Shanghai dragon website has yet to decrypt seven factors ranking


layout stage on the site early site there are a number of core keywords, the result is the main website optimization is decentralization, the keyword density will decline, will also have a competition between the core keywords, causing the site to post ranking is not ideal. If you want to do more core keywords, don’t be afraid of wasting money, you can build multiple sites, each of these core keywords and website. This will not occur the phenomenon of internal competition and decentralization.

two, do website based in Shanghai dragon


is the most important for Shanghai dragon Er is the site optimization for a long time does not rank, every day the hair of the chain, write original articles, but the site’s ranking is no effect. I believe that many people will have this kind of phenomenon, thus losing the optimal confidence. When I just engaged in Shanghai dragon also encountered this problem, encountered this problem, don’t panic, want to analyze, from the whole website to find out the reasons, today I give everybody to do the following points, for reference.

, a server quality problemThere’s a problem with the quality of the

also said the server is the foundation of good website, the website optimization basis we will do. Even if the website based in Shanghai Longfeng work are very ignorant, not to mention a ranking, these foundations are including the site nofollow properties are correct, robots.txt writing is correct, the site did a 301 redirect and 404 error page, the site map sitemap is submitted to love Shanghai and so on, these I not one in-depth explanation, there are in my blog, need to see.

server, its stability is poor, which is the basis for a good website ranking. Some enterprises or individuals in order to save costs, buy low quality server, cause the speed of server is very poor, a long time to open the page. From the user’s perspective, the user will have very poor experience, eighty percent of users encounter this kind of situation will be the first time to leave the site. This result is the site of the bounce rate is very high. From the perspective of search engine, search engine included a website is required for indexing, search engine in the index when the site is difficult to enter, it will give up, so there will be no index included, not included no mention ranking.


four, core keywords competition degree is high, causing the site of long period

just engaged in Shanghai dragon friends may not be aware that the new site of Shanghai love there will be a review cycle, the audit cycle is the core keywords and website competition associated. The higher the degree of competition in the review cycle is long. Keywords related results in the 500 case of the review cycle in 1 to 2 months, 5 million to 10 million of the number of relevant results.

three, positioning too widely

AI media landing three new board into big data, new media first stockTaobao day IP tens of thousands


May 23rd, the well-known mobile Internet big data of new media operators Guangzhou AI media consulting number poly Limited by Share Ltd officially landed three new board listed transactions Stock Code: 837342, referred to as: AI media, the number of poly become the China Mobile Internet industry "big data of new media first unit.

on the basis of big data, AI media number of research and analysis ability has been widely recognized by the industry, is to win the market". AI media number of its brand Research iiMedia media is a world-renowned Internet industry in the mobile Internet data mining analysis institutions, leading the industry trends, wind direction. It is understood that the AI media consulting annual public or custom report released cutting-edge mobile Internet industry chain and the analysis results of more than 500 copies; a single report including AI media consulting official website, users subscribe to WeChat and other media channels, audience super millions, mainly for investors, media people, entrepreneurs and other high-end crowd, far more than the current market most of the major newspapers.

triangular framework of "this": industry research and analysis capabilities

AI media owns third party application statistical monitoring data analysis system "North Star", to help developers, product operation and promotion strategy by using the data of decision-making, improve product design perspective, the operation targets, improve marketing efficiency; public data show that the North Star has been serving tens of thousands of APP, covering the terminal equipment over 500 million, and China Unicom signed a cooperation agreement with a large depth data mining China. Advertisement monitoring system "ADiimedia", mobile advertising and marketing data monitoring system provides China first by an independent third party, the first time a comprehensive perspective to help advertisers put advertising, to provide effective decision-making support for marketing. Mobile phone users research community "strawberry pie", support China Mobile Internet industry research and development, support survey more than 1000 times a year. Powerful data systems and mining capabilities have become the root of the industry".

test results, one hour I sent 1500 letters, 748 IP click, I want to buy the product the customer is at one percent, I also have some success rate. In addition, the site also applied to several CPA ads into a back view, 25 registered, calculated by $2 each have more than 100 also, not including Taobao passenger commission.

