Foreign trade station to the Yahoo chain to improve website weight

should pay attention to and the development of high quality Links. This will screen the theme of the site and related content, and weights and chain exchange collected are ideal sites, these sites outside the chain can play a role, and Paul >

chain algorithm mentioned above, we can roughly know how to YAHOO to increase effective outside the chain to improve weight:

Yahoo has one of the biggest characteristics in determining the site outside the chain, that is to pay special attention to Links role in the chain of the collection and release of it, the vast majority are from the website of the Links site, which is sometimes we say that outside the chain of high quality Yahoo, by some special reasons pay attention to the. At the same time, it also requires the site exchange Links site quality must be high, higher quality site can not only bring the chain home page for the site, the page can also become the source of the website chain, so the high quality of the site can bring to the site of Links benefits.

Yahoo as one of the earliest search engine business development company, far less than the catch up from behind noble baby, its development focus gradually shifted its search business has become a "defensive" of the company’s business. However, by virtue of its influence to establish in the world, especially the development of other businesses, including information portal, instant communication tools, influence in the world still can not be overlooked, with its worldwide influence, make domestic businesses have to pay attention to the role of Yahoo in foreign trade website.

finally, Yahoo to determine the effective chain including with some forum signature links, but its forum for the quality requirements are relatively high, generally speaking, only with very high weight forum signature links or thread links will be grasping and put out as an effective link exists. Otherwise, the weight in general forum signature or thread link can not be effectively linked.

Yahoo also included in the site outside the chain, also pay special attention to the point is the site itself, which mainly focused on the site on the chain to grab. The website of the internal links between the various pages, including the link, and the forum signature, and web page in other pages with associated links, these links will be accompanied by the weights of the website continuously improve the grab by Yahoo, it will also become part of the website chain.

According to the rules of

so we do foreign trade website this globally oriented website must fully consider the influence and effect of Yahoo, especially for Yahoo to the optimization of the website, improve website weight in the algorithm in the system, and then get a good ranking in the search results. Combined with the optimization work we usually do for YAHOO, with the A5 platform and share some of the methods and main points in the construction of the Yahoo chain to improve the weight of the need to pay attention to the effective optimization of the outer chain algorithm.

Institute of Shanghai Longfeng operation must not be able to earn money from the Internet

why not willing to think and explore some words while struggling in the blue ocean, everyone wants to go to the keywords for head broken and bleeding? So how to make money online is a thought, not a pure technology.

but you can do 5 of these websites. And some people think, a website is tired, do 5 that the more tired, no more strokes. But do you think, the competition of the big words, every day you spent on the website of the time is 5 hours. But not on the top, not to make a penny. But if you do 5 stations, is a competitive keywords small, natural in the chain of a bit set some do not send the chain, update, or even a few days you update a, probably one or two months ranked the first row. So you 5 stand up, the time is not a day calls for 5 hours, but there can realize income.

For example:

for example, the Shanghai dragon learning, we know that the weight of the site home page is the highest, is higher than that of the inside pages. This is the Shanghai dragon knowledge. According to this characteristic, if you use the home page to do a people are used to do the inside pages of words, so it is easy to get ranking. This is a kind of Shanghai Longfeng thinking, reasonable use of learned knowledge in Shanghai dragon.

you to do a keyword, great competitive ranking for half a year, do not go up. Because those rankings better competitors website earlier than you, the number more than you, the number of tens of thousands of the chain. Is not your own operation, Shanghai Dragon technology does not work, but in the number of articles, the chain number and so on, you can’t go beyond the others. Well, for half a year are not what ranking, or do not make money. You will be Shanghai dragon, but because the competition is too big, or not to earn money.

if a change of strategy and thinking. To find some competition is very small, relatively lower word index? You might think, to do the big competition, high index certain keywords, although do not go up, once make up such a website, estimates can earn 2000 yuan a month. And that the word index is low, although the competition is small, but even if do go up is not worth, earned 400 yuan a month. Too uneconomical.

just say this is thinking, the Shanghai dragon a flexible use of knowledge. >

learned Shanghai dragon will be able to make money? I don’t think so. In fact, the knowledge itself and can directly to your money, only the knowledge is skillfully applied to practice, to be able to make money. How to reasonably and flexibly to use knowledge, is to see how strong your thinking. Take the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon when you learn each knowledge point, know exactly how to operate the Shanghai dragon, is not enough. Only through your mind, and your knowledge of Shanghai dragon together to make easy money.

