How to improve the efficiency of the optimization of Shanghai Dragon Team

With the launch of

secondly, the chain outsourcing has been a lot of Shanghai dragon team love. Before a link platform responsible person told me that many large companies are responsible for the Shanghai dragon on their old oil, do the chain. A contract to write a 3W thing, actually only the list of 1W, the most bitter is the chain at the bottom of the commissioner.



The word "

(Leadership: boy, take the time to send the chain

will approach the construction of the chain are: Friends of the chain, the chain outsourcing platform (Fu Fei), Shanghai dragon tools (Fu Fei).

chain group project site maintenance, largely is mainly to do the job, followed by the exchange and cooperation between the various sites of Links, but the biggest chain for team work is the construction of the chain, or in the process of construction met with competitors outside the chain of resources similar, therefore, rarely grasp the chain resources caused the team personnel cost, obtain the chain resources from what channels is one of the common problems.

, of course, many companies have noticed this problem, especially the understanding of the optimization of the supervisor will be very concerned about, to the funds is not high, so pay to use "Shanghai dragon tools" rise, because the cost is low, the chain resources, by the Shanghai dragon team favorite, Shanghai Dragon rising payment instruments below is the famous Shanghai dragon, data analysis and management platform (optimize) the chain resources provided by a collection of about more than 3000 chain resources, list a detailed record of the site included PR, love love Shanghai, Shanghai included weight rate information for Shanghai Longfeng personnel operation, and provide these resources are free.


!)How to carry out the division of

" since 2008 Shanghai Dragon into our vision, after years of development, the development of industry the emergence of many excellent Shanghai dragon team and Shanghai dragon optimization company, the industry is a new round of development momentum, but also facing the corresponding problem, is also the Shanghai dragon team efficiency optimization to control.

The construction of the chain and the chain of

group is mainly responsible for the contents of the writing and communication, the more high-quality content rich web content, the >

2, group

love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm, the chain platform day is not so easy, closure, transformation and transformation.

contentThe content of

1, the chain group

is mainly composed of a Shanghai dragon team consists of the following teams, each team is responsible for the core work of their own, this is our common Shanghai dragon team structure, of course, these groups in most cases just a person……

Shanghai Longfeng job you need three points to your interviewer see


detailed planning, guide your interviewer

no matter what type of employer, regardless of the needs of employers in Shanghai Longfeng talent is what to do, often the interviewer that job seekers will be asked to you on our site is what good planning? This is the test of Shanghai Longfeng planning of Shanghai Longfeng job seekers, this is every applicant must be Shanghai Dragon show one of the important points of the interviewer flash. Therefore, the author suggests that job seekers in Shanghai Longfeng, to an employer before a job interview, you need to do the necessary homework, according to the Shanghai dragon industry and the recent changes made a search engine for planning of Shanghai dragon, then you need to own planning and interview process in the face try to share. Of course, we need to be concise and comprehensive during the interview, too much description but will become cumbersome, after all, the interviewer didn’t have the time to listen to a long and minute statement.

today we see the search engine has introduced a new algorithm, now Shanghai dragon network promotion and two or three years ago, with the changes in turn the world upside down. Shanghai Longfeng personnel need to keep learning and improvement in order to keep up with the pace of. Every year there are a lot of people because can’t follow the change from Shanghai dragon industry, there are many novices eager. There are a lot of job seekers in Shanghai Longfeng every year, to job success must reveal more flash points, their flash point below the author talk about job seekers in Shanghai Longfeng when talking to the interviewer needs to display.

advantage, let the interviewer know what you can offer value for enterprise

what we can let the interviewer to accept us, we employ. This is also related to whether you can show some innovative ideas, in the above mentioned Shanghai dragon is not only the change of the industry, enterprises do not love the limitations of thinking, not innovation employees. If we don’t like the interviewer to show innovative thinking, the interviewer will think we a. The new algorithm for love in Shanghai this year, you can according to a company.

innovative ideas, let the interviewer feel

the employer when looking for talent is the core problem is to know what you can do, although we know that everyone has his own advantages but the employing units in the Sometimes an inch may prove long., recruitment must be considered when the interests of the whole company, as a Shanghai Longfeng applicants must show their advantage, what advantages you ask there you have experience or webmaster website production experience and so on, these are some additional skills in Shanghai dragon. As a Shanghai Longfeng job seekers during the interview we will show, these advantages can be good for you. Think about what you can do, what are the advantages for enterprises to bring more value for the enterprise, if you show up, you will be more affected by the interviewer’s favor.

