From the guest station overnight fell down the right reason analysis ranking


Shanghai dragon who do not want their website ranking keywords are getting better and better, more and more able to love Shanghai rushed to the home page, so every day the hair of the chain, every day update every day to Links…… To move all thought, not to recruit, it is this idea of greed sometimes will send the site on a road of no return. Stretch marks of my station is a good example of the original, ranking fell overnight, dozens of words, a fall can not find a moment without the flow.

2, a wrong address jump

I always feel that the Links is awesome, website links are not many, so a few days ago a few medical links into the group QQ group, was also a surprise, wow! So many high-quality links, the chain also ranked their super, super good, this time do not have to find a link worry, then, two days to do the 15 Links. Although thought at that time Links can not add too much, but I think the station is the old station, to weight the weight, contents of content, add a Links should be no matter what. So, find the links are the same PR, even more than my PR high standing, and home are ranked, had wanted to, maybe a few days and a pile of key words rushed to love Shanghai home

began to start off from the Taobao website in March 10, the first station is on my pregnancy (www.lady126贵族宝贝), has passed through more than half a year time, although the site to do some simple, but think small and lean, Wuzangjuquan. For this, it was found a few webmaster I have also imitation station. The reason is because he through the past year ranking has been very good, the same guest website ranking first, basic is the steady rise in the state, the conversion rate is also good. Because the source code was specially developed to help make friends, so the search engine or favor my website, website soon have a good ranking, then of course, competition is relatively much smaller.

Links be inopportune or inappropriate. A


on the third day after the link, found that individual keyword ranking fell to the second page, because it is not a large range of word ranking dropped, so did not care too much. But the link after the ALX world rankings and ranking domestic every day on the rise, rose from 1 million 100 thousand to 960 thousand now, ALX rankings rise to a certain extent also reflects the quality of the website, I think Links play a role, so it is not found that the seriousness of the problem, still toward the good aspect to think.


site is down right there must be some reason, since it is a problem, we should try to find out the problem, not the fall in this place, next time also continue to fall here. So, today with you to analyze why the station is right down and some of my experience, hope to bring inspiration to everyone, I don’t make such mistakes.

The Shanghai dragon diagnosis teach you to write website promotion plan

site targets

write the website operation promotion plan we must first consider is the site location problem, this is supposed to be like at the beginning of the site, but no matter what the reason until now it was thought well, then put the whole operation mode of the website, the website will write down the direction of development. You want the website development back in what form this, to now, only a clear understanding of their own website, to the success of the operation, also can be successful, to make money.

said the objectives of the implementation of this website includes site execution issues above division is again good, everyone works in more detail, the responsibility to the people, but if you still can not keep quantity, that is afraid of even a small initial goal to achieve, a this is also a common problem of A5 group found in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization to the customer site diagnosis, the first is the A fighting spirit soars aloft. soon, but no news, it was like this website settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, There are plenty of people who, ultimately ended in failure, therefore, A5 diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization team to remind you and since you chose to do a website, do the webmaster, then you have to be able to endure loneliness, there should be more than several times of patience and perseverance, execution will is the key to your success, so In fact, the success of sites that you have enough execution.

websiteAfter the

, the site location of


no matter what the website needs.


site is the site of the next target, you want to achieve what kind of effect in what time, what is the ultimate goal? And to achieve the ultimate objective will depend on each stage of the struggle, only a small stage small target realization, can slowly closer to the ultimate goal, but also to profit. This includes, in each stage to achieve what specific goals, each person is responsible for what things should be done and what work arrangements all these must be clear and adhere to the implementation of good caixing.

A5 group in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization to the customer when diagnosis website, found a lot of personal small webmaster in website built on their web sites is not entirely located, mostly because of their own on how to do at first station, on site operations, such as Shanghai dragon does not have a very clear understanding, this is It’s only human. what, who also could not have understood that no matter who is from unknown to known. Therefore, in the initial construction site can be what you do not know, what all don’t understand, but in the later you have to understand how to operate this website, you want to do the site, then you must first learn to write a website operation promotion plan, to do there is a target number. To be successful. The following A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization group to talk with you about how to write the website operation promotion plan.

four, the website daily promotion

Several popular Taobao guest program evaluationGiant roller mill, model deformity online travel star

in line with the principle of fairness and justice, Ding Tao division to give you one by one comment on the three most popular Taobao guest program.

