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then how to make a heaven thousand dollars income, we can take the automatic registration machine of the four chat rooms, tied to other software above, inducing others to download, for example navigation station friend, if he plays out of the page is very attractive, being under the load of 800 times. So we see, is not a 800*1.20 yuan =960 yuan. Ha ha, a lot of people will say, I do not have navigation station, also do not have so big flow, how to do? See

do Taobao customers, what do you think is the most important thing is to master the correct promotion method, or do a good user experience of the site, or choose to promote the product?…… To say, these are very important! But most people mainly study Taobao customer promotion methods, or do the site’s ranking, the perspective of the user experience that Taobao customer only out to make money, otherwise everything is empty, but if you want to go out to promote really, or do not make money or just found earn some money with you before, great imagination gap, how is this going? If you can find the problem? Today let Qingdao SEO tell you a shop for Taobao passenger merchant flicker case, perhaps the reason you do not make money off Taobao is such bad business shop here.

3, now a lot of software bundle has a lot of, for example, plug-in, express, we do cool, speed up, PP accelerator ah, and so on, are tied with other software. We’re just a bunch of chat room registers on top of us. Here we’ll bundle up some software, and you can use the CPA plug-in system to bundle up the software. If you need friends, you can ask me too.


while I was writing the article, I thought for a long time. Why? I’m afraid to write such an article for fear of being scolded, but I want to know the way I tell those who do website friends, there are still many people want to know. Curse it, for some friends, it is also worthwhile. Now many people are doing League, want to find no amount of alliance, in fact, I smiled and told you that such alliances are not, how many will buckle that some. There is less talk.


yesterday to find the background of Taobao alliance product promotion, search is a "freckle" products note, and then see the spot product of a product name as "the 2 generation of anti acne and India pock pox pits to scar postpartum repair blemish freckle pit repair oil" products, and then a 50% Commission. 355 month sales volume, click to enter the shop the sales of more than 5000, and a Taobao mall, the first feeling is good, because the mall is the total promotion, to promote the products, and generally look at the description of the product, the results found are described in a strange question, I intended to promote it the freckle products, intermediate results described impressively write this sentence: if you want to buy freckle products please take the latest two generation freckle essence text with hyperlink, then There is a saying: if you want to buy postpartum scar repair to scar product please take here text with hyperlinks, in fact, this product description means that the product is only for the use of acne, if users want to buy freckle products, will click on the link in the description of another one, the most the key problem lies in the title of his product, a product has written a variety of products the role of a variety of products in the title of your keywords…… So I have to contact their customer service, I said I want you to promote this product, but your description of which tells the user to shoot another product, then another product promotion commission is not 50%? The customer hesitated, said we all products on commission, your heart on the line to promote. Then they made a Taobao Adsense community a recent Taobao customer recruitment notice, mean to tell me they are Taobao shops, the Commission is very high. I said you told me that another product is not 50% Commission on the line, I am going to promote your, not I do not promote, and then customer service will no longer pay attention to me. So, I looked at them another store sales charts are also described, it took two similar links, the same product, the title is marked can freckle, acne, postpartum scar repair of multiple roles, so I doubt very much, in order to confirm his guess, I >

below is my summary of actual combat methods.

1, the first to talk about several chat rooms CPA advertising, basically all day and real-time data.

2, use free traffic to make money. We can use this command to download inurl:bbs" from " or intitle: software in sh419 or shlf1314; do not include quotes. Meaning "search title" is software download, and the address is all forum website to send the software that bind. You can search out the forum selected relatively large volume injection 100 flow, under the plug-in software bundled with the registered OK, if you feel tired post, you can ask me to "forum listserv." I specifically asked people made. Count, send 100 forums, download at least thousands of. Take 1000*1.20 yuan =1200 yuan. There are ways, see the following

CPA plug-in is the main role of the union software inside the collection together to download and install, you can from a few cents into a few dollars. And the download is hidden when you install it. OK, count. For example, a software that bundles 1 yuan will be downloaded 1000 times, then 1>


Qingdao SEO

BBS how to make money

do stand, in addition to interest, on the other hand is also a lot of Adsense to make money a way. In Google and other advertising prices today, how to do the station to make money, nearly two months, has been considering this issue, especially in the Forum (because of their current management of a local feature forums).

morning to work, a friend in the BBS hair station information to me, said there is project cooperation, and then add QQ chat. The other side is cosmetics, and he hopes I can recommend in this forum, and then deduct the percentage. Because the forum is company, did not promise him at that time. Have a meal at noon back to this thing, think to do product promotion is a way of making money (Forum last week also listen to two webmaster friends talking about "clean out a guest", they do not understand this new term, like Taobao promotion of goods, Trade Commission).

a good positioning of the forum, some hobbies can aggregate the crowd, many of whom are loyal users, if you promote the product really good (personally think this is more important), and sales will be good for everyone, certainly. Naturally, the webmaster’s commission is also high. Promotion of goods should be a better way, as long as the election of their own forum users of goods, regular inspection of these goods, there is no change in it.

on the other hand, the webmaster can also sell some suitable in jars of goods, services, and now many other forum is to do so, for example, some tourism forum, often organize some activities of the forum, which is a member of outdoor tourism, tourism is to spend money anyway, by the forum to provide services, membership will be more at ease, have fun.

do their own Guangdong women’s Forum (, if it is a personal station, do some clothing, cosmetics should be good, because it is the company station, has its own position, can not be changed.

do station, is interested, also want to consider survival, personal feel, at least, don’t do money to do stand, that is to say, do the station to make money back, is the personal webmaster first consideration of the problem.

