The key algorithm of the evolution of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er current optimization warning

2012-2013 from Amoy as everyone knows that time still prevails, the chain is king of the era, all kinds of chain transactions, manipulating the ranking black hat this situation emerge in an endless stream, love Shanghai in 2013 but also strive to begin the upgrade optimization algorithm itself, such as green chain hit algorithm, according to the requirements of the original article of the Mars program, in 2014, Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools on the line, all this shows that love Shanghai from beginning to end in upgrading its own algorithm, especially for the various means of the chain.

optimization work

we know, Shanghai dragon optimization direction is the content and the chain, but this simple two core principles, it is not an easy job to do, a lot of the time we have to pay more effort, of course we also love Shanghai’s face, because the search engine has been changed, we can only follow the optimization ideas the trend, if we have been standing still, so that the whole industry will eventually be abandoned.

so, love Shanghai changes in the Shanghai dragon Er certainly can not be completely indifferent, optimize the way we should change with it, with the emergence of network marketing, now micro-blog, WeChat marketing to join, it can be said that the entire Shanghai dragon market has had a huge impact, Shanghai dragon ever before it brings high order into the enterprise? This time Shanghai dragon to ER in the teeth of the storm we still insist on, but the industry pay we seem to have unspeakable pain, Shanghai dragon often called Er " network of migrant workers " the pronoun is our decadence? Not. Mainly the search engine algorithm upgrade too fast, Shanghai dragon before Er can be adjusted to " death row ".

so, what is the key moment of our website optimization? The author summed up the two words, is to comply with " ". The old saying: " Chang Shun me against me dead, " with the words to describe the relationship between the Shanghai dragon ER and search engine has been in the good, the optimization of Shanghai dragon must have been to go on the Internet, where Shanghai is the dragon, the problem was how to change the optimization ideas let us, according to the search engine optimization development work requirements to benign, this time we began to change, UEO, user experience, site optimization, the quality of search engine and so on, attention to detail, Shanghai dragon Er began to gradually adapt to the situation, we are indeed change, we don’t change then, Shanghai will change our love away, so Er Shanghai dragon to be mixed in the industry long-term, we will be in accordance with the love of Shanghai’s request to do, do website details, conscientiously do a good job of Japan Often.

today’s article the author did not talk about the optimization techniques, the author thinks that the best skills is not a skill of water conservancy things and not fight, not very, can name, very name. Mystery of mysteries, all the wonderful door. >

One of the most critical factors determine the success of Shanghai dragon er

left and right


a simple example of Shanghai dragon editing work every day is not around long tail word to the core keywords, and the long tail word is countless. How to write the title of the word, is related to whether can write articles, but also can include more long tail word title, so as to reduce the workload, but also covers more long tail word search, improve the overall efficiency, so seemingly line Shanghai dragon editor, but in this one word, maybe he more capable, when you search engine on the segmentation algorithm using the handy when, it can be said that in Shanghai Longfeng area, have mastered one of the most important part of the future, more channel page, content page, list page or home page key word or tail word, perhaps will come from your hands. The same Shanghai dragon chain specialist, blog content builders and so on also have their own professional and technical expertise, this is no longer to start one by one.

, natural accumulation of experience< >

for every successful Shanghai dragon er or experts, almost all from the start line of work, and in which unceasingly summarizes and refines the experience from practice and obtained, and the experience has been cloned and used. To become a wealth of their own.

implementation strategy

search engine was derived from a new term by the three S-E-O don’t want to do a combination of letters, and to complete the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) and to the need for people to do, to do. Naturally produced by Shanghai dragon ER as the title and title of a group. These groups are what? In fact, every day they are in Shanghai dragon "known domain" repeat, repeat, repeat, and at the same time in the Shanghai dragon "unknown" for mining and exploration, diligently, even if the ups and downs, so scarred that must be so strong, calm analysis, ultimately, constantly sum up. Just to change the war, success beyond, to write a more meaningful and valuable experience of Shanghai dragon er.

