How to make your site get stable ranking

the content of the web site is to keep a stable update frequency! Many stations to love the original article, every time to write an article, or false original, is not to reprint the article! I feel no need, first of all I think, update the site should be the starting point of our users, not search engines so today! Content for readers a best original articles to a very natural, not content.


here I put the site title, keywords and description is! Here I said stable structure is not to say that can’t change the website. But not a wide range of changes and can’t frequent changes, so in the site’s ranking is bad! The same site title, keywords and description, also cannot frequent changes, if often changes not only will drop rankings, or even a home page is the K! Which is the title of the site so that the new station! In the search engine submission to the website, must take the title and structure design of disposable, do not frequently change! Many webmasters will have a habit is in the server’s website backstage directly to the source code, this change the change, this is very bad, because the one-time change and

webmasters often ask: why yesterday’s website ranking in the home, check again today when ranking can not find… Or is the ranking is not stable, often change? First of all the impact factors of Shanghai Longfeng are many, such as: server, website structure, website content, website chain and so on, so there must be a stable ranking, the first condition is to ensure that these factors of Shanghai dragon it is stable! How to get a stable ranking

The stability of the

B. site structure stability

in my opinion, stability than speed to more important! Of course, the site open speed is not slower than a snail! Personally think that the domestic Ping value within 100ms, the foreign Ping value within 250ms is acceptable! Then someone asked, the speed is fast why not, domestic? Many people with foreign space, because no record, because now than two years ago for trouble; it is less restrictive, I said a classic example of a friend in the blog wrote "I need a separate server, the the space, because of the emergence of" Taiwan independence. "This sensitive words to put off the site…

server is really very important, do not believe you try, the site closed for two or three days, ranking immediately away! At the same time there is a problem Links! I remember I have a stand above Links more, the question off the server for two days, check up friendship when the link I became a one-way link… Because many webmaster have morning check of the chain, if your site isn’t open, he thought that you do not do a website or closing the link…

A. stable high-speed server


C. stable web content


5.18 love Shanghai bidding PC mobile device combined account adjustment strategy to share

love Shanghai phoenix nest background will PC mobile devices will also merge, PC and mobile terminal keywords quality degree of distinction, the general feeling is the basic quality of the mobile terminal is samsung.

love Shanghai customer service information before mobile bid the lowest proportion is 0.2, but just check the account, found 0.1 also can be set. Do not know if this is a system error, or fall in love with the sea phoenix nest change the minimum bid ratio.

3. batch modify mobile access URL.

2. set a reasonable proportion of the bid.


love Shanghai customer service notification: phoenix nest system PC, mobile devices and, in the morning 10 am to 2 pm between. But according to the actual situation of the account, May 2 in the afternoon after the upgrade is still in Phoenix nest. "May 18th phoenix nest upgrade PC mobile devices will be combined with"

here although the batch is actually manual, only in the planning level, a revised 100 key access url. The following is the love given Shanghai customer service modification strategy.

1.: mobile end consumer control a pressing matter of the moment.


in order to control the consumption of mobile devices, I have the account basically using the minimum bid rate. The basic account shows search are invalid, this can inhibit the display of mobile terminals.

search on invalid will not affect the PC end of the show, also consulted the customer service, customer service reply is not affected, but also does not affect the quality of the whole account.

5. mobile terminal quality.

here to disclose the information, love Shanghai could be encouraged to show the mobile terminal, the mobile terminal of the auction but because only 2 bit at the top, the bottom 3, so the competition is still very fierce. "Love the sea > shift count


as a result of the sea will fall in love with the PC mobile device with comparison of the rush, we have to complete the construction of the mobile station site is not all mandatory after the merger, the transformation effect as can be imagined. "Beware of mobile devices mobile incoming tide account consumption"


4. the minimum bid that search is invalid, does not affect the PC end show.

