How to dig Shanghai dragon essence improve website popularity


Links: we usually do with the website Links its purpose is to allow more spiders through the friendship index to your website, to grab data. The second is increase website weight and PR through friendship, friendship is no longer, but in essence, only high weight, high site outside the chain to quickly enhance their PR the weight of this station and PR, mainly with the weight calculation and PR related.


as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is a must go through every webmaster, whether large or small, Shanghai dragon is a must to do every day, but deliberately excessive to do Shanghai dragon, the consequences are very serious risk of direct K station, Shanghai dragon hand just to better search engines identification data on the other hand, in order to facilitate users to browse. From the two points so we can better understand the Shanghai dragon, let Shanghai dragon looks more common, specifically in the following aspects:

3: the chain

picture: General webmaster all know spiders can’t grab pictures directly, because it does not recognize the images, it is how to grab pictures? Spiders crawl picture is mainly rely on the image to describe the inside of the ALT text, so only in pictures with ALT information will be more conducive to spider recognition, it will be crawling. In the article add the picture is more conducive to the article by spiders, because the picture more easily express the content of the article, to help the user understand the article meaning.

text: we generally write why need to be divided into paragraphs and subtitle, because the only way to facilitate users to browse, if an article all black text, not only beautiful, but also is not conducive to reading, but also not conducive to the spider crawling data capture the long tail keywords (subtitle), our subtitle generally need to be bold, this is why? First we learn the text in a web page: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags, these tags represent the text is actually displayed in the page size, H1 for the H6, as a minimum, the general spider that is the site H1 tag is a very important part. The back of the label next, so when the spider crawling data, the priority is to grab the H1 tag. We see the subtitle is bold, in order to reflect the importance he embodied in the article, let the spider grab priority. In order to achieve the purpose of grasping the long tail keywords.

with those of

in Shanghai Dragon

Miao Wenben: this kind of link connection forum signature.

The characteristics of

site structure mainly refers to the site within the chain within the chain, only to do good, will be more easy to grab data spider. The spider crawling is the main index through the link, if your site within the chain is not done well, the spider cannot index more data, so this time we need to do this through the map, convenient spider crawl the web site map data.

The new trend in 2012 the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform enhance Shanghai Longfeng effect

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform introduction


1. to push you love Shanghai love hope Shanghai site collected data; 2. to a certain extent reduce the additional burden of grasping generated; 3. web pages are more likely to be found in Shanghai and love to grab, add and delete data can be quickly understand love Shanghai; 4. can also view the detailed statistical data and other additional functions. Through these 4 characteristics, we can roughly understand the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform can speed up the site collected and detailed statistical data can be a detailed view of the site. Understand the Webmaster Platform product introduction. Xiaobian introduce function.

love at the end of 2011, Shanghai launched Webmaster Platform, can help owners to better grasp the website, statistics etc.. For those of us optimization personnel, any one item of Shanghai launched the love can not be ignored, and the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform undoubtedly in relation to third party websites on a lot of progress, provides a lot of help, here Xiaobian to share a few thoughts of love Webmaster Platform of Shanghai.



love Shanghai sitemap, Xiao Bian think it is very helpful to speed up the collection site. After the small website was added by the sitemap protocol, the website included increased a lot, 1 months included in the site from the original 68 to the current 204, visible or a good effect. The use of sitemap, we can look at the Shanghai love help file (贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/sitemap_help.html#05) to prepare a XML can be submitted to the Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, love Shanghai regularly grab you submitted by XML, the new site included inside, of course can also be directly to the new page address as a line in a way in a document submitted directly. Below is the editor added sitemap, using the XML file, but to update the XML document, in order to grab the articles are of the latest.

love Shanghai will be the site of the chain chain is committed to love Shanghai, can quickly and accurately remove dead links. This can help us better website optimization. In Shanghai love chain tools help, we can quickly get rid of dead links, will not affect the Shanghai spiders access and grab love. We all know that the site appears dead link will affect the spider crawling, reduce the degree of user experience. The timely removal of the death is very important, the use of the death of love Shanghai tools can be very good to remove dead links in search results.

tool chain of love

first, love Shanghai official to Shanghai Webmaster Platform is introduced: love is a service included in the "Shanghai love data submission platform. May:

love Shanghai sitemap protocol

Love Shanghai site syntax error

then I checked the index of the website, the results without any changes, it feels things not originally thought so serious. Now love Shanghai every act and every move are involved with the webmaster of the heart, the last of a number of regulation through the sale of two level domain name or directory for cheating site

dear Webmaster:

love Shanghai often on the relevance ranking algorithm, make some adjustments, this is no exception, on the recent changes in the site, the industry may love Shanghai station, in the adjustment of the relevant data, etc. after adjustment, the original data will be restored, the webmaster can only do is to wait for any efforts are in vain.