Three Gorges immigrants settled in Tongling entrepreneurial government support

there are a lot of entrepreneurs in our daily life, they may have no prominent background, they might not have higher education, but still by virtue of their proficiency in a particular line to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Recently, the reporter saw Jiang Yunzhen, she was carrying a full bucket of feed in the pig house feeding. With the sound of "hello", a large group of pigs came round at once…… Three Gorges immigrants settled in Tongling, entrepreneurial government support more, we look at the following.

42 year old Jiang Yunzhen, from Chongqing, Wushan, the Three Gorges immigrants. 12 years ago, her family in response to the call, together with more than 130 people, settled in Tianmen District of Tongling City Longshan Zhen Yi An, Long Yun, Zhu Village, the five peak of 4 administrative village settlements.

Tianmen Longshan Village is located in the mountains, the local people called "Huang Jia Shan", Jiang Yunzhen’s pig farm on a slope here. "To say the truth, just come over when the unfamiliar, in the heart of a loss, do not know how to do the future life." Jiang Yunzhen told reporters that the original idea. "Thanks to the party and the government, for the construction of our new homes, divided the land, but also enjoy the policy subsidies, so that we have the protection of life." Jiang Yunzhen said, when their home is divided into more than 4 acres of land. She was at home, her husband ran out of freight.

Jiang Yunzhen family life, although there is a basic guarantee, but she has been looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, look forward to further improve family living conditions.

"when I was in Wushan, raising pigs on the side of the land, and accumulated some experience in raising pigs, I thought of a pig farm." Jiang Yunzhen said that she was a neighbor of the new home of Tongling, Zhu Changbao is a well-known local butcher, very familiar with the pig market, and soon said she was willing to partner with Entrepreneurship pig. In 2010, the two men rented a package of the Yellow Mountain, a mountain, built a simple pig house, began the road of entrepreneurship. When they farmed more than 50 pigs, the proceeds of several million. With the expansion of the scale of farming, they began to introduce the sow Farrow, by reducing the purchase cost of piglets. At the same time, they are planting trees, seasonal mountain chicken duck, pig in side dug a pond, formed in the mountains with stocking poultry, three-dimensional planting and breeding of pig manure and planting fish feeding mode. Currently, they are operating in the farm, the annual income of nearly one million yuan.

, the reporter also learned that in the interview with Jiang Yunzhen or Tianmen town, the town family planning association of caring planning objects of households. In order to help Jiang Yunzhen get rich as soon as possible, the town and village level two family planning staff often come to send the policy, send the information to send information and delivery service; often organize professional on-site technical guidance and organization, she participated in the new rural skills training to improve her entrepreneurial skills.

in the modern market, entrepreneurship has become a lot of people recommend

Find their own position to find their own direction

learn to know yourself, a topic that we really need to think about your own position, only to find their own direction, is often hard for some people to recognize their own easy to lose yourself, but this is probably to come.

If I according to the professional to consider employment, I may be a translator, a teacher or other English class occupation. My English is good, my first thought is to be a translator. Good income, but also my favorite english. But when the first article came down, I found it too difficult. First of all, translation is a very lonely life. I turn the manuscript has more than 19 thousand words, philosophical papers. From morning to night, often stay up all night, day and night. The only episode is a small gap in the middle of the dictionary, and the dictionary is not a local search, but a lot of the local search, select the correct meaning. There is no one to talk to you, not your entertainment, has been transformed into a high-end machine translation, fatigue, loneliness, cervical pain, bursts of screaming swept, I wiped out on the computer, the Internet that point of interest. I am eager to communicate, I feel like I’m killing myself, if the article is over, I will get depressed. Secondly, the translation is difficult, difficult in its special. It is good to learn English, but it is not special for translation. English is a language, a carrier, not a content

Harbin will build 300 employment and entrepreneurship training base

to support all kinds of college graduates successfully carry out entrepreneurial activities, the Harbin municipal government announced the construction of 300 employment and entrepreneurship training base in the next 3 years, and give the corresponding preferential tax relief and loan support, further reducing the threshold for entrepreneurship.

clear program within 3 years, Harbin will build 300 college students employment and entrepreneurship training base. For college students to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, you can enjoy the four cards in one, one by one, the registration policy and related tax relief policy. Excellent and key entrepreneurial projects were given 30 thousand yuan, $50 thousand funding. For outstanding and key science and Technology entrepreneurial projects, given 200 thousand yuan to $300 thousand funding.

than tax credit policy, in the base of entrepreneurship in every culture personality and innovation consciousness of students is more important for students to self, multiple choice way to success, to avoid the path of entrepreneurship fits, achieve all-round development.

