The enterprise network marketing website optimization focus on the market hold rate

enterprises do a field, it will be the perfect, so we can stay invisible more users, not easily snatched by others. Take the "website construction" companies, to provide users with not only the construction site procedures should include more customized services, the associated type: website construction and knowledge, enterprise post office, website server, domain name registration, the expansion of the database service. Or is suitable for a variety of user needs the product package, at different prices in different enterprise user groups. In general, if there is a strong package between comparable differences, and the price difference is not great, the enterprise will go to the station to select high quality service. To meet the needs of users, will be firmly.

corporate image both in marketing, or the power of the Internet, is to bring the user experience first impression, so even in the website optimization process, the enterprise is also the first focus on shaping brand image. How to create a user’s mind is satisfied with the brand image? For ordinary users is actually very simple, good user experience is one of the biggest variables. Dedicated, professional products and services, online customer service support, a series of information to tell the user: I am very professional! Invisible, trust in the minds of customers has been the foundation for your kind. Conversely, some enterprises do not attach importance to the construction of the station image in the construction site, kuangmeng ranking, finally even had a very good ranking, but its brand image is not fit to be seen, even after the user browsing will be skeptical to choose to leave,

two: encourage enterprises to enhance the degree of trust

comprehensive products

website optimization to improve the flow rate, ranking optimization based on the construction of the best search engine rules, but not all sites are required to comply with this rule, such as the optimization of the enterprise stand, sometimes even won the ranking, but also may not necessarily bring high commercial benefits for the enterprise feedback. But here we should emphasize that enterprises do network marketing, and website optimization should focus on market share conversion, so as to optimize the effect to maximize the realization of enterprise station:

: shaping the corporate brand image Except in a few well-known sites such as Taobao, pat a class of

users in the network consumption, believe that most users are cautious with consumer attitude. Small and medium-sized enterprises to earn a trust in the electric tug of war in the user, it is from the side should not be ignored is enterprise business value, can not improve the user trust enterprise station, will be eliminated in the development of the torrent out. How to improve the enterprise trust? A: seeking truth from facts are, not exaggerated, not condescend; second: professional contact: telephone, such as 400 enterprises QQ, fixed telephone, fax, mail, business and accurate address. The user may not have to make a long-distance call, confirm the true and false, only to communicate via QQ, but it is important symbol of identity "".

three: meet user demand

The love of Shanghai included is deleted soon cause analysis

you sent the article, whether it is original, or false original, or directly reproduced, believe that many webmaster, all love reprint articles others, resulting in a repetitive content on the Internet, love Shanghai search engine all server capacity only 50 billion pages, as a search engine, he must want to store high quality, repetition and substitution of small articles. The spider web crawling every day about two hundred million, if it is found that the quality is not good, or repeated too serious will be deleted. To avoid this, we try to do some of the original article. Can increase your writing skills, but also a high quality of the article, Why not?.

Many webmaster in a

update their website, sometimes encountered the love Shanghai included, but after two days in the view of time, find love Shanghai have included page to delete, owners encounter such problems are a headache, do not know where the problem in the end, their labor success so lost, I am no exception, also encountered such a problem, and has made the analysis, summed up a few points may lead to included deleted reasons. Just to say something.

two. Correlation of articles and the theme of the site


has more than a few reasons, the site must have the intention to do website play its existence value, if a site no one, no traffic, this site even if included what is the use of it, hope that the webmaster can create their own piece of the sky in the Internet in the world. The original, starting A5, reproduced please indicate the source 贵族宝贝>

often appear today included in Articles 10, 5 included a check tomorrow, for the new station often appear, this also is the site of new period, within three months, it is a new station, within three months of love Shanghai will have a period of observation on the website, web page the title and keywords, and so on, there will be changes or updates, so that credibility is not high, after three months, will tend to be stable, so in the new period, should try to do high quality articles, and to ensure that the site steady and regular updates, so trust your site is increasing.