these days do not use love Shanghai site: command query site included, accidentally see "love again" Shanghai SITE sag content in the search outside Shanghai Longfeng forum headlines, I get in. So quickly: site website included quantity, website and from more than 30000 before, suddenly reduced to only more than 1000, I do not know what time this value begins to change, even if I did not find, but why colleagues did not find, I must find a solution. In Shanghai love to search for relevant content found around July 20th last year also had a similar situation, from the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform official Sina micro-blog will be able to prove the existence of matter.

site see the station included drop 90%, but fell in love with the sea station index did not drop too much, to love the Shanghai station index ", a headhunting company network marketing manager said. Indeed, even the love of Shanghai also said that the Site query syntax to estimate value, the accuracy is limited, please love Shanghai Webmaster Platform index data as the standard tool.


nearly two part of the site site to query the data reduction problem, we have to follow in an emergency, please wait patiently for the webmaster. At the same time to clarify the following two problems:

2, Site query syntax to estimate value, the accuracy is limited, please love Shanghai Webmaster Platform index data as the standard tool.

does not exist the so-called massive "K station", please friends at ease;

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform published: August 28, 2013

The following is the love of Shanghai on the

description of the site syntax:

love Shanghai own algorithm to adjust

site: for the estimation of the value of limited accuracy


comprehensive analysis, the above site: included a number of sharp decline in the situation is not all websites, aside not affected by the webmaster, generally hold the following two kinds of Views:

index tools address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/indexs/index

How to improve the site weight in Shanghai in the eyes of love in a short period of time

new station on the line just basically is not what weight, so in this period, especially the vulnerable, at this time if you casually changes website, the consequence is that the site is love Shanghai right down, of course, right down or is light! If you modify the amplitude ratio is larger, then your website and may be love Shanghai K pull out of or into sandbox, when you want to save the site is difficult to add more trouble!

4) on the site is not what weight before the webmaster best not to change the site keywords or template

just on the line of the web site is like a newborn baby, basically is not what resistance, so in this period we must ensure the stability of the site owners, especially the space server cannot see what the problem, I suggest the webmaster in the purchase of space is best not cheap although the quality of your space is not necessarily good, but the space is cheap is poor, because a server can place the number of Web sites is limited, space business to make money only two choices, one is to increase the price of space, the only way to ensure the stability of the server, the other one is the amount of money to sell, but the server will not have what security, when a user, the server will not load exploration, will There often isn’t open, or special access speed slow

3) new exchange links need to pay attention to quality of the other links, and can not add much chain

! ! ! !

in the hope of the web site of the weight of ascension, the chain is essential, but there is little need to pay attention to the webmaster, although our website is not new, what with the weight included, but not just a website to exchange links, so just for friends of the chain not only good for what our website. The opposite also may be affected by some micro effect is not good, so webmaster in exchange links must pay attention to the quality of the other links, there is also a need to pay attention to the webmaster, if you release the chain too much in a short period of time, it will also be love Shanghai right down to

from the Zhumadian recruitment network original, starting from the A5 website, please keep the link information: 贵族宝贝463>

! must not be out of the question! !

love love Shanghai regularly updated website, because this site is regular, but very stable, so webmaster want to site the weight lifting up in the shortest time, so webmaster best to find a fixed time to update the site better, also the best content not to directly copy and paste, especially those who repeat the website high QQ and short message, when publication in the update of the best original artifacts, try to make the content of the "original high quality"

1) the owners need to regularly update the website content is best original higher to

2) to ensure the quality of space, especially in the new station on the line just during the

How to increase the advertising revenue of shlf1314 AdSenseMust pay attention to the registered Wang

anyway, do Wangzhuan novice must learn to see more tutorials, this is a very important point, people are often do not know how to operate, so one must learn to look at the tutorial to operate, do not know to ask webmaster or Q group looking for answers. The station will be detailed to make Chinese tutorial, let everyone can understand, well, first talked about here, I wish you earn more dollars in Wangzhuan road.

in front of a good registration, you can register click on the site’s account, and this is also a critical step. For example, the registered NEOBUX site, first find the station tutorial, open the registration page through the recommended links, attention must be registered to become 99 net Wangzhuan downline opened by the link to this site, registered mail must be GMAIL, not domestic mail, like 163, , 126 mailbox is not received to activate the letter, a detailed description of the tutorial, there is not more to say.