, Efficiency comes from diligence. line into Si

is for Shanghai Longfeng work breakdown down, which can be classified as basic " known domain " the cultivator and unknown " " pioneer, and most are in, has come to the conclusion that continuous practice and repetition. Such as the first posting, writing and editing, Shanghai dragon chain specialist work, and the light of these does not give an overall flow to improve the website, must be made by a head, and can grasp the direction of the leader, and all will work well, and ordered segments associated with each other cooperation, around a focus and continue to go beyond, eventually to a team as a unit, to improve the keywords and improve the flow of the site as a whole.

We have to optimize the Shanghai dragon specific website optimization of these aspects

second, website target customers most users mining problems. Website user activity is a web site for search engine key recognition, a website search engine weight can be continually higher, the key lies in the website the customer can meet your needs fundamentally. Here, we must classify the users of the site, such as a web site some customers just to browse information, we only need to continuously update the latest industry information can occur; and to have to buy the consumer, this part of the user is the key to our conversion transaction, we will be targeted for example some buy wizard articles, provide online customer service TM, provide some FAQ articles. So the classification is very important for the optimization of different customer needs.

first, the user experience of the site optimization optimization is the most basic work. The present site optimization love Shanghai in the country can be described as a single large, we love Shanghai love Shanghai webmaster tools and Webmaster Platform can also clearly recognize that Shanghai is also calling for love not to love Shanghai webmaster and create unnecessary content, must stand in the user’s point of view to analyze the website. Then, as the basic link of website optimization user experience optimization is one of the key problems should be optimized, improve the quality of the site itself is the most important. For example, the website designed to analyze and layout stand in the user and industry perspective; then, the important content of our best reference plate love Shanghai thermodynamic diagram for distribution and deployment, the user is most concerned about the content is placed in the most prominent position; finally, the content of the website to meet the user search, the user through love Shanghai search to find our website our website can not solve user problems, structure and layout is only affects the aesthetic level, get valuable or user acceptance of content, so the content must be in service for users to create high value content.

third, continuously improve their enterprise visibility in the industry. The website is just a carrier of sales, customer why we actually trust key or the enterprise’s own value and brand awareness, as a webmaster should continue to tap the external image of enterprise can give users, such as through business certificate, strength, R & D industry reputation can enhance the brand value of the details are carried out around these the details in the industry continue to enhance corporate visibility, so that it can make the greatest degree of website to influence our users.

we know that when it comes to many webmaster website optimization in talking about website content updates, the construction site outside the chain, the website weight, of course, can not be denied these details is one of the key optimization, but as a webmaster we must be very clear, in addition to the external website optimization promotion, there are some worth more attention to optimize the webmaster details of the main points, such as web experience, structure etc.. Below the author think the key optimization details and a detailed analysis of website.

fourth, external optimization must to the quality.

To the novice Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai dragon should decide on what path to follow

we all know, if you want to enter an industry, you have to learn some knowledge of the industry, Shanghai dragon is no exception, although the Shanghai dragon was hard hit in 2012, but there are a lot of new people to enter the industry. But according to my understanding to the side of the new Shanghai dragon Er, they are complaining that don’t know where I should go to study in Shanghai Longfeng, feel very confused mess.

as a has been a year of qualifications Shanghai dragon Er, in fact the author of Shanghai Longfeng learning feel very confused, the former Shanghai Phoenix Forum is a good place to study in Shanghai dragon, but now? BBS almost became a chain dump, so people don’t learn the real value the knowledge in the Shanghai Dragon forum. The author through research, here can provide some tips to the confused novice Shanghai dragon Er, hope you can get help.

(2) reading love Shanghai optimization guide for two purposes: to follow the new trend of Shanghai dragon. Remember the old Shanghai dragon method: keyword stuffing, the chain for the emperor. The children of the old… These mistaken knowledge is still exist in a variety of Shanghai Longfeng forum, if the novice will only go to the forum to learn, so unfortunately may be misleading. The optimization guide is updated, it is able to provide the latest algorithm love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon can learn new knowledge and new Shanghai dragon here, so as not to be misguided.

(1) study the optimization guide of love Shanghai: about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge system. Love Shanghai optimization guide proposed "proposal" is actually Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, new Shanghai dragon Er should learn carefully, one by one sentence read these guidelines, and then refer to the knowledge of the other Shanghai dragon.

