Liu Jun how to record relevant data website external links

checks 100 myself a week to do in the link, and then check the one hundred links in the page how many loved Shanghai included, can be used to gauge.

not every day inspection records of the chain, external links for a week to check it once. Because basically all of the search engine and the chain check tool are not daily with the new data, so every day to check what meaning. But Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun himself really could not help but every day look at the data, but not to record. About a week record at a time. In fact, you can even choose a data record for a month. This can be very good to see the data overall growth in a stage of own website.

is the number of the chain is the chain site on the home page. The more links, the better the quality of the link.

1, the total number of links

6, the chain of the page where pr

In fact, no matter what Do this only analysis tool chain?

5, the chain in the domain name of the website how many a domain name and domain

2 pages, the total number of links

can distinguish between the chain website domain name. In general a domain of congenital weight will higher than the two level domain name, so the chain will do the same energizer website of a domain name, here again take the A5, will do A5 consulting energizer link portal than forum link.

7, check outside the chain of the page citation rate of

twoThe distribution of

3, where the number of

home page

4, link in the domain name PR value

, artificial to a check all the chain page where PR is not realistic. But if you choose to calculate the overall quality checks are also good page links.

is the inside pages of many links from other sites. Page link proportion is higher, the overall quality of the chain of natural decline.


is the link from many different domains, such as you do in the A5 forum 10 thousand outside the chain, but also a number of domain names.

website links

link is on A5, records of A5, record A5 pr. Here we should pay attention to, such as your link is in the A5 forum, then records the domain name should be the A5 forum two domain names, don’t get me wrong.

The total domain name

tools are basically out of query in advanced command using a search engine results as a basis. Mainly is in the chain found with YAHOO tools, some tools to analysis the chain YAHOO check out further, or to connect more accurate classification. For example, the total number of the total connected domain name query, the number of links is the home link, how many pages link. How many links to the page where the pr. What data is required to record

For example,

Shanghai Longfeng independent blog you can insist on how long

for the 2010 good and famous independent blog Shanghai dragon of the view, view 14 blogs, found that less than 4 blogs, still insist on update, will be able to find the Shanghai Dragon good article, the rest of the blog is not closed, is not updated for a long time, some of the updated content and Shanghai dragon blog theme to close sex is very small, I want in the end independent Shanghai dragon blog, you can insist on how long. I don’t know what is the establishment of an independent personal blog everyone’s purpose or intention, but I set up independent Shanghai dragon blog has two purposes:

is a platform to show yourself.

as follows:

independent Shanghai dragon blog in the end be able to insist on how long, the main is to adhere to, if you insist, adhere to regular updates, adhere to published articles and blog topics, not to update the article and look for some of the articles to publish, I think your blog Shanghai Dragon will go more long, such as Lu Songsong’s blog.

3, work, these blogs, most people are now more famous, perhaps in my work as a comparison, there is no time to get independent Shanghai dragon blog.

The The

1, the fate of individual stationmaster very hard to add love to Shanghai not very supportive of individual owners, so will insist on not a lot.

2, personal station record and website claims cumbersome.

In fact,

is actually Shanghai dragon need a long stick, you might find a long lonely, but you must keep going, keep doing Shanghai dragon blog update to Shanghai dragon blog, blog and keep updating the topic of the content in the blog, but also on their way. A > let oneself progress


4 and other reasons, mainly they are not able to stick to.

1, their study at the Shanghai dragon and promotion of knowledge, the establishment of an independent Shanghai dragon blog can verify their learning achievements and share some things, can also send some complaints (in the process of learning in Shanghai, etc.).

I see 14 blog


can be said to these blog 2 years ago, or even 1 years ago are more famous, now go search Shanghai dragon blog, find the row in front of a lot of new sites, generally less than many a year. To view the 14 blog and the present situation, I think the independent Shanghai dragon blog in the end be able to insist on how long these blogs can appear the current situation, I think the reasons are as follows:

blog, the blog of Lu Songsong has been doing better, the article can be updated in a timely manner, and every time to see all the gains, so his current visit is a great amount of blog.