PP the first to talk about it, it is very common in the world of online banking, online payment business support in more than 190 countries, support domestic credit card and bank account at the same time, it is very convenient for the people, the authentication is relatively easy. Open the PP page to see whether the official home page, then select the registered personal account, the choice of language Chinese, fill in the relevant information, there is a lot of people a lot of problems without a credit card should be how to do, the station again, no new credit card to hand the option with credit cards removed, do not tick, and then submit the registration, certification can be used later to PP domestic bank card.

novice do Wangzhuan the first thing is to learn how to register your account, this point is the basis, if this step is done, it is difficult to have the confidence to do it, must pay attention to matters so today to talk about the new registered account.

, how to improve the shlf1314 Adsense advertising unit price is a lot of webmaster has been more concerned about the problem. On my and the various groups, I have seen many friends ask. I myself have just started doing shlf1314 advertising. In conjunction with my observation of shlf1314 Adsense during this time, briefly talk about my personal views.

for two above described one example: for example a station put two ad, a 468*60 is placed on the top of the site, another 300*250 and the mixed shlf1314. Because the first high advertising display, so 468*60 display ads than 300*250 display high prices, but unfortunately this 468*60 what advertising does not point, the 300*250 ad click rate is high, but the advertising price is particularly low. How to do? The solution is to remove the 468*60 ads or put it in other locations it is best to remove it, ha ha.

registration AP must pay attention: set up 4 to 8 bits of pure digital trading code, must be pure digital, this withdrawals or payment to use, and there is security question and answer, don’t forget to fill in. This station is in English, so this station has a Chinese course, new people can read more tutorials to register, so as not to make mistakes.

original text from:>

has just started, newcomers have registered a GMAIL mailbox, is used to charge the activation of the letter, but also use this email address for registration for online banking account, registered mail is relatively simple, there is not much to say. About two registered foreign online bank accounts, one is AP, one is PP, the two must be registered, because in your collection is to use two of them, this is the same with the domestic alipay.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

The station optimization technology in Shanghai ranked best love

Corkish has been in the research for love Shanghai ranking technology, Fuzhou Shanghai dragon think maybe many people would think that the so-called Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, but pay attention to the Shanghai Longfeng resources and Shanghai Longfeng ideas only, other technology it is inconsequential details! However, I would like to point out that technology the details of Shanghai dragon actually has a very important role, especially for love Shanghai! As we all know, love is not good in Shanghai ranking optimization, especially for new sites, many people feel that Shanghai Longfeng basic technology is very simple, the rest is on the high quality of the chain of accumulation, by Shanghai dragon the ranking of resource accumulation, but for ranking optimization love Shanghai have a lot of details, if you pay attention, and learning, will make your site in There is a substantial leap ranking on

third, the website main keywords each title and content must be with the website similar to

this is definitely a very important, according to my personal experience, very obvious, there are several stations operating very well, without any problems, updated snapshot overnight, outside the normal chain release, the article also included normal, but not until after I always rank, to some Shanghai Longfeng for advice, just know originally. The main keywords my website title and content of many articles and websites have obviously deviated! As I go to India.

first, the content of the layout problem.

keyword hyperlinksThe

this is a very fine details, but for the love of Shanghai, due to the construction of love Shanghai more and more attention to the content of the website, so the content will be typeset love Shanghai used to determine whether an article with an important basis of user experience, so we must learn to love Shanghai editing Wikipedia article, the article it is very beautiful and the best layout can be illustrated, it will be very useful for the website ranking in the search engine


second, the

here to talk about his findings, because Kotch always alone of Shanghai dragon, so ashamed to have said about Shanghai Longfeng progress is not fast, but slowly progressive process. Kotch do several guest station, but 30% of the station is not love or love is ranked Shanghai, Shanghai ranked poor station, this raises a lot of my thinking. Until, I constantly and the Shanghai dragon master for advice and their own thinking, put a few lessons from the failure of the station are summarized as follows:

keyword hyperlinks, namely the site within the chain, the most important of course is the link anchor text, anchor text link anchor text! Must follow is the link must be completely consistent, and the anchor text in the article must be appropriate, not too much, not too bold, and a little bit the details are from Shanghai dragon why learn, is the anchor text keywords appear around. The anchor text in the article try to choose to have a relevant keywords near

! !

love Shanghai!

