exchange, help a person. So, human resources is the biggest purpose of the training we do. If you are willing to let go of things, see this article for ten minutes, then Zhu Weikun will first give you this bow! Thank you for your time!


Share some fun Taobao Shanghai dragon important factors to one year experience

baby Title A total of 30 words, to try to put it to good use, by setting a large flow of broad match keywords, such as summer, 2013 summer new keywords, add attributes associated with baby itself, such as slim, thin, white and so on. If the shipping, a special offer, put these words are set up, consumers can enter into your baby in a single product search by keywords, which generate orders. Generally set the title of the order is this: 99 yuan shipping limited 50 dress 2013 summer new Europe big temperament green Chiffon dress. 99 yuan shipping ahead is to increase the click rate, while the women’s summer new 2013 is a popular search term flow is relatively large, and the big, green chiffon skirt is a characteristic belongs to the baby, love is to make this style buyers more accurate search to the baby, high conversion rate. At present this month sales of over 5000 pieces of the dress every day to get natural Tmall search traffic in more than 1500 categories, Taobao Taobao search and other natural flow added up to nearly 2000, in addition to Taobao passenger and train traffic flow in natural search approximately accounted for 50% of the left and right. Therefore, is to set up a successful Shanghai dragon.

in addition, the baby is in consumer protection, seven days no reason to return, will affect the natural flow of the baby weight. For example, when buyers in search, check the seven days no reason to return this condition, if just >

for many small sellers, even if the money to burn the train or can be prepared in large quantities, gold coins in every special offer activities, but no credit, no sales, no evaluation, everything is only water, flowers in the mirror, within sight but beyond reach. Therefore, a step by improving the search rankings to get traffic is very important. I summarize a few points on the improvement of Taobao Shanghai dragon get more natural flow factors.

Just in Taobao

according to the previous rules, is to sort the last 30 days of sales, now changed to 7 days of sales as a sort of standard, maintain the stability of sales is critical. While the old version is sold to the number of statistics, after the introduction of the new rules, the number of transactions is changed according to the statistics, the purpose is to better prevent to improve sales data through brush sales, although not 100% to prevent the occurrence of such acts, but this behavior will make the price will be more high. At present the investigation of Taobao technology, basically more than 98% brush data behavior can be detected, so this way is to improve the baby’s search ranking is very undesirable, probably when you put this baby do hundreds of thousands of sales, when forced to checked even the shop shelves, and may be deducted, so is the The loss outweighs the gain.

in learning guests on the interview video that the number of baby more natural flow of transactions, the weight will search more high, this is a benign circulation.

The enterprise network marketing website optimization focus on the market hold rate

enterprises do a field, it will be the perfect, so we can stay invisible more users, not easily snatched by others. Take the "website construction" companies, to provide users with not only the construction site procedures should include more customized services, the associated type: website construction and knowledge, enterprise post office, website server, domain name registration, the expansion of the database service. Or is suitable for a variety of user needs the product package, at different prices in different enterprise user groups. In general, if there is a strong package between comparable differences, and the price difference is not great, the enterprise will go to the station to select high quality service. To meet the needs of users, will be firmly.

corporate image both in marketing, or the power of the Internet, is to bring the user experience first impression, so even in the website optimization process, the enterprise is also the first focus on shaping brand image. How to create a user’s mind is satisfied with the brand image? For ordinary users is actually very simple, good user experience is one of the biggest variables. Dedicated, professional products and services, online customer service support, a series of information to tell the user: I am very professional! Invisible, trust in the minds of customers has been the foundation for your kind. Conversely, some enterprises do not attach importance to the construction of the station image in the construction site, kuangmeng ranking, finally even had a very good ranking, but its brand image is not fit to be seen, even after the user browsing will be skeptical to choose to leave,

two: encourage enterprises to enhance the degree of trust

comprehensive products

website optimization to improve the flow rate, ranking optimization based on the construction of the best search engine rules, but not all sites are required to comply with this rule, such as the optimization of the enterprise stand, sometimes even won the ranking, but also may not necessarily bring high commercial benefits for the enterprise feedback. But here we should emphasize that enterprises do network marketing, and website optimization should focus on market share conversion, so as to optimize the effect to maximize the realization of enterprise station:

: shaping the corporate brand image Except in a few well-known sites such as Taobao, pat a class of

users in the network consumption, believe that most users are cautious with consumer attitude. Small and medium-sized enterprises to earn a trust in the electric tug of war in the user, it is from the side should not be ignored is enterprise business value, can not improve the user trust enterprise station, will be eliminated in the development of the torrent out. How to improve the enterprise trust? A: seeking truth from facts are, not exaggerated, not condescend; second: professional contact: telephone, such as 400 enterprises QQ, fixed telephone, fax, mail, business and accurate address. The user may not have to make a long-distance call, confirm the true and false, only to communicate via QQ, but it is important symbol of identity "".

three: meet user demand