Let love Shanghai, noble baby love on your website

second: attract spider crawling your site

spider is to write text, soft paper is not only the high quality of the chain, a method of this station is to attract the spider crawling. When we released it write original articles to some weight high site (general weight high website spider crawling more frequently), spider will find your article, then follow the soft connection in the address into your site, then you start to judge spider web resources according to the anchor link your article, keyword crawl your site, here, I remind you of a few words, do not use false original tools, although these tools will save time, but the Internet most software spiders are immune, they have their own algorithm, then according to the algorithm to identify whether your paper is machine pseudo original and if anything, the spider is still not included your article. When a spider crawling your site after the end will send the collected content to the server and then collected, and then it will appear because the station for the keywords and link address to improve your website ranking work. The process is as follows:

spider crawling

1, try to use a static web site, the spider can’t identify the dynamic website should do things in text notes;

when the engine spiders crawling the web, they need to crawl information is the first station structure, the inspection station structure is smooth, when a spider crawling site after structure identification is smooth, then it is judged to do site information freshness, were collected according to the fresh degree of information, when the spider the collected information to the website server, the server will be based on the value ranking processing. According to these characteristics, we can do this:

The best way to attract

for the love of Shanghai, Google, most of the owners feel is not easy to want to love you. In fact, relatively speaking, love Shanghai, Google will not be so difficult to get along with. Let us love Shanghai included content, updated snapshot every day love Shanghai, the basic premise is that your site should be content, and don’t try to content and other site duplicate content is too high, or is the big fairy can’t help you. First of all, on this basis, I put my xiaomm.net station in Shanghai dragon optimization experience to share to everyone, hope for those who hold the door webmaster some help.

2, the station resources as the original, duplicate content spider not included;

4, the spider will crawl the web site is updated regularly, try to grasp at the same time every day.

3, properly, the weight of Web information such as key words, do not mislead the spider;

is the first problem: to understand the search engine spider

1, in some relatively high weight of the original site to publish original articles, and then finally add a keyword link address, attract spider crawling your site.

Guangxi network promotion master Jiang teacher online training course summary

analysis, two groups of potential customers

analysis of customer first to classify customers, including gender, age, region, income, hobbies, Internet habits, so that when we formulate promotion plan will be more targeted, make promotion plan according to the target user’s requirements or habits, truly targeted, we have only one goal, that is to improve the user experience.

, from which the analysis of rival

every day to complete what work? How much work? To achieve what effect, not reached to see what the reason is, for their own good work plan, work resolutely every day according to plan. Usually no goal is blind, can not improve their professional skills.

these days in the Jiang teacher online training, as a novice, I feel a lot, to become the real master of Guangxi network promotion. In training before I have been with my friends said I was doing network promotion, but the teacher in the river mouth so we push hands is actually the network of migrant workers, migrant workers IT. There is a lesson about the analysis of competitors, relative to other content, this part I hear more carefully, the main contents of this article is to promote the process of network, how to analyze the competitors, be on their own this time listening achievement summary.

3, rival personnel assigned personnel assigned departments: how to edit, technology, promotion and sales, to find their strengths of

four, set a good work plan

three, to determine the promotion method

1, the competition website background: time domain name, team size, member background, input

promotion methods collect competitors, information gathered through the analysis of the competition means of promotion, the opponent from the side and inquire about the progress achieved, determine the promotion strategy, list the promotion methods used, such as community forum posting, blog promotion, email marketing, QQ group communication, soft publicity, event promotion, network advertising so, the advantages and disadvantages of each method and effect evaluation and how to implement. My Guangxi network communication platform is slowly sat up, on the effect of these methods every day. Collecting on a good site to the classification, this is a fortune.

