The Wuhan plastic surgery hospital do love Shanghai in the first three months of two



fourth: review website Links section, put some low quality links removed; then put in the industry and their own website weight equal or higher than their a webmaster contact are sorted out, a link to talk; this is a long-term work. After work, I to the daily rate of 3-5 added Links! Hard work pays off, after a few days I bought more than 30 high quality chain

Du Bing, Hubei Xiangyang people, engaged in Internet work for nearly five years, as personal webmaster, pharmaceutical company network consultant, large merchants Shanghai dragon website promotion personnel! Key projects had done: ant net of medicine medicine society; in order to dream, at the end of April, from Xi’an to Wuhan, joined the Wuhan Shanghai dragon team, took over a plastic surgery hospital website, the original customer requirements is within three months of the core Keywords: "Wuhan plastic" "Wuhan plastic surgery hospital"

third: the site began to adjust the unreasonable place, the site of the structure into the most conducive to search engine included "C" structure, the internal structure of the site has been adjusted to make it into a network, make full use of the website data, strengthen the internal chain; the picture alt attribute is added to the site. To make the user experience, increase keyword density; in the site of title, keyword, description all out again, reasonable keywords placed in the inside, do not engage in accumulation to be natural; and then start making editing on time every day are updated regularly to update the article, at least fifty articles pseudo original articles every day;


fifth: look at the site is now ranked first in the peer, see each other how to do the chain, to tune out each other outside the chain, imitation.

: first I look at this site to the customer, I know the website unreasonable to find all of them, are listed in the paper

Wuhan best plastic surgery hospital "plastic surgery hospital" to love Shanghai before three; when I received this list, or a bit of pressure, the competition is fierce, the relevant search "these words 2210000, there are hundreds of hospitals in the competition, and I know that many hospitals have our professional teams in operation! This list is the first single to Wuhan, not difficult to hide, otherwise what list is done! After the list, I will not rush to do, to do the promotion; but before the period of preparation:

second: I love the sea in search: "Wuhan plastic surgery hospital, at the time of the top 20 sites are open to view, study one by one, write down the advantage of others; some may ask me, why to see so many stations, just look at the ten Shanghai home before love ok; haha, I don’t have any industry background, so to see some websites, check out the

! "

One bit of information ambition Web content portal




| Leadwell

Zheng Zhaohui, before founding a former dean of Information Research Institute Yahoo China District, before returning to Silicon Valley at the YAHOO headquarters responsible for the development of search engines and related media products including the global web search portal content quality and personalized recommendation. And this experience and the accumulation of resources, but also gave him a clear target positioning when Entrepreneurship: main search engines and personalized recommendation.

"we want to be a search engine, a product of the next generation of the recommendation engine. That could be the new generation of web content portals in the mobile Internet era, and that’s the beginning of our business.". Now, we’ve just done a tool in the field of Journalism and information. The future expansion will certainly turn from content into a true web content library, or at least similar to Baidu."

one point information founder Zheng Zhaohui

"interest engine + application number", this innovative combination model, is a little information cut into the field of mobile new media, and participate in market competition another new way of play, and also achieved initial results".

according to official data of one point information, its daily active user develops from tens of thousands of three years ago to 24 million 800 thousand now, accumulative total user 190 million. TalkingData2015 November data show that in 2015 news App user coverage rate of TOP10, a bit of information ranked third, APP users coverage of 6.62%, the former is divided into Tencent news, headlines today.

interest connection platform

portal, search engines, social platforms, personalized recommendation, the next generation, especially the arrival of the mobile Internet era, what is the new generation of information platform?

this is Zheng Zhaohui’s key question and his entrepreneurial opportunity.

so he created a bit of information in 2012 and pioneered what he called a "hobby engine".

and interest is also a key label of this start-up company’s information.

is also out of "interesting" this quite innovative direction and positioning, attracted millet and Phoenix network is not only a deep strategic cooperation at the capital level.