Optimization GuideThe Shanghai dragon

forum has become a chain of garbage, but there still exists a place of pure knowledge that is the pure land of Shanghai Longfeng, – micro-blog. Many celebrities have opened Shanghai dragon like micro-blog, Shanghai dragon teacher Cardiff, Wang Tong why, the authority of Shanghai dragon circles they are active in the micro-blog platform, so the novice don’t take micro-blog as an entertainment place, you can through the attention of these celebrities to get the latest micro-blog about Shanghai Longfeng dynamic, of course, is not.

recommendation two: micro-blog is also a good place.

object is love Shanghai Shanghai dragon for the huge search engine, it can be said that all knowledge of Shanghai and Phoenix are the optimization guide originated in Shanghai love, so for the novice Shanghai dragon, should learn the optimization guide as Shanghai dragon bible. Why go to study love Shanghai optimization guide for the novice? This question, the author here to do a simple answer:

suggested: read the Bible: Shanghai dragon love Shanghai

Temperament investor Xu Xiaoping core competitiveness is the understanding of peopleA qualified pers

finds the air outlet after the Internet

, 20 years ago, he came back from Canada to study, not when he started his business. He was going to be a record company and needed 200 thousand yuan to start the money, but he couldn’t find it. Finally, Beijing University buddies gave him tens of thousands of dollars, to help him out of a record. "I’m also going to pirate. As a result, there is not only piracy, but even genuine copies. The record hasn’t been on the market yet, so it goes straight to the garbage collection station." Starting a business wasn’t an easy job then

When the


      however, this is only the most basic functions, like as a basic web programmer must know the HTML syntax, a lot of friends think site planning is a very empty seat, that anyone can do, this is completely mistaken. Before I write "star Wei a qualified website planning should know" articles have been marked the site planning should possess the knowledge, a lot of friends think as a web site planning just need to know how to write the article, picture frame diagram can be, actually on the surface can be completely, but the design of the website, function between programs are closely related. If you do not have comprehensive quality, so things are either useless, or let the program and design of fog. The reasons are as follows:

probably wrote a book about "a qualified site planner should know" in June. Many friends and my and my advice, and many problems are found in these friends in.

      2.; without a little design base, or UI development experience. Well, as everyone knows, the design of the front page can be horrible.

soon, Xu Xiaoping and photographers found their enthusiasm from this unusual attempt. Through repeatedly on the windowsill, down, down, run fast, finally grab a picture like this photographer Xu Xiaoping – the body straight, like Superman, his "throw out the window. Xu Xiaoping himself gasped as he expressed his satisfaction.

lead: Xu Xiaoping believes that he is at the beginning of talent and the source of growth. He is quick to judge people, many investments are talking with entrepreneurs for more than ten minutes, decided to vote on the spot. "Understanding people is my core competency."."

camera, Xu Xiaoping leaned on the side of the wooden wall stood, suddenly at the end of the tie tied to all of a sudden pull over your head, mouth hanging analog voice: "uh – Investment failed so." The crowd burst into laughter.

and Xu Xiaoping together, you don’t have to worry about the ice. He often has the act of pulling ties, as if to pull someone out of his current state, and in a humorous way.

in the eyes of others, Xu Xiaoping lived an angel in the clouds. After the success of the New Oriental listing, he achieved financial freedom. He specializes in angel investment now, go to where are entrepreneurs. He has invested in fifty or sixty companies, three of which have been listed in the United states. He and Wang Qiang another new Oriental founder jointly launched the real fund dedicated to start-up companies. Entrepreneurship is the hottest trend in China at the moment.

      site planning of the occupation should be regarded as a relatively new industry, it should start from the network in this industry, the early development of the website directly communicate design procedures, and even a lot of the website is a person and design and program, which is mainly manifested in some small personal site and enterprise website, some big the web site might be the site planning has begun to pay attention to. With the development of the Internet, the development of the website is also advancing by leaps and bounds. This is the emergence of more websites, the website has higher requirements in user experience and functional interaction. Early website compares everybody to know, a lot of websites design just oneself look comfortable, oneself are comfortable with respect to ok. There is no user experience UE and no dedicated user interface UI designers. This kind of website cannot satisfy the demand of the user already. At the same time, companies and web companies are demanding higher quality and development efficiencies, and there is an urgent need for a position to coordinate the work between program and design. Because if a company has both procedures and design, there will be a lot of problems with the direct communication between the program and the design, just as the chef in the restaurant communicates directly with the chef. So, as a website planning, the basic function is to coordinate the design and work between programs.

