How to use the original article to optimize the key words

in the middle of it is still reasonable with optimization of the key word to us, so that can make the search engine that we attach great importance to this keyword. As for how many times? In general, only your article statement is smooth, with several key words more than it is. But, still want to repeat remind a: this in all the key word must not add hyperlinks to other pages, otherwise, will disperse the weight you want to optimize keyword.

we use to optimize the key words in the article, the title of the article must be with you to optimize the key word, which is conducive to the search engine to search the first time you to optimize the key word. But note, an article generally optimize a keyword, otherwise, the weight will distract you to optimize the key word, that is to say, the title of the article with only one of your key word to optimize. With you to optimize the key word in the title, the key word in this article, can be said to be the key word in all the weight is the highest, so, we must write the title of the article, and the title is unique, that is to say, not search second such title in love Shanghai, this is beneficial to be love Shanghai included and improve the weight of keywords.

finally, to remind, to optimize the key word with the article, must be original article! Otherwise the effect is the reverse! Well, said very detailed, as long as you webmaster.

2, the beginning of

to do the optimization, less than before the 30 general the word must appear once you to optimize the key word, and bold, so you can smoothly to the search engine search to you to optimize the key word, but note: this keyword must not add hyperlinks to other pages otherwise, the weight will also loose you to optimize the keywords, this is very important, specific can see I was helping a dating website optimization: stuffed edge network, look at how we do, sometimes we can be the key words in bold, which is conducive to do search engine optimization.

1, the title of the article

at the end of the article is very important, generally speaking, 30 words at the end of the post is still an optimization of the key word to us, and are bold, so as to make the search engine more clearly know that we attach great importance to this keyword, we are efforts to optimize this keyword, so Google will love Shanghai we need to improve the key word ranking to go slowly.

some time ago wrote in an article: "Shanghai dragon A5 webmaster site in the five optimization operation", we can learn from the feedback information, this article does help to many webmaster, in addition, there are some Adsense in consultation: how to optimize the key word in the original article to take with you? The exchange, I hope after reading this article can help you webmaster.

, the middle of 3

At the end of 4, the We use

The case shows that web sites do not require daily updates


recently took over a coffee franchise website, according to the optimization of personal experience to understand, to join this kind of website is not necessary to update every day. Because of this kind of website for the user’s attention is the size of your company, brand, service and franchise fee have their own profit. While washing equipment maintenance knowledge, knowledge and skills will be joined in training, franchisees are generally the boss not to pay attention to these problems. But colleagues hope that every day, about the website to update this topic, I had to convince each other each one sticks to his argument, with their own personal examples of sites do not need to update every day. As the saying goes: Facts speak louder than words. Here we use the case to show the website does not need daily updated rankings stable.

through my list let colleagues sincerely convinced, if need to update the website and not by our love to Shanghai, but the user. To analyze our users on what is the content of demand and I >

friends do a Taobao guest website, last updated in August 24th, ranking the site before basically are in love in Shanghai before three, because now to not too busy with other projects management keywords ranking has declined, but enough to illustrate the problem. This site compared to the above wedding photography industry is special, because the users of this website is to buy goods, the text content of no interest, may be only interested in that you have not received promotional discounts. Don’t need to update the article, but I found a lot of peers every day love Shanghai included the number 100, at 200, look at the contents of this website are collecting the life cycle is very short.

A case of The two case of

niche web site optimization Xi’an wedding photography industry, wrote a lot of articles before the wedding photography industry articles such as: "how a cheating image station Shanghai home", "love optimization case study: wedding photography station how to enhance the user experience", "practical wedding photography how to tap the user demand" we are interested in you can see.

this site all target words were in love in Shanghai home, a few ranking is not so in Shanghai before the three or four day about 150 IP. Although the site is currently included only one, but fell in love with the sea is a number of specific index will not say. This site I was last updated in September 14th, so far I haven’t update an article. Because I can not find the updated content, this is a typical picture station user demand content is the picture rather than writing things, only for users interested in the text may be activity information, like wedding photography skills what users do not care, because these should be worried about the photographer. So, any text information is redundant will interfere with the user.