2, the competition website: website data, data channel data, registration number, date of posting, flat shot visibility, market share of


competitors can play the role of predecessors in many times. Their advantage? What are they doing? They next and what you want to do? If you want to develop, rely on their own ability is not enough, to observe the development of competition, learn from the successful experience of direct application, we can make many detours. What is called, baizhanbudai, then we mainly analyze the rival those of

Talk about the future development of Shanghai love think optimization

to tens or even hundreds of thousands of the chain, what words do to the first

website was K in group inside the venting, the love of Shanghai severely scolded, and now I see the situation of share in the group, the general reaction is flattering, and told me that this situation has been very common, has largely concluded that love Shanghai now right down, is to cut the home page, as long as the home K did not, it is very difficult to recover, no matter how you go to the original, how to do the chain, are of no use. I heard my heart sank, and I now encounter a situation like home, has been K to more than two weeks, I adopt countermeasures is still the original article, before submission with the hair of the chain, love Shanghai occasionally included in the page of my home, but has not put out. The home page is put out, the ranking is not, there is no ranking, no traffic, now I have not receive what the list every day, this day was bitter.

name? I asked what is the name of the first, the friend replied, is outside the chain. A chain of black hat technique is very popular now known as the pan station, I said well, heard, is the use of sub domain name and then use the collected tens of thousands of, increase the amount collected, increase the weight of the domain name. I asked what content acquisition? The friend replied, what content do add anchor text keywords on the OK, I’ll give you a station to see you, see the ranking is not very stable, look at the article page is what I browse the web, some are not related articles with the keywords anchor text. I am surprised, it can also row stability? Friends say a few words that you and the rest of the year, Shanghai love to you K all killed, what you original is not restored, these words he needs only one month, all in the first month, and is very stable, even if found to be in love with the sea K, can also have countermeasures. I wonder what is the restoration strategies, friends said.

I check the chain to inform the site, really is a sub domain, but also are not open, but the number of tens of thousands, completely beyond our industry chain in the upper limit. Then I think the website chain, mainly rely on the release of the soft, do.

After the

yesterday to a friend who was also in Shanghai dragon, I chat with the status quo, talked about the original station at hand, do not ask me still now, I say a left, still insist on, just do not know why the recent home is K off, and never recover, and I have been in the original, there is no cheating. Friends laugh at me, what year, still in the original, the old concept of Shanghai dragon no past now do, update the original original content have a wool, so much love, do not give you the Shanghai ranking, opposite to you K clean. I was very depressed, love Shanghai obviously is to encourage the algorithm to adjust the original content, but now how to start K original content? Further analysis: friends love Shanghai for the content of capture is a priority, even if you are the original station, but because of a head is not loud enough……

Analysis of how local ordering industry promotion

The author also mentioned the

line line second points: how to effectively integrate

analysis of my client source

The first point:

above the author’s QQ group promotion, is a kind of network promotion. In fact, the local fast food industry is more suitable for the promotion, such as line, distribute leaflets promotion etc.. Today I noticed that the Zhenhua fast food packaging do very well, each food in a box, a reservation number and website address box. But no >

as shown above, there are many places in the group setting for promotion, for example: the name of group announcement, group introduction, group. In the QQ group announcement to write their recent activities, for the fast food industry, can be "thanks for your support to certain food, now ordering over 50 yuan to send copies of soup", such promotional activities. Using QQ group to promote a clear advantage: low cost, as long as the establishment of N QQ group according to their own needs on the line. A reservation with group internal customer personnel, believe that the work efficiency is much higher than the phone. But to tell the truth, to make local services, or to some promotion methods combined with the line, like a reliable reputation promotion. I ate them home fast food today, the taste is good, if the price is reasonable, I will definitely book, personal feeling to do for promotion need to pay attention to the following points:

Analysis of


Hello, I am Liang Lei. At noon today, the company found a home in ordering, ordering has its own enterprise website. So curious to see, finally found an ordering of the QQ group, add that this is a specialized for ordering the QQ group, I feel pretty good. At least this ordering the leadership of the company network promotion consciousness, for local food and fast food industry, the traditional modes should be changed? Using QQ group customers can avoid the phone trouble, local fast food industry for customers are generally companies group dining, one of the largest companies ordering. For example, the ordering of the company today: Zhenhua fast food, have their own customer service staff in the QQ group, so that customers can send messages directly to order, do not call so upset, for the convenience of customers, and improve work efficiency.

above the local fast food industry is the most important source of customers is that companies, some companies will give employees meals, most cases are a set of types, taking into account the influence of geographical location, the number of copies of the reservation is too small (sometimes enough room for oil, Fei Ne) this situation generally do not send. But many fast-food restaurants have many branches in a city, so the coverage is wide, the company belongs to the group ordering ordering, if the number can consider whether to give some concessions? Generally work in the company of people will choose some economic and affordable lunch, so ordering time should be the first consideration of the price. In fact, the food is delicious.

