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Two of the major part of

from the user’s point of view as follows:

believe that the webmaster Scindapsus algorithm to previous memory that mentioned in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform on pomegranate algorithm, the webmaster and not pay attention to the launch of the algorithm? Pomegranate is focused on the quality of the page, the page for the low quality, pomegranate in algorithm will of course for punishment, and the K is down right expected thing, after seeing the love of the declaration of Shanghai, I learned that the algorithm is actually a pomegranate, Shanghai dragon point; two, the user’s point of view. It should start from those places to improve the quality of the


every website information not surprisingly is through love Shanghai to convey to the user, so that, our website is done to the user, the user only love is the most important, and do the secondary love love Shanghai. Two from a user point of view, page two, user examination plan. PV flow is high when a page, the page is also love user page, Dalian website construction company is the high quality of the page, but also look at these two points. For example, when you are building a business class website, how to design the page in order to improve the PV traffic it? Dalian website for the product page and experience of this page are reflected if you are selling products, the product that visits the page where the natural ratio is high in order to nip in the bud, and let the traffic and conversion rate is also rising, will not be able to let go can affect the conversion rate of the page details, such as: product pictures should be clear, detailed introduction, morphology and so on details, ensure that the conversion rate is not affected. In short, this page will be from the user’s perspective, do a love Shanghai, love the website users. >


to the quality of the page contains code page, and the page content. In some enterprise web page will have many page code redundancy, basically is in the use of the structure of the page table. So love Shanghai spider crawling, because the page is too big, probably will not be completely climbed, because there is a limit to love Shanghai spiders crawling the page file. So when we streamline the page code, in the structure, we have to accept the DIV+CSS, more detailed point, will be H1, H2, H3 etc. accurate use, which can affect the quality of the page. At the same time, there is an important point affecting the quality of the page silver is the content of the page. The page content is nothing more than two points: first, to seize the original; two, correlation. For example, some enterprises in website optimization, but also add a bit of love industry news, and these messages are copied down the love sea. From the original point of view, a point also did not say that the relationship with the content of the page is also not high. With the arrival of the pomegranate algorithm, I believe we have to start from these two parts, increasing the difficulty is nothing more than the original topic — content.

Shanghai dragon angle analysis as follows:

The webmaster should forget Shanghai dragon UEO

enterprise network 贵族宝贝01p贵族宝贝 original release. Please indicate the source.


in fact, we should change a way, stop doing product, do content, do the real value to the users of the website. As long as your real website for users to use, they will recommend to other users, word-of-mouth. Here the word-of-mouth legend is certainly not the traditional sense of the word, is definitely a must through the community, social media, forum, blog, micro-blog and other media, in this case, you need hard to do outside the chain, every day to send spam? Natural links, and artificial links. It is certainly not the same.


removed Shanghai dragon, we should pay more attention on UEO. UEO, User Experience Optimization, user experience optimization. Through the UEO, prompting the user experience, improve customer satisfaction, improve the users of our website value recognition, so as to achieve the long-term natural growth.

The first

is now the general impetuous and utilitarian attitude, leading to the webmaster using pseudo original, buy black hat means the chain called, quickly improve website weight, then a short time to get a lot of traffic, resulting in a large number of pseudo original, as well as the birth of the chain business.

, come and go, once found in the search engine, or buy the chain is canceled, a flow rate fell to 0, revenue also fell to 0 of the natural. In fact, from a technical point of view, the search engine to find you outside of the chain is purchased is very easy. First of all, selling links, especially the weight is relatively large, relatively high PR, then hundreds of dozens of Shanghai, love can not know? Secondly, the site of the chain website, and his own website are very poor correlation. So in love with the sea is really easy to find this kind of cheating.

Shanghai dragon, English called Search Engine Optimization, Chinese name for search engine optimization. This year, Shanghai dragon is more and more attention. The webmaster friends summed up the 8 words: content is king, the chain for the emperor.

is everything in the world, is because it has a certain value. You made a bend over backwards, garbage site, the user has no value, even if you through the Shanghai dragon means, a short time to get a lot of traffic, will soon disappear. There is no value to the user, the user from the search engine click here, find your website content not what use the page is full of ads, pop-up ads that many users will quickly close your site search engine from the bounce rate and residence time of users, can you judge this page quality is very poor. The long-term accumulated, site is down right is just a matter of.

Relead tell you the position of the website visitor and the mobile phone numberAdSense is paying, an

the most incredible thing is that Relead is able to locate the visitor’s name, job and contact information. This is just like a name card with the person into your door, you don’t have his own mouth, and then put on the website, name card to you, for he couldn’t afford to buy your product, depend on the ability of the enterprise itself, is the so-called "customers at home, by selling personal".

related reviews:

currently has a free trial mode for Relead, which can only use basic functions, but it costs a fee to view specific information and browsing records of a particular visitor


we are sorry to inform you that the payment for our current period will be delayed until next week.

