Liu Xiangyan on the use of blog marketing events

, a news early, to the new

is the key time of blog marketing, for a long time in the online news, others have seen all published comments, you write this article and others won’t care about this event, so I usually watch the news on sina贵族宝贝.cn, zaobao贵族宝贝, so we should work in an open page, view news and time to rush to do. The news release for too long, we don’t need to write, unless your writing is very good.

an article written by others and even if others in your article, certainly no one can read, because they’ve seen this article. This will make them feel very tired, not attractive. So I’d like the original, but each.

two, to take the best title, take the long tail keyword

for the website optimization, event marketing is in a very big way can attract a lot of traffic, I think what is the event marketing event marketing is the use of hot events to attract the attention of customers, the ultimate goal is the marketing. Event marketing may be from many aspects, such as blogs, forums, micro-blog can use some other way. Today I want to talk about how to use blog to do event marketing, is the so-called blog marketing, because of its relatively large blog resources.

for an article, is generally the first sight is your title, the title to attract people in others will see your article. How to get a good title? Such as open love Shanghai Search Ranking we can also use search keywords to write popular. We are looking for love from Shanghai Search Ranking search volume before the three event, we first look at the first "Siu Chung Mok Xing" for such keywords, how to expand the long tail keywords? We need to look at what is the "Siu Chung Mok Xing" from the title of others then we go? The analysis, we can write "inside entertainment scandal Siu Chung Mok Xing suspected of drug abuse".

We are familiar with the

blog and nothing, published on my blog, what a good article, new events are published comments on the blog, the blog is a place to relax, you can see a good article can also learn some new things in the society inside inside. This is a piece of meat to do event marketing. Website optimization is usually to optimize your site keywords, but want to have a website weight high traffic is also an important aspect. So we can optimize the website from two aspects, first, the optimization of keywords, second, to attract a lot of traffic and IP, blog marketing is also from the two aspects to do. We can also use blog marketing keyword optimization, the two together will achieve the purpose of optimization, and attract traffic IP. We first analyze the blog how to attract customers, how to make this article is reproduced. Like to move forward we must understand its rivals. You want to use blog marketing

three, original content, pseudo original can also

Share some fun Taobao Shanghai dragon important factors to one year experience

baby Title A total of 30 words, to try to put it to good use, by setting a large flow of broad match keywords, such as summer, 2013 summer new keywords, add attributes associated with baby itself, such as slim, thin, white and so on. If the shipping, a special offer, put these words are set up, consumers can enter into your baby in a single product search by keywords, which generate orders. Generally set the title of the order is this: 99 yuan shipping limited 50 dress 2013 summer new Europe big temperament green Chiffon dress. 99 yuan shipping ahead is to increase the click rate, while the women’s summer new 2013 is a popular search term flow is relatively large, and the big, green chiffon skirt is a characteristic belongs to the baby, love is to make this style buyers more accurate search to the baby, high conversion rate. At present this month sales of over 5000 pieces of the dress every day to get natural Tmall search traffic in more than 1500 categories, Taobao Taobao search and other natural flow added up to nearly 2000, in addition to Taobao passenger and train traffic flow in natural search approximately accounted for 50% of the left and right. Therefore, is to set up a successful Shanghai dragon.

in addition, the baby is in consumer protection, seven days no reason to return, will affect the natural flow of the baby weight. For example, when buyers in search, check the seven days no reason to return this condition, if just >

for many small sellers, even if the money to burn the train or can be prepared in large quantities, gold coins in every special offer activities, but no credit, no sales, no evaluation, everything is only water, flowers in the mirror, within sight but beyond reach. Therefore, a step by improving the search rankings to get traffic is very important. I summarize a few points on the improvement of Taobao Shanghai dragon get more natural flow factors.

Just in Taobao

according to the previous rules, is to sort the last 30 days of sales, now changed to 7 days of sales as a sort of standard, maintain the stability of sales is critical. While the old version is sold to the number of statistics, after the introduction of the new rules, the number of transactions is changed according to the statistics, the purpose is to better prevent to improve sales data through brush sales, although not 100% to prevent the occurrence of such acts, but this behavior will make the price will be more high. At present the investigation of Taobao technology, basically more than 98% brush data behavior can be detected, so this way is to improve the baby’s search ranking is very undesirable, probably when you put this baby do hundreds of thousands of sales, when forced to checked even the shop shelves, and may be deducted, so is the The loss outweighs the gain.

in learning guests on the interview video that the number of baby more natural flow of transactions, the weight will search more high, this is a benign circulation.

