Inspiration learning from the story of Shanghai dragon optimization

message: changing vision

Shanghai Dragon

later found on the table of a woman did not laugh. The men he played don’t take it seriously. Unexpectedly, the woman says seriously: the best is the "right hand left hand". First, the left hand is the right hand can be trusted; second, the left and right are his; third, the other hand any name you excited and happy, later can be stopped, only left.

table is popular a doggerel: holding his wife’s hand, as if the left hand right hand.

when people read: familiar or not familiar with a table of people knowing laughter, immediately relaxed atmosphere. Of course, this is the people of the jingle consistent understanding — feelings accurately based on the description of the place.

Story two:

one day in the table are read this paragraph of jingle, the men laughed as usual.

, the windows of the house is dirty.


2. on the purchase link. Love Shanghai combat link to purchase behavior, update Scindapsus algorithm, even our sites have also been affected by the site right down. So now many people think that the purchase link is dangerous and undesirable behavior. But we can also consider from another direction, buy links people less, so the degree of competition in other sites of natural decline, we can more easily get ranking. On this basis, we can consider. Love Shanghai released Scindapsus algorithm, but after all, not artificial check, then we can not consider buying links in Shanghai out of love algorithm under the condition of Scindapsus? With links to purchase the site to increase the filtering rules is a solution. It also increased the intensity of competition in the site itself, but also in the case of the shift in the competition has more advantages.

1. Shanghai dragon, research on competitors is inevitable, but for the research we can not be confined to the station in a competitor’s point of view, we should think about what kind of competitors have advantages and disadvantages, so as to avoid weaknesses, and then combined with the practical application to the website and website itself, so that it may be beyond the competitors. So, for our competitors might remove its competitor’s identity, we should be regarded as the object of study and reference.



has a wife for many years constantly complaining about the opposite wife is very lazy, "the woman’s clothes will not wash clean, look, she was hanging on the outside in the courtyard of the clothes, there are always spot, I really don’t know how she even clothes are washed into the way……"

until one day, a friend to her home to, that is not the opposite wife to wash dirty clothes. Attentive friend took a piece of cloth, the wife of the limed erase, said: "look, this not clean?"

The original

The enterprise website optimization and promotion methods

2, enterprise web site based authentication: Shanghai dragon optimization, can only meet the website by the search engine and crawl, let some users understand and simple understanding of the enterprise. But want to let search engines better included and grab the contents on the website information and enhance user awareness of corporate brand image, enhance the user of enterprise website brand trust at the same time, also improve the site in the search engine weights, get better rankings and included. The enterprise website must carry out some necessary site certification, in order to improve your search engine ranking and user trust and brand awareness, but also relative to the ordinary enterprise web sites, in the love of Shanghai search engine ranking is relatively high. Then the enterprise website authentication.

enterprise website:

Optimization of

for general types of website optimization, as long as the base point of Shanghai dragon Er will know the methods and skills of a few skilled website optimization, website optimization method at ease for the routine and also master. Website optimization based is nothing more than doing well in the station’s H tags and nofollow tags, use breadcrumb navigation calls, URL links, unified website map and keywords within the chain optimization, but for the enterprise website optimization, optimization of enterprise website is not so simple. Today, a Shanghai dragon optimization and talk about optimization methods and techniques of enterprise website.

therefore, the importance of enterprise website is self-evident, so as the enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, how to optimize the enterprise website promotion, how to use the Shanghai dragon thinking promotion enterprise website search rankings? Enterprise website optimization need to pay attention to what the problem? How to realize the enterprise website rapid collection and brand ranking please look at the ah? Shanghai Longfeng optimized for your one by one.