The case of

OK, look at this website:



The website method for preventing CC attack

actually, do not use site guards class service, directly through the analysis of Web logs, or it is easy to tell which is the IP CC attack, CC attack because after all is through the program to crawl the web, browse the characteristics different from ordinary or great, such as ordinary visitors to access a web page will be continuous grab the page HTML files, CSS files, JS files and pictures and a series of related documents, and the CC attacker only grab a URL address file, does not capture other types of files, the User Agent and most ordinary visitors, this can on the server it is easy to tell which visitors are CC attack, the attacker can determine since IP, so preventive measures is very simple, only need the batch IP shield can achieve CC attack prevention purpose .

CC attack attack technology content is low, the use of tools and some IP proxy, a primary and intermediate level computer users will be able to carry out attacks. However, if you understand the principle of CC attacks, it is not difficult for CC attack some effective preventive measures.

CC (Challenge Collapsar DDOS) attack (distributed denial of service) a is a common site of attack, the attacker through a proxy server or to the broiler victim host constantly send a large number of data packets, causing the other server resources exhausted, until the crash down.


not only that, I also found that after a certain site guards is enabled, but more likely to be attacked by the CC, because this site guards and can not filter out CC attacks, IP attacks after the acceleration, change become the website guardian of the IP, is the same on the website server to display IP, server to filter these IP.

CC attacks, one is through the firewall, and some Internet companies also provide some services such as firewall, XX site guards and XX Bao, another method is to write their own procedures to prevent CC attacks, the website yesterday met, this also let me try a variety of effective CC attack method to prevent.

in principle, all firewall basically will detect concurrent TCP/IP connection number, more than a certain number of a certain frequency will be considered Connection-Flood. But if the number of IP is large enough to make fewer connections of single IP, may not be so the firewall can prevent CC attacks.

I’d like to start using certain site guards to prevent attacks from the interface, seems to prevent a large number of CC attacks, but the login, traffic still abnormal, attack still looks, this effect did not reach the site guards.

finally, I spent half an hour to write.

There are several ways to prevent

Small defeat dead money of fast-food readme a grassroots entrepreneurs in BeijingPioneering story Zh

Narrator: old

I: This is the story of a dark horse to a grassroots entrepreneurs in Beijing Lao Jia, online education business stories before we talked about an old skin, they all have a lot of similarities, are very optimistic, very young, very persistent, and Lao Jia story and something different. The old merchant from Shandong, no family background, alone in the city of Beijing hard business, experienced failure, also experienced joy, now he has returned to the sales, sat a job I love, he said he wanted to reflect on their thinking while the grass roots have entrepreneurial experience. So, as Lao Jia friends I, in one night, slowly put the struggle and frustration this period of life slowly integrate into my fingertips, he said that his experience can let more people take some detours, further success. In Lao Jia’s story, there is no loss, sadness, frustration, and some just a calm, self-confidence, and constantly reflect on and go to the new him. The following is the entrepreneur Lao Jia readme:

but who knows, built such a fast broad platform, throwing Zhao Haidong exactly how much effort and sweat.

, rather than retreat webs. In the winter of 2006, after a few years in Xuzhou, Zhao Haidong returned to Pizhou dressed in a snowstorm. In the face of private enterprises and home Internet business services only "be in full swing, not betrothed yet the first awakening interest in the opposite sex" situation, Zhao Haidong will produce an idea, do a company specially for all types of enterprises and institutions to develop web services, but suffer from lack of experience, but also take heart failure, it has not been put into action.

like most students majoring in computer, after graduating from Zhao Haidong, assembled computers in the computer network in the Internet as the city, too, a teacher at the computer training class, do program development in the network company, but this is all for the people who work for others. Want to do a career of Zhao Haidong, or to

Pizhou has a long history of planting ginkgo, after years of development, Pizhou ginkgo planting area has reached more than 30 acres, is the largest ginkgo tree planting, gingko ginkgo and ginkgo health food production, product standardization production base.

everything is difficult at first. What do you do when you first run the company alone? Zhao Haidong really has the feeling of tigers eating the sky. Hesitating and hesitating, he accidentally saw the enrollment advertisement of the labor bureau from Pizhou TV station. Zhao Haidong, as if in the dark night found a hint of dawn, then immediately sign up, participated in the SYB training.

later put the idea aside, has been honest to sell cars, but I was a restless person, heart always feel the shortcomings of what I know is, that impulse inside, and then want to stay in the city’s rural children who come up with city head that kind of feeling, I do not want to in Ji’nan, a city that sells a car.