The website smoothly through several key order love Shanghai review period.

I think the new online user experience to feel is worth of concern, but also a key site later obtained weight ranking, often there will be obvious to people the new railway station for example website the following problems, analysis of the website structure, page open speed and so on, the author will carry on the analysis, the first is the new content very little, so I think if you want to speed up the Baidu for the site recognized and included, the quality is certainly can not be ignored. Write original something of value is the core. Secondly, the author thinks that the structure of Web site structure simple web site is a good user to gain recognition, the key to get the favor of the spider, the author’s own website is the website guest single page station, that is to say, but the first page is very clean, no out of order pop ads, the first thing is the table nested Amoy single product code certainly is also consistent with the needs of customers to search. Finally the web page speed the web page open speed is very fast, the spatial stability is the foundation of our website, must maintain a good server stability.

second, the website was recognized gradually gaining weight is stable period.

as everyone knows, website optimization is a gradual process, how to effectively do the operation in the construction site after analyzing the various stages of the Shanghai dragon is the key to our new smooth transition gradually gaining weight, general website through three key period of awareness of the early online strategy, secondly, the new weights are given to love Shanghai the last is the late period, stable ranking strategy. How effective do the three stages of the ranking optimization, at different times to do different things is that we must understand and are familiar with, well, we continued the short gossip from the following several aspects to discuss with you.

this period should be by railway station for more than 2 months after the entry, this time Baidu will give special weight bound, such as some long tail keywords or auxiliary has been part of the rankings, this is called empowerment, is a word this time we should pay attention to: steady! Can smoothly through the next period will see now during the update frequency, the content quality and the quality of the chain, the author thinks that all the contents of the site should focus on the theme, the stability of the update frequency and high quality is the core value of the stability of the elements of the second web site content related degrees and accounts for a large proportion, trying to find the correlation industry related keywords creation. Don’t overload operation optimization of some misunderstandings over optimization such as keyword stuffing, crudely made pseudo original, a large number of anchor text in the forum too much and so on, the author thinks that excessive optimization will only make the website optimization method we all flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, can not act with undue haste is the basis, step by step. The chain can be timely to Admin5 articles for publication to do some soft outside the chain, exchange.

first, a new station on the line is the user experience of the site construction period

Who can save me His chain less rank better than me

classified information will not say, in fact, the chain source new Adsense is single, the amount of single effect is bad, we have to do is diversification of the chain, don’t stare at so many forums, blog.


blog: if the blog raised to a certain weight is also good, but still want to avoid a large number of the chain on the same site in the same blog.


what? Over? Well, a couple.

what is the reason? You probably already know the quality of the chain. The reason is simple to say, but how to solve the problem? How to improve the quality of the chain of

engage in Shanghai Longfeng on ranking as to talk about money, give a person a kind of very popular feeling. But as the saying goes, no money, no ranking site is difficult to operate can’t do anything.

Forum: the use of signatures to achieve the chain, but the chain number one page of the forum website no less than 20 weight? How much is left to their own website? Secondly, many from the same effect station chain or lower (this is the introduction to the so-called repeat the chain about which I know is not too much, is roughly the same as URL from the same sub domain name or directory).


" who can save me? His chain, ranking is better than me. " I’m not a savior, I am just a small Shanghai dragon rookie, then some insights into this and to share some of this situation, I hope useful for everyone.

is the high quality of the chain the chain is relatively high, that you for thousands of low quality. Outside the chain of many new owners to where? Chinaz, Admin5, the laggards, Shanghai dragon Why forum, built multiple blogs, classification of information and so on.

the eyes of the high quality of the chain: one is the category of manual check station, such as YAHOO Development Directory; two is the chain news sites, such as the news website; three is the authoritative website business links. This is the quality of the chain is high to the sky to, but we can’t get these dishes station is probably to the chain.

now Internet competition, personal webmaster want to survive, most love to focus on one small area, select the keywords index smaller station. Even so, it will encounter a lot of competitors. We often see the row in front of the competitor’s website, a mere 10 months, hundreds of the chain in the first row, and on their website, thousands of the chain are not even home.

