Love Shanghai certification system flaws in authentication ticket network blog

thus, poor certification is mechanism of love Shanghai. There may not be any customer service staff to do this. As the largest search engine. Users have the most love Shanghai, actually so poor awareness of serving the people. How to play the leading the identity of the eldest brother




look at a map.



this blog has passed the "China Aviation Association certification? Sales website with this blog, you do not want to love Shanghai fooled us, we think is a three year old child? So passing things can happen? This is also the author of a case just found, if there is the kind of illegal trap site really? It is too much to handle

this is what the website blog?! just learned how to access the old aunt will know, but also two articles blog. No design ticket purchase information etc.. But do not have the regular ticket sales qualification.

is obviously the first aviation association agent with mechanism, second is the regular ticket sales website.


authentication ticket believe a lot of people know that there is a call the Airlines Association certification, in particular how through certification, how to audit mechanism. I don’t know this. This is what needs qualification can be found at official statement below:

so why Shanghai will lead consumers to buy tickets to see the error below

I love

Blog vs blog marketing you need to know

, whether readability, whether to read people would be interested in your product. This is very important, important as much as writing marketing copy. Don’t hope to get product information sent up, others will see, now the product is not too little, too much. The major shopping sites, each business site, any product, can be said to have a lot of dealers and manufacturers. You are what are the characteristics? What is the user clicks in? The need to work hard, improve their time to. Can refer to some chrysanthemum Confucius blog marketing article here.

How do you send the content quality of

also, more importantly, your blog content, is for people to see, not look to the search engines, this very important. Therefore, the link is not so important, before the reality of what you are interested, do not click on the link, even if you are full of links, he can also shut up! Blog is not a panacea.

friends that do blog marketing, blog is a group of building group, and then the advertising content of mass up, thought that made a more violent, there are always a few people to see. However, a period of time, found no effect, remain perplexed despite much thought. Everyone said, today I again how much outside the chain, how many are included. But the real traffic has risen very little, and even decline. The group, outside the chain, these are not included, proportional relationship with your flow. The chain is not the more, the higher the weight, better flow. To achieve real results, there are some very important prerequisite.

said that the content creation is very difficult. Indeed, in the early site, put in the content of the time accounted for a large proportion. However, if your site is not good, what is worth popularizing? What visitors see your site? Can you provide more products cheaper than others


, master of magic three miracles: let each article you have become a sales staff of

, a very important content of quality

let the readers’ interest, ranking will follow. If you stay, the page’s PV per capita is very low, can only represent the visitors to this page is not interested, the search engine will know (a method can obtain data, tools, access statistics and other client tools). No visitors are interested in the content, the search engine will be interested in you.

Many novice

in the industry stable, your price is certainly not cheaper than others where to go, you need to attract visitors from other angles. Content creation, can refer to the line: the use of the product technique, product of true and false identification, product >

two, the content is to see the real

maybe you ignore one of the most important factors: quality. Including: quality, quality, master post release site.

How to choose Coffee 7

coffee to join the brand to choose what project is better? Small make up today to introduce the coffee to join the brand in the name of the first to give a special feeling, 7 coffee brand is a strange brand of coffee, the coffee how exactly?

7 coffee is GUSHENG brand in Vienna, the founder in traveling in Europe and in the process, the infected here with music cafe atmosphere, decided to open this cafe in China, so the creation of 7 coffee brand, to become China’s first music cafe. 7 how about coffee?

7 coffee join project introduction?

franchise fee. Because the company is booming stage, in order to better expand their brand influence. At the same time for the franchisee is also a very good business opportunities, at present in the coffee market free initial fee of the brand is very rare, since then, the headquarters will also have the corresponding guidance, help the franchisee better operation.

fewer competitors. Coffee is a beverage with hundreds of years in the west, and many different coffee brands have been formed in the historical development. Music cafe, both at home and abroad are very few competitors, but also to listen to music and coffee for consumers is also a very good enjoyment. I believe there will be more and more people like this cafe.

competitive advantage. Throughout the coffee market, music cafe is very rare, but the music is all very love, is a piece of art and enjoy something to drink coffee in the music cafe, the consumer experience is very attractive for young people to have unlimited potential market in the future.

through the above introduction, I believe we have a very clear understanding of this brand, and this is a project with unlimited prospects!

Open the print shop to make money six licenses can not be less

we know that school is where the printing demand is very strong, if rented a storefront in school, you can then open a print shop so that you will be able to earn a. Open the print shop to make money, in the shop before, be sure to prepare some of the relevant first choice, complete license, in order to operate easily. What procedures need to open the print shop? Today to introduce investors in detail.