Runaway big event Maru Tang hope to create an independent business volume chief master huangIt’s not

since the contract binding is invalid, experienced "runaway" from 0 to 1 Li Di hope the company can provide added value in the content production for artists: "the content is the core part of the industry, an artist must be sustained by the public love he always has good content. But in the long run, content creation is not done by one person alone. The artist who we sign will act as a project manager to control and decide the general direction, and there is a team behind him to help him complete it."

although the contract spirit is not yet mature in the domestic market, Gibbon model can not be copied directly, but Li Di believes that the Internet era, the role of brokerage firm should be adjusted. In the traditional brokerage relationship, because the company controls the artist promotion channel and has the absolute right to speak; but now the Internet traffic has given more exposure opportunities Suren, famous artists access to resources or even more than the company, brokerage company in this case of the artist’s binding force is very low.

has made more than 90 stores in China since October 2014, when it opened 7 stores on the north, Shenzhen, Shenzhen and four sites since R Reserve. Just past June, located in Hangzhou China and Harbin Huili square two Starbucks select stores have opened in 2001 by the store opened in Hangzhou the first Starbucks store renovation and new design concept, is driving a ship on the ship Qiantang River; Huili square store is in Harbin Starbucks introduced the first select home stores, into the local elements of ice, primeval forest.

but in fact, Tang Maru actor Li Di is not a "runaway" company signed artists. Even when the fire Maru Tang, Li Di still has his full-time job. From the real estate, advertising, foreign trade to the maid cafe, Li Di’s resume does not have much work experience related to the content industry. So strictly speaking, the establishment of "entrepreneurial Qisan entertainment workshop is to start his investment in the field of Pan entertainment.

"runaway big event" with red, in addition to wear headgear King fuck, and chief master Huang Tang Maru. Adorable Huang base Bao set by Tang Maru in 2013 "runaway big event" first season has accumulated a lot of popularity, after "net king" of the two pillars of runaway comic fuck.

Starbucks is upgrading". Last December, Starbucks CEO, Howard, ·, Schultz announced the outgoing news, and then triggered a stock price shock – investors seem to double the anxiety about Starbucks’s slowdown. The good news, however, is that the man who created Starbucks’s legendary soul has not really gone away, but has worked to promote Starbucks’s high-end business as chairman of the executive board.



because the company set up soon, the "Qisan entertainment studio’s only two main artists, Li Di and his funny fairy net red dirt. About a year’s time, the company is planning a series of customized fairy and short video, sitcoms and talk shows; and let the real fairy sewage "fire it up" feeling is the last two first to the Divine Comedy, the whole network demand more than 20 million cumulative. In 2017 Li Di energy will focus on PGC live, shortly before Li Di and Penguin gaming signed 1 year.


barista Michael, dressed in an "advanced" black apron, stands at the opening bar of China World Trade Center’s opening store. His chest was decorated with four yellow and two silver medals, which were certified for several coffee making techniques, including siphon, hand punching, black hawk, and latte art. The bar displays when the season three select coffee beans: "Jose Sasa" Rwanda plum flavor, Kenya mountain "Kang ancient efforts" taste is sour, "Ecuador pichincha" has cinnamon flavor and fragrance.

a good selection of coffee beans and cooking methods, Michael will further inquiry and confirmation of your preferences such as "a little or a little acid alcohol", to adjust the water temperature and flow in the coffee making process, this is the two key factors affecting the taste.


heard that users are asking Tang Maru not shoot diffuse violence "" where is

all means more choice, the premise is that you are a real coffee lovers, or are willing to pay more money for early adopters. And in white-collar intensive, spending power of good China World Trade Center business district, Michael has more opportunities to contact such customers.

coffee shop

Hangzhou is a country big


"Qisan entertainment workshop" in the positioning standard of Japan’s listed companies: the old industrial Gibbon brokerage company flag gathered neon in the most GAGMAN, and master a television production company, CS broadcasting and cable television, because of strong artist cultivation and content creation, dispersing ability is known "the kingdom of laughter". And sitting on numerous artists Gibbon Societe Generale, in fact, there is no written contract with artists, all contractual agreements are basically verbal completion, Gibbon artists are all independent legal entity.

you may have strayed into some Starbucks stores, but you haven’t noticed anything special about it. After all, Starbucks has always held the idea of being a maverick: the brand is

now, this business is accelerating landing in china. It includes not only with the R logo, black star full range of children’s select stores, including a total construction area of 2700 square meters of the huge project — at the end of the year, the first overseas "select coffee roasting workshop" Roastery & Tasting Room will be unveiled in Shanghai.