Where is Zhang Wenlong playing third pioneering

this program is really, completely free. The network is currently being sold in one of the most serious program, although the webmaster horse king repeatedly stated the program for free, please charge shopping program webmaster to rights, but major websites including Taobao, there are still people in the sale of the program, this program is visible charm.

group Yimin Han deep network reported

Taobao guest fire, for a while, all kinds of Taobao guest program emerge like mushrooms, charges, free, a key to modify PID, API interface, etc., all kinds of procedures in the upper layer of the network is not a group. Those clamoring for all free, day to earn 1000 yuan program, often have Trojan back door. A key to modify the PID is often a trap, the API interface to provide free programs, often links can not be linked to Taobao’s database, and so on, a variety of problems have come. Of course, there are several of these procedures are really good, it is worth your webmaster to adopt. The following recommendation of these three procedures, each has its own advantages, suitable for different levels of webmaster use, I believe that many webmasters have used these three procedures in one.

, while the market did not have a dedicated weekend tour products, weekend travel due to lack of professional development, Internet penetration is very low. < >

not long ago, in an online travel startups CEO WeChat group, Zhang Wenlong discussed the reason why this wave of start-ups to exit, an analysis of OTA giant business segments responsible person given is: your fortune is not good.

third: Dede and Ali mother’s cooperation program.

second: Amoy East



and Zhang Wenlong said in the end of the month: last month, the online travel star startups in the way Amoy declared internal liquidation; earlier, McDull travel was confirmed to have run away in arrears; for the end of a single mode of love travel has been dissolved, its main competitors come in layoffs; main tourist destination the sea to play and play way in transition; got the Tencent investment I am interested in travel in the second half of last year began, the team was reduced to less than half of the original.


online travel is popular in the field of entrepreneurship in 2014, free entry, local fun, and the surrounding tourism are the three main directions of this wave of entrepreneurial enthusiasm. According to IT orange data, there were 129 investments in the online travel industry in 2014, of which 66 were seed wheel and angel wheel, accounting for 52%. But two years ago, the fiery scene is now only the industry’s emotional past, the venture investment for the industry threw a total of about $500 million of funds, but almost nothing.

if only from the data, travel around with the development of space is very good: the tourism development of Beijing City Council survey data show that in 2014, Beijing city has more than one hundred million passengers to travel around, the amount of consumption of a total of more than 36 billion 800 million, in 2015, this figure reached 38 billion 700 million. This is only one of Beijing’s surrounding tourism market scale, if the vision extended to a second tier cities nationwide, Zhou Bianyou can bring the imagination is enormous.

back in 2014, when it was the weekend where to play two continuous access to financing, and in the same year, at least three do travel around startups in the public view, including in Shanghai where the weekend in Suzhou, "the weekend".

can not build the threshold of Ctrip easily rolling

"basically concluded Zhang Wenlong The whole army was wiped out.,", "basically the fall are down, the road is not fall down."

Amoy Dongdong greatest advantage is that the background has a very flexible custom module function. Even if you do not understand the new code, the webmaster can build a beautiful and versatile in a short time. But Wang long in the forum webmaster horse to the new duty station to solve all kinds of problems, and continuously introduce various patches, now at version 2.1. The horse stationmaster has become the next figure king of Chinese stationmaster profession. On behalf of the website Shh, quietly revealed that the webmaster is the original dream of a high-rise stationmaster net: Ding Dingtao shopping navigation network