1,   industrial and commercial registration. Generally you have to think of three names, get the name of the industry and commerce. If the first one was applied, you can use second, the second can not be used with the third. Submit a form in the trade and industry. Industrial and Commercial General requirements to provide identity cards, proof of assets (invoices and passbook, etc.), rental contract.

2,   genuine software license. What procedures do you need to open the print shop to register the name of the industry and commerce, to the cultural sector to do the printing license, will generally require you to apply for genuine software license. To buy a WPS software. I personally had to buy WPS in the computer market is not enough, only to the designated place to buy.

3,   printing license. Genuine license to use the software to do a good job, the license is also very easy to deal with the license. In some places, there is a record in the secret service.

4,   special trade license. (most of them have been canceled)

5,   obtain business license. The printing license and the original name of the registration to get the industry and commerce, began to apply for business license. General one or two days make sure.

6,   tax registration certificate. Here knowledge. Because the general printing shop is an individual business license, business tax is based on your turnover to be set, so do not report too high. Otherwise, the monthly tax will be paid to improve the oh.

In fact, it is easier to


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Ming is the edge share of tea shops and your skills

choose a strong brand and a rich to provide a strong guarantee for you to create, Ming is as well-known tea brand margin share some business skills and you hope for your rich entrepreneurs is guaranteed, the market Unlimited Business Opportunities.

did not cultivate loyal customers, there is no way to create profits for enterprises, enterprises have no chance of survival, so the customer is always first; only the training and service consciousness to create a super star, in order to enhance the brand value and visibility, also can have super strong customer groups and brand competitiveness. It is because of this philosophy, and Ming is the edge of Shun people go forward, never give up, dare to struggle, Ming is the margin since the development of foreign merchants, so far in the country has successfully opened nearly two hundred franchise stores.

Ming is the margin share of tea shops and your skills:


the strong media publicity and establish a good brand image of   in order to provide better business support to the franchisee, Ming is the margin of tea launched overlay network media campaigns across the country, put a lot of publicity by advertising in the major TV, magazines, newspapers, Internet and other media, to create a powerful, l good brand image in the consumers, for the franchisee to provide the best guarantee of the smooth shop.

– a full range of support and guidance is the margin of tea has a perfect service system and management team, has many years of market operation experience, wholeheartedly for every franchisee service, do every thing, establish a good brand reputation, sincerity, patience, careful to treat every Ming is the margin of the franchisee, including customer service service, can provide a full range of support, guidance and help for the franchisee.

the unique profit model to ensure that the terminal profit margin of   Ming is through years of successful market operation experience, summed up a set of perfect single store profit model system for the franchisee to copy, so that stores can be systematic, standardized operation, reduce the risk of set up shop, ensure the terminal profit.


How to choose car accessories store

now, the car has been very popular use, occupy a vast market space, so in such a market environment, open a car supplies store is also a very good choice. Do auto supplies to join the business, there is still a market, business is good, but the location of the problem we have to consider. Here to give you a brief introduction, auto supplies store how to choose?

if street shops, shop have slightly spacious Street Plaza, the building fire protection system is qualified, the water supply system of buildings, air conditioning systems are available. These conditions are related to the car shop opened after the flow of people and shopping environment to create an important factor that can not be sloppy.

auto supplies stores should to the site? We believe that after the introduction of the above, the problem should have been very clear, if you have the intention to join in this industry, to join us and work together to create the wealth of life belongs to you.

Fujian typhoon and the hippocampus will be landing 21

Fujian as China’s coastal cities, although relying on the superior geographical position, the economy has achieved remarkable development, but there are advantages and disadvantages". As a coastal city is often visited by typhoons, is also a common thing. In October 17, the meteorological station of Fujian Province, the twenty-second typhoon this year, "in 20 days into the northeast of the South China Sea, 21 in the afternoon to night in eastern Guangdong may be landed on the southern coast of Fujian, will bring rain affect to Fujian.

"hippocampus" at 8 today has strengthened into a severe typhoon center is located in the Pacific Northwest, distance between Fujian and Guangdong located about 2360 kilometers southeast of the (601099, shares) over the ocean, near the center of the largest wind 14 (42 m / sec). It is expected that the hippocampus to 20 ~ 25 km per hour speed of moving north to west, the intensity continues to strengthen, the strongest when the super typhoon level (level 17, or above the level of 17).

