Calm face the adverse effects brought by the website snapshot (two)

the final reason is that black chain. Recently, the black chain very fast, now many webmaster have used the black chain. The concept of black chain must we all know. But the black chain also has one of the biggest features: instability. When you are with 50 stations at the time, but fell in love with the sea update, check again found that only 10 of the station. Like this black chain is not stable, it is easy to love Shanghai on your website, so remember to use less with special respect "is wonderful, of course not better.

Hello, I am the light shadow, then the last time to share with you the website snapshot "calm face to your site to bring adverse effects (a)", today the rest of the experience in the second part, all show. On this website snapshot article has all finished, personally feel that the two articles of Shanghai dragon ER is very meaningful. Learning website, Shanghai dragon must clearly understand all the first off the problem, such as a web site snapshot: why website snapshot; website snapshot which will bring adverse effects to the site, today the light shadow will give you the second half.

website snapshot there are many factors that can cause, first need to find out why. To reduce the snapshot one of the main reasons is that your website has been continuously modified. A lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the site to do Shanghai dragon often appear in such a situation, the site just on the line a few days, began to change the title. Remember that this is absolutely taboo, the title of a web site can casually better, so the website snapshot sure correction. In such cases the best solution is that when the line on the website in advance, will need to add the title, keywords, description, are written in a TXT notebook, after careful consideration, in addition to the site, don’t change after the addition of. Just online website can modify the title, but there must be a degree, 1-2 can also change, but also want to see everyone how to change.

today said so much, in fact, is not a difficult thing to do in Shanghai and Phoenix, as long as the master, the contents of the chain do, do, OK. The main factor is the two: do not worry too much; there must be regular steps to increase the chain in the chain, so, love Shanghai will be updated every day snapshot site, Dalian 贵族宝贝dalianguanggao贵族宝贝.cn original design company, respect the labor transfer.

also causes more common is: with the mass software link love now many Shanghai dragon ER started. Although the beginning effect is very good, but the love of Shanghai search engine is very mature, as long as your blog with links to it is not included. But once it is found that you use the software group, will first give you drop right, then the snapshot site, finally more abhorrent is K, so everyone in the Shanghai dragon, remember not to use mass software.

Skilled in detail, website construction and optimization can always win

have two points to be sure, one is the future competition among enterprises more on the Internet, no "net" will become an inevitable trend; the second is the key of small and medium-sized enterprises, Internet marketing success must be won in details. After Mr. Wang Zhongqiu spare no effort to emphasize the details determine success or failure, and in many books in the vertical, from various angles of the importance of reading the details and predicted that the future competition is the details of the contest. Now, as competition between enterprises extends to the Internet, website construction and website optimization, as new marketing tools of the new era, need to be skilled in details, why are they so sure?


one, skilled in detail, cultivate keen thinking,

competition environment changes rapidly, search engine algorithm is also constantly adjust and optimize, for website optimization, the biggest constant is constantly changing, and change faster and faster. A successful website construction and website optimization staff should be good at perceiving changes and can capture information keenly. The insight is that when competitors change their competitive strategies, they can be sensitive to cognition and analysis and come up with solutions. Attention is the first step in perceiving and acquiring the changing information, and the writer has a deep feeling about it. The author of the Shanghai site construction industry, last year, few will be original, mostly copy copy other people’s article. I also rely on the original intention, step by step to win the search engine trust. Today, many companies have begun to use high-quality, original, rich website content, just as "competitive advantage convergence, website optimization more need to win in quantity", the text said, can only take more than competitors in quantity.

is good at details, not only in the attention of competitors’ websites, but also in the research and analysis of search engines. From the YAHOO search engine, has gone through ten years, with the development and search engine and website optimization. Everyone wants to get an ideal ranking on the search engine, but because of the mentality, many people go to the road of cheating. The search engine on the one hand, the development of mind, welcome the regular optimization, on the other hand, also constantly adjust the changing algorithm, use technology to the maximum extent possible to eliminate the existence of cheating, the existing optimization excessive or cheating website to be punished. Being skilled in detail is the perception of the ever-changing search engine, and coping strategies should be adopted. After all, successful optimization not only wins the present, but also needs to smile into the future.

three, skilled in detail, strong execution,

management guru Yu Shiwei once said, "the competition of enterprises is in execution, and one of the important performance is the pursuit of perfection.". What is the pursuit of perfection, the most perfect, that is, strive for perfection, in their own ability to do the best, perfect also reflected in the details, attention to detail itself requires a capacity. A man of great execution must be the pursuit of perfection; he must pay great attention to details. Hold in the details of the attitude, in site construction production and site optimization, such as ice will be omitted. Strengthening executive power is not simply repetition, but persistence and innovation

Seven big money online business


network has changed many people’s lives, but also brought new business opportunities in the market, there are many traditional industries can be moved to the network, then, let’s take a look at the online business which are the best selection of projects.