Pizhou ginkgo has "field" more "city"". In the main producing areas of ginkgo, the rich and the upper peasants often joke, "we sell silver, we also buy silver."". It is said that they based on the feet, look at the country, they cultivate the market, has formed the largest ginkgo tree trading market, throughout the year, regardless of when the day attracts all over the country and abroad to exchange ginkgo ginkgo tree Everfount to send the. More importantly, all over the country through the "China Ginkgo net", you can real-time grasp the national ginkgo industry prices, and through the site for large transactions.

Zhao Haidong did not start with "ginkgo net", but "Hui LAN"".

I seriously made a SWOT analysis for myself, and at last I felt I had the strength to break into the city like Beijing. Come here!

editor: Wang Jingjing WeChat public accounts shangyeguancha

I came from Beijing, the city of May 17, 2009. Car sales in Shandong Ji’nan 4S shop before, it was my first job, doing very well, then get the annual sales crown in 2008, because the reason I got off the crown, I was promoted to be promoted to sales manager, as a college student with a green hand, a few buddies together sell the car, it was my first time with the team, in the 4S shop car sales experience let me develop my own work values and ways of doing things, have to say the first job is too important for life. But then I chose to give up the work to drift completely because of an occasional experience.


Pizhou Tiefu farmer Qin Huaichao is feeling the network brought him wealth and happiness — as long as he lost in the browser "www.zgyx", "Chinese ginkgo net" the website immediately greeted his "Pizhou with super ginkgo nursery field perennial sale" propaganda page which is impressively. This is the "Chinese ginkgo net", which is dedicated to the operation of Zhao Haidong, a student". Now, this set of ginkgo cultivation technology, ginkgo ginkgo products supply and demand information, and ginkgo forum in one of the professional website, has been "wiped out", ginkgo industry has become the country’s largest comprehensive effect of ginkgo industry portal.



came to Beijing started in 07 years. It happened by chance. When I was standing in Chang’an Avenue, I saw Tiananmen of Xidan and Wangfujing. So I think so many people in Beijing would open a restaurant that fire ah, that time on the germination of the idea of entrepreneurship to come to Beijing, can be said that a little thought not like seed germination in my heart deeply bought a foreshadowing.

early start: open restaurant compensate light principal

The idea that

Individual ability is limited, stationmaster wants to learn good false, be in thing also

I came across such a thing yesterday. I want to find an expert in a particular topic area, but the people I know, racked his brain, or found their memory, there is no suitable candidate. Later, I remembered the power of my friends. Some of my friends made widely friends and were more familiar with the subject. At his recommendation, I found a suitable person at last. I have achieved the goal, also has carried on the communication with the friend, has harvested quite well.

the things that make me a "execution" version of the chat activity think before A5 forum, one of the guests explained this view. "When you receive a task, you want to complete, but it is indeed very difficult, it can show that you have no execution?" the guest replied, "execution does not refer to can independently deal with this matter itself, if by virtue of the ability of individuals to complete it, so if you find a friend or communicate the problem, they can help you do what?" guests of the view, not much to say, this sentence, I feel.

we are always busy with a lot of things, some things seem tricky, we can’t get a clue, and we are very upset because things don’t work out. As the beginning said, by virtue of their ability to complete, at least it hard, that you consider your friends force? Sometimes, for you very difficult questions, it seems, in the friends is easy, if you are a "wise" problem there are no friends, think of the power, if they can do it, believe that they are willing to help; if they do not, then you do not lose what, right when greeting.

Xunzi said in the "encouraging learning" in "the gentleman ‘is different, good fake to things, the ability is limited, impossible to master everything, so to make good use of side force. "Climb the move, arm lengthening, and see far; the wind, the disease also add sound, and it is clear, is conducive to good use of things, to highlight their characteristics. For example, I know many people, so please communication broad friend a favor, I achieve the purpose, the friend also is easy.

when a friend can do anything, or to help others, will be happy to help you. Although the owners alone are mostly men, high efficiency switch mode is also more timely; but personal ability is limited after all, when you encounter difficulties, may wish to put down the shelf and face, please friends help, also can quickly solve the problem. For example, the website development bottleneck, when they cannot break through, ask the following webmaster predecessors, they do website more than you experience things than you, than you are facing the problem of diversification, if can get expert advice one or two, do not have struggled to find direction, why not


is good at using the power around him, not just asking friends for help. You can also use the Internet for a lot of problems

Talent website, domain name selection, from the brand, convenient and friendly overall consideration

is currently the grassroots talent network is a popular Internet business, many owners are due to their own work or region, chose to create industry talent network or local talent website, however, many now began to set up the talent website owners began to face a headache problem: how to choose the domain name