Optimization methods and techniques of


1, enterprise website: optimized enterprise websites and many personal websites and marketing website, are basically the same, including the website easy to remember domain name and domain name CDN stable and stable server, good program structures and reflect the enterprise’s brand and culture at the same time meet most users browse and enjoy the template style, and including the above described basic station optimization method, through these basic skills and methods of website optimization, constitute the foundation of enterprise website optimization direction.

enterprise website is a corporate brand and image display window and platform, but also a business through the Internet window, realize the connection dialog enterprise and user, enterprise website to undertake a bridge of communication with the user enterprise and understanding, has a very important match. As the enterprise website operators – Shanghai dragon Er, who also shoulder the important historical mission and responsibility, optimization and promotion of the enterprise web site plays an important role.

Three questions about O2O’s Rethinking model or model

current discussion of O2O in full swing, never inferior to the group buying and LBS. However, after the calm and reflection, I found a lot of them, especially the business people who want to make the so-called "O2O closed loop", which is a great initiative or the emperor’s new clothes?


thought it over, and I found 3 questions:

questions whether 1:O2O exists,

For years

case, the answer is yes! But with these companies in the industry are not different, these businesses O2O is what what cards, coupons, but reputation! Do you think the sea way does not contain O2O? Do you think the sea O2O

closed loop?

questions whether the 2:O2O closed-loop system exists.

weekend to participate in activities, a group buying network said his personal experience. He got a discount from a APP at a restaurant in Wanda Plaza, which he sees as a closed loop. This is the legend of the loop? This you is because of the APP to the consumer or because the consumption and the use of APP? – the coupon is not closed loop closed loop. Midway through the event, another product manager who was in charge of the project said, "UnionPay really pays for the closed loop." – I don’t know if you believe it or not. I believe it!


questions whether 3:O2O will be platform oriented,


because you have business resources, so you O2O, and you will form a platform? – my experience tells me tell some fantastic tales!, we believe that the current O2O based on the ground, if you want to have a platform, not absolutely reliable! Where is the problem? – need to think about

!What was the

question? After I thought about it, I found that O2O couldn’t do 3 things:

One cannot

O2O: no traffic can be generated.

, for example, when you go to Wanda Plaza to see a movie, you are going to have a Korean cuisine, so you take out your cell phone and watch APP. Even if APP develop fast enough, you can use the mobile phone. At this point, Wanda Plaza to the Korean cuisine brought customers, or this APP,


you can say, many people will soon get used to the public comments and find food, however, the well-known shop is your choice object, and those who just opened what famous shop will not because of the so-called O2O system and get people


O2O can not two: can not solve the conversion rate of

just said, the nameless shop will never use the O2O system to solve the problem of abortion. What is the reason? The user eats fame, and the choice is trust. The conversion rate doesn’t depend on whether you’re O2O or not, depending on whether you’re famous or not. O2O is not the so-called media, how to create the so-called brand? Can not create brands, and how to solve the conversion rate?

Is your website div today

because the talent is sparse, learning shallow, DIV+CSS also did not thorough thorough research, just with their own point of view and written, hope the master don’t throw bricks. Cut the crap and go straight to the point.

now, the big and small websites all over the country are engaged in a technical revolution, which is called "website reconstruction". The simple point is that DIV+CSS can make web site. Use DIV+CSS instead of traditional Table to create frames and beautify pages.

Before refactoring,

must be able to understand why refactoring, why use DIV+CSS technology, and understand the problem, so that you can use the technology to rebuild the power of the site. The major CSS learning sites and tutorials, without exception, will list the following benefits of using DIV+CSS:

1 content and form separation, web front desk only need to display content on the line, the form of art to CSS to deal with. The generated HTML file is streamlined, smaller and faster to open.

2 Revision site is more simple and easy, no need to redesign the page layout, and even do not move the original site of any HTML and program pages, just change the CSS file to complete all the revision. For portals, revision is as simple and easy as changing clothes.