Links in front of me alone did not mention, said here: because Links often come home, the weight is higher, secondly, to avoid a single chain from a few sites, the shortcomings of poor results. Do Links there are many areas that need attention, can search on the A5 " Links " Links construction will get a large number of articles, I am not here to say.

Love Shanghai official authoritative interpretation the new algorithm has been in force a lot of low

from June 22nd to June 28th, many sites encountered love Shanghai K station, many webmaster website ranking plummeted, triggering hot. Today, Shanghai love web search anti cheat team to clarify the main reason for the large number of site encountered K station: a new algorithm for low quality site in the search results show has entered into force.

love Shanghai estimates that this upgrade will affect the search traffic 5%. Although the new algorithm has reached a very high accuracy rate, but still inevitably appear accidental injury situation, if the owners are convinced that their site is wrong, you can complaint feedback through the 贵族宝贝tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/webmaster/suggest channel.

love Shanghai web search anti cheating team said in order to promote the Shanghai love the user search experience, let the healthy development of the Internet Ecosystem, love Shanghai have recently updated some anti cheating strategies and characteristics of these strategies has gradually come into effect in late June 21st. This update for the low quality of the site in the search results show more of control; low quality sites refer to: no original or false original (rarely original content, or content / machine generated a large collection of the Amendment); this part of the site is not designed for end users, but only in order to get traffic from the search engine.


Shanghai dragon

addition, love Shanghai also said the sorting system will update ceaselessly, to ensure the healthy development of the Internet ecosystem. This update is only the beginning of a series of projects, after the love of Shanghai anti cheating major update strategy and data, will be notified by Webmaster Platform.

group Wedding Expo KUN reproduced in Chutian Webmaster Station

data vane

this upgrade, for the common user search experience will be enhanced, compared to before, the affected search requests will show higher quality, more authoritative results; to provide quality, original webmaster resources, because love Shanghai reduced or even eliminated low quality site, they will get more flow from the love of Shanghai.

In this paper, by the

The long journey of a blind man on the Internet

if I go back to university, I will go to Study hard to learn network, website production, even if it is to rebuild the subjects! Don’t even think we read the university diploma! I don’t know what the Internet is, learning a little later to participate in the work of basic computer knowledge is useless, ha ha the Ministry of education,


OK, well.

when the spring and summer of 2004, the Pearl River Delta region began to make the "shortage", I started to pay attention to the worker, really want to do a worker’s website, to provide at least some knowledge and legal rights to aid workers, some exposure shady, some lawyers in support of my friends is also very willing to provide free legal thoughts service. I have talked about this amateur thoughts with a liberal chairman, he immediately said: This is to build what kindness knows no bounds. Yes, things change, and workers from the "vanguard" into a "vulnerable groups.""……

‘s idea is good, but it’s a web site, but I don’t know anything about it. At that time also contacted several sites, they failed to agree on. Thus, this amateur idea gradually left behind as time went by. Later, due to the exposure of a large number of professional managers, I deeply appreciate the pressure and psychological burden of our work. Many friends know that after I study psychology, I will communicate some psychological problems with me.

07 years in early June, I went to visit the human resources director of a listed company, we are talking about more psychological problems, such as what books, what are the good information recommendation of psychology in human resource management and the application, and finally we all think we should do a mental site for human resources manager reference, reference for the majority of occupation managers.

this time, I made up my mind to do it myself, even if I was blind. So I began to study all night long to make the network. At first I FLASH animation, the first time to do a dynamic text, I am continuously adhere to the 2 night, I finally would be, it is a great feeling and thought very mysterious thing you can do that is how encouraging things. It is this inner feeling that drives the constant efforts of half a year to overcome a difficult problem. Perhaps these problems are not worth mentioning in the eyes of many people, but for my kind of net blindness, it is like a huge stone to the Internet. I need to move it alone.