on the other hand, mobile consumer is love Shanghai too fierce, before sharing a case, consumption of mobile devices can account for the entire account is 70%, and the conversion effect cannot be counted.

my hand side on several accounts, just after the adjustment, here to share with you the adjustment strategy, and some problems found in the background in the upgrade:


The site ranked first internal optimization factors

although there are now many free templates can be used, but sometimes there are still a lot of things need to change, do not know you as a webmaster, in the construction site, the template is directly used, or modified after the website template? If there is some advertising or other web site, can remove the copyright, try to remove, low, if it is a link to the site, then you can change your link to the site, in a word, the template redundant, things you don’t need or need to change into your website, have changed. We must put in place website template optimization extreme, the late for your site’s ranking is very influential.

we all know that the search engine in the grab, from top to grab a little bit, if you have too many sites in front of useless words, code, then, as can be imagined, the search engine is not love, it increased grab your difficulty, will waste valuable time. Therefore, we do stand in, the more the better this simple website code can not only reduce the burden of spiders to crawl your site, also the most important content in the front, let the user be able to see on your site, the user experience is undoubtedly a great progress.

, a website template Optimization Extreme

website ranking promotion factors are varied, a web site in the search engine to a suitable location is really not easy, that is why we have these people to the Shanghai dragon ranking, can cause all day and night keep in front of the computer, do really hard, especially the female is more easy to master. Following on from the Wikipedia WIKI to talk about the influence factors of internal website ranking optimization.

five, internal optimization depend on stable space

site URL, H tags reasonable

three, website code more Jane better

the entire site internal optimization even if you have done, and impeccable, but if you do not have a stable and fast space, then you more work is wasted, because.

It is very important for

site layout, including your URL is dynamic or static, where Wikipedia WIKI advice website URL as simple as possible, using static. In addition, there is a need to consider the use of the web site is the H tag, as we all know, the H tag is from H1 to H6, but H1 to H2 weight high, therefore, insert the key words of our website in their midst, and try to use only a H1 tag should be clear.

four, internal link structure of the website


website to link to the site are reasonable, it can increase the PV of the website, to guide users to browse the web, but also can guide the spider for web content, reasonable grasp, including, site navigation, site map, the article anchor text links.

stringThe internal link system

[Tuiyou network] essay analyze the effect of website directory on the website of the Shanghai Dragon

1, outside the chain of high quality.

2, enhance the

website directory is worth us to do outside the chain, after delivery in addition to bringing the URL, but also bring a text link, but also generated a separate page for the search engines, once our website appeared in the high weight on the page, then the search engine weights we link will also improve.

generally do a good website directory is to take manual review of the system, such as the DMOZ catalogue, common YAHOO catalogue, coodir category and Tuiyou categories, and these categories.




a lot of people may think that the chain is the more the better, of course, this is indeed a hand, and we also need to pay attention to the chain exposure, meaning that the chain can’t our limitations in several major platforms, such as you always go to the chain of words in the A5 Forum, the forum of stationmaster forum, Shanghai dragon the mainstream webmaster forum, short term may have a certain effect, but the effect is not so much, because the chain is too limited, and once in these forums ID is blocked, so the chain loss is great, so we need to pay attention to the chain widely degree, that is to think of a way to let us the link appears on more sites, but also try not to appear in the garbage site.

The chain of

before opening, first to understand the definition of Web site directory, we often refer to the web site directory, the website on the Internet website information collected together, according to different classification, subject, put in the appropriate directory. Famous DMOZ catalogue, YAHOO directory, before these platforms are free webmaster website promotion platform, because in addition to visit these sites can improve the popularity of the website, also can bring flow, what is important is that this promotion is free.

for we do it in addition to the site itself, Shanghai Longfeng content and layout of the details, the chain is also an important aspect, so many people are trying to do the chain, what will spend money to buy the chain, but the vast majority of people choose to hand free to do outside the chain, outside common blog, forum, Post Bar platform, there are a lot of friends in the site directory of Shanghai dragon attention to this kind of site, because this station is generally higher weight, more active, large amount of updates, once our website appeared in this website, it will bring a high quality of the chain.