"if Zhaohui is imitation, follow the domestic mobile new media, such as what the headlines today, it will not pour so much resources, capital to support, including I personally would not put so much effort in a little information." Li Ya said so.

Li Ya, a little information is currently CEO, graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China, received a master’s degree in computer science from Temple University in the United States, and was educated at the Walton School of business class senior management. More than 10 years of Internet entrepreneurs and the listed company management experience, served as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, American Finance Association Chinese China, beauty >

How to operate a female shoe store business

men’s shoes available, but the women’s shoes is not the same, all kinds of, what are, women love shopping, shoes for a female friend, is very important, as the saying goes, a good pair of shoes, can take you to where you want to go. And high quality shoes, we wear on the foot, is also very comfortable. Venture to open a women’s franchise stores, as long as the operation of quality shoes, presumably will bring a huge market. Here to introduce to you, how to carry out the promotion of female shoe shop.

allows consumers to try new products or existing products strategy. Consumer strategy. Maintain a long-term brand loyalty strategy. Some time to improve consumer purchase frequency and purchase quantity strategy. Clear inventory policy.

urges customers to visit the site. Promotion is not a panacea, can not solve all the problems, but can not do without the theme of promotion. Promotional activities to be creative and take the lead in the launch, the goal should be clear, you need to be in fashion women’s shoes, manpower, fashion women’s shoes store careful planning. When doing activities must rally, make atmosphere. Activities must be assessed after the event.

fashion women’s shoes directly affect the sales of goods, fashion shoes too much will occupy the cost of capital increase. Many shopkeepers have experienced such a thing: sell the product quickly out of stock, then for a long time not to make replenishment.

because you sell other products may also be very good sales, manufacturers get information and then organize a single, certainly need a process. This requires the owner on the one hand in the sales information to strengthen communication with manufacturers to ensure timely feedback information. Then you need to pay attention to the store, it is important to maintain patency, according to the customer’s line, to the layout of their stores. The main exhibition area, auxiliary exhibition, Promotional Exhibition of commodity differentiation, we must know how to use the advantages of each exhibition complementary.

if you want to engage in such shoes business, suggest that we must choose a brand awareness is larger, it is difficult to start business, when the female shoe, in a lot of time needed for product promotion, discount, give consumers a discount. The above is a detailed description of how to carry out the opening of the female shoe store promotions, hoping to give the women’s shoes store friends, help.

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Online entrepreneurial attitude determines success or failure

now there are many online entrepreneurs, while the network business has become very common, there are a lot of people through the Internet such a platform to achieve their goals in life, then, in the online business need to have what kind of attitude?

to earn a lot of money from the Internet is difficult today, but will make money from the Internet is the trend of tomorrow. In the next 2-3 years, online shopping, online shopping, online sales will become a very important part of our lives. As a new emerging industry in the future, the most important thing is not to make money but to accumulate experience. At the beginning of the business, do not work for money, but also for their own happiness, for their own ideals and the accumulation of experience. Not only for their own money has been made to be happy, but also for their own creation and perseverance of the work and happy and proud!"

for online business, there are two kinds of people’s point of view is wrong. The first one, eyes always looked at the day is full, only Ding Lei and Chen Tianqiao, especially in the network economy, gradually take the electronic commerce will be "hot"   such a big economic situation, they are eager to be on tenterhooks, China make several Ding Lei. Second kinds of people, they think that online business, online shop is just a boring man’s game, it is worthless things, their contribution into this "muddy water", draw a line, and it is not far away from the trend of the times in the end will be helpless sight.

Zhuhai vigorously support entrepreneurial success can enjoy subsidies

for entrepreneurs, success and failure are likely to be faced with, of course, good success, failure, is facing a huge blow. Zhuhai city in order to encourage entrepreneurship, the introduction of a new policy, the success of entrepreneurship subsidies, failure is also subsidized. July 2nd held in Zhuhai city employment and entrepreneurship conference. The meeting revealed that Zhuhai will further intensify efforts to support entrepreneurship, whether it is before the start of the venture or entrepreneurship subsidies; entrepreneurial success or failure, whether or not Zhuhai household registration can enjoy support policies.