3 search engine is more friendly, ranking easier to rely on.

above three points is N more benefits, the most attractive, the most prominent three points. I’ll introduce them at three points,

the first content and form separation, the web front desk only need to display content on the line, the form of art to CSS to deal with. The generated HTML file is streamlined, smaller and faster to open.

this is the latest feature of DIV+CSS technology, and also the root of CSS. Total subversion is now the technology of table web design. All the content now produced with table can be solved with CSS, and the solution is more perfect and more powerful. You don’t need to form the set of forms, only need to use div div to realize the art form of all previous set of tables, this is the result of using div+CSS technology to generate web page file size is more streamlined, smaller. The table era, more than 10 of a page to form is a very common thing, but now with DIV+CSS, a table can not fully meet the previous effect, which led directly to the page file size reduction of 50%-80% than table, saving all the hard disk space, visitors to open a web page faster. But with div+CSS, unlike the past, when using table, must put all table read before it displays the content of the page, now you can read a div to show an effect, we open the page without. The benefits are obvious and powerful.

The advantages of

are indeed significant

Same social double star, why does everybody and bean bean show future difference

actually sometimes, I feel some electricity providers and social elements are the same, we all need to create a variety of activities based on a trust, but the electricity supplier is the emphasis on commercial and social do is share. So, when the surrounding friends ask me what are the tricks of the electricity supplier, I will let it first study social product representatives, perhaps you will learn something figured out.

, but when it comes to social products, as a student from just out of us, everyone and watercress everyone should be no stranger. As a popular social media for students, nowadays everyone has a distinct development track with watercress. One is farther and farther away on the puzzling Road, while the other continues to consolidate its strategic line in obscurity. Today, whether it’s activity or business profitability, everyone has fallen behind. Maybe you will say, don’t see what profit means watercress ah, so I just one example, 8 years of development and making FM with watercress watercress reading genuine trend, users of good content have developed the habit of paying users, this is a very appealing plate in the future, is the hope of the people sigh.

so, compared with everyone, what do you do well,


persistence and tenacity is something to be said. Two products are basically the product of the same period, one based on campus social, a dedicated group of interest training, both of the audience is not directly related, but more or less there will be intersection. If both sides make persistent efforts in their respective fields, then as a pioneer, the future of watercress and everyone will be enormous. Unfortunately, the only watercress persisted, although the middle watercress once acquired, but fortunately, product attributes independence, freedom, democracy, clean has not changed, still trying to do you love the content choice when not common in the great leap forward, impetuous outside, while everyone is in the main formal declaration of lost development the soul of Chen Yizhou to join in order to let everyone formally become synonymous with business, its display advertising profit means to play to the extreme. But with little success, more than a quarter of losses have made everyone lag behind in business development and product development.

watercress is a true based on the users of the product, its operation ideas over the years is very clear, that is to let the user to produce something of real value, let everyone to know, to taste, and not simply by the authority to share, this is a very broad bean esteem practice. Because in the social realization of the boom, we are eager to cash in the hands of their own traffic, few people to consider the idea of users, often xiemoshalv is common practice in the social media, although not everyone reaches this level, but the emphasis on commercialization has seriously affected its user content value with the spread of the weak, homogenization is its weakness.

watercress for their own thinking, but also everyone should

Yunnan Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Kunming

entrepreneurship has become the theme of the times, but the market also needs constant innovation, and in order to encourage the majority of entrepreneurs, all over the country are constantly holding a variety of innovation and entrepreneurship competition. The Yunnan Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship contest was held in Kunming in 4, attracting countless entrepreneurs.

4, the third session of the "mobile 4G+" and the youth Yunnan Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition started at Kunming University of Science and Technology, which aims to build a platform for daily communication, guide the youth entrepreneurship entrepreneurship projects, while supporting the entrepreneurial team, communication business philosophy, to help young people realize the ideal business.