The new general

, a website has a center that is the site for keywords, and fixed target customers, should send some of your target customers useful articles on your website, relevant article, if you are selling electrical appliances, electrical appliances and stores put a lot of things, take these things, customers have no interest in them, search engine will be excluded. We do so, not only do the original article, but also on their website to do strong inertia in this web site to a long and healthy development.

. The low quality of

Website Trust, or in the assessment period of the new station

Several opinion prevention websites were plucked by Baidu

1, new sites, it is best not to collect too much, the original article the more the better.

2, do friendship connection, we should pay attention to. First check whether the other website is K.

3, do not choose cheating method to do the station, the best real intentions to do the station.

4, post is to send, but not too much, every 15-20 minutes to send the best.

5, a web site with a server has been pulled out of Baidu, it is best to change space quickly.

6, it is best to check the website’s illegal information

7, we should know that Baidu did not record the site is very cold, so hurry up for the record

8, the title tag inside the key words should be written clearly.

9, publicity tools, please do not abuse.


Are our stationmaster really so poor

first declared that my writing level was very bad, and said it was about the regrets of our Chinese webmaster.

, our stationmaster seems to be very poor, at least I am a poor stationmaster. Take a look at the Trading Forum ADMIN5, a site is a lot of dozens of pieces, hundreds of pieces, but also to keep selling every day, what Dongdong do you need to do so? The webmaster really to this point,


for me, I’m tired of this life, now the advertising downturn, Adsense is a technology, why don’t we change the road. We now look at the back of the so-called network company, professional website called, I think our work and we do things out is a natural one, of course should be discharged from the small part of the real strength of the company.

Why can’t we do

webmaster service enterprises, we charge cheaper, have confidence, we do first after the money, the brand first up, companies are like this, you will serve him, publicity for your promotion for you, like I do now morning sea station (http:// to do service for the enterprise, in an occasional opportunity to Shilin Education Bureau website construction project, through my service, they are very satisfied, now they started all schools to build their own school website, we are the only designated website provider.

has received almost more than 20 school websites like this. Think about it. At least we’ll make money faster than our adsense.

so I think we should play our webmaster’s expertise, do more value-added services, do webmaster, not just do website earn advertising fees, we can do a lot more. Of course, I said these are only for our junior webmaster. Believe that our senior webmaster, they each have a very good way to make money.

, so stop being lazy and move,


well, here it is. Thank you for your appreciation. Finally, I wish you all the best.

Hello, dialog box website dialog box design how to be more friendly to the user

"how?" unless you have a class of It is quite common for, otherwise, the first reaction is often such as you experience this? You hurry to go to the bus, the way they continue to be stopped as plug leaflets. It can not be denied that it is an interruption and sometimes even a disturbance. As a designer, although we know that "interruption" can not be stopped, but not to "disturb", but we should strive to achieve:

interrupts repeatedly = = disturb

interrupts you an hour or so, or you can put up with it. If 1 minutes several times to interrupt you, want to be mad? This is why Chrome judgment on this page "interrupt" dialog box appears many times the user, so a "prohibit this page to display the dialog box" option.


grasps a principle: do not use the dialog box as far as possible do not have the dialog box. Unless the following two cases:

A. an operation is very risky or irreversible.

below, please use this principle to judge, the dialog box appears reasonable:

in the win7 system, every delete a file will have a dialog box, please confirm whether to delete


(prompt: is the general deletion really irreversible? Windows, there’s a recycle bin, retrieve it from the recycle bin and charge a lot of money?)

B. cannot be avoided in advance. It must be confirmed by the user.

below, please use this principle to judge, the dialog box appears reasonable:


activity is over and the voting is still available. After the click, the dialog tells me that it’s all over,


briefly, before you’re ready to design a dialog box, is it really necessary to interrupt "three" thinking, is it worth it:



ambiguous meaning = disturb

A. asks "yes / no" or "OK / cancel"

first review the language:


then go back to our dialog box:

scenario 1: users click on the exit, in order to avoid the user is incorrect operation, you ask the user really want to quit, this time is "yes / no", or "confirm / cancel" good




Department of radio female undergraduate students in reading has a second child 19 years old mother

2016 years, the second child policy is fully open, the community began to focus on the second child problem. Recently, the media broke the news that an undergraduate student in reading a second child, the girl at the age of 19 has been pregnant, and now has 2 children.

she apply for suspension during my first pregnancy, concentrate on production and take care of the children. Liang Baoyi class, relatives will take the child to school, when you need to breastfeed, the phone to inform her, she asked the teacher to take a small vacation, go out to the child feeding.