What is behind this hyperlink algorithm to upgrade the subtext of cheating

May 8th released "love Shanghai Web2.0 anti spam spam Internet Raiders strike". From the title can be seen in the fight spam, we don’t produce waste sites, it is said the content.

August 22nd "love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, will affect the cheating site included and low-quality site ranking". Love Shanghai’s official statement "the love of Shanghai system upgrade, hit mainly as random sampling, influence the user experience of the website chain cheating etc.". In fact, here at the mention of hyperlink cheating, but the five kinds of situations are introduced about the content, and not as a hyperlink, nor the webmaster actually feel blow hyperlink. It is a bit like the blow hyperlink foreshadowed.

this year, love Shanghai efforts to upgrade algorithm over the years is not, almost two months for a major upgrade. In May the low quality of the news website, in June a large number of sites There was no parallel in history. algorithm is upgraded by K on August, low quality content processing algorithm and upgrade, and the fight against cheating the chain in October. Such a strength of the upgrade to the webmaster toss miserable, there are many webmaster said this love Shanghai is too hard to pondering the future direction in which ah. In fact, I think the love of Shanghai in every major upgrade direction after the algorithm is more and more clear, before love Shanghai upgrade algorithm we don’t know before, now in love with Heby open, give us a notice on each algorithm in force, make our website dead a bright white.

In July 2nd

from each announcement in the title we can find some common characters:

October 23rd "on the upgrading of hyperlink cheating algorithm". We can see from the title seems to be for the hyperlinks, in fact also for hyperlinks. But the subtext is according to the content, please see the official is how to say "the love of Shanghai system upgrade, the main object of attack for the intention of manipulating sites in Shanghai love search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat in the exams. Among them, including any point to your site links or derived from your link to deliberate manipulation. Manipulation of these links may affect the quality of search results to Shanghai love hurt the user experience, but also a lot of hard damage websites owners interests, vicious spiral, lead to the Internet ecological healthy development, there are a variety of interest groups.

In fact,


released "the low quality site measures have been effective". Love quotes Shanghai’s official statement "this update for the low quality of the site in the search results show more of control; low quality sites refer to: no original or false original (rarely original content, or content / machine generated a large collection of the Amendment); this part of the site is not designed for the final users, but only in order to get traffic from search engines." What is the low quality site, no good content of the website is the low quality site.

The gaming industry blowout 80 Home Appliances Stocks competing latent new three hidden behind gradu

many sites have tried some CPS advertising, earned a lot of money, very satisfied; some earn some money, but not as good as the other advertising money, not very satisfied; some did not make money, is not satisfied; The website

July 10th, 2017 "hero alliance League of Legends" the Asian intercontinental match tournament finals, China LPL division, the final total score of 3:1 score victory over South Korea’s LCK division, won the asian tournament champion. Even the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League micro-blog reprinted messages congratulations".

as the concentration of web designer, the ideal blue put web design books is the most appropriate; other similar websites selling books and PHP programmers focus on CHINAUNIX, network marketing enthusiasts from the new observation of online marketing, foreign language enthusiasts focus on New Oriental, foreign exchange enthusiasts focus on net financial investment etc..

user group is very clear: jelly, jelly and support for Jane Zhang is endless, so Jane Zhang went out of the new album, there will be many fans to buy

1 gaming industry blowout development

1, consistent user group characteristics,

sample site 1: Blue ideal: blueidea/special/webstandards/

from the industry itself, E-sports and sports, as more emphasis on a confrontational, divorced from the public online games "entertainment" level, audience groups compared to ordinary online games small. So, the market worried about the future direction of the gaming industry, the public, or there is a certain degree of difficulty.

is a visitor to your website is what kind of people, such as beauty website, then we can think of selling cosmetics is better, if the forum, so basically sell milk is more appropriate; there are a lot of books like the site, visitors are reading people, so is the best selling books according to statistics, at present, every month can gain more than 10 thousand of the book stand is about 10 or so, be too numerous to enumerate 1000 yuan of above;

2, higher user stickiness,

sample site 2: Jane Zhang official network: janezhang/

the reason is because the CPS and CPC, SP are essentially different, we put on the CPC and SP are generally fixed mode: find a place to hang up the code, and then no matter; however, it can be said that those who do this CPS, some do not make money, CPS money. Must not do so;

but more and more gaming game developers or agents by policy support, industrial enterprises to enter the direction is not the same, and downstream of the media, derivatives and other income, the income structure of the gaming industry gradually diversified company.