I don’t even know what IIS is. I don’t know about HTML, ASP, SQL. I don’t even use FTP, and I don’t know how to use PHOTOSHOP or DREARWEAVER. Everything starts from scratch, and everything has to be felt by itself. On the installation of IIS, I actually did not succeed for four days, but fortunately with GOOGLE, there are DAIDU, and constantly take the problem to search. Really a bit like I do headhunting case, ha ha,


in August 13, 2007, I began to think of my own web name: psychological worry

Marriage website CEO Gong Haiyan Little Dragon’s entrepreneurial road


Gong Haiyan, a willing to take care of Hunan sister, with their own pursuit and dedication, inadvertently paved their own road between, and find their own happiness. "Still needs to All sufferings have their reward.," is her description of the status quo. Her success, in fact, stems from the combination of the ego and the ID.

has dropped out of school to earn a living as a part-time job,

Gong Haiyan, the net name "Little Dragon Girl", "Xiaoxiang swallow", "chili", graduated from the Chinese Department of Peking University, and received a master’s degree in journalism from Fudan University. In October 8, 2003, she raised funds, set up a special for college students matchmaking dating site Jiayuan. Today, the halo of her head is inseparable from her poor childhood.

Gong Haiyan was born in Hunan County of Taoyuan Province town frame a poor farmer, was feisty. "The second day, every summer vacation I have sold popsicles to earn tuition."

in 1992 August, Gong Haiyan experienced daxitaibei: the first is to directly send the provincial key middle school in Taoyuan in a few days after admission, a car accident, causing the right leg fracture! When a car accident, she was on the road to sell popsicles. The car accident, so that the poor Gong Gong owed more than 3000 yuan of foreign debt. In the last semester of her sophomore year, Gong Haiyan chose to drop out of school, when her grade was second.

she persuaded his father to find relatives borrowed 3000 yuan of money, students opened a shop in the vicinity of rural primary school, Changde City, she was a person on the wholesale market to purchase, a person keep shop, a year down even earn more than 7000. She suddenly found out that the money was good. A year later, with the desire for the sea, with the dream of youth, Haiyan went to Zhuhai to work. In Zhuhai, the Panasonic Corp, with his literary talent, from an ordinary working sister to do the company’s internal newspaper editor.

although the working life is very smooth, can be the most cherished or that a book. In November 23, 1996, after dropping out of school for three years, Gong Haiyan returned to Taoyuan to read senior middle school. At this time, she was almost 21 years old, and then the country’s college entrance examination age was 24. "Just in time for the last bus."".

in July 1998, the dropout of 3 years of girls, the county liberal arts champion scores admitted to Peking University Chinese department. After graduating from college in 2002, she was taken to Graduate School of Journalism at Fudan University.

during the graduate school, run dating website

dropped out of school for 3 years, from high school to college, to graduate students, Gong Haiyan has been bigger than his classmates, "my personal problems become a chronic problem.". My mother was in such a hurry that I had to start dating." A talk about this, Gong Haiyan laughed, without the slightest tweak.

Gong Haiyan frankly told the author, during graduate school, once two dating matchmaking site fraud. This is the two time I’ve been cheated

Baidu, please do not let your price ranking promotion, deceived the eyes of Internet users


story goes, my father is a lottery fan, to buy lottery tickets every day, and every day to buy, the chance of winning is very bottom, father every day on a piece of paper to draw pictures, select the numbers, in my eyes is a hobby, as it is a kind of greed father, I want to help, I can do what


in the evening I searched Baidu for the word "lottery" and found that the first page was all about Baidu’s lottery website. I opened the first page, which is the website of "national lottery network". When I was writing an article, when I was searching for the word "lottery", I found that the number one in the first place is no longer now. It is estimated that IP is over. I look at the day’s number and website operation analysis, the membership fee is charged, according to my experience, this station is a new station, do very neat, fee from 385 to 1980 yuan, of course grades are not the same, I see the website ranked 3 column (because the father like this is to buy), the winning numbers, they have to test in the district membership number, see the probability of winning is very high, at more than 80%, I have a little heart, only 385 yuan, one can get 1000 yuan, can also give the father recommended number, then maybe can also become the local Reds do I have to register an account, that is the remittance contact customer service after the opening. Prepare for the morning of the second day on remittances, night could not sleep a long time, think a lot of good things, think now, really funny.

the morning of the second day, in order to confirm the site, afraid there is a problem, Baidu in the search for the domain name, the result is a problem, find the letter of complaint in 12315 on the site, a letter of complaint address Id=14120 (not AD) I understand that a lot of money, but also the delivery of 3000 yuan deposit to prediction of service to them, the following I will not say, we all understand.