The number of poly

triangle architecture "root": big data mining ability

test, I extracted the most talked about on the website of the ID mailbox, send advertising, send 4000 emails to do the test, the other me three hours to 30 IP, click only five, buy less. Feel this way is too direct, of course, is effective.

test two, think, every second there are more than N users in the Internet, how do I send advertising to them, there are several ways, 1 or in big sites advertising, such as sh419, Taobao, Sina ah. Dare not think again, I do not have this capital. 2, I’m online. General online meeting on a , then I do not send advertising, then I will send advertising, the effect is not obvious, I tried to send a mail machine to send their own , the problem came out.. If I don’t open the mailbox myself, I won’t find out I have new mail. People use this advantage online, I certainly did not use, and then is the heart, and I next, use mailbox to do my bulk mail box, the effect will come out immediately. As long as the online , used to send an email mailbox, you will immediately display ads on the other side of the lower right corner of the screen, but also afraid of other people can not see, as long as your method of making enough temptation, if others do not, if people do not buy.

triangle architecture "top": new media marketing liquidity


more exchanges to base forum www.wangzhuanjidi

Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

is based on the root and the root, and at the top of the triangle architecture is the primary change of the number of vectors

public information, the number of poly AI media integration in the main data mining and marketing positioning in the "big data, new media operators", focused on the mobile Internet industry, provide data mining analysis, integrated marketing communication, third party data monitoring, flow channel management and other new media services for enterprises. Clients include China Unicom, China Telecom, sh419, Alibaba, Tencent, Qihoo 360 and other series of famous enterprises and many other mobile Internet black innovative business. Years of industry cultivation, AI media gathered to form a "big data + research analysis + new media" features a solid triangular structure, access to the mobile Internet industry highly praised and recognized.

has been working on Taobao these days, and has been thinking how to attract potential customers. I think this problem has always been a headache for sellers. Of course, the most direct way is to do advertising auction, which money, this project did not lose the eye only half life. So I don’t want to do it, I have to test it… The second method, then send advertising chant. To talk about hair, people delete your stickers, not to let. To Post Bar, finally sent dozens of people, not to directly link, no, I can’t send a few keywords, because I just do, ranking is not good, people look for sh419 also help others to work, finally, I thought of email advertising.

How to open a pet shop store location is better

cute pets appear in many people’s home, pet is equivalent to a member of the family, also let the development of many related industries is very good, the only child more and more, in the process of growing up, parents also hope to raise some pets can also accompany their children. Especially with the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for pets is also growing. Many entrepreneurs, to see the business opportunities, they have chosen to open a pet shop. So, how to open a pet shop store location.

clear your business direction.

pet industry value business style and potential customer groups, first you have to clear their pet shop style. After determining the direction of business to understand your potential customer groups, and then to study the consumption habits of this group.

determination of passenger flow.

traffic is a guarantee of turnover, there are few pet stores rely on one or two old customers to survive. Before choosing a store, you can use a simple method to determine the flow of the optional store. If there is a similar size near the pet shop, observe its average daily traffic, so as to provide their own reference. If you do a few months before the budget simulation budget, then you want to measure the flow of customers come in to see if you can achieve a theoretical profit. General data support for the calculation of passenger traffic is very meaningful, depending on the imagination of the passengers tend to feel the deviation. If possible, you can buy some of the existing data of the survey, the investment is worth it.

consider similar competitive relationship.

competition in the course of business is inevitable, there is absolutely no competition location is difficult to find. Generally can not take the initiative of the business is to rationally consider similar competition. In store choice, cannot avoid surrounding the existence of similar size shop case, to consider their own competitive advantage, in the absence of malignant competition situation, moderately similar businesses can even improve the operating conditions.

transportation and warehousing.