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Chinese ten big cake shop brand

In fact,

is not only girls like to eat sweets, most people should not be more than a lot of sweets. Because sweets really bring us happiness. As a leisure food, dessert cake has always been a popular favorite, and the cake market is very promising! Open a cake shop to make money is a very good choice, of course, must choose to join the brand! The cake shop to join which good? How to join the well-known cake shop list? Small recommendation ten national famous cake shop to join your brand, take a look at


famous cake shop to join ranks 1:


(ten pastry / bakery brand, Taiwan famous brand, Taiwan 1980) the Ganso joining fee ranging from 15-100 million, according to the different location around the store.

famous cake shop franchise ranked 2: hollyland

(China brand, ten pastry / bakery brand, Beijing on 1992) is currently not recruit joined hollyland, in recent years they will target companies develop in the chain store management system and gradually improve the company quality control system.

famous cake shop join rank 3: Christina

(ten pastry / bakery brand, Shanghai Christina Food Co., Ltd.) signed a distribution contract with the Christina company, can buy in bulk to sell the way. In the same industry in the country, Christina excellent quality for the major supermarket stores respected. In Shanghai, supermarkets have been competing to become Christina’s marketing partner.

Sweet Princess DIY handmade cake Square in the National hot investment in detail click > > advisory message > >

famous cake shop franchise ranked 4: Wah Bakery

(ten / Cake Bakery brand, in 1988 Kunming Jiahua food) franchise fee of around five thousand, the company provides technical and store design. The condition is the store, the ability.

famous cake shop to join top 5:


(Chinese time-honored, Beijing Daoxiang Food limited liability company) owned capital of 1 million 500 thousand, and the capital verification report issued, containing only the decoration and equipment, liquidity cost.

famous cake shop to join top 6: Santa Ana

(ten / Cake Bakery brand, Guangzhou / Hongkong maxims Co. Ltd.) is not Santa Ana to join, in their own shop sales



Store off-season business should pay more attention to service the whole

shops in the off-season when the business is often not hot, a lot of store employees will be lazy down, the service will be difficult to intimate. In fact, the customer is God, is the basis for the survival and development of our retail stores, which is every retail customers know the truth. But do our retail customers really think of customers as God in their daily operations? Can really reach so that every customer can be happy, satisfied with it?

in the interview, when asked about the retail customers, many retail customers will say "customer is God"! But in the store but can not find a convenient measures, as well as the retail customers to buy a large piece of goods is not easy to move, but also their own car back, you can call the "God" smiling face?

holiday is the prime time for the sale of goods, then our retail business services will be more intimate, more perfect, more memorable. But with the sales decline, especially in terms of distribution, the delivery to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, the off-season sales volume was small, some small commodities to call the business distribution site, many of us think operators will suffer heavy losses.

in Huaian City Education Supermarket Supermarket interview, general manager Liu Hualiang told reporters that during the holidays, because of the large amount of business, as a retailer, we are sure of negligence in the service, while the off-season is just to make up for the mistakes, general merchandise sales in the off-season, education supermarket will increase the frequency of delivery, to timely convenient and fast service to enhance their market competitiveness.

and AFP supermarket manager Han Feng also hold the same view, he said, after a season of big, many retail customers to provide delivery service is often little off-season, because the off-season ran a small amount of re distribution services, virtually will increase the cost of distribution, but more at this time, consumers the merchant service demand will be more intense, if the increase in the intensity distribution at this time, more attractive to consumers will.