who caused this kind of thing, whose fault is it? Baidu’s fault, or the fault of the lottery network, or the mistake of greed?. I want to stand in the webmaster perspective, is the use of Baidu lottery promotion to deceive the greedy Caimi, provides such a platform of Baidu, the lottery website using this loophole, I think Baidu is not a little wrong? There is no law "provisions of the website promotion"? Deceive users of the site can do, you go there for the money conscience? Baidu is for the Internet service, your company is the master, don’t cheat the lottery lottery fans are insignificant skill not see it? You are friends! Although we are poor, but we have a conscience! Please don’t let your Baidu jjpm promotion cheat netizens


Users who talk about user experience are not designers

we have an intuitive sensitivity to our own web site, because the designer knows all about the websites he does. But this is only for yourself, not for the user. We design every detail of all website affect the user experience of the website, even a few words, a picture. Therefore, in the design, can make the web site as a fool type operation, become the user more popular way.


to have a good user experience for the design site, you need to know the user first. The vast majority of users on the site of knowledge is not fully understood, or even simply do not understand; usually people have a psychological fear of making mistakes in front of others, because some simple things did not know if he will feel awkward, so when the website design should try to be simple and easy to operate display page clearly, the page Jump is normal, this is a user’s love can predict the outcome of psychological, this will make users more confident.

has a considerable number of people will not ignore the user designer this view in web designers, they always think that they do the website function so simple, the operation should not be a problem, but they ignore their design is a professional website, and the user may have a fully understand the person of the website. In this type of user, the user experience of this site is not good.

take a very simple website example, before doing a web site, do a good job, after the site is not put into the site of the web page inside, this is also out of consideration for the safety of the site. But after a few days out of the question, the user is asked to call the website how there is no background, which is a site for people who know how to do is basically a trifles. But for users, it is a standard of incomplete functionality for web users.

so when we do web sites, we sometimes have to look at the website from the user’s point of view, and add a management portal on the home page to get the user’s approval. Always keep the user’s point of view from the designer, and you’ll find that sometimes you save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

article by webmaster in the first, welcome to reprint

What are they talking about when people are talking about micro agents

the past two years, micro business spread, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, friends often get together to discuss what is the micro business, how to make micro business, people often criticize the "derivative" itself is a false proposition, meaningless discussion. So what exactly is a derivative business and why it’s so controversial,



source: Black asked column

Author: Liu Mingwei

the past two years, micro business spread, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, friends often get together to discuss what is the micro business, how to make micro business, people often criticize the "derivative" itself is a false proposition, meaningless discussion.

I personally participated in the past two years, the founder of a brand of micro business founder, watching it how to step by step to grow. Now the gold password, skin care Brand Company business channels also include micro business sector, so in the skin care products micro business road, has been groping its normative model. Now with skin care products, micro channel participants, identity, background and experience, for everyone to explain this era, everyone is talking about "micro quotient" market.

first of all, for the derivative itself is a false proposition, I can only apply the old saying, "the existence" is reasonable". Micro business crowd present throughout every corner of the China, every year has been able to create tens of billions of economic benefits, solve the employment problem of tens of thousands of many people at the same time, increase the income, it brings to the customers the convenience, flexibility and mobility, is the impact of the traditional channels, it is not a false proposition also does not need too much after all, Facts speak louder than words.

so, what is the micro quotient? There is still no definition of "unified cognition".

said the micro business, most people will think of WeChat as the name suggests, is the sale of goods crowd, because WeChat is currently China’s most popular mobile phone mobile communication software, but in fact not only relates to the WeChat micro marketing, WeChat is just a part of the derivative, is a carrier of the media.

since the micro quotient is not just WeChat, what is the micro quotient


mentioned micro business, we should start from the rise of the internet. As we all know, our generation has gone through the three great age of the Internet revolution. Three big times are:

L Web1.0 era: "information age" represented by Sina, Sohu and NetEase is a "they say, we listen" era;

l Web2.0 era: "mop", "Tianya", "everyone" as the representative of "social times", is a "some people say, we listen to" the times;

L Web3.0 era: micro-blog, WeChat, unfamiliar street as the representative of fragmentation communication interaction era, is a "we say, we listen, everyone can participate", never tired of the times.