I also operates two websites, and joined a number of personnel station communication QQ group, found a very significant characteristic in the group, is part of the webmaster have large quantities of domain name and domain name are better, I also intend to query their own through local talent net domain structures, basic as early as a few years ago registered by others.

then, how can we choose domain names to facilitate users to understand and remember, and at the same time have good affinity for search engines? We start from two websites. I currently two sites, one for the industry station, domain name for, one for the local station, domain name for, then these two domain names in the end good?


of course not good, in my heart at least think so, because in accordance with the user and search engine habits, I think the choice of talent network domain name should be close to the following aspects:

1: the local station is best to use the area code +Job method

many webmasters say that I understand, but why do you choose this? In fact, this has a good customer experience for both users and search engines. Many people in the choice of the domain name, feel with the area or region Pinyin Pinyin +rencai, +job, to do so is friendly to search engines, because through the domain name, Baidu will know that you are certain talent network, but will not be too long for you? Ordos talent network also play a eerduosirencai? This is too long, not easy to remember, but you can still use +job code, Baidu know you are the local talent network, and Pinyin has the same effect, why? Because in the Baidu open data, he must know 010 is Beijing, 021 in Shanghai, Baidu may job the beginning do not know if this is the talent network means, but through 51job, and other web search habits, Baidu now has good understanding of +Job code, can achieve and Pinyin Basically the same effect, easy to optimize, easy to remember. Some people like to use the first letter of the site keyword collocation, such as bjrcw, so that users know is Beijing talent network, but the search engine for a long time to know.

Of course,

, code +HR also has basically the same effect, but the user must know it should be regarded as a different matter.

two: suffix selection

is the top choice, so people say, basically, it’s hard to register. Yes, it’s OK to say

Zhongguancun looking for entrepreneurs under the age of 30 to change the world

is now in the whole society are actively carry out some entrepreneurial activities at the same time, such activities are also very meaningful, recently, it was held in Beijing Zhongguancun to find "under the age of 30 world changing entrepreneurs" activities.

is looking for "under the age of 30 world changing entrepreneurs (Zhongguancun U30)" by the Haidian District Youth Federation launched, invited academician Huai Jinpeng, the famous investor Xu Xiaoping hundreds of industry leaders as CO sponsors. Sign up to participate in the activities of the Zhongguancun U30 there are two ways: the joint sponsor recommended or entrepreneurs to introduce themselves, "Zhongguancun U30" WeChat public number has been officially opened for registration.

In fact, for a


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Open lingerie store brand choice is critical

is now in the social life, we all know that the underwear store relatively large profit margins, while many entrepreneurs shop, will choose to open a lingerie shop, then underwear shop business, how to choose a brand?

for people who want to start, choose to join the brand, or join headquarters, is a strong guarantee of success to join. How to choose a good brand to join it? Now all kinds of underwear brands engage in dazzling, how to successfully investigate the brand? How to prevent being cheated?

franchisees choose to join the brand before, must clearly understand the brand positioning of the brand (price positioning, including the brand positioning, the audience) then local consumers and competitors’ information, analyze whether the brand positioning with the needs of the local market, the local preliminary calculations about how many people will this product ratio interested in purchasing, judging the number of your target customers is not enough, so as to whether you should join an important basis for the brand of the.

through the media, the Internet understanding brand

through magazines, networks, newspapers and other media can understand the brand image of the enterprise, market policy, media reports, a preliminary understanding of the brand enterprise. In the case of unprecedented competition in the market, underwear brands if they do not know how to use the media, do not know how to deal with the media, the brand is absolutely impossible to open the market.

as of a brand to join investment information of interest, you can search on the brand’s name, phone number, address, etc., to see if there is no bad records or network complaints, even if the brand changed the name (company, address, telephone, etc., its brand) mode of operation can not change, search for "join cheated" and other similar information, a lot of deceptive practices and patterns will be presented on the internet. Use the Internet, you will have more discoveries, but also allows you to face the choice of more mature.