3, the hard work is usually a good chain.

perhaps at that time to promote the main purpose is to improve visibility and bring traffic, there are other aspects will also benefit, that is Shanghai Longfeng levels below the usual practice and through personal observation and understanding of the knowledge, the impact on the site directory of Shanghai said the dragon.

Jade Bird talk about Adsense website making money and advertising allianceDo Wangzhuan English Dicti

Application form application form

characters characters

ACCOUNT INFO account information

Account Name account name

, Age, age,

Annual Income annual income

address1 to fill out your address, the principle is that the postman can understand. Please refer to the basics for how to translate the mailing address

at least, at least


Alternate pays

buy online online shopping

again repeat, enter

< >

accept agrees and accepts

each game has a rules of the game, each circle has a hidden rule. Of course, the webmaster circle is no exception. Talk about the circle of stationmaster, everybody knows more than website construction, website operation, website profit. Among them, website construction and website operation serve the profit for the website again. Talking about website profit, you need to talk about the mode of website profit. There are many channels for profit making, including online sales, sponsorship, advertising, Internet advertising, and so on. Jade Bird here three points about web sites and online advertising alliance issues.

Address City address, generally does not contain information above the city

Category class

Bonus bonuses, bonuses, how much uncertainty, and not necessarily get

business page home page address

check your stats to see your earnings

BANNER advertising banners, a picture of a merchant’s content, placed on an advertiser’s page, usually 468*68 in size, often animated in

, advertising, advertising,

Authentication Information login login information select user name and password

is well known that in the circle of advertising alliances, shlf1314, Adsense and sh419 alliance are undoubtedly the industry’s leading players. Of course, there are many other excellent Union, jade birds here because of the length of the relationship, not one by one list. The shlf1314, Adsense, and sh419 alliances are now very easy to apply to. Previously, the sh419 alliance threshold is high, since shlf1314 quit mainland China, the sh419 alliance threshold is also getting lower. From time to time, the website can be divided into new stations and old stations. From the content, there are information stations, product stations, service stations, entertainment stations, forums and so on. From the formal point of view, there are commercial and non-commercial stations. Since all the features of the website are based on the content of the website, the Jade Bird will talk about the choice of the content of the website and the choice of the advertising alliance. If you are a recreational station, you choose the sh419 alliance; if you are a commercial information station, you have to choose shlf1314 Adsense; if you are a forum, you can choose two. There is a rule, the flow of large entertainment sites, sh419 alliance is the first choice, business information website, shlf1314, Adsense is the first choice. Why? Because the price of sh419 alliance will not stand content and change significantly, sh419 text ads are generally priced at 1 yuan or more, the image ads general price in the 0.4~0.8 yuan, as long as there is a click, sh419’s revenue is still pretty impressive. shlf1314 Adsense is different, because its unit price floats very big, and show advertisement according to website content again, accordingly, the profit threshold of shlf1314 Adsense is higher. But if your station content is more formal and has a certain commercial nature, the advertising unit price is very OK.

check check

one, what kind of website is suitable for what kind of advertising alliance?

access your account login personal account

two, first do the site, and then go to the advertising alliance

Additional additional

, Birth, date, date of birth,

, check, all, that, apply can all choose

address2 second collection address, address1, if not filled, can fill in here

Annual Household Income annual income level

Become a Member becomes a member, member

BALANCE account balance

, this little headline seems like a ray of thunder, but it’s not. Doing a website is a kind of realm, doing a good job of a website is a few realms again. Website finish is not equal to the website to do well. What is the website standard? Do garbage station, you need to do the flow; do BBS, you need to have popularity first; do information, you need to flow first. Webmaster after finishing the website, don’t be impatient, don’t start advertising full station flying, that will scare the user away. Things on the web can’t be counted on