"Zippo" and "bedding". Buy gifts has always been a waste of effort, and now more and more people tend to give gifts in taste and personality, with a certain cultural taste of the symbol of the new Zippo lighter. Only Zippo classic chrome, a style, in 2003 the annual sales of more than 20000. The bedding of the hot selling shows another major feature of online shopping – practical. Home decoration can be seen in the owner’s taste and mentality, or elegant, or cartoon, or fashion.

cosmetics online?


"crystal" hot. Crystal has been one of the most active classification of online transactions, the new darling of the popular jewelry and crystal pendants are favored by buyers. Moreover, the crystal, silver and jade selling, driven by the 2004 sales of online jewelry category.

women’s shoes?Compared with


the region with a great relationship. If you are located in some of the characteristics of the products, specialty goods, very famous, you can consider the operation of this area oh. This is a great advantage. Others do not want to do kazakhstan. But some products, such as the need to do the food is no way.

How to seize the great opportunities catering industry

people’s life always cannot do without eating, saying: hunger breeds discontentment. The food and beverage industry is currently the most profitable in the market to join a project. The catering industry is tremendous opportunities, there is also a great risk, how to grasp the business opportunities, and as far as possible to avoid the risk, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises to obtain food business success, has become China’s current catering enterprises can not avoid the problem. How to maintain the catering business youth resident, should grasp the key issues in four areas.

A, correct positioning of the market

Although a lot of

also market positioning should be dynamic positioning, to change the traditional manufacturing circumstances, immutable and frozen, and change, with the market to follow the market, flexible operation market atmosphere. And according to the re study the market changes timely, decisive and determined new position, broaden their horizons, and constantly adjust the market structure, take the initiative to adjust the market structure, actively seize the market, constantly introducing new models, new varieties, new services and new features to seize the market share.

two, to form their own characteristics

the catering speciality, to be competitive in a buyer’s market, in order to survive and develop, the characteristic is to include the food product features and service features, products and services of the combination of features, also includes dining environment atmosphere characteristics, everywhere in the various grades of catering field today, in service, immutable and frozen products no, your food and beverage brands and characteristics, will be eliminated in competition out, forming their own food characteristics and not for distinguishing feature and features, but in order to meet consumers’ different psychological selection. If our food products, services, dining environment, tableware, facilities, atmosphere have their own characteristics, guests will come here.

Due to the cost of the


There are several other agency business hall

health care industry has a lot of new business opportunities, many businesses want to invest in some of the more distinctive projects, faster open consumer market. How the investment agency projects Fire Museum? How to operate it? A lot of novice are very want to know, then make up with Xiaobian know it.

sit store

home business

especially physical discomfort need this kind of "family doctor", let the customer in the work without the need to spend a lot of time to enjoy this kind of therapy, in densely populated areas, the community has a large number of slow-moving elderly patients, it is also our service object, service value, the value of money.

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Jiangxi Yingtan women’s dream of entrepreneurship and employment

when the female entrepreneurship and rural entrepreneurship in the two areas of entrepreneurship together, it means endless development opportunities. China’s rural areas resource has not been fully developed, based on local advantages, to spare women labor resources as the main force, develop new profit point of development.

in order to allow the majority of women to better realize the dream, the Yingtan municipal government attaches great importance to and take effective measures to support the majority of women’s employment and entrepreneurship, women’s Federation, the Municipal People’s Insurance Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other relevant departments also issued a series of measures to support and actively build a platform for women’s employment and entrepreneurship, and strive to create employment and entrepreneurship the brand, and promote women small loans for women, employment and entrepreneurship to create a better environment.

Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment to actively carry out the traffic because

In order to further promote the "civilized traffic plan", and carry out environmental remediation activities focused on traffic, and effectively improve the public awareness of civilized traffic and participation rates, the city Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee in June 25th within the city to carry out "traffic flow because of you" million people to participate in the theme of practical activities focus on remediation of traffic

in order to further promote the "civilized traffic plan", and carry out environmental remediation activities focused on traffic, and effectively improve the public awareness of civilized traffic and participation rates, the city Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee in June 25th within the city to carry out "traffic flow because of you" million people to participate in the theme of practical activities focus on remediation of traffic. Bureau of traffic police detachment combined with the characteristics of the work, the rapid deployment of the deployment, the implementation of the program, and actively carry out this activity.

is a traffic police detachment deployed police and Xieqin auxiliary staff of more than 500, on-site guidance more than 10000 municipal units, District civilization office, community, schools and other volunteers and social people from all walks of life, in the East Main Street, the international village at the junction of my city, big crossroads West Street, 54 Avenue, and five fork the Bridge Street Bridge, cross 29 street and road traffic civilization Demonstration District launched civilized traffic to persuade, persuade pedestrian red light, not arbitrarily inclined to cross the road, crossing traffic isolation fence, guide pedestrians walk on the sidewalk, cross the road walk, walk across the street crossing facilities.

two is the traffic police brigade district police organization in the city to increase the order of motor vehicle management in the city of four. The vehicle is not severely punished according to the provisions of the red light, followed by traffic, random U-turn, hooting, Luantingluanfang, pedestrian red light, casual wear, crossing the road cable illegal traffic isolation fence and other types of traffic of nearly a thousand people.

three is detachment to take effective measures to create a strong atmosphere of publicity. At the bus station in Xining, Yiwu shopping malls, wells Lane market north and central square north, West Bridge Street and Hualian mall entrance door Mita downtown intersection, set up 15 sections of publicity and consultation, through the issuance of promotional materials, hanging banners, in the traffic guidance on screen propaganda way of positive propaganda to the masses of traffic regulations and safety knowledge, and effectively improve the traffic safety consciousness of the masses. Period, a total of more than 80 kinds of promotional materials distributed more than 20000 copies, hanging banners more than vice, playing more than 10000 slogans. At the same time, the organization of police detachment also live for the people answering questions, eliminate the masses of the existence of various traffic safety and management confusion, in addition, the detachment of mobile vehicle "in the center square for the masses to transact business, received a total of more than 60 people query traffic violations, to submit proof of physical condition 1.

through the traffic because of you and smooth people involved in traffic concentration and remediation activities, so that the majority of traffic participants in the legal awareness of travel, security awareness and cultural awareness significantly enhanced. Next, the traffic police detachment will be based on the event, combined with the actual work, and constantly strengthen publicity and education work, increase traffic violations remediation;

North of the city to build a linkage between the four dimensions of grassroots cadres to contact the

this year, in the new round of basic organization construction activities in the North District to carry out the "three visits to four Wulian help activities as the starting point, do a solid job of cadre masses service grass-roots work, the formation of regular organization, promote normalization of the working mechanism and leadership, initiative, and promote the dry unit promotion function the" four linkage "new pattern.  

Strictly prohibited by the administrative monopoly management fees

In order to regulate the behavior of charges related enterprises in accordance with the law, to further reduce the burden on enterprises, according to the national development and Reform Commission notice spirit, the provincial government in accordance with the requirements of the relevant work, after cleaning, the provincial departments of enterprises related to administrative examination and approval pre service charges before the date, the provincial development and Reform Commission issued the "notice on announced Sheqi administrative examination and approval pre service charges list of provincial government pricing the".

"notice" clearly the provincial government pricing projects Sheqi administrative approval pre service charges a total of 4, including the seismic safety evaluation, lightning protection device, detection performance of antistatic safety detection and energy saving monitoring fees. "Notice" provides that the list of documents without the basis of laws and regulations shall not be charged as an administrative examination and approval of the pre conditions and charges. It is strictly prohibited for all administrative departments to use administrative power to monopolize the business, to force the service and to impose fees. In the process of examination and approval, the examination and approval department shall, in the process of examination and approval, entrust the technical service to be selected by means of competition, and the service fee shall be paid by the examination and approval department. Shall not be within the scope of the responsibility of the government to the public institutions or intermediary organizations to bear and charge. "Notice" requirements of the competent price departments at all levels to strengthen the implementation of the list and other administrative approval intermediary service conduct supervision and inspection, strictly investigated and dealt with according to law without additional fees, fees and other price violations increased.

it is reported that the list of the implementation of dynamic management, according to the changes of laws and regulations and the list of powers and pricing policies, timely adjustment and improvement, and real-time updates released.

Strengthening standardized management of community health service

Recently, the city issued the "Circular on Further Strengthening the standardized management of community health service work advice", aims to combine activities of local community health service institution construction norms, to strengthen and improve the community health service management as the core, to further strengthen the construction of community health service system and connotation construction, enhance comprehensive community health services, management ability and level, to better meet the health needs of the masses, and promote the healthy development of community health services. Currently, the district (county) health administrative departments have started to strengthen and standardize the management of community health services.