Guangdong has been the frontier of all aspects of domestic development, the Internet seems in recent years than Beijing, Guangdong may be here to do stand more consideration to make money now, but it should be a trend, is an inevitable station. Guangdong webmaster exchanges: 22701515, perhaps, we can work together.

expect, webmaster’s tomorrow will be better.

Several key points for a successful website

website everybody knows, do a good website promotion is must, and do a website, also have a few key attention points. After the recent summary, I come to the following small points, I hope we can give some advice to share their own experience.

first point: a good teacher is the key to

day: three people, there must be my division. A teacher, can let you go a lot less trouble. Do a good website, is not a simple matter, multifarious details at any time make people dizzy. When you get lost in the fog of data on your web site, you can walk out of the fog by yourself, but it will take a lot of time. If there is a good teacher who lights a light and leads you along, you can not only get out of the fog quickly, but also learn more skills from it.

second: persevere

site traffic is not high, for many webmaster is a fatal injury. How to improve the traffic of the website, the first thing to do is to persist. Keeping up with your daily updates is primary, then seeking the root of the problem and finding a solution to the problem. Success is not as simple as you think, and it’s not a game. No perseverance, no desperate every child experience, resolve not, it is difficult to achieve success at the top.

third: do search engine optimization

The survival of

sites relies on search engines, and SEO is the impact of various search engines, such as Baidu, Google, Yahoo, and so on. SEO policy is to increase traffic, in order to increase the amount of site visits, long-term promotion is essential. However, the promotion must adhere to, not three days fishing, two days drying nets.

fourth: make other people’s own

website, forum with much guidance tips, everyone has the same mentality: the secret to learn! However, after reading, you really understand? You can’t feel the real thing, how can become their own? Read the so-called secret, not to comment on the quality just behind, should understand the secret benefits to other people’s things into their own, to learn to use.

fifth: pay attention to

does not speak with intent. Has anyone really worked hard? Let me give you an example: the choice of keywords. Keyword selected, each site is not the same. For example, a shopping network, he wrote, "rabbit fur of Rex rabbit fur coat fur coat fox fur", and "Rex fur coat fox fur coat", is the same effect. "Rabbit" visitors search "rabbit hair" and "Fox" and "rabbit fur" "Rex fur" and "fox fur" and "fur coat" and other words, can be searched. But the latter obviously saves vocabulary, you can add other keywords to increase the probability of being searched.

text >

Open the fish store before what

for the catering business novice, open a good taste, high popularity of the fish store also is a very good choice, but the food and beverage market competitiveness, as we all know, how to let yourself be in an invincible position in the future competition in the business, which requires you to do a fully prepared in the beginning.

fish stores the preparation work before what?

open a fish store, the first is the location.

will be their initial location into the intention of the site, the target audience for the location of the site to do a full and detailed investigation, analysis of advantages and disadvantages. In the business before, choose a good location is the most important step. We suggest that we should choose a popular and has the potential to appreciate the lot. "Passenger flow" is "money flow"". The fish store location must pay attention to the people around traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units of the situation. Of course, the site also has forward-looking. Not all of the "golden city" have some money, sometimes busy location and could become the deserted land. Therefore, the vision should be long-term, more understanding of the development of the region in the next few years. In addition, but also pay attention to the area near the fish store competition situation. If the site is not properly chosen, it is often difficult to be successful in decorating and food. So, we must choose a suitable address, only in this way can be handy after day.

open a fish store, followed by the choice of brand.

join the brand is essential, is a small investment in the key step. Choose a high-profile brand to join, can avoid many thorny issues facing the initial operation, even if the problem occurs, also survived in the professional brand’s help, at the same time, the brand effect is also conducive to the development of fish stores, can promote consumer spending, increase consumer confidence. Choose a good brand, will be able to enjoy the brand for many years accumulated comprehensive ability, as well as the operating process of the favorable cooperation, stand out in the competition, win development.

open a fish store, the last is to good service.

focus on the accumulation of loyal customers. The only way to ensure the long-term development of fish stores. "The customer is God", should be considered from the customer’s psychological needs, listen to customers’ opinions and suggestions. Of course, the franchise will also provide training and operational guidance, provide help in service skills, store management and fish knowledge training to the clerk.

fish stores, after open new fish shop in the location, select the brand and service are finally ready to work in the business, "

How to choose a favorite brand

many people are interested in joining this entrepreneurial model. As we all know, when you start a business, it’s important to choose a good project. So how can choose to join the favorite brand?