After selling the station mood. Goodbye. My little station

started to cool it. Or it can be said to be curious about it.

life in the world. The most happy thing. Is this. What to think. What do you want to say what he said.! what


is afraid, as some philosopher says. A man’s life is a hope. He has only memories,


supposed to go after these unreal things,


06 years. Yes. Domain name. This thing has some contact. Remember at that time. Brother-in-law was abducted

spent half a day listening to the lecture. It took tens of thousands of dollars to buy a bunch of Chinese domain names. No wonder. Then,.

is a man who wants to make a.

one day, my brother-in-law doesn’t have time. Let me help him with the lecture,

the gold medal instructor is different. Abduction force%100.!


was wondering at that time. He wanted to give him some too. Unfortunately, I was so shy.


, a few days ago, my brother-in-law called me and asked if I knew where to trade the domain name. It would be faster,

thinks now, but feels relieved,..

I think: Internet users are basically accustomed to English domain names. Too rely on search Baidu.

What information does

find? Basically, throw a few words at Baidu. Then find the answer,

Chinese domain names. It seems that the promotion is not so comprehensive. Internet users basically do not have this awareness,


has always been an obscure member of the space module. He’s always learned a little bit of skill. He’s been giggling at.

for a long time

did. Got it. Somebody’s OK.

I didn’t start to think about it. My attention moved to the website..

I asked myself. Other people’s Web site. The content is not very special. Why is it so hot?


I want to try. So I started my journey,.

picked up some big service providers. After picking up three stores, they picked a.

in Shenzhen

just happens to be doing their anniversary this month. The deals are really good,

tested the speed of their hosts. Service attitude. Think OK!


bought the domain name. Don’t parse it by yourself. Let them help me with.

bought the host. Find a friend. Teach me to upload programs. Modify HTML,


my stop. That’s it. The little changes. Collect the content day and night,

began to feel tired. It wasn’t what I thought it was,.

has a mind to give up.

after a few days of ideological struggle, I still decided

Online shop so easy to operate successfully

contemporary shopping, the most common is the online shopping. With the continued strengthening of the trend of online shopping, more and more entrepreneurs have seen this fat, especially after the double eleven 19 billion 100 million last year, more and more people began to plan in the online shop, then a qualified business plan is essential.

executive summary whether it is business or to sell a new product to find new profit growth point, in the selection of new products must first clear their goals, is prepared to develop the product as a long-term career, or just as a supplement to existing products, or for some purpose the other purpose is not the same, this project will determine your money, time, energy and operating methods are not the same, these factors often directly influences and even determines the fate of the project.

1, the beginning is not online, but in your mind.   you need to think about what you want to open a shop in this shop is no different from the traditional shops, looking for a good city to taste their own goods is the cornerstone of success.

2, choose to shop platform or website.   you need to select a site that provides a personal store platform, registered as a user. This step is very important.   most sites will require the use of real names and identity cards and other valid documents for registration. In the choice of the site, popular and strong and whether the charges, as well as charges are very important indicators. Now many platforms provide free shop service, which can save you a lot of gold.

3, apply to the site to open stores.   you have to fill out their own shops to provide goods classification, for example you sell fashion watches, it should be classified as "jewelry, watches, glasses" in the "watch" category, so that your target users can accurately find you. Then you need to start a name for their own shops, users click on the list which shop, depending on whether the name is attractive. Some shop display personal information, should be filled in order to increase the level of trust.   shop how to choose the shop treasure house

4, purchase.   can be purchased from your familiar channels and platforms, control costs and low price is the key.

5, login products.   you need to put the name of each commodity, origin, location, nature, appearance, quantity, trading, trading time and other information to fill in the website, it is best to match the pictures of goods. The name should be as comprehensive as possible, because the advantages of others, when others search for such goods, only the name will be displayed on the list. In order to increase the attractiveness, the quality of the picture should be as good as possible, it should be as detailed as possible, if you need to post >

The development prospect of Chinese fast food from foreign fast food

in recent years, foreign fast food in the country more and more fire, do not say anything else, just look at KFC will know. There is a phenomenon that we do not know whether to pay attention to, almost in the vicinity of each KFC, there will be a McDonald’s across the 50 meters, then the question is, why is this? The answer is: fall in love with each other, a good friend!

Kentucky from the beginning to develop more suitable for Chinese consumer delicacy. Although traditional American fried chicken KFC has been widely China consumers, KFC and did not let up the development of new products, there are Steamed Rice packages and Dragon Twister such all-weather, has also launched Chinese style congee, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks and Soybean Milk breakfast series.

is not only such cooperation with Alipay, KFC, or a kind of optimization for consumer services. In the rush hour, such as lunch and dinner, checkout procrastination has become an important reason for reducing consumption experience. The introduction of mobile phone payment, reducing the waste of credit card, change such a link time.

The introduction of