"create youth ‘innovation and entrepreneurship competition" is the focus of the Communist Party of China in recent years to create a no more than 35 years of age of young entrepreneurs and the average age of less than 35 years of age entrepreneurial team selection activities. In order to build innovation and entrepreneurship for Youth Daily exhibition and communication, resources docking, project incubation platform, guide the youth to carry out innovative and forward-looking good business projects, support the development of high technology content, the entrepreneurial team of the new business model, the spread of "lead the future of innovation and entrepreneurial change lives, striving for dreams" business philosophy in the majority of young people in.

contest organized by the Yunnan provincial Party committee and other units, Kunming University of Science and Technology and other units jointly undertaken. A total of 3 events: Yunnan Province, the seventh college students entrepreneurship program competition, Yunnan college students entrepreneurship practice challenge, Yunnan college students entrepreneurship. To start the ceremony, Yunnan provincial Party committee and China Mobile Yunnan company signed to build a "MM innovation incubator and campus public record space cooperation agreement, will be the" resources docking services MM innovation incubator "covering 68 of the province’s colleges and universities.

"in 2015, I and three other students in accordance with their own interest in the establishment of the Yunnan sound media culture Co., Ltd., mainly for photography, photography, film and television late, professional voice, etc.." Wang Qian, a third year student from Kunming University of Science and Technology, said, MM innovation incubator base to provide us with a free office space, hardware facilities, also give great support in the publicity." At present, in addition to be able to complete the production of University propaganda films, they have successfully completed the shooting of two commercial projects, made a lot of achievements.

in the Yunnan provincial Party committee under the guidance of the construction of the Yunnan mobile company "MM employment base" in the province’s 38 universities, held nearly 200 hatching training, more than 150 employment training salon, set up 80 entrepreneurial team, recruited more than 3000 mobile phone application development enthusiasts.

Kunming University of Science and Technology party secretary Zhang Yingjie said that the university is an important position to enhance college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, 6 universities of Kunming University of Science and Technology and Yunnan University jointly launched the "Yunnan province college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship alliance", made a series of results. Queensland workers create a trial operation of the customer incubator recommended

Food and beverage stores need to open what documents

is now the domestic food industry is very favored by investors, because the catering industry has a relatively broad target population, it can bring huge opportunities for investors, so, now open a catering enterprises need to handle what card?

1, first of all to the industrial and commercial department "name pre-approval notice" (make sure you snack shop name, at the same time) to consult the business sector, tell them your store business area, to see whether there is a need for the fire.

2, holding the "notice" pre approved name and a copy of the original data (place of business real estate and other documents and a copy of the lease contract and a copy of ID card, etc.) to the local health and epidemic prevention departments (or the food and Drug Administration) bid for the "catering business license" (or called the "food sanitation license"), the person in charge of the business license to obtain health certificates, as if at least 2 or more people obtain health certificates

If you need to do


3, run the "food and beverage business license" and "fire inspection qualified submissions" (if necessary), go to the business sector for business license.

about data: photo, ID and photocopy, business premises of the documents, if the fast-food restaurant is also rent lease contract and a copy of "catering business license" and a copy of the original, "fire inspection submissions" (if necessary do) original and a copy of


4, get a business license 30 days to the local tax, the tax department to bid for the "tax registration certificate", the need for business licenses, real estate documents, lease contracts, identity cards and copies of information.

In fact,


related recommendations

Entrepreneurship should first consider what kind of problems

everyone think it just a matter of expediency, is preparing for the day after the start. Now who are saying: work is not a lifetime thing, is never a way out! That being the case, how should we look for our future career as a working family?

1, learn to survive in the cracks". You can choose to start from the beginning of SOHO business, when you have entrepreneurial impulse idea, maybe there are a lot of things you need to accomplish, no matter what, you always need to be on Saturday, Sunday to return to run, for your customers to do analysis and implementation; Monday to Friday every day work to 12 points; every day doing your work plan when you get on the bus to work every day; when to change a head to do your own work, need more thinking.