1. select industry

set reasonable investment expectations: the franchisee is small and medium investors, itself has a certain financial pressure, some industries slow flow of capital, according to their expected rate of return on capital to choose the industry.

know more details: line rules, more detailed the better.

: Jiezhuang industry should focus on the investigation headquarters support, and investigate whether there is a business outlets, how. Franchisees need to have a more comprehensive understanding of the industry, the need for strong financial capacity, because it may bear a period of withdrawal of funds.

2. then joined

Several of the best investment projects in the summer to make money

what are you planning to do this summer? Do you have any investment? Do you know what to invest in? If you do not have a clear answer to these questions, then you may wish to take a look at this summer’s best investment in several major environmental projects, all of which are the strength of the big name, investment super money.

bangmei net of indoor air purification

bangmei net of indoor air purification products used in the series of nano biotechnology, furniture paint, paint and adhesive for slow release of benzene and developed a new generation of purification products, the technology breaks through the single method through oxidative decomposition, activator material with the removal of benzene pollution through bio technology and nano for a long time, obvious treatment effect, and no pollution two.

520 air purification gas station

with the indoor air pollution is due to the arrogance of his nemesis, the 520 gas station (air purification air pollution purification service). There are 520 air purification stations in the place, the air pollution can only raise their hands to surrender. Therefore, the 520 air purification gas station to become the best indoor air pollution control.

Zhongke Hengnuo air purifier

HEPA high efficient air purification technology, coconut shell activated carbon, nano ultrasonic atomization technology in one, set in the

Sakura cubic pollution

Sakura cubic pollution on the basis of the photocatalyst, breaking the rules, the integration of new technologies will be bold, the limitations of photocatalyst is minimized, thereby greatly its purification function. This governance products, governance can meet the national standards for indoor formaldehyde content, in order to reduce the possible harm to the body.

2015 years, the environmental protection project has been a hot investment, these projects are the strength of the brand of environmental protection projects, has a good market reputation, strong market appeal. Investors choose one of the projects, can grasp the chance of success, because they have a comprehensive support to protect.

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Xiangfen county to carry out entrepreneurship and employment of women’s domestic service entrepreneu

modern people to improve the standard of living, many new services began to rise. For example, home care staff is in short supply. To provide professional training for unemployed women to encourage their participation in domestic entrepreneurship, is a good way out.

1 5, Xiangfen County women’s Federation held the female employment housekeeping service training courses in the ancient town of wulidun village. Training includes maternal and child care, postpartum lactation, elderly care, home cleaning, etc.. 15 days, more than 120 women participated in the study.

from domestic service start, encourage women to participate in employment, so that the majority of women have more entrepreneurial learning opportunities, will be Chinese women to seek the true social equality necessary work.

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80 after the success of the beauty of cheese Road

no matter when you don’t know what’s going on in your life in the coming years, so for the next second, you must work hard. There is such a beauty after 80 years ago, seven years ago she was unknown, ready to take off. Seven years later, when the opportunity came, she will do their best to win the career success. This beauty is Chen Xiaolu.


85 Yongzhou woman, cut a capable short hair, done 7 years of make-up artist, has many presenters and other stars to do cosmetic work, the average monthly income of 7000 yuan, a petty and quiet life. However, at the beginning of 2014, during the cold, she inadvertently bask in the WeChat circle of friends homemade delicacy – baked cheese, has changed her life: turned from makeup for her delicacy operators, cheese has become popular throughout the Changsha, and 7 days to create a circle of friends through sales of 150 thousand records, April sales of up to 400 thousand. After nearly half a year of operation, her fans chowhound total of nearly 8000 people, the development of more than and 20 agents, agents less profit is two thousand yuan, up 40 thousand yuan.

only 7 days a month to sell cheese bar hot circle of friends

2 pm, Tencent Hunan network editor to see the deer when she was carrying two mobile phone in WeChat kept busy, she said: "because it is our home cheese order period, get up at 7:30 in the morning, packing delivery to 12 noon, afternoon have orders, reply WeChat, have to get to three a.m.."

outside said micro business is lying in the house brush circle of friends easily put money earned, Chen Xiaolu smiled and said: "this is it, can be hard work behind only the talent around know."

has just started, she alone at home, all things need hands-on, often stay up all night for my friends to make cheese, the body too much, she said do not want to default with friends, orders to let them receive the first cheese.

in order to ensure the taste of cheese strips, she provides a single day only seven days a month. Chen Xiaolu did not take a single time is not idle, usually used to study and test new products, training agents.

in order to test the taste of cheese strips from 94 pounds to eat up to 120 pounds

cheese, also known as cheese, milk is concentrated, fermented milk products, known as dairy in the "gold", especially by women like. In Chen Xiaolu view, only the continuous development and testing, new products to market success.

grew up in the love of food, she tried to taste cheese from 94 pounds to eat a total of 120 pounds, although now thin back, but still can not help but, she said she was born