      1., if you do not understand the program, there is no minimum program base, database interaction basis. The planned functions may not be realized. In a weak management company, the position of the planner is very important. If the function is not clear, the procedure cannot be carried out.

photographer arranges Xu Xiaoping to sit on the window sill, with China World Trade Center three stage, CCTV new building takes the background photography, he looks helpless. "The portraits seem almost the same. There’s nothing new."." As he spoke, he tried to prop up one leg and push down the wall. The photographer pressed the shutter continuously. Xu Xiaoping, who gets "returns", is in high spirits. He stood on a foot high ledge, straight ahead down. When he was about to fall, he rushed forward and cleared the fall.

as an angel investor, Xu Xiaoping feels that the current tide of entrepreneurship in China has injected new vitality into the sustainable development of the economy. "Investors of all shapes and styles have money and will be willing to support those entrepreneurs, whether they’re making money or something else, that’s not important. The important thing is that entrepreneurs have an industry for the first time, and they can rely on them for help."

WeChat mobile Internet big data open platform

"a lot of human behavior follows some statistical laws, and in this sense, 93% of human behavior is predictable", via, Bala, Brazil, "outbreak.".

, Tencent is opening its strategy to the mobile Internet, a message sent by pony brothers at the 2012 mobile developers conference. WeChat, the mobile Internet is currently the most successful application of Tencent, but also the history of the Internet is the fastest growth of new software, known as the China fourth operators, it will play what role in this strategy, what is the role of


my view is that if QQ and Qzone are Tencent PC side of the big data open platform, then WeChat will become Tencent mobile terminal big data open platform.


remember a month ago, WeChat announced the WeChat team, the number of users exceeded two hundred million, then Chinese smartphone users number 290 million, which is WeChat has covered nearly 7 users, the industry exclaimed envy is also concerned about WeChat’s future development path, is to create a precise marketing media platform, or a closed loop the

business platform, or both?

time in the past month, WeChat public account has been suspended for certification, Dai students WeChat membership card promotion is a long way to go and you will be on the exploration, so for WeChat to explore the commercialization of a lot of people questioned, provided a pony brother Internet Conference in September by the popularity of WeChat QR code. The layout of O2O can achieve the goal? I’m skeptical, although WeChat has open platform, but the interface is only superficial, unable to meet the needs of third party developers, will not have the very high value, but is the brother pony has clearly intimated, will gradually open test chain QQ, there may even be chain WeChat, which makes me very much looking forward, relying on the huge user data as the foundation, with an open mind to do platform, WeChat’s vast potential Yes, it can be tapped, or the real competition between Sina and micro-blog is only now.

to talk about big data, but since the concept of cloud platform after the heat, with the rise of social media, according to the analysis, data mining, Internet marketing products more and more, most of the service for the enterprise, or to promote their products, more classic case is beautiful, said, and the recent popularity of "pops" is relying on Sina micro-blog users rapid development of the relations between users, tens of thousands of downloads per day. Most of the big data comes from the PC internet. Well, big data in the mobile Internet,



each person may have different from the terminal, Pad, mobile phone to other mobile terminal access to the Internet, in the mobile terminal information more and more diverse, text or pictures or voice or video or.

Buzzfeed fire, why only this website has the ability to stir up cold rice


moment, people all over the world to display color black / platinum camp, let everyone at. This event really makes the Buzzfeed a fire, we reported the "devil" refers to wear blue and black dress it, yeah.

you can call it "Yin and Yang screen" dispute, also known as "cool and warm screen jihad.". The essence is not the school color shift, plus screen difference, why is it so fire?