Why not search the website finish

is a small website construction company programmers, after finish to the customer site, after the site was on the line for one or two days some customers will come to our customer service website MM asked: you do have a problem, why search product name can not find our website? What is our site is not in Shanghai the first love page? Then we call MM and began to explain this series has answered the question of thousands of times. It said is we do not understand the network marketing, many business owners by listening to friends say the same industry or research found that the website to market their business through the Internet is nowadays very popular marketing channels, so the site ready yet, why not others say the effect is good today? Xiaobian to have similar questions on the next friend.

mainly has two forms, one is search engine bidding and promotion, another is the natural ranking of Shanghai dragon.

first, the website and on-line just opened the first step of Internet marketing, is equivalent to you in the market to open a store, but want to attract visitors to your shop, you need some way to promote the publicity, so it is not done on the website not, on their own business here. Usually the site built after the line needs to be included in the search engine, determining the time included many factors, such as spatial stability, the quality of the site’s content, may soon have to take 1-2 days. When the site was included in the search engine, search your business name will search to your site, because the name of the enterprise is basically going to be the same, even if there is not too much, so the name of the enterprise are usually in the home. But the name of the product is different, sell this product you’re not the only one, and the other is the enterprise website have been done for several years or even 10 years of senior station, the new site in accordance with the statement you just on the line in order of arrival is unlikely to row in front of the people. So I want to let more people like them to search your site should have some way.

search engine bidding and promotion is through the payment of a fee to buy ads on the search engine, for example, put your product name as the bidding word, this word can be set up to hundreds of thousands, then you want to offer these words on the front page, the user through the search of the word and click into your site, then the search engine will deduct 1 of the price of the key words. Your website in the first few rows, depending on the price. Although the "degree" and other search engines that offer is not the only factor ranking position, and creative quality etc.. But the most pro body club bidding friends said that the high bid will row forward, offer the higher ranked first. The bidding benefits that do not need to do Shanghai dragon, and can have a large number of keywords in Shanghai love home in a short time, quickly let more people search to your website at the same time, the search engine will be put to auction the search results in front of nature. It is not only a good point: "

How to use the site within the chain skills enhance the site right

chain optimization

3, the chain deployment, can greatly improve the user experience, so as to search engine recognition.

, a clever place do recommend

as a Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster, site weight is very important to a site, because the higher the weight, that your site holds no weight relative to a little better in the search engine. At present no new weight, everyone will have a common finding, that is your site content even if the original content updates included is very slow, sometimes even included, they would also be deleted, but for high weight site, even if he were not the original site updates. As long as they collect it, then the site included speed is very fast, and deleted the probability is very low. So, the website weight is particularly important for a site, so how do we get website weight fast? For a no weight site, how do we do will quickly get your weight, then introduce the promotion website weight of money, Qiao said Shanghai Longfeng forum here to introduce the importance of how to using the website chain skills:


now there are still many people in the time of the navigation within the chain, always love to the bottom of the Links, will own keywords or long tail keywords hyperlinks to the home page, think that can improve the keywords ranking. In fact, doing so can make your site for search engine is more favor, because this behavior is always love to hit Shanghai. We should put the Related words linked to the corresponding page, so that this is love Shanghai navigation.

sites within the


1, the content of which skillfully recommend relevant content can transfer page weight, weight can also get home.

The importance of

if an article to remove punctuation and 450 Chinese characters, so we try to start after 50 words in the insert keywords or long tail keywords do hyperlinks on the recommendation, the key word here to remember the long tail keywords or key words do not appear above the title. Otherwise it is easy to be search engine that you are cheating. Here, I’ll give you an example: for example, I read the title of this article is to see Qiao said Shanghai Longfeng forum how to skillfully use the website chain skills quickly improve site weight, so Qiao said Shanghai dragon or Shanghai dragon is not as the forum here is your keywords, but can be inserted into the Shanghai dragon in other optimization position plus chain

well, the importance of using the site within the chain is introduced here, here is to introduce how to deploy, enhance the website weight good site within the chain can quickly:

2, the chain construction deployment, can increase the spider in the residence time of the site itself, so as to reduce the return rate of spiders.

two, making navigation within the chain


site within the chain

Webmaster talking about the history of building a website

November 2008, the financial crisis swept the land of China, most companies have layoffs, bankruptcy, prices falling rising, the devaluation of the renminbi, in such a difficult and poor environment, I was born, the Chinese called campus one-stop service network. Because of the harsh conditions, but also because I grew up adults need some funds, so many people advised me to be knocked out of the master, but the master is still determined to raise me.


after 2 months of careful upbringing, I finally and we can say "hello", because the master is no special technical personnel and funds for the two blocks to my nutrition supply, I born malnutrition, art is not in place cause I was born ugly, I do not lead to insufficient technology often appear in HTTP 500 the error is the page cannot be displayed until 2009 of March, my condition was stable, not what a serious illness happen. Since then I have provoked the burden, I do what chores, provide part-time, online shopping, occupation planning, writing, entertainment information for students and so on, then I want to provide a series of services for college students, as long as I have the students involved, so called one-stop service.

The flight of time

, the blink of an eye in the past three or four months, the students quickly put the summer vacation, in these three or four months, in my efforts, more than 70 people had already paid for my service, but really, all of the services they have not brought me, but a service that is part-time. Although my identity is e-commerce website, but it is often called intermediary, then I really depressed. The next student on holiday, I also followed a holiday, that is to say after every summer and winter vacation and I have with the students leave, but my character is profitable, the holiday I how to feed my master and follow my master to those employees? Master and my deep meditation……

suddenly my second guardian is my second master – now the technical director suddenly my inspiration was born, developed a franchise ", the purpose is to increase the flow, want to engage in online part-time work to promote my propaganda I, however the first guardian of me, which is the first owner and he decided to implement fee system, the fee is 120 yuan / year, let others join in that shop" for me. My first master is really a marketing genius, when a simple web page, with his planning content, immediately let more than 10 people pay to join. At that time, everyone did not believe it would come true, but my first master turned it into reality. As before, in order to survive, my owner also opened a shop in Taobao, mainly selling clothes, shoes and other products, but often intend to plant flowers not hair, inadvertently inserted Liu Liu shady. The owner hoped it would bring a little value to cover the daily expenses, but a few months later, none of the clothes was sold. The master was once again in deep thought……

, after a few days

Yongding many initiatives to help people with disabilities to embark on the road to employment

disabled innovation cases is also present in policy to help disabled, entrepreneurship is more and more convenient, more people will believe in policy help, realize the dream of entrepreneurial wealth, live a happy life.

"in their own bamboo stocking chicken fat sturdy, very popular, do not worry about sales." In April 5th, Xixi Yongding District of Longyan City Xiang Xiao Di Cun, Jiang Xuanqiong Ritsa villagers is home of bamboo at chicken growth status, for this year’s breeding, Jiang Xuanqiong full of confidence.

for disabled people out of poverty as soon as possible, Yongding district held regularly every year 5 for the disabled skill training, 60 people each, and through the "land" and "capital investment" and "employment" and "welfare" measures such as a full range of helping the disabled, "joy of planting and breeding bases, demonstration households as a platform, through accurate support, strengthen the disabled andraising, effective radiation driven more than 2000 people with the success of their career, go on the road of poverty.


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Mobile phone shop to make money to learn mobile phone repair technology is very important

may not be familiar with the industry, resulting in many people now feel that if you open a mobile phone shop to make money, then, the most important source of revenue should be selling mobile phones. In fact, if we understand this industry, we should know that if you want to open the mobile phone shop to make money, learn mobile phone repair technology is very important.

with the economic development, modern people have been inseparable from the phone. Especially in young people, mobile phones have become an integral part of them, which is the bow family produced the original. According to the ministry data show that in 2012 2011, China’s smart terminal shipments were 118 million, 224 million, 11 months of 2013 China’s smart mobile phone shipments to 348 million in the first quarter of 2014, intelligent mobile phone shipments in China was over 100 million.

at the same time, with the frequency of the use of mobile phones are too high, all kinds of failures are also followed, such as mobile phone black screen, broken screen, can not charge the problem is still outstanding. For these small problems, many people will not choose to buy a new phone, after all, the price of a mobile phone is no longer how much more expensive than the maintenance of these small problems. And mobile phone repair profits staggering, so the mobile phone repair industry will be a very popular industry. Many people rely on the open cell phone store to earn the first pot of gold or even second gold.