July 14th, veteran gaming company Razer Razer the HKEx has submitted IPO application, plans to start in IPO before the end of October this year. The news, or the valuation of the company amounted to US $5 billion, will become the first Hong Kong stocks of pure gaming stocks.

in the new board, have mutual entertainment as the representative of the hero to gaming stocks lurking. The new board online to incomplete statistics, the gaming industry is currently engaged in the new three board listed companies have more than 80.

policy support, the rapid expansion of the gaming industry. The latest game gyro data show that from 2013 to 2015, more than 80% growth in the number of domestic tournament tournament; market size of about 200 million yuan, an increase of 500% in 2016, reached 1 billion 200 million yuan.

now, for ordinary users of the website different from the steel crane for the enterprise such as B2B website will generally find the right CPS advertising, with the largest CPS Yiqifa Alliance eqifa, there are dozens of shopping sites, including books, audio and video, digital, cosmetics, baby, clothing, air tickets, Home Furnishing etc. the types of goods can meet almost all Internet users shopping needs.

Oriental Wealth Choice data show that the new board in the gaming industry more than 80 companies.


new board is a simple sort of online gaming industry chain, the gaming industry chain can be divided into three parts, namely the game development operations, tournament operations, gaming media and peripheral products sales.

as a whole, I think the main factors that affect CPS delivery are the following:

E-sports is becoming more and more popular in China, and the whole industry chain is becoming more and more mature. At the beginning of 2016, the national development and Reform Commission issued "on the issuance of the notice" to promote consumption upgrade and promote the action plan put forward, to carry out electronic games and entertainment events, strengthen the organization and coordination and supervision and management, in the premise of the protection of intellectual property rights and to guide the youth under the enterprises as the mainstay, held a national or international e-sports game entertainment events.

generally, the biggest difference between CPC and CPS in CPC, click once on the formation of income, but only click on CPS is not enough, you may need a longer period of time, or even require the user to click multiple conversion orders, thus forming income, therefore, high viscosity.

to 2016, the domestic gaming users reached 125 million people, in 2018 the domestic gaming users will reach 190 million people, the annual compound growth rate of 24.69%. The study concluded that "the domestic gaming with the rapid growth of the number of users, the gaming industry appeared short-term blowout phenomenon".

The compatibility of the six sites of performance analysis of problems caused by incompatible websit

now computer users know a computer information, good compatibility, computer operation will not appear a lot of problems, but also in the same computer configuration a stroke above conditions. For example, two different brands of content are placed in the same computer, and there will be incompatible errors. The reason is usually better compatibility in computer accessories with a manufacturer, or the same brand produced in the production process of computer, computer with specialized personnel for the computer in compatibility to test and control performance, can let the computer can achieve the best.

, a web site is the same, usually in the web site compatibility is shown in the code and code, code and script and other related procedures on the structure are compatible with each other, generally speaking, such as setting in the web page is UTF-8 encoding format for the default is GB2312 encoding format, web site there will be garbled. This is one of the most common incompatibilities.

and more often, in some large sites, different modules or different function, make use of different technologies and different language to write is not compatible between this situation most likely is the code. And most commonly, it happens when the code between the page HTML code and the scripting language is not compatible with each other.

The incompatibility of

sites usually results in the following situations:

1, often garbled in the website.

believe that many people will be encountered such a situation in the Internet, when you open a web page or a jump, a cannot read the website in the encoding, sometimes site construction personnel to ensure the security of the data that is set up on the website of the garbled form. But this is usually only to privileged users can see, and general tourists and the user can enter the advanced users can see the page. If you are using the identity of visitors to enter the site and the site garbled words, this time we should pay attention to whether the site compatibility problems.