No matter from spider web body mall optimization record

: why do Shanghai dragon

industry used to compare search engine for "Crawler" or "spider", and as the name suggests is a web site. The work for this [analysis]:

> The first step of

we are not Haier, not beautiful, not TCL… Not like them not by Shanghai dragon means, can let users know thousands on thousands of their existence, because they take the brand route, and they have a lot of money, they can CCTV, can in the media to promote their products. But we are different, we must through their own efforts, in the cost as low as possible, show high quality exposure, therefore, there is no other way like as Shanghai Longfeng so attractive, especially for us.


this caused us such a thought: if a product is not enough exposure, not enough people see, to experience, then this product is meaningless, even if we are to let people see, but not enough to get the corresponding return, so also is meaningless. How to make our products so that enough people can take the initiative to see, and voluntary purchase, is the Shanghai dragon real mission, it is also relatively close to the actual interpretation of the term. As Zac says: the ultimate goal of the website is to complete the transformation, to achieve the purpose of brand building or direct sales. Shanghai Longfeng, ranking. Traffic means. Shanghai dragon is only part of the network marketing, encounter conflicts with the user experience and business process of the case, to make the most of all into the supreme principle, not for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon.

this is not a wizened slogan, and not as people imagine so unrealistic, every body should be in the most should be rational when. Why sports facilities network after three years of temper, still not a perfect half finished? Even in the fierce competition to face the revision, start again choice, but at the same time, in the mall is like an episode in the sports facilities network struggling when it plays a new world role. As everyone expected, we aspire to it, let the passion again, which erased all the gloom and bitter…… The project from start to now, although experienced confusion and twists and turns, but still in the Soviet Union under the leadership of the manager, the main function of the basic have been achieved. Every time I see the technical department working overtime so late, can not say there is a sense of pride, we have a team so hard, why can not let the value transfer in the true sense of wisdom? They often give a person a kind of unspeakable love, every participant will not it is hard to see the face of the development of the platform, in the user’s indifference, and gradually become the Internet world a passer.

: the main products that

crawler love

two, set up Web

Some of you know and do not know the search engine advanced instruction

we all know that Google is from the English language developed, so it is in these English type commands also do better than love Shanghai more, here are a few commands Google unique.

3, " "

unique command

5, filetype


1, intitle

URL is the English abbreviation of UniformResourceLocator, literal translation is the uniform resource locator, which is known as the web page address. So it is translated into Chinese (on the web address). The usage and the results like intitle, the difference is that it is a return to the URL contains our search for a word page. Because URL contains keywords has some influence on the rankings, so we can use this command to a more detailed analysis of our competitors is included in the key point in the url.

minus command. It is our role to search for a page contains a word, but does not contain a word. For example, webmaster – net, return page title must contain only "stationmaster" two characters, and cannot contain the word "net".

since we do Shanghai dragon, then must deal with search engine. Each search engine is more than a simple site command for our use, this paper summarizes some search engines some less common but very useful high-level instructions.

2, inurl


instruction for Chinese English translation is also very simple is (in the title) meaning, also is to return the title contains the page keywords we want to search instructions. The usage is in the search engine search box enter the intitle: back with us to search words, such as intitle: station network, then got the title is included in the list of stationmaster net "three words of the page.

of Chinese is also very simple, that is the meaning of the file type. The usage is filetype:doc webmaster, is the word document page keywords in the network file contains the webmaster. The quality we need to search files more convenient, such as search PDF format, the file contains the Shanghai dragon, we only need filetype:pdf Shanghai dragon to the search engine search box can be executed.

English under the condition of double quote command. Its role is to return to your title page must contain double quotes between our word or sentence. The title page in the word or sentence must search the contents of exactly the same with us.