The threshold of

mobile phone repair industry is relatively high, the high threshold of the benefits of high technology products is the mobile phone content, without professional learning to adapt to the mobile phone repair work, resulting in a lack of maintenance and technical personnel, the huge mobile phone market has brought a huge amount of maintenance, which has injected vitality to the mobile phone repair market.


now each big city engaged in mobile phone repair industry, but few on the mobile phone repair very professional person, this is also reflected from the other side of the mobile phone service market is hot, therefore, in order to survive in the mobile phone repair industry, there must be something, if not is absolutely not.

however, selling mobile phone simple to open a mobile phone shop, in fact, the most important is to consider the purchase, but if you want to learn mobile phone repair technology, this is a technical work, but also need more professional training, so as to let mobile phone shop run up to make money more simple.

Business can not behave

some people are very particular about the principles of the people, what will pay attention to the rules, do everything needs to comply with the relevant rules. After all, there is no rule does not Cheng Fangyuan, when we are immersed in the business model of the right to revel, the sudden emergence of the network sales have been challenged to us. "Double eleven" more than and 400 billion sales performance, the traditional retail industry, as a strategy of "earthquake". How should we react to online shopping? Market reaction is different, but the same psychological panic, let us see the survival of the crisis, as well as the urgent need to change the concept of management. Change, change and decay! Became the fatal curse of future business.

how to break the "double eleven" for our physical management of the end of the siege of the family curse, we have weapons, really can be described as a variety of strange means fall. As a business, I was fortunate enough to have a taste of their intelligence and courage, for their own business to learn from the valuable experience, benefit:

a missing person, open weird thinking:

business is depressed! There is nothing to leave the store to see his wife shop, I began wandering street. Said to go shopping, in fact, would like to go deeper into the business of more among the peers, learn from their advanced marketing strategies for their business difficulties to find a breakthrough. All of a sudden, a "Notice of missing person" posters attracted my attention, "who disappeared? How to sign up for missing people here?" A series of doubts and curiosity, so I can not wait to enter the wisdom of communication equipment fashion experience store.

walked into the store to see the original is a mobile phone sales promotion, suddenly a kind of sense of deception, the hearts of some inevitably unhappy. This ad has done a level, and even I almost the phone with the old man was attracted to the insulation!" An old man said with a smile. Heard the old man play Kan and then look at the ads, I convinced: "this is not for special advertising? Multi level!" When I feel alone when customers together more, although most of those who are at the singular advertising, and no business, but are still enthusiastic shopping guide exudes promotional ads, and timely send a cup of reeky tea.


to the ultimate guests, I quickly came up with conversation, he is a very good talk about shopping guide. Talk about their creative advertising, he is a chatterbox full open, have any feeling, so I summed up a lot, for discussion.

advertising lines appropriate, advertising is also appreciated:

quality is good, advertising is also important! Why "Yunnan Baiyao" products? The most critical is the quality + advertising. They use the "Star Avenue" excellent media resources, for their products endorsement, so that the public at the same time understand the entertainment products,

2016 wisdom Cup College Students Innovation Contest held in Shenzhen

2016 spring bring students entrepreneurial opportunity is very much, it’s in the spring, a young entrepreneurial dream of the action, the wisdom of Public College Cup innovation and entrepreneurship competition kicked off! Hurry to pay attention to it!

the contest for the national institutions of higher learning, college students can team up. Contest set up finalists award, best fundraising Popularity Award, public innovation and Creative Award and other awards, the organizers also jointly Internet public platform to help outstanding finalists launched online public chips. The amount raised in the specified time, the organizers will be in accordance with the ratio of 1: 1 for the project to donate. The winner can get a total of 60 thousand yuan of funds.

contest is now open for application, students team through WeChat public number related gongyidaren entries. From now until March 31st for the project reporting period, 4· 1-4· 10 expert review, in late April announced the finalists and the project began to attract funds for the dissemination of the project.



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