2, data transfer exception in Web site.

as a web site building staff, the data transfer in the site is unusual, such a situation is the most reluctant to appear. Usually this kind of circumstances, will first consider the code, program, database connection is normal, if the connection is not a problem, is to check the site of compatibility is abnormal. When the code, program, database, one of the three compatible exceptions, used to regulate a database in a field or attribute can not be read normally, resulting in transport anomalies.

3, the page will appear in the web error

for the general use of Web site users, for web site error and not too much knowledge, only know that the site in the wrong time, somewhere can not

Wang Tong Strategic Analysis of Alibaba group

wrote an article "B2B" the inevitable decline of Alibaba blog yesterday, in this article, I have been clear just according to the analysis of Alibaba B2B business, I just put myself about three years ago to say, still attracted Ma fans abuse, but abuse, not a reason the twins. Sorry…

Alibaba B2B is playing a concept, bullying small and medium-sized enterprises do not understand network marketing, Alibaba charging model unchanged, inevitably decline. But Ma smart like aliens, will not wait, so we analyze the Alibaba’s strategy, may be able to better judge the Alibaba to


1, Alibaba launched shop

Alibaba’s shop is to provide a simple self-help site for SMEs, this product seems simple, but still relatively cost-effective for smes. Because more than 2000 yuan, the establishment of a business website, fairly cost-effective. Alibaba this strategy grabbed a lot of construction company’s rice bowl, but still clever trick.

recommends: products do better, and if you can integrate some of the marketing services in accordance with the effect of charging into, you can get leaps and bounds.

2, Alibaba launched business platform

U88, 28, Alibaba with a website to make money is cool, also launched a business platform to join, this approach is not clever, because the water is too deep, and too dark. A friend in this field is such evaluation of the franchise project, which more than 90% of the venture to join the project is to cheat joining fees,


recommends: cut off this item,

3, Ali software project, Alibaba launched this project is very smart, because this project can be very good in Alibaba current customers to tap new values. But as far as the current form is concerned, the Alibaba seems to be working too hard on this project.

suggested: "as with Taobao, we need to make further efforts to develop faster,


4, word of mouth

Alibaba own team out to do, and then back in the acquisition, in the classification of information inside is not the top, but still good. And recently, money has been collected through the "shop".

suggests: "word-of-mouth shop should be more personalized, and at the same time reduce the price by half, it is estimated that there may be more frenzied sales growth.".

5, Taobao

burned more than N million, burned to the position of China’s C2C boss, helped countless people earn money, but he has not made money. If it wasn’t because Taobao had trained its users as a free habit, with charging in other countries, Taobao would be crazy. But the Internet in China is a free environment, and you need to pay for it

Introduction to the dedecms acquisition function for the Diamondback

for dishes, dedecms acquisition function entry

Dedecms acquisition function, although not as good as some professional software, but in fact it is also good. Of course, there are many novice friends may still be confused, here, I give you a demonstration of the most basic collection function.

, here we collect http://www.dedecms.com/web-art/htmlbase/HTML/list_33_1.html

‘s official article list, for example,

first comes backstage

one, into the dedecms background, into the acquisition node management, build a new node, model, we will choose the article model


two, fill in the node information:

name on the arbitrary, encoding to choose the right, or the acquisition will appear garbled, source casually, other default

anti-theft chain, regardless of his


three. List complete

, pay attention to a few places. We’re picking


and look at other listings like



see the rules, No. from 1 to 3


very good, so set the http://www.dedecms.com/web-art/htmlbase/HTML/list_33_[var: paging].html


four. Content rule setting

because it is demo, as long as the set of the simplest, the two will do, the title and content, other settings are not

of course, here’s the content of the article in the page. Depending on the site and the page structure, the location is different.

so you have to understand the HTML code first. Know where the content of the article is stored between the code.

< >

Yunnan, Yunnan creative entrepreneurial activities

is now attracting a number of entrepreneurial talent to return home to become a lot of entrepreneurial activities in the local government to do one thing, while all over the country have been held on the topic of a lot of activities to return home entrepreneurship.

investment "cool music box" and other well-known Internet music platform joint entertainment President Mr. Liang Lei, innovative investment bank experts bearing fund partner Mr. Zhang Jie of Yunnan investment venture showed great enthusiasm and interest, they think Yunnan still has great space mining venture.



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