4, –

< >

1, *

loves Shanghai and Google common instruction

To quickly solve site problems included a new fast included

here is the web site mentioned meta tags, web site in construction of time to consider the theme, in fact our subject is very clear, is mainly about the "Vatti" Vatti gas stove repair "lampblack machine maintenance" in two parts, so in the title in certain keywords to everyone. Can you see. Keywords we determined the 5-6 competition, according to the degree of difficulty to distinguish. The homepage content can reasonable increase.

website, need to do is make a web site, a lot of people are said to be the site to submit to the major search engines, actually not, I do website never go to these so-called search engine submission submission, I think this included it will be included, he always can not be included not included. I love Shanghai, love here with Shanghai as an example, I have a new, launched less than 2 hours of love Shanghai included, I No. 20 at around 9 upload, less than eleven points included, was very happy. How did I do? I divided the following four steps:

domain name selectionI choose

Hello, I am Beijing Midea air conditioning repair. Today I want to share with you is a problem we have been paying attention to the problem: the web site included. The website included a piece of heart disease has been our webmaster, most of the webmaster every morning the first thing is to open the computer to see the website included snapshot etc.. If our site included reducing website does not increase, the heart will suspect that is not their own optimization methods are wrong, is not a problem of website. Then slowly in the heart which piled up a lot of shadow, shadow of a lot of time will cause a lot of inconvenience to us in Shanghai dragon road, especially vulnerable to some novice webmaster confidence, so here I am today to talk about how to solve such a problem the, especially in the shadow of some help webmaster go out, make better use of Shanghai dragon money.

2, web site keywords layout

.Org,贵族宝贝,.Org, because the domain name weight of.Net is relatively high, the love of Shanghai will give high weight. The domain name of four letters, short, short domain name is more popular. The domain name contains the meaning of Vatti repair, accord with search engine friendly degrees. So I think the first choice of domain name is very successful.

website, the key lies in the website weight height, weight to web site is high, the first thing to do is a good content, the second is the chain of high quality, so as to ensure the site included. Many people will think this is nonsense, I also think it is nonsense, but it is these nonsense quite profound told us that the website included, although the two are to do you must keep the site in the process of rapid included things, but today I will not talk about this, because these are not what a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Substantive content, here’s my for a small new fast included the discovery.

A new line of


The index greatly decreased the how to solve

now has the problems sorted out and began to solve, is expected by observing a week and continuously updated, to help restore the website.

was observed under the recently found website ranking data, keywords ranking indeed in these days of decline, the trend is not large, the largest decline in less than 10, it should belong to the range of normal, but the site is not included, the index has been in a downward trend.

from the statistical data we can see that the index decline from the beginning of March 26th, the most serious decline in April 11th. For the pre optimized finishing, found in 20 or so modify the next web page title, because the pages are a direct call to the title page, modify the page equivalent to amend the full page. Early in the content layout process, unified for all articles added a "water purifier" anchor text keywords, is removed when the number 20.

from Shenzhen andakang (贵族宝贝andakang贵族宝贝/) Shanghai dragon Er, reproduced please specify.

also found in the process of observing logs, the original website changed the overall layout, resulting in a large number of 404 pages, these pages occupy more than half of the search engines, many of the same pages have two different addresses, these should all be factors that lead to a significant decline in the volume of the index.

recently in the website data analysis process, a water purification industry website index directly from more than 2400 down to 1300, and during the period of decline in the index amount, original content update is also not included.

wanted to search for answers through the network, found in most people’s attitudes are not stable, whether the server in the station of the high quality, the chain quality is not high or too much garbage outside the chain caused by. Some people think that either love or Shanghai to update the database changes, or is the site is down right sign. I do not deny the authenticity of these answers, but for the majority of Shanghai dragon Er, did not say the same with.

Site Summary: encountered in the optimization and operation process of all may be similar, but the focus of these problems are out of the ordinary, Shanghai dragon only through their own practice to find a solution, others introduced only as a reference.