Answer answer

Eighth class website profitable website to exploreCarved God three O2O industry, the wind and water,

out of gratitude, now finish this article and send it out. You know, this is my learning to manage the essence — the point is, I never had to work in a big company, there is no formal management experience, most of the time are unsuspectingly feel management, but I am in the three industries made fast, take the double eleven, do you think we can climb? In the same mainstream of the main battlefield, written into the Guinness record of the world’s first high retail transaction records, a day to kill thousands of domestic and foreign brands, including Estee Lauder, L’OREAL, Lancome and other giants of the world……

3, Gant;

this article is intended to send in the dry cargo, "the seller journal" magazine, but you know, AFU is already sixty million, but only the first amount of 500 thousand yuan only, no integrity of God carved hair article "the you are my money when the" soft, micro-blog WeChat sync, then make the person touched a scene appeared, a lot of students, immediately went to the AFU Tmall flagship store buying frenzy, even bought 20 thousand yuan, then the message "no delivery, for God carved with the first, anyway, I do not know how to use essential oils"……

do at first station, that good advertising alliance, all the money raised.

2006 is the Internet in the winter, "good people" is also very poor, have become "Huang Shiren."".

to me, selling the software, if we had made a professional forum, now will be very good.

did not adhere to, always think advertising alliance Qian Haozhuan, registered a mobile phone film is 15 yuan, a customized ringing tone 8.

unexpectedly, further down the road……… Farther away.

you selling cards, is a sum of income.

is your idea of a little.

and the official website of the price difference is more. Look at the contrast.

Kingsoft antivirus 2006 set boxed product list

includes: Installation CD, user manual, genuine user service card

the national retail price: 198 yuan

How much money

this profit can not be said to be almost 100%. And it’s absolutely genuine.

change mode, "Huang Shiren" don’t work, not to earn what money.

10000ip it station, I do not believe, a month can not sell 20 sets of related software products.

virus rampant today, what are the most fire, I do not have to say, you are smarter than me.

official 30 yuan rising RMB, in the Taobao platform and 7 yuan can get the goods.

introduction a good leader, especially do not want to fail the entrepreneurs must learn to draw "three pictures": 1, thinkmap, 2; PPT, 3; Gant; if you are gifted, can complete the three chart one, then you do it alone. As long as these three puzzles are gathered together, the explosive power is amazing.

well, I think that a good leader, especially do not want to fail the entrepreneurs must learn to draw "three pictures":

to tell you the truth, I was touched. I usually see many articles that benefit the guy, ranging from a few hundred to more than tens of thousands, to help us reach smoothly in the last 20 minutes to become Tmall double eleven beauty category first, incidentally, the 6 session of the eleven, only won the beauty category champion is AFU.


2, PPT;

don’t know how to draw, to sh419 shlf1314, 1 and 3, easier said than done.

1, mind map;

so I said a sentence, "carved God" like bragging, forcing, blowing, blowing it, it has become. And this time I’m blowing, depending on your help, deeply grateful, "you may be in the minds of other people’s aunt, still carved in the thick of cattle," ha ha ha……

, the first "mind map", is responsible for "unconstrained"". Third "Gantt chart" is responsible for "strict testimonies."". The middle PPT is responsible for communication coaching". When the three diagrams work in sync, I believe that the company can lead both in the creative and in the Executive

Ali group’s electricity supplier territory is what style

today and friends chatting about Chinese business family history, and many rely on electricity providers started in the derivatives industry, more and more feel the Internet is a big gold, as long as you can take reasonable demand and rational development, success will never be a problem too much. As their own business friends do a coupon or store group purchase is the electricity supplier platform under the industry based on the true feeling for their own electricity supplier is a very good development opportunity, if complemented by excellent resources, so the development prospect is very large.