January 12, 2009, officially changed its name to Taobao customers the largest network marketing platform "Amoy promotion platform", means that the implementation of the strategy of Taobao, the further integration of the original guest promotion platform and Taobao trading platform to complete the

believes that often downloaded in Admin5 source code friends are aware of this program, is currently ranked first in the A5 similar source. This program is divided into free and charging version. The program is simple, very easy to use, but also have a number of other guest systems do not have, can be said that this system with numerous Taobao guest webmaster efforts, master is a Taobao customer system, especially for the novice webmaster. Premium version of support upgrade, all ads open. And has several free version of the function does not have. Representative website a local shopping navigation platform: Lvliang shopping navigation network

paragraph 1: Yes wind shopping navigation program

Dedecms doesn’t need to look down if you don’t know. Have to admit this!

weekend, he had done logistics, ticket system, two years ago, to see the potential of online tourism attractive, he pulled the two partners and head into the weekend travel market.

although every year or 52 over the weekend, but the company founder Zhang Wenlong tourism entrepreneurship "weekend where to play" don’t have to worry about the business of the weekend, he has given up the field, re created the orange yoga fitness company.

Build super listeners, Tencent, micro-blog, the latest experience to share

Tencent micro-blog and Sina as the bright younger generation is now comparable to micro-blog, Liu Xiang, Li Kaifu and so on a large number of celebrities on the Tencent micro-blog support and rely on bundled promotional QQ and traditional media advertising bombing, already can see the Tencent micro-blog figure in many places.

believes that many of the friends who have played Tencent and micro-blog hope that their listeners will be able to pass ten thousand or even one hundred thousand, because the author has made great pains for the audience. Recently, micro-blog in the face of the Tencent management changes, the author in the operation of micro-blog is also a little experience, such as title, prohibit broadcasting and so on, in general now want to create a high audience Tencent micro-blog to more energy than before to pay, but it is not impossible.

I also follow the experience of others to share the beginning of the article, and now also willing to share with you to do their own experience of Tencent, micro-blog.

1. How do you start Tencent, micro-blog,


network of many friends do the methods and skills of Tencent micro-blog, when he does not have what experience, is to rely on others to share the so-called predecessors trees descendants cool, I think is so. My method of operation at that time was:

1, avatar and nickname take a little more thought,

2, find the topic # listen to each other, # brigade # novice #, #V5 push #, listen to these topics in

3 listen to new audiences from celebrities like Liu Xiang and Li Kaifu

4, plus QQ, listen to each other, find people to listen to each other

5, through the QQ space, listen to 2000 or second days a day, after all canceled, listen to 2000, so repeatedly. (recommended control within 800 persons. Avoid titles)

previous experience, in addition to fifth points, the other is still practical, as long as the executive power to operate, it is easy to reach 2000 listeners.

two, quickly break 2000 listeners, build super audience

believe that everyone in the audience after 2000 will find that the rate of return listening is getting lower and lower, and this I am deeply aware of. Plus Tencent Title serious, the author summed up, 80% may have been reported. So I started looking for other ways to increase the audience, considering that it might have been reported by a listener team, and I also positioned the audience as a newcomer. Here’s how to quickly break through 2000 people, get high back listening rate, build super high audience, share my method:

1, or when it comes to the old topic, # novice #, find the people inside to insist, do not say.

2, looking for an account with Tencent, micro-blog, and listening to their latest audience (to sift out people who talk to each other).

3, looking for robots and listening, this is also the most important. I found that there are many robots listening to Liu in Tencent micro-blog

Another farewell to BBS! An inevitable turn around Sohu community shutdown operators

April 20, 2017, the Sohu will stop the community service, community users need to self saving personal data, at the same time, in the closing days before the login users can access the community Sohu Sohu community Memorial medal.


Sohu community, set up in 1999, 19 channel zoning, 2000 forums, is a life, entertainment, public welfare all-round interactive platform. Registered users 57 million, day Posts 500 thousand, daily visits 120 million…… It is now as trassient as a fleeting cloud.

the lost ones and the BBS

that are about to die

2012 NetEase community closed, in 2015, the flag network, the Phoenix Forum closed, in October 2016, the NetEase forum closed……

was once a fire, and now BBS:, founded in October 1997, 2004 by the Thousand Oaks after the acquisition began to try various business models, the 2006 transition portal, to seek listing is not successful, 2011 novel online line, 2011 after the transformation failed, user activity began to decline.