In this paper,

How to earn your own pot of goldSome suggestions for students groups to start their business on the

? with technical foundation

one, earn money by traffic and


takes the goods from some manufacturers, sells them in Taobao stores, and then shares them. Can be your own shop, you can also help businesses manage their stores, in short, that is, you help businesses sell products, businesses give you commission. Profit is also considerable, the specific income depends on individual promotion ability and management ability, and the same as the first article, need a team to support.

How does



talked about a lot of Wangzhuan, master, day to earn a few hundred, tens of thousands of people earn a lot, Wangzhuan veteran, more or less have their own ways to make money. Then we just entered the line of novice, how to earn their first pot of gold,

it’s a great way to start a business, but you need a team. The project approach is the line can also be online pig Witkey, etc., the project can be quickly development, website background development, SEO, ERP, technical support etc.. Well paid, of course, on the assumption that your skills are tough enough.

3, advertising alliance. Is advertising cheat is not in a few, even if not cheated, hang a advertising alliance, perhaps several months have no income, why not fine, just want to tell you, advertising, not good money. Even sh419 and shlf1314 Advertising, there is no strong flow, is not easy to earn, even a little attention will be given to seal the account, I have several sh419 and shlf1314 account was closed, and when to do so after the settlement, sh419 and shlf1314, if the flow rate is small, do not try the.

, it’s easier for them to start their own business, because they have technical support, and there are many ways and means to start a business. Let me give you some examples.



. Open your own website,

I didn’t want to say this, but since my article is talking about the Internet business, training or not excluded. The students who played the game must know it

these students can learn professional and not about computer, or in the school in DOTA, LOL bestie fish in troubled waters, open the black passion. This part of the students may need more business savvy.


earn his first pot of gold


1, resist temptation, prevent being cheated. In general the newcomer is the sh419 search keywords, Wangzhuan network to make money like, you will find out a large Wangzhuan site, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, novice training, will be attracted by the day to earn 100, earning 1000 other attractive advertising, so a little sober mind will be deceived, a blow to the novice confidence, with hate, leave wangzhuan. I was lucky, basically did not believe these things, but there are a lot of friends, spend money to buy a tutorial, buy the software, in the end, a lot of effort, but did not make money, lost youth, lost time, but not to accumulate useful experience.

2, should avoidmaking. Earn hundreds of thousands of items, not all is false, but even if it is true, there are timeliness, some people says: so what? After the village is not the store, so the novice should pay attention to choose some long-term projects, you may want to ask, these projects have? Of course, some don’t make much money, slowly, equivalent change accumulated to a certain extent it will form a qualitative change. There are many people, that is, can not adhere to, and perhaps tomorrow will be able to earn the first money, but today he gave up, so to persist in order to succeed, long-term projects the most viable. I do Wangzhuan also insisted on two years began to earn.


1 Taobao sells virtual products

can do sh419 alliance, also can do Taobao guest. The former is more professional, more demanding of the site, and the site must be filed, more troublesome. Taobao guest is relatively simple, third party free blog single page can do Taobao passengers, specific or to see their own needs and planning.

middle agent

look at some misunderstanding Wangzhuan experience, is:

without technical foundation

you have a very good flow station, it is very convenient, you can hang advertising to earn some money, the general flow of the station, through appropriate operation, PR will increase, so by selling links can also earn money, generally the two together, more than 2000 months to earn a fairly light loose, but do stand process need to adhere to, a friend said, who are doing the station, who is there to make money, why not many people are still in this line? Now competition >

situation can be broadly divided into two categories:

it depends on luck. If you’re in good business, you can wait for the money. The method is very simple, find businesses purchase of a real-time card generation software, buyers to purchase virtual cards you through your shop, directly through the software to automatically generate a secret, generally 100 yuan prepaid recharge card profit of about 0.4 yuan, prepaid card game profit is relatively high, about 0.6 yuan to 0.7 yuan, or 1 dollars. But the most terrible is that your shop no credibility, trading volume is very small, but long-term do, both make money, but also shop credit brush up, or good.

then what kind of project can make money? Here are two ways I can use it:

here, first of all, I am also a student, so some ideas and circumstances of college students still know a little. Here, I aim at student groups on the Internet to start a few of my meager views.