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What is the name of the teahouse

is different from the general living supplies, although Chinese love tea, however, want to successfully operate a restaurant, there is a natural matter, more attention to them, a suitable restaurant name nature is very important. In fact, as long as we can grasp the relevant methods, the name can also be very simple to the teahouse. So, the name of the teahouse method?

one, with the natural landscape, vegetation.

this kind of restaurant name reflects the human and the natural harmony, the harmonious concept of nature, and especially in the "mountain, water, dew and rain" and "Lotus" and "blue" and other common words. Focuses on the artistic conception of tea, can be described as "Kung Fu in tea".

associated with mountain and water scenery Name: Chiyama Haruyuki, LAN Ning, Danshan water, water, water, water dragon Xuan of the pavilion, water, sky, Chongzheng Hall of ripples, if Han Ju JIUQUXI, Zhuxi, and the bridge, etc..

Oriental natural aesthetic

these restaurant name reflects the unique traditional culture China focussed on the landscape, in this tea restaurant, will give people a Chinese landscape painting vivid beauty.

with "dew" word: Bello, Xuan Lu Yu Xuan and Gan Linxuan. Taoism believes that returning to nature and the universe can survive on Yin and Yang of the two gas blend, dew is heaven and earth at night and thawed elite. Some people even think that the mysterious fresh dew wine, drink can make human longevity. Therefore, in the early morning on the mountain to be picking fresh air, dew fragrance is left in the leaves, the tea picking Ye Fang for the top grade. Visible in the precious tea.

with "rain" word: Lai Jin Yu Xuan agricultural Xuan and rain Pavilion, etc.. Rain alone tea. The ancient times Xu Shu "tea Shu" in: "light rain, small boats, which is one of the" beauty tea ". Today, Han Shaohua wrote in the "Longjing Temple" tea: "the snow after the rain, the rain cold light, this light cold rain shrouded with cold and warm smoke Tsui, this charming language before the eaves (birds, the author note) with the window under the sound of cooking and give birth to a good mutual solubility quiet and empty…… Not to mention that all this is by my own exclusive exclusive!" The rain tea taste and usually different, do not have a cool charm.

coincidentally, the British George Gissing has a similar description in the "cottage" in essays: (winter afternoon, the rain hazy), walk home on the slippers, wearing old coat, curled up into a den in the afternoon tea……. One of the "old coat" this casual words actually give people such a warm and cordial feeling, and tea is so approachable and harmonious. In this context, how can not let the human mind tends to be flat and visible? Is usually not easy to understand the tea to taste! Similar name >

How soft it joined the whole – type Hot pot

you want to give you creative ideas, you want to give you the characteristics of the characteristics, in the soft when it can meet the requirements of the hot pot to meet all of the characteristics of food and beverage to join you. So you choose to join the hot pot. What about the soft hot pot?

When it is Hot pot type

soft Zhengzhou cross-border Catering Management Co., the company’s brand Hot pot since the beginning of October 2012, the preparatory research lasted 8 months, the brand, product taste, curing down to the market in June 2013, reacted strongly, the company has 20 outlets, mainly concentrated in the Zhengzhou franchise; 57, distributed in 18 cities, more than 40 counties in Henan province.

company under the trade company responsible for the procurement and distribution of goods Hot pot, market development and on the development of Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hebei, Hubei five provincial market, the company also set up their own processing plant base material, and obtain QS certification.

soft bar is based on the traditional flavor of Chongqing hot pot to create a set of traditional culture, nostalgia culture, bar culture, leisure culture, such as one of the mass, leisure catering. The pursuit of a restaurant is a warm home, the heart of the home, free and unrestrained, free, memories of the past dining experience.

taste comes from natural spices, advocating the concept of green. Chongqing old Hot pot was born, its spicy and delicious from natural ingredients, the ingredients through traditional cooking methods, after thoroughly tempered, and eventually became a delicious spicy taste heavy stretches. The more people eat more fragrant, the more you eat the more spicy hemp, the more addictive taste characteristics.

soft bar style hot pot adhering to the traditional formula, in order to never add chemical raw materials, will not repeat the use of oil and water for the health concept, advocate green and healthy consumer culture.

soft bar hot pot join process:

a, telephone to join the Advisory;

two, to the company preliminary negotiations;

three, signed an intention to join the agreement, the intention to pay gold;

four, headquarters sent field visits to determine the suitability and exchange and investigation with investors. Suitable to assist in the location, rental contract; inappropriate is not in favor of investors risk investment;

five, with the joining of gold and personal identity information signed a franchise contract;

six, to assist in the opening of the business (decoration program, personnel training, management information, business procedures, facilities planning, raw materials procurement, marketing planning, etc.);

seven, >