small cost of pet shops to consider the general store transportation and warehousing costs. Store choice to try to achieve convenient transportation, low transportation costs. A small number of pet shops, the store can be used as part of the storage space. So in the selection of stores to try to make the store with a small amount of storage function, or in the late decoration with the design of the basic conditions of storage.

if you want to engage in such business, in the location of the time to pay attention, I hope the above can help to you, start a pet shop, want to bring a better market, a reasonable to choose a good store location, enough to attract consumers, also can take the recommended

Clothing stores want to make money you have to learn how to avoid risks

The development of

garment industry has been the emergence of many brands, for fashion loving young people leisure clothing is to usher in the peak period of development, for entrepreneurs at this time is a good opportunity to make money. Look at today’s clothing market, the market for the development of leisure apparel industry market is still good, many people see the opportunity to invest in business, have chosen to open a casual clothing store as a business choice. For those who have just stepped into the casual clothing industry to join the business friends, shop or have the opportunity to make money. However, through the opening of casual clothes to join the business to become rich to know how to operate, small series in the following to tell you about.

related recommendations

Novice on the road to join the project need to pay attention to ten points

entrepreneurial forces continue to come in the novice, for these inexperienced novice who, to join a good project is the key to success. So what kind of project is a good project? Novice to join a project need to pay attention to what matters? There are ten points to note.

1, how much funding must be prepared?

2, the product or service is the first development is a new product, or is it improved from the old products? Is there a clear difference between the product or service and other industry, with many different or clear and identifiable features?


has a very significant difference and characteristic, difference is not very obvious, but there is no difference. In order to avoid fierce competition, the headquarter of the product or service, there should be a special place, if the headquarter product is not special, but its use of a special sales, distribution channels, or add different "commercial packaging" to present a different way to the public, but also its special the advantage of.

3, market demand or acceptance is significantly increased? At what stage is the brand and product market in which stage of the life cycle?

did not significantly increase, a small increase, a substantial increase. If there is a significant increase in demand in the past, the market is still in the stage of growth, and whether the market has grown is an absolutely important indicator of the future of the industry. When the market demand increases, the most favorable for the franchisee.

>, the growth period and the innovation period

Why is the length of chopsticks 7 inch 6 minutes the Chinese should know

is a daily necessities of life for everyone, but do you know the standard length of chopsticks? The standard length of the chopsticks is seven inches six points, representing people in nature and the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, different animal. Some people are very envious of Westerners eat with knives and forks, I feel that this posture and deportment taste. But after learning is only occasionally used. Chinese people in the daily life of the Chinese meal with knives and forks, presumably are wonderful.

key is, two chopsticks, a pair is called. Call the waiter in the restaurant, "take a pair of chopsticks," it must be Chinese; if you say, take two chopsticks, it must be a foreigner.

why two chopsticks, is called a pair of chopsticks? There is the concept of Taiji and Yin and yang. Tai Chi is one, yin and Yang is two; one is the two, the other is one; one with two, one of the two. This is the Chinese philosophy, Westerners do not understand.

chopsticks when in use, pay attention to cooperation and coordination. A move, one does not move in order to clamp stability. Two are moving, or two are not moving, can not hold. This is the principle of yin and Yang in China, but also the lever principle of Western mechanics.

chopsticks and acupuncture, massage and scraping effect. The old people zoujianghu, as long as there is a pair of chopsticks, what is wrong to take care of themselves. Even if you forget to take, readily break a root or reed, broken, grinding on the stone grinding, washing in the water can be used.

Seven major advantages of online business supply recommend

for many Internet entrepreneurs, must grasp the sources of advantage is particularly critical, because people now shop in the network has become more and more, is a good purchase channels to find people in the beginning of the shop to do.