Xicihutong, regarded as the earliest famous community site, established in 1998, the area and population, in three main categories, set up a total of more than thirty classification, is a comprehensive community open. In 2000, after the acquisition of elong, it was also on the commercial road. The more and more distant, and finally did not have the flavor of the year; in 2015, once again sold to the purple text, it has long gone.

community, established in 1999, 2004 from Sina and the Sohu refused to offer, 2005 blog, 2006 by Lenovo, Google, Jiangnanchun joint investment, 2014 World began to appear negative growth, the user is micro-blog WeChat a lot of diversion, 2015 three new board formally, heavy lift the waves in the BBS family and.


Post Bar, ten year cumulative total of nearly 1 billion registered users, interest is more than 8 million 100 thousand, although Post Bar also experienced various events and sell it, but it is not "old but vigorous".


recent BBS related data:


no one has the same style, want to achieve gorgeous turn, you must make changes!


mobile social sweeping BBS down and the inevitable reform of the product

Close the announcement

Sohu said in the community "for the Sohu, the group business development needs", "from now on, no Sohu community", "Sohu from the media, I, fox friends and other products, will continue to provide excellent" for friends

Shenzhen housing prices in June average price of 61 thousand and 800 per square metre

prices in this year ushered in a frenzied growth phenomenon, not only in some second tier cities, the growth of crazy prices in the same tier cities in the form of hot, soaring prices in the wild! So, what is the price of Shenzhen in June? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

recently, Shenzhen City Planning Commission announced in June the housing transaction data, 2016 June, Shenzhen city’s residential sales 3253 units, closing an area of 346 thousand and 500 square meters, the average transaction price of 61756 yuan / square meters, the average price last month rose 10.6%, up 101% over the same period last year.

according to the inspection data, June, Shenzhen commercial housing (including residential, commercial, office buildings and other types) total turnover of 4566 units, closing an area of 480 thousand and 700 square meters, of which 991 sets of transactions, commercial office building of 132 sets of transactions, turnover of 190 sets of other types.

commercial housing, 144 square meters of housing a total turnover of 427 sets, the total turnover accounted for 13.13% of the number of transactions, a total area of 93 thousand and 100 square meters, accounting for 26.88% of the total turnover of the area, the average transaction price reached 94296 yuan / square meters, pulled the whole transaction price.

in addition, 90 square meters apartment layout in June 2310 sets of transactions, the total turnover of 71.01% units, closing an area of 190 thousand and 300 square meters, accounting for 54.91% of the total turnover of the area, the average transaction price of 49013 yuan / square meters; 90~144 square meters apartment layout a total turnover of 516 sets, the total turnover of 15.86% units, closing an area of 63 thousand and 100 square meters, the total turnover of 18.21% of the area, the price 52160 yuan / square meters.

and the end of June, Shenzhen residential houses can be sold only 38161 units, salable area of only 4 million 200 thousand and 500 square meters.

it is understood that the new deal from Shenzhen in June, the peninsula city-state, Shenzhen Bay mansion, Swan Lake Garden and other high-end real estate on the average price in June has pulled up a certain role, most of the real estate prices basically flat with the previous. Analysis of the industry, due to the impact of the current property market regulation policy in Shenzhen, the enthusiasm of the customer market is weak, the higher the sensitivity of prices, the market is still relatively strong wait-and-see atmosphere.

in addition to second-hand housing, Shenzhen in June a total of 403 thousand and 400 square meters of second-hand residential turnover, turnover of 4732 sets. In addition, the month of 472 sets of commercial transactions, office turnover of 93 units, other types of products traded in the set of 120, together with residential, the city’s total turnover of the stock room of 489 thousand and 600 square meters, a total of 5417 sets.

Shenzhen as a first tier cities, residential average price of 6 recommended in June

How to succeed in attracting consumers

with two-child policy open, so many related industries have also developed very rapidly, such as maternal industry development is very rapid, now appears to be very promising industry, many entrepreneurs have to store mother ideas, but with the increase of people’s demand, the market of maternal stores the competition also becomes great, only to do promotional activities, to outshine others in the industry, the following Xiaobian to introduce several maternal stores for all promotion suggestions.