except in distribution, Huaian gold trade still improve service efforts, according to store manager Su Xiaoping introduced, in order to enhance the off-season market sales, a gold trade has adopted a "warm customer heart" service competition, during the event, in addition to their push out "appliancecharacteristic service", "personalized service" and "one to one service".

also provides special service measures for some special groups, such as the VIP member to launch the whole process of shopping activities, so that this kind of customer experience a different warm. At the same time, the cashier in the store also set up a special channel for special populations, convenient for the elderly, the disabled come in to buy, for a single person to the elderly or disabled, the supermarket has a special shopping guide accompanied by shopping. In this way, not only increased the customer’s "back rate,"

In the first half of Xining GDP up by 9.7% of the largest contribution rate of second industry GDP

July 21st, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics, the first half of Xining’s GDP reached 21 billion 258 million 90 thousand yuan, an increase of 9.7%, to achieve rapid growth.

from various sectors of the GDP contribution rate and pulling, the second industry contribution rate of GDP was 49.53%, stimulating economic growth by 4.80 percentage points, the contribution of industry to GDP ratio reached 34.17%, economic growth by 3.31 percentage points; the third industry contribution rate of GDP was 49.02%, stimulating economic growth 4.76%.

figures behind the work of Xining, the overall upgrade. The first half of the year, in the face of the international financial crisis is still severe challenges in the spread and diffusion, the city of Xining to act quickly, actively, around the "primary goal to maintain growth, people’s livelihood and social stability, increase investment and improve the ability of development, adjust the industrial structure change the mode of development, strengthen city construction to strengthen the service function, to promote the construction of environment ecological civilization, strengthening social construction and improve the people’s livelihood, to ensure stable and rapid economic and social development. To increase investment and expand domestic demand as the focal point of maintaining growth, seeking opportunities in a crisis, seeking a breakthrough in the face of adversity, and strengthen measures to pay close attention to the project work and investment two key is not to relax, to expand the social consumption, the potential opportunities into real productive forces to promote the development of the.

at the same time, Xining City, earnestly implement the introduction of national and provincial policies, timely introduction of the relevant measures to support the steady development of enterprises, help enterprises to reduce the cost and stable production, expand sales, through pay close attention to the construction of industrial projects and expansion and reconstruction, promote stable and rapid economic growth. In the industrial economic operation environment tight situation, Xining has accelerated the pace of adjustment of industrial structure, change the mode of economic development, to strengthen the operation regulation of key products, key enterprises, overcome various difficulties, to ensure a steady and rapid growth of industrial economy.


Xining city to improve the ability of cadres in the Miao mound

The project construction is like a raging fire line, they rush busy; hot production workshop, they have a thirst for knowledge of the face; the development of the blueprint, they contain "whimsy"…… In the "Three Basics" in the construction of Xining City, pay close attention to the development and growth of cadres needs as the goal, take a two-way attachment, the pier seedlings and other methods, the young cadres in different areas in different environment increase of knowledge, rich experience, accumulate experience, improve personal comprehensive quality and work ability.

in Xining city to the needs of each unit cadres selected regions and intention of the thoroughly research on the municipal units of young cadres, especially reserve cadres and grass-roots work experience are meticulous in the comprehensive consideration of all localities and units of stem attachment talent demand, professional expertise and grass-roots work experience situation. Because of the need to send, in accordance with the appropriate people post with the principle of unified arrangements for sending work. A total of 27 selected counties front, health, tourism, development and Reform Commission and other departments and municipal state-owned enterprises directly under the various counterparts and cadres to petition, a city Department attachment; send 18 audit, agriculture, quality supervision departments have grass-roots work experience of young cadres to the District of port attachment to send 10 units; Deputy County reserve cadres to county grassroots attachment as county offices, township leadership positions; young cadres, civil servants or grass-roots work in less than two years experience of the new recruitment of the implementation of the "pier seedlings plan", from the municipal authorities to send 10, the county authorities send 90 cadres to the countryside and community attachment. At the same time, 23 cadres were selected by "hanging", "external", "hang on" to the central, provincial authorities, coastal city and City brothers attachment.