2, in the work to do, there is nothing to do". We can not because of the idea of entrepreneurship, the company’s things aside, even the use of their own work on the convenience of the company’s business, or in the work time to do private work. I think this is a matter of principle of a person, especially for a future entrepreneur, you have to invest in your own reputation now, perhaps before the age of 35, you maintain a good reputation and not just input output; but when you were 35 years old, you you can get rich rewards from the reputation of investment, I believe this point.

3, looking for a business model. This model should be the soul of your company later, only the soul of the company, can slowly build the skeleton of the company – the formation of the team, and then fill the flesh – for business operations. I think this entrepreneurial model can be an idea, or even a peacetime you encountered in the work of an inspiration, the inspiration can come from your work, your learning, your life. But all of this requires you to have a heart that is ready for a moment, ready for a sudden inspiration in your mind. If you put your faith in your work at work, then you will find that the opportunity is in the side.

4, to determine the duration of an undertaking. The world is constantly changing rapidly, the market is also, people are, so, to keep track of the market, continuous technical and capacity update >

Interpretation of the four most beautiful scenery on foot

years old, "Laoshen year careful not small, not far, far to promote harmonious family." The four groups of players who held the mass experience group on foot yesterday were not the same.

the old participants: ray Fakuan

Lei Fakuan is a retired veteran of the city post office, has won the provincial labor model, the National Post and Telecommunications advanced producers and other honorary titles, had been interviewed by the older generation of Party and state leaders. Lei Fakuan old man told reporters, 49 years every morning he will carry out a 7 km jogging, next year will run enough for half a century.

minimum participants: Yang Jie

is only 13 years old Yang Jie is the youngest member of the foot festival. Yang Jie told reporters that she usually exercise awareness is not very strong, because the registration to go on foot, the most recent period of time she exercises every day, feeling more healthy than the original.

farthest participants: Taka Take team

Wu team is from afar Beijing riding friends, a line of more than 10 people, was originally to Qinghai Qinghai Lake cycling, heard that Xining will hold the walking festival two days ago, just for the ride. Gao Wu said, Xining held foot Festival, so that people can participate in this activity is very good.

most beautiful participants: three family

a family of three, enjoyable, daughter is responsible for the photographer, mom and dad is responsible for her daughter’s model. From the Xining evening news to see the news on foot, did not want to sign up." Xu Jianguo said, usually with the family at the time is not much, the opportunity to exercise less, today, a family of three to participate in hiking activities feel warm. (author: Gong Baifeng)

Xining City Public Security Bureau police vehicles and vehicles involved in the violation of the spe

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held the Xining public security organs, two cars special governance summary commendation

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held the Xining public security organs, two cars special governance summary commendation. The conference by the Council of the Party committee, commission for Discipline Inspection, the inspector general Zhao Weimin presided over, deputy director of bureau deputy party secretary, Shen Sen, deputy director of municipal Party committee, Municipal Bureau of the Party committee, Gao Keyu, director of the Political Department Dai Yanzhao and subordinate units responsible comrades attended the meeting.

  recognition of the meeting, the Commission Secretary Zhao Weimin made Xining City Public Security Bureau police cars and vehicles involved violations of special treatment work summary, director of the Political Department Dai Yanzhao read out the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau "on the city’s public security organs and the police vehicle involved violations of special treatment of advanced collective decision" to be commended, won the Provincial Department of public security and police vehicles involved violations of special management of three advanced collectives and five advanced individuals and PUC police cars and vehicles involved violations of special management of seven advanced units were commended. Finally, deputy director general of bureau deputy party secretary, Shen Sen, special treatment of the city’s public security organs and the police vehicle involved in violations of the achievements fully affirmed, and must adhere to the "two car" governance efforts unabated, must not because of some success and lax loose, to "three resolutely overcome" understanding: resolutely overcome weakening and resolutely overcome efforts to weaken, and resolutely overcome the empty system problem, to further consolidate the "two car" violations of the results of the special treatment, to establish a set of security supervision responsibility system implementation, guidance and inspection, to ensure that urban police cars and vehicles involved violations special rectification work to a new step.