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100 thousand what do you do to make money

      100 thousand or so what to do a good deal of money to buy it? This is, of course, to choose a project with good prospects, then what is a promising industry? 100 thousand what do you do to make money? Investment in automotive beauty is a good choice to join the project, you can follow the small series of interest.


  Simona automotive beauty

Crystal jewelry shop how to choose the brand

in recent years by many young men and women welcome jewelry, especially crystal jewelry is attracting many consumers’ eyes, let people at first sight. So, do you know how to choose crystal jewelry brand before starting a business? Choose a good brand, in the days after the operation is very important.

entrepreneurs signed an agreement of intent and preliminary Italy crystal jewelry brand headquarters, headquarters will provide a series of training courses before opening. Such as crystal jewelry chain headquarters provides systematic training courses for its headquarters to open the local market provides a strong guarantee. This training course is often a solution to problems that may arise. In addition, some of the crystal jewelry industry may also be related to professional knowledge, so entrepreneurs should be taken seriously, understand clearly.

choose crystal jewelry brand, you need to do all aspects of the investigation work, so, in order to get a better future. Therefore, these are about the investigation of the brand, I hope to help you, so that your business more successful, entrepreneurship can be smooth sailing.

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When the customer God will have more business opportunities – the whole

now many operators know though to be polite to customers, to customers as their "God", but when the concrete treatment is often easy to ignore, which is difficult to resonate with consumers, the shop business will naturally have an impact. In fact, if you want to successy run the business, only when the customer as God, will let the shop has more business opportunities oh.

not long ago, coincides with the centennial celebration of the school. In order to increase the festive atmosphere, the leadership decided to give each of the staff to make a suit of about 1500 yuan, the school nearly more than and 200 people, it is also considered a single valuable business. From Busen, Shanshan, Angelo Qipai, such as several well-known brand merchants have come to compete. Leaders in order to respect the wishes and interests of employees, the requirements of the merchants with samples and detailed information on the situation of the staff, and then by the staff scoring assessment, scoring high bidders.

day, Busen, Angelo and other merchants put Qipai "a pair of old style, self potential, discourse, what they say, overbearing" brand known Wurenbuxiao, do not choose the words that is the lack of teachers, lack of aesthetic taste, aesthetic point of view, in other words is childish and ridiculous.

these brands never worry about sales, worried about the general customer can not afford to buy! But today is a good opportunity for the school to pay the teachers, we can be assured that the bold choice, to ensure that the happy. Otherwise choose the wrong moment, regret life! Emotional words, everywhere reveal their pride and overbearing, but invisible to hurt teachers’ self-esteem.

finally Shanshan clothing merchants played, he wore straight straight suit, smiling to say: "dear teacher, thank you for providing this valuable opportunity to dress Shanshan, Shanshan clothing has been keeping pace with the times, adhere to the people-oriented, honest and trustworthy business philosophy. Our clothing color, style is not only to keep up with the tide of the times and diversification, so that customers have a choice. Suitable for all ages.

in addition, we also track service, technical quality problems within three months if replacement, if it is damaged by human factors we give you free repair. We will do our best to serve our hearts with love and hope for the best of your love! I hope the teacher to think carey, carey put your hands on the sacred vote, thank you!"

Shanshan clothing merchants language propriety properly, be neither humble nor pushy, words have feeling right, all customers for the purpose, the customer would like to think, the words between the lines contained on customer care teachers in the presence of profound sentiments of friendship, warm heart, voice stopped, a prolonged immediately thunderous applause, finally Shanshan dress with absolute votes and win over other several manufacturers.


7 factors affect the restaurant chain store business

modern leisure shopping more and more love to go to the comprehensive commercial areas, shopping malls have to eat and play shopping. It also attracted a lot of food and beverage franchisees will store opened in the mall, but would like to shop in such a place, it is not so simple.

first pit: no bargains is not popular

second pit: not over Taiwan does not make money

A fellow friend

but can let the restaurant turned Taiwan line, need to do marketing, spend much time? And, even if a large number of big promotions, customers also go to line up the future.

third pit: not decorated submerged

do super catering is facing enormous competitive pressure, neighbors — competitors than a lot of strong backing, rich background, self willed, so recommended

Two selected topics to commemorate the key topics of war

Reporters from the provincial press and Publication Bureau learned that in June 18th, the Central Propaganda Department and the State Press and Publication Administration held in Beijing to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the victory of the war and publishing topics, the meeting issued a commemorative Chinese people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary of the 120 important topics. Among them, Qinghai people’s Publishing House of the "Chinese war panorama book · Qinghai volume" and "flower" and used 2 kinds of selected topics.