of course, to say that today, China’s electricity supplier leader, Ali group’s Taobao deserved. Although the first entered the electricity supplier, do platform, Taobao is not in full possession of the advantage, at least at the time Taobao is only a newly hatched project, the development of virtual goods more cautious, but YAHOO’s investment, the development of Taobao project will cost a lot of trouble. Of course, this assumption will never be established, because the success of Taobao, the ideal Ali model has been presented in front of everyone, waiting for the electricity supplier will be an ecological formation.

is now a lot of friends in that ecological function, such as WeChat, transmission of data exchange and information exchange through acquaintances, pillar of the project only this one can kill SMS and MMS two traditional telecom operators, not to mention WeChat’s public platform and O2O development, can be said that as long as the overall pattern of WeChat will be able to the architecture products, so a new project will make some APP collapse, which is in the affirmative. This is Ali want to do something, because who knows the future is not a business platform in the world, because the basis of the present situation, the user to search through Taobao to buy the product level is too high, the efficiency is low, if we can from the vertical angle to do the electricity supplier search, then the efficiency and conversion rate will increase a grade, whether it is micro-blog or Ali cloud on-line social electricity supplier to join, we can see that Ali electricity supplier in terms of function development is toward more specific, excluding miscellaneous search methods, push the most direct according to the focus of attention.

for the characteristics mentioned above, the 84 person that resides stationmaster is a customized service, that Ali will be based on our shopping preferences to push the most suitable products, but behind this service must be powerful data support, so to interpret Ali at this time of the next three strategic understanding will not the same.

Ali’s next three strategies are platforms, data and finance, it seems that the data and financial and electricity providers do not have much relationship, but in fact it is Ali for the electricity supplier to do the protection network. We all know the payment in the electricity supplier’s role in very heavy, it is like logistics, payment of this holds a key link, it means to grasp the consumption data of a large number of useful and you pocket the cash flow. Coupon site think the balance of treasure is actually such a role, how to use all the money in Alipay, to enable it to play more role.

Enterprise website construction three factors, how to create distinctive enterprise website

recently and some industry friends talk about network marketing, talk to the core of the network marketing business website, a lot of friends proposed all sorts of criticism for the vast majority of today’s corporate website, the majority view is that the website features simple, poor content, thousands of network side, outdated information and so on, these are perhaps the most common problem in small website. In fact, if you browse some enterprise website carefully, will find some more interesting phenomenon, some enterprise website almost a comprehensive website service life in nature, both the train schedule, and quiz, culture and entertainment, the surface web content is rich enough, but the real content and core the business has become a supporting role. In this website, sometimes really let a person produce a kind of wrong door feeling, do not know where this enterprise website, in addition to the display of enterprises "actual strength", the most important information revealed is probably naive.

based on past experience, sort out the information that some enterprise websites should have, and we hope to be able to help you.

1, what can you provide for users,


enterprise website is different from the professional ICP or portal website, may not need not be small and complete, each enterprise has a particular product / service, the content of the site should be around the core business enterprises set up. Enterprise website should not just be a decoration, website is the most useful marketing tool. Of course, only in the website can meet the user needs information premise, the website marketing function can really play a role. So what information does the user need,


this problem is the first consideration of site planners, first of all, it is necessary to analyze what possible visitors, and then targeted design related content, so as to achieve a clear objective. Generally speaking, there are several kinds of main visitors in an enterprise website, namely, direct users, distributors, equipment and raw material suppliers, competitors, etc.. The first two kinds of visitors are the existing and potential users of the company, and the content of the site should be focused on. As for the suppliers, except those who have the B TO B function comprehensive e-commerce website, most with information release website with little regard to the key content, therefore, is not the general enterprise website. As for competitors, the purpose of the visit is to understand the new trends in your company, or web design level, whether there is a place worth learning, therefore, should be given appropriate "preparedness" issued in the content, and not allow competitors to yourselves.