Buzzfeed fired the leftovers again,

Countless editors of the

mainstream media are asking their correspondent the same question: why didn’t they report that skirt?.

actually, the color of the skirt was just a little argument on Tumblr at first. On an ordinary Friday afternoon, editor Cates Holderness received pictures from readers, and she sent them to several colleagues and found that the colors were different. As she began to puzzle, she thought that if she argued with the people around her, the message should be sent to the internet. Then there was the BuzzFeed, the 31 million 260 thousand – meter dress report, a number that many news websites couldn’t match for a month.

because of the incident, the editor Cates also received the editor’s hand crafted gold crown. She said she didn’t want to pick it up any more.


from the start, their goal is to help you know yourself,

Ben Smith editor in chief of their employees in the event after a message – "The Dress" (yes is this domineering title) expressed an attitude: Buzzfeed from the network culture, network culture is now coming toward them. "Before, we were network culture phenomenon, and now, we are culture itself."." The editor in chief believes that, in addition to some of the promotional techniques that are common in the promotion process, there is no doubt that they have created a number of new social phenomena worth analyzing.

For the establishment of

Buzzfeed, founder of Jonah Peretti put forward their own point of view: when people in the face of capitalism is growing speed and can not adapt to the hitherto unknown, they tend to lose will need to continue the search for the self. Perhaps this is more easy to understand, BuzzFeed’s former creative director Jeff Greenspan New York Magazine in an interview said: "nobody will make your site ‘care’, but they are willing to share and transfer information to help people around those who know themselves better."

in short, the website creates an atmosphere that is easy to watch, and doesn’t have any information such as sharing entertainment, slot messages, etc.

Sohu chief editor Chen Zhaohua resignation portal in anterior

Abstract: Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang confirmed that Chen Zhaohua is indeed considering new career development options, but will not abolish the content editorial department.



] titanium integrated media today news, as a veteran news portal, the Sohu will make snap reform, gradually remove the content department, and is no longer set the edit posts, will be changed to a news portal location from the media platform.

in addition, Chen Zhaohua, vice president of Sohu and editor in chief, will resign.

, however, confirmed by Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang that Chen Zhaohua is considering a new career development option, but will not abolish the content editor. Zhang Zhaoyang admitted, "Sohu news editor flow (ie, artificial editors recommend News) is not weakened, but to strengthen, strengthen the editorial flow of news content selection level and values."."

Reasons for the resignation of Chen Zhaohua

, the outside world is in constant speculation.

resigned from Zhang Zhaoyang,


Chen Zhaohua graduated from university in 1992 and enrolled in the "Southern Weekend". He served as deputy editor in chief of the Southern Metropolis Daily, deputy managing editor and editor in chief of Nandu weekly. In January 2014, he was appointed general manager of Southern Metropolis daily.

early in 2015, Chen Zhaohua joined Sohu, vice president and chief editor of Sohu network, known as the "first shot" of Sohu reform". Chen Zhaohua said after taking office, will be integrated in Sohu news products, versatile professionals, as well as multi product Taiwan’s way of pushing and active audience. How to make the "active audience" and Sohu to form better interaction is the future direction of Sohu content reform.

at the same time, he also promised to Sohu portal and mobile side of the combination of force, increasing the intensity of self media reform.

, however, Zhang Zhaoyang and Chen Zhaohua, chairman and chief executive of the Sohu board of directors, have always been divided on the concept of reform. Chen Zhaohua believes that even in the era of self media, the original content should be the core of Sohu portal, from the media can only be used as a supplement to the original content. And this year Zhang Zhaoyang proposed to traditional portal mode to self media convergence mode, that is, the focus of force Sohu media platform.

Chen Zhaohua said to the outside world, there is no formal resignation, but two weeks ago and Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang conducted in-depth exchanges, support for each other from the direction of media development is still the same.

Chen Zhaohua revealed that the future will still choose to do content, is expected in January 2017 will announce the latest development direction.