1, wholesale market: This is the easiest way to find the source, the most common method, but many sellers will ignore this simple method, and turned to the origin of goods. In fact, in the initial stage of your shop, if the sale of goods can not reach a certain amount, then in the local market, has been able to meet your needs. If your business is clothing store, then you can go around some large wholesale market to purchase services, in the wholesale market purchase need to have strong bargaining power, and strive to be the price pressure to a minimum, and to establish a good relationship with wholesalers, on the exchange of goods on the issue with wholesalers said clearly, lest day after the dispute. Like many around the market, such as Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale market, Yiwu small commodity city.

advantages: updates faster, more varieties; disadvantages: easy to stock, the quality is not easy to control; for the crowd: there is such a big market, they have a certain ability to talk about the price.

2, manufacturers direct purchase: regular manufacturers adequate supply, high degree of credit, if long-term cooperation, then generally can get the product exchange. But generally speaking, the manufacturers of high volume, not suitable for small wholesale customers. If you have enough money to store, there is a distribution channel, and there will be no risk of cargo. If you go to the relatives and friends around the factory direct purchase, do not need to worry about the basic quality of service and other issues, the price is more reasonable, if the shelves for a period of time is not good sales can also be replaced.

advantages: the price advantage; disadvantages: capital, inventory pressure, single product;   for the crowd: there is a certain economic strength, and have their own distribution channels.

3, wholesalers purchase: general search engine GOOGLE, Baidu can find a lot of these trade wholesalers. They are generally supplied directly by manufacturers, the supply is more stable. The problem is that because they have bigger, more orders, the service is sometimes difficult to keep up with. And they all have their own regular customers, it is difficult for them to talk about conditions, unless you become their major customers, there may be discounts and other concessions. In the beginning of the cooperation should be the delivery time, exchange goods and other issues clearly.

4, brand agents: you can pay attention to a recommendation

Fresh fruit juice shop needs to pay attention to matters

modern people on the increasing demand for beverages, people are gradually clear details of the production of tea shop, are not very good at product quality, and then turned to the consumption of fresh fruit juice. How about opening a fresh juice shop? Should be how to operate? If you want to learn more, you can take a look.

if it is small, it is clean, medium charge.

If this is

if you want to play high Rui, takeaway is absolutely not, this thing let you store Diaojia, if it is to play the public, it does not matter, is in the beverage brand, do not use plastic cards, but specifically to do beautiful beverage brand, above the name, price, introduction and the product photos, so one can feel high, in this case you what the charges are not subject, low you feel you this cheap and high grade, we feel about the price, because your customers rarely consider these things cost less if a bad drink can buy what things like home cooking dishes.


Municipal Health Bureau organized a panel evaluation activities

rich "to promote medical ethics keep clean and honest practice for the people" and "the Cultural Awareness Month activities in hospital" activities, the morning of July 18th, the Municipal Health Bureau Discipline Inspection Commission to "clean government culture in health" as the theme of the exhibition, organized competitions, panels to show honest aphorisms, poetry, comics, and photos and the great quotes as the main content, which is aimed at the health system to promote honest pride, shame "values for corruption, to create anti-corruption public opinion and humanistic environment. The panels in


This year, Xining, North and south of the spring afforestation task completed

, a reporter from the Xining South Mountain greening headquarters office was informed that, as of now, North and South Mountain Provincial units to complete the transformation, the green trees this year replanting planting task 5100 acres, were planted more than 26 strains of high specification tree, shrub of nearly 100 million lines, the successful completion of this year’s spring afforestation task.

this year due to lack of rainfall, dry climate, spring planting to ensure the successful completion of the mission, the green area in the afforestation site responsible person always first-line, from digging, digging, packaging, transportation, planting, sealing, irrigation, fertilization and other aspects of the pit firmly and realistically, do play with a large mass of soil, seedling packing is strong; now now, the day of planting seedlings were planted overnight, transplanting, effectively protect the survival of seedlings. In particular, the national security department, Local Taxation Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry department, environmental protection department, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Qinghai Tibet railway company, the land and resources department, Department of education, financial institutions and other units, the task of afforestation arrangements as early as, fast, high quality, become the spring afforestation model. (author: Zhang Haihu)