I thought the life will continue to lie Wangzhuan WangzhuanRapid increase in new station actual comb

the end of the month, check yourself this month Wangzhuan life.


I chose to do regular website, because I feel that those who do SP CPS are temporary, and always feel a little cheating taste. This is the reason why I started this road more difficult.

originally intended to do the navigation station, so the beginning of nothing done, has been wondering what name and domain name. Do not say anything specific, so as not to say I AD. Spent 48 yuan to buy a new network of domain name, the space used is foreign free space. But it turned out to be very different from what I expected, and every day was the fixed number of visits. Later figured out, navigation, unlike other sites, do propaganda, there is effect. Then prepare for transformation, do forums. Still use that domain name, use the foreign free space. Forum built, found their failure, and even the core things are not, but there are no gold content of the forum. In desperation, once again transition to do movie station. The screening of the source code did for a few days, and later made a thief program, a garbage movie station came out again! This should have been a good publicity, but unfortunately, when the ad League to apply for advertising did not pass, this let me once again lose confidence!


brand promotion on the use of these strokes, July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

new station traffic, rapid increase actual combat


the first step: ready rice, fast space, site procedures and publish web content fewer.

second step: brush flow, improve Alexa ranking

the content really, flow false.


should say I was cheated into the industry. Bored to work last month, suddenly saw an advertisement: earn 500 per day… Under the curious point inside, look inside the pitch-dark blowing. How do not, then the pediatric deceptive tricks I would believe it! It is estimated to own benefit, that how to make the number of days a few days since then, feel very cow. Just that time, with the leader of discord, anger on the job to give up, and then secretly happy, ready to show their skills on the internet". After this month of research, more and more feel the heart and the lack of force!

watched the hours day by day, and quit the job just to make sure how much money he earned. But this is not a way to complain, but also choose to continue to do navigation. This time the theme changed, a navigation to do wangzhuan. Because of the higher industry now is a mess, is full of false advertising, exaggeration! Hope that those false advertising friends think about your advertisement can help many people, also can harm many people

Small business do remember the pastry business how tu

street snack shops and stalls operating varieties are very different, many stores all want to find a good project to create wealth, good investment business. Remember the pastry selection painted a small business, if you want to make bigger profit space just contact us.

Tu remember the pastry with hot popularity and mass consumer support, this is the driving force of its development, it is a powerful oil cracker Tu remember capital gain a foothold in the market, with the pastry that only remember get consumers’ support to long-term development.

coated pastry pastry is the record industry brand, very powerful. Remember with pastry, delicious and healthy, many consumers are coming back, so you want to work hard! The pastry cake can stall business? The answer is yes. In violation of the situation to choose with pastry absolutely promising to remember. Remember to keep your little painted oil cracker cost can be successful in business, choose the pastry coated note is to choose to join, and fortune.

to do the pastry business actually threshold is relatively low, but to really do a good job of it still need to spend a lot of time. Pastry cake can stall business? In the chaotic pendulum misplacing, in violation of the provisions of the case, remember to join Tu pastry stall business business is very popular.

Tu remember the pastry delicacy snack is very popular in the market, if you want to cooperate with the headquarters of the mining business wealth then hurriedly go either way can run smoothly and quickly to contact us.

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Tea stores management method – sharing

is very popular in the Chinese tea beverage market, many entrepreneurs choose the tea business, considerable profit, a huge market, making the industry progress, for the tea to join the project, the late business has become one of the many franchisees need to think about, for business methods, is after many years of uninterrupted the accumulation can be, but can grasp some simple operations, or to venture tea stores bring great benefits.

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