Where’s the way out of the old



, however, under the impact of the media and today’s headlines, veteran portals have no strong appeal. Whether NetEase or Sohu, as the bonus age of the portal era seems to be almost exhausted, so "portal resolution" gradually become industry trends, not

Personal experience in the management of local talent websites

with the first excitement in the station network, in this Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon to write simply Gong surface play broadsword, write all their personal experiences and personal experience, well! My city is a less developed and developed prefecture level city under the jurisdiction of two in five counties, the enterprise is relatively small, the government attaches great importance to the network is not, just no local talent network, talent network we just fill this gap, people on the network consciousness is relatively poor, and this is also a kind of opportunities and challenges. There are not too many competitors, and our competition now is only the local talent market.

the following is the way we walked, but very hard, because there are only two people, my girlfriend and me. Everything needs to be done by itself.

1, spent a month to website program debugging and running, the beginning of our website do not flow and click rate, even in Baidu search, to make a website with valuable content is king, then each week to collect talent market recruitment information, at the same time some India Small leaflets to see the recruitment of job seekers and recruiters telling anyone, collected in the talent market information to the office for enterprise registration upload, telephone their account number and password and our web site. Alone back from the talent market information is not enough, but also actively took the name card to the office building and the street "saolou" street "". Where the city is small but also good promotion, one month down, Baidu search and enter the corresponding keyword ranking although not before, but to be able to search is very encouraging and very excited here, still have to think of some keywords or keywords to get SEO optimization, as a local job personnel to search for the point of view to consider, such as place names with "XX XX recruitment network, talent network, XX network personnel recruitment, XX XX XX, teacher recruitment, recruitment, XX talent market" and others have to think of themselves. Two months have passed, and Japan’s independent IP has reached about 300, which is very gratifying. Gradually, there are many job seekers and recruitment enterprises, members of the initiative to register, but also accumulated a certain membership.

2, take the initiative to find some local labor dispatch company and Human Resources Inc, the several enterprises they do not have their own platform release, they give them free to find early release, the other side also provide a lot of recruitment information. Also through the Human Resources Inc for the local commercial bank and China Unicom issued recruitment information, the two major clients, although did not give us a direct economic benefit and advertising costs, but brought us a large number of traffic. Because although we give them a free release of information, but there is a condition that we only designated site for network registration, plus the two enterprises through the local newspaper recruitment also indirectly in the newspaper publicity of our website! Hey, Japan IP suddenly that time is around 800. With the above two cases, then the local post office recruitment talents initiative

Soft writing, pay attention to the main points

1, correlation:

soft note, and the industry is related to major events, which can greatly enhance the user’s attention and the probability of appearing in various portals.

application case

Background: Taobao

shielding Baidu, cause domestic C2C battle

article: "from the C2C competition battle,

independent shop development"

2, timeliness:

brand occasion of the soft, must have with the timeliness, otherwise such a worthless article.

application case

background: SHOPEX successfully acquired ECSHOP

article: "V5SHOP shop system to laugh at SHOPEX acquisition event"

3, Title:

a good title is the key to whether users click, according to the observation of grassroots, tutorial headlines attract larger users, and the official nature of the article.

can easily lead to user dislike.

application case

background: ordinary case, soft text propaganda

article: "site traffic speed" top secret tutorial "webmaster, please see the" straight "Baidu V5SHOP shop promotion strategy of the first chapter" the strongest

4, hard and soft separation:

here, the so-called soft and hard refers to the soft and hard advertising articles, such as: (soft text: "website traffic big speed top secret tutorial", rigid article: "V5SHOP shop system release, lead e-commerce new model"

application case

background: V5SHOP online shopping system officially released

article: soft Wen: who will create a new model in the field of e-commerce, hard article: "V5SHOP online publishing system to shake e-commerce deadlock"

5, link:

is both soft and hard for the application of multi link will directly affect the release and soft effect, suggested here links should appear in the place, related articles, do not appear not clear link otherwise it will lead to resentment.

application case

background: through the soft text to establish external links,

article: "SEO" performance fine shop system

content abstract:


V5SHOP as the bright younger generation is basically set director of public companies, although many of the functions overlap makes the operation is complex, but its performance can still be guaranteed, absolutely can play 90 minutes.

6, soft Wen content control >