1, the lottery lottery scratch / / this form is generally used to store mother shopping over a certain amount of free lottery or lottery or scratch, usually by the merchant to set up 4 or 5 grade awards, can draw the scene or draw together at a time centralized way. The key to the success of the event is the first prize or the first prize set to be attractive. The advantage of doing so is to increase the customer’s shopping pleasure, to meet the customer’s "broad" desire.

2, buy a send a "buy one get one" is a more commonly used maternal and child shop merchandise promotion, that is, the purchase of a commodity free of charge to send a piece of the same goods or buy a commodity to give another (or a few) goods. This product is usually in need of new products or commodities, note that the choice of gift products must be attractive, giving the best products and main sale of goods associated with complementary or popular products.

3, quantity is preferential "quantity is preferential" essence is "price changes with quantity", this is a kind of commonly used commodity price promotion, aim to stimulate the sale of commodity single product, the price decreases gradually with the increase of purchase quantity. For example, buy a commodity 1 yuan, 1.5 yuan, 2 yuan, 2 yuan, 3 pieces of 1. The advantages of price promotion, can stimulate the customers to buy the same product, so that the greater the degree of effect is more obvious, but the complex operation, prone to vulnerabilities, no computer automatically set the required manual operation, there should be good supervision.

4, plus one yuan more than 1 yuan and more than one refers to the purchase of the designated maternal and child shop goods plus more than $1 to send a single commodity or send a different commodity. The advantage is to stimulate customers to buy products. Add more than 1 yuan, plus $1 to send things to the customer to be attractive, so product selection is very important. For example, to buy a genuine plus 1 yuan can be free gifts.

short, to increase the customer shopping experience, will not meet the customer’s attention and sense of self-worth, won the customer’s satisfaction, not passive to solve customer problems, to customer needs, expectations and attitudes have a full understanding of customer care into their own work and in life, taking the initiative, to provide tailor-made services, truly meet customer respect and self-worth, so as to bring a pleasant shopping experience for customers.

wants to tap the industry

Double star into the Zhejiang Hangzhou

in the current economic growth is limited by the social reality, the rapid growth of GDP, can not do without the orderly and healthy development of innovation and entrepreneurship. In the provinces full of economic vitality, there must be a foothold in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

"I, a new two generation of technology content and knowledge content rich, Ali, Zhejiang Department, Department, Department of" New Fourth Army "returnees in our province become the subject of innovation and entrepreneurship team, provide a good platform ecosystem and the innovation of the 100 feature of the town for entrepreneurs." In yesterday’s "double star" large series of activities into the press conference in Zhejiang, the provincial government office deputy secretary general Chen Guangsheng.

"double star" national star for

"Beida pharmaceutical ding on 2007, home business, to develop targeted therapy of lung cancer drugs, known as" the people’s livelihood of the two bombs and one satellite "; medical Qiming Zi Zhenjun independent R & D and production of new biological heart aortic valve implant, has completed 81 cases of clinical surgery, a company only in Chinese Europe and the China into human clinical trials of the interventional heart valve at. These are the province’s innovation and entrepreneurship in the emergence of outstanding creative." Deputy director of the Provincial Department of science and technology Qiu Feizhang familiar.

"public record" gather new recommendation

Extension policy issued next year, the specific program has not yet been determined

according to the Ministry of human resources and social news, China postponed the policy or will be introduced next year, until 2045, men and women may retire at the age of 65. So far delayed retirement is a foregone conclusion, specific policy programs are still under study.

2016 is a crucial year to promote structural reforms, delayed retirement program has been included in the work of one of the priorities. Ministry of human resources and social, said the study is still delaying retirement policy, will be timely to the community for advice, 2017 or will be formally introduced.

second step: from the beginning of 2018, the retirement age for women every 3 years a delay of 1 years old, male retirement age delay 1 years every 6 years until 2045, and reached the age of 65.

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