"opinion" contains 10 aspects of 30 policy measures. The full implementation of the policy of the province, continue to retain the original 7 policies in Zhuhai, and new policies to improve the 13. Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, said Li Weihui, the new policy "bright spots" and fully controllable. Opinions completely break the household registration restrictions, entrepreneurs and students from all over the country born pearl venture, according to the provisions of the Zhuhai to enjoy the entrepreneurial support policies.

Which is the highlight of

and enjoy subsidies more entrepreneurial team. Allegedly, many surveys show that the success rate of entrepreneurship team than individual entrepreneurs higher success rate (found in a Boston area surrounding highway 128 technology startups survey successful start-up companies in 70% of all belong to the type of entrepreneurial teams). "Opinions" to encourage entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial team for the policy "tilt", such as team venture funding of up to 10 thousand yuan, than individual venture funding (5000 yuan) 1 times higher; at the same time, entrepreneurial team members can also enjoy entrepreneurship employment subsidies, social security subsidies, entrepreneurial talent rent subsidies and other subsidies policy.

start-ups due to the small scale, there are some difficulties in the introduction of talent. In order to encourage all kinds of talents to start a new enterprise employment, the opinions of the city, district entrepreneurial incubator base of the introduction of talent, will give the longest 2 years rental subsidies. With a doctoral degree, to 1000 yuan / month, with a master’s degree, given a $600 / month; belong to the shortage of highly skilled personnel, given 300 yuan / month.

Furniture stores need to open what procedures

furniture stores need to do what procedures? Many novice on this issue is not very clear, small finishing the relevant information I hope to help you to join, we can look forward to help you get a good start, if you want to have more information to have a look!

the first step: the choice of operating space (with a real estate license and lease contract registration) lease management fees, stamp duty (owner), the site needs to have a real estate license or lease lease contract

second step: apply for business license

to the location of the business registration. For business license, the need to bring a place to prove (lease contract or real estate license), identity cards.

on the need to open the furniture store in addition to the self-employed industrial and commercial registration of other formalities, the first to determine what way you are operating shop.

Registered with

Industrial and Commercial Bureau: ID shops lease contracts generally prepare 2 names, for being with the first registration fee is different, the general 350.00-550.00; 2) a month after obtaining the license, go to the tax bureau office of tax registration: to pay 360 tickets for the keeper and tax certificate the general license ID card is completed. Do small businesses will not be too difficult for.

third step: best for fire control approval

fourth step: business license for

1, seal approval, engraved chapter (engraved chapter 80-300 yuan or so)

2, organization code certificate

3, apply for tax registration (business tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge

5, apply for tax registration (sales tax). Enterprise income tax, individual income tax (


6, apply for social security procedures (Social Security payments, including unit pay and personal pay)

furniture stores procedures required documents in the above mentioned, if you want to gain the competitive advantage in this industry, the first to do the preparatory work, small hope that the above reorganization content has the help to you, don’t ignore the link, but it is very important!

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Shook his car brought up good business – Business

in order to let the popularity of the shop more popular, and now many stores will have a lot of children’s toys toys. Since in front of the store put a few free shook his car, Yuanan County of Hubei Province East Xin supermarket popularity was going up.

"Mom, I want to play for a while," "Mom, I’d like a drink.""……

in the East Hin supermarket door, the children in the car to play a very happy, accompanied by mom and dad ran out to the lovely baby who bought snacks. To a nearby small blue sky kindergarten at school, where they became the children have fun playing paradise. The adults holding a child, then another wave of people into the parents The stream never stops flowing., the supermarket buy daily necessities.

when they carry bags of goods out of the shop, but envy around the shops. Now, Dong Xin supermarket turnover but Zhimakaihua steadily high, the daily sales in more than 5000 yuan. The boss of the supermarket, although busy every day, but the heart is stealing Music: "this shook the car, turned out to be our shake Qian Shu ah!"

where children like, adults may choose where to shop, so if a store to attract children, business will undoubtedly have a guarantee. For this reason, add a few car shaking, no doubt will allow business development by a higher degree of affirmation.