"hippocampus" will be 20 in the morning to wipe off or landing the northeastern coast of Luzon on the 19 night, 20 pm in the northeast of the South China Sea, then gradually to the east of Guangdong to the south of Fujian near the coast, and possibly on the 21 afternoon to night landing in the coastal zone (landing typhoon intensity grade 12 to grade 13).

affected by the typhoon, 20 in central and southern coastal Fujian, Taiwan Strait wind gust 10 8 ~ 9, 8 ~ 9 of Taiwan shoal fishing ground wind gust 10 to 11; 21, South Coast and Taiwan shoal fishing ground wind up to 9 ~ 10 gust 11 to 12; 21 to 22 days. The South and inland areas of heavy rain to rainstorm.

2016 years, is a year of heavy rainfall, but also a year of wanton typhoon, many of our cities have caused losses, especially the arrival of the typhoon, directly to the coastal cities to hit. However, due to the atmospheric circulation in the adjustment phase, there are some uncertainties in the mobile path of the typhoon, the impact of wind and rain may also be greater in Fujian. For more details about typhoon reports, please continue to pay attention to the whole network.

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Laid off workers rely on needlework

now in the whole social life, there are always some of the more legendary female entrepreneurs, then, to say this is one of them, she had a poor life, is an unknown laid-off worker.

a palm vein, sunset, bridges, is very realistic. These products will be across the ocean, to the United States, Canada, New Zealand and other markets. And this comes from the 49 year old stone hand. She was a laid-off worker.

"forced" venture onto the road

A female boss

said, stone often tears. She said: entrepreneurship is forced out."

embroidery workshop start normal operation, for a period of time, Qin Shi to focus on publicity, packaging, marketing and embroidery, full contact business, signed orders. In 2009, she adopted a Chongqing arts and crafts company under the 600 foreign scroll painting embroidery orders, the product must be delivered on time, overdue payment of liquidated damages.

"sell goods temporarily and back, to complete orders, only the purchase of silk fabrics, silk line to buy about 100000 yuan, how to do?" Stone often have no alternative, borrowing without the door, anxious. At this time, she found the streets of the social security policy, that can apply for re employment of small loans, apply for two weeks on the grant down a small loan of 50 thousand.

"50 thousand small loans to help me continue the chain of funds." Shi Qin said, holding about 100000 yuan to raise money to buy enough silk fabrics, silk and other materials to ensure the normal production, delivery on schedule.

this single business, sell a good price 380 thousand yuan, Shi Qin also earned tens of thousands.

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How strange and eccentric magic toy small investment return

toys, in our lives, has been very popular, loved by the size of friends. So, entrepreneurship in 2017 to point is not the same. How about joining the magic toys? New projects, innovative toys, what are you still hesitating?

million yuan investment projects: bizarre magic toys: fast-paced life for modern people to create the details of life, stylish cartoon design to meet the individual needs of urban youth. The alternative toy is a joke, humor, humor as a whole, so that consumers do not hesitate to pay for the purchase. The difference between the goods and the market opened, strange magic toys with alternative and creative to attract consumers.

magic toys to meet the people strange and eccentric novelty and surprise, and curiosity, ignite consumer passion, strange and eccentric "popular" toys to break the vicious cycle of competition, with the competitive differentiation, find a new direction to explore new opportunities, identify new sources of revenue, to open up new channels.

million investment projects: find pet. Keeping pets has become a fashion, for office workers, raising pets has become a way to ease the pace of urban life, the release of pressure. Maybe you have no business experience, maybe you are still on the road of entrepreneurship helpless, maybe your life is bleak, today, choosing pet, China fiery wealth opportunities, create wealth of super weapon.


pet pet seeking food Co. Ltd is engaged in pet homemade snacks, pet photography, pet and pet magazines and games, with the overall development of homemade brand pet food sales to pet grooming, pet photography, is committed to the long-term development of professional Internet service system for pet, pet supplies, pet medical inspiration and beauty home service.

million yuan investment project: Zi Qu ice cream, a multi store shop hold business opportunity, many kinds of delicious fresh fruit to be struck, Houston: corn ice cream products, snacks, drinks, desserts blend, spicy delicious diners to other trends, multiple choices, a multi store profit line, let return


, join the fun ice cream step by step appropriate operation, business consulting, application: seize the day, visit the headquarters of the signing of the contract, site evaluation, unified decoration, headquarters training, opening supervision, operation services, enough to make you more quickly set up shop management.

strange and eccentric magic toys join, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. If you also want to own a strange magical toy store, come to the message!