since the company’s existing users and potential users are the focus of the site’s care, then it is necessary to seriously analyze what information they need. With a SEO enterprise as an example, a user or potential user access to a corporate website to generally have several companies: look at what services, what is the successful case, what is the promotion method can exchange, compared with other companies, etc.. Therefore, these content should be the focus of the website.

says so

Personal forum development must have good management team and forum activities

you know, BBS is a hard developing website, because it needs strong interaction and active nature, no one will stay in your forum,


personal business forum is the most difficult to develop membership and posts, one person alone is difficult to succeed, so we have to have a strong, a very strict management team, let them help you do, be your own boss


to attract talent can not be reluctant to pull money, because money is super power! People have money, what people are willing to do! My Forum (YY community) invited many moderators, are used to pay the wages of the RMB, the effect is significant, the Forum on the development of 300 day a member of the post, reached more than 500. I was to make sure they don’t become a member of the "run", to engage in activities, let the members profitable, they will be most willing to stay here! I YY community where registered members 2 posted reward 1Q coins, so that they can earn money on the Forum (of course must be! The quality of things, whether the forum has no significance) such an active forum will naturally, do not need to call people to post every day, posted the top


Description: activities and management of wages must be true, otherwise you lose even more by webmaster feeds.

Su Dikang comment on Zhu Zerong’s 30 days become soft expert

Mr. Zhu Zerong to Zhuo class in the name of the launch of the country’s first "soft" training courses, and public sales of their "30 days become soft expert" tutorial. Admin5 forum also issued a "30 days to become soft expert" tutorial buy group posts, and soon convened to a considerable number of webmaster participation. Su Dikang also directly find Zhu teacher bought a set, hurriedly read again, feel that this soft set of teacher Zhu tutorial quality is very high.

soft text tutorial overview

this tutorial uses a black file box as an outer package, containing about 50 volumes, and together, the thickness is about the same as the Xinhua dictionary. The tutorial is A4 paper copy (don’t look too much like a copy of the copy, than good effect, is printed or photocopied, not sure), the design is simple, the only drawback is that proof does not seem in place, there are typos, though not much, but for the people I was poisoned by the Chinese college entrance examination like, you know.

complete tutorial is divided into two parts, the first part is the tutorial itself, including the "soft writing", "soft Wen model", "soft Wen master" three sub parts. The second part is another tutorial, the title is "soft operation and on-site training", it is estimated that the previous training materials finishing version.

soft text tutorial value

the value of this tutorial, first reflected in the price, the price of 390 yuan, through the purchase of words, also need 280 yuan (looking for piracy is not calculated). Is the so-called threshold decision can crowd, took out 390 yuan to buy this book, should be carefully read the tutorial. I was purchased by Zhu Zerong teacher (through the QQ group walked back feathers, Alipay pay + internal price, ha ha), received the SF express sent tutorial single second days at dinner. That night has been seeing more than ten, the next morning to see the whole tutorial. I think if it’s a free electronic version, I’m sure I won’t take it so seriously.

secondly, this tutorial is very systematic. After reading this tutorial, I want to say: soft experience more than 70% of online share in. "Soft Wen is what", "why write soft Wen", "soft Wen how to write" these three problems, in Zhu Zerong this tutorial, with a very systematic explanation. Especially a large number of low-end soft look Adimin5 because put out and encourage novice, then read the first sentence "this set of tutorials of international journalism practice, who is not involved in the major political, military and social events, news, be known as the soft news, also is the soft." There’s a sense of sudden clarity in the whole tutorial.

in addition, this tutorial soft template is very tough. In the "soft Wen model" part, Zhu Zerong teacher finishing 10 types of common soft writing mode, and collocation "soft Wen standard piece", can in the short term mass production, a large number of high-quality soft wen. This strategy is hard for an average writer to think of. About soft Wen standard parts of the problem, figure Wang in Admin>