Trade unions at all levels of Xining sing the Chinese dream

"51" International Labor Day approaching, the Xining Federation of trade unions to carry out the "China dream · labor beauty" as the theme of all kinds of activities. Trade unions at all levels to celebrate 51 activities under the linkage, city activities and regional activities combined, brilliant, haoxiliantai.

Xining Federation of trade unions held a celebration of the May Day and the third city workers’ games, the largest number of entries, the largest new record. West District, the Eastern City Federation of trade unions held mountaineering activities. Union City District to carry out the "new youth movement · highlight the new style of workers" Plaza ballroom dancing activities. Huangzhong Federation of trade unions, Xining City Education Union held an interesting sports meeting, the workers’ games.

in the city organized workers to find the most beautiful "campaign theme, focused on the promotion of a group of dedicated, selfless dedication, good business, people convince the grass-roots workers, eulogized the ordinary workers based on job, dedication, in the ordinary post make extraordinary performance of noble character.

51 on the eve of the city for the first time to enjoy the labor model three gold treatment. City composed of four condolences to the city’s 138 municipal model workers sent condolences gold, grants, helping gold $488 thousand. North District Federation of trade unions, Huangzhong County Federation of trade unions organized a model workers Forum on the area of some model workers, advanced workers and front-line workers to conduct medical condolences.

Union City of

District deepen "as the main force, fighting in the city," 12th Five-Year "accomplishment" labor competition, focus on key projects, key projects and housing projects, carry out the "five one hit" labor competition. West District Federation of trade unions held a "six team" and "teacher skills competition thousand big job training activities, the public security system organized a police training activities, skills competitions stimulate the majority of workers as the main force of building in 12th Five-Year.

Datong County Federation of trade unions organized a training course on the county union cadres, party spirit, the eighteen basic knowledge of the grass-roots trade unions were explained in simple terms, to further improve the theory of trade union cadres quality and business level. North District Federation of trade unions held a celebration of May Day civilization with my line workers knowledge contest. Qinghai electronic materials company union held in 2013 in Xining, the first phase of the disabled employment guidance training courses, 5 people with disabilities and hearing impaired language through training, learning skills, formally embarked on a job. Qinghai Yuntianhua Company trade union to carry out reading activities, reading good books, good reading guide workers.


Three send caravan to help return home to achieve employment

The city’s employment departments at all levels to carry out policies to send jobs


employment departments at all levels to carry out the policy to send jobs

send training activities to the countryside


set up rural job seekers and enterprise communication platform, combined with the previous spring action carried out a series of activities, the city departments at all levels of employment from 3 to April and a large number of passengers has not yet left the slack of the machine, take various forms to carry out to promote rural service industry "as the theme of" policy to send, send jobs send "training activities in the countryside. One is using the Internet, news media and other channels, through the dissemination of promotional materials and other forms of employment information release more than and 500 to more than 9 thousand jobs to the county, township, distribution of publicity materials and the "labor contract law", "policy" quiz 127 thousand reader. Two counties are actively engaged in the province and outside the enterprise to strengthen contact with each other to provide employment information. Through the employment of "Caravan", send jobs to the market and other forms of rural labor to policies, positions, training and other information, at the same time using the election of the machine, in the part of the township to carry out on-site recruitment will be 60 times, so the employment information sent to the village, to the families, to the people. Three is the organization of the more than and 400 farmers to participate in entrepreneurship training and skills training, and actively support and encourage rural workers to start their own businesses.

each district through the policy of sending, sending jobs, send training to the countryside to help rural workers in the vicinity of the local nearly 1000 jobs, migrant workers out of the region to work for more than 7 thousand and 600. (Employment Bureau feeds)