Relead also has a powerful visitor tracking mode. When visitors browse the site, all the steps and minutes to the minute will be recorded. For example, Kaf food company is a product manager in this website, in his welcome screen for 5 seconds and then transferred to the product page at 1 minutes and 20 seconds, the company introduced the download file, 2 minutes after the return to the site to continue registration after 1 minutes, 5 minutes after leaving the site. With detailed browsing records, companies can even see through the customer’s psychology.

also has a Relead system to view the visitor’s area. For example, the company received 500 visitors from Beijing, 100 visitors from Shanghai, and the company decided to set up a branch in Beijing to launch the promotion.

      recently, the webmaster hot topic shlf1314 PR update gradually subsided, but recently, shlf1314 AdSense payment has become a hot topic again.

    stationmaster station editor contacted shlf1314 AdSense for the first time and asked about the situation. According to the source: this non system BUG, nor is it due to shlf1314 AdSense localization of electronic banking payments. shlf1314 China has not received from the deferred payment message to American headquarters, shlf1314 AdSense payment time is February the end of the month, today just July 29th, not delay. At the same time, the person special instructions, the last two days will pay on time, please webmaster assured, if there is delay, shlf1314 will be the first time to send mail to inform you webmaster.


Relead can pinpoint visitor information and analyze the potential value of the visitor and whether they are interested in your product or website. Such information is of great value to any enterprise.

respected Publisher:

once payment is successfully reached in your account, we will send you an email for the first time and report the progress.

in Relead, each visitor will be given a "quality index", the higher the quality index, the more likely he is to buy the company’s products or services, so that enterprises can effectively promote marketing.

      the June Commission for recent Gshlf1314 AdSense payment history has been showing "payment" since 24; this issue has become a hot topic in the webmaster forum two months ago. There are webmaster guess shlf1314 AdSense again appeared and two months ago system BUG, lead to and Western Union interface problems, and therefore postponed.

analyzes the visitor’s information and can call out the company information from the Relead database, including the company name, industry type, scale, contact information and so on. The Relead indicates that the new information classification will be added to the enterprise credit risk. At the same time, in the introduction of Relead, we can see the contact information of almost all registered salesmen in this enterprise.

we are very sorry to have brought you here

we received a notice of payment agency, due to technical errors occurred during the payment process, resulting in our monthly payments has failed to release business accounts, the scope of influence as part payment for checks or Western Union publishers. This is why you may see payment details on the Adsense page that have been shown as "payment on hand".

shlf1314 AdSense mail Original:

if you have received the current payment, please ignore this mail.

our engineering department is working on the problem with the overnight payment agency and the payment agency, and we trust you will receive the payment we paid to you next week. At the same time, our engineering department is also working with the payment agency to find the root cause of the delayed payment, so as to avoid the recurrence of such problems later.

two months ago, shlf1314 AdSense has led to payment delays due to system Bug, the following is the time shlf1314 AdSense sent to the webmaster related notes, the original text:

recently, Relead, a web site visitor source analytics company, claims to be able to turn web visitors into sales channels". Relead is a unique and mysterious visitor information database, its function is powerful enough to query the visitors personal information, archives of the company even before the visitor contact analysis tools cannot access to information.

The opening of the first 1000 shop plan for the group is a grand meetingFeed your dollars with chick


how do you click on your ads? I’m sure they’ll find someone to click or something else.



point purchasing group CEO Mr. Chen Ziran

technical director, point purchasing group, Mr. Lin Jianxiong

believes that in the future development, the group will continue to lead the agents to make progress together, to create a win-win situation, to create brilliant!


core tip: in May 9, 2017 by the Shenzhen point purchase Agel Ecommerce Ltd sponsored the "point purchase mall experience shop" "thousand shop plan", the Internet to start the meeting will be held in Shenzhen grand.


President Mr. Chen Yuyan personally came to the mall to buy shares the concept of "thousand shop plans", is "point of purchase O2O experience store" thousand shops plan "top-level design and value" pointed out that "the preparation process of thousands of shops plan", the rise of the Internet industry O2O "line" of the wind, explain in detail the O2O point of purchase experience "thousands of shop shop plans" for our design philosophy and values and some shopping mall store experience O2O the future development trend and prospects.

I’m using computer points for chickens and other people in the dorm. One specialized search, another special point of advertising. So you can split, and every day take some money, because just apply for GG, so steady rise, using English search commonly used keywords, very suitable for cheating.


personal clicks are not many, such a way to steadily increase should be ~

Finance Director, point purchasing group, Mr. Li Weidong


this event to "shopping mall store thousands of stores " " Internet that will start to the countryside" as the theme, focusing on how to popularize the three or four line of the city to the countryside, the use of the Internet Internet culture with the purchase of O2O, to create a profitable experience store town a shop, first open first win and many other topics to explore exchanges, to achieve mutual benefit, sharing the fruits of victory.

sharing experience with gold agents and excellent shopkeepers

director of human resources at point purchasing group, Mr. Wang Shuaixu

dancing, born http://hexun/wudaoku

there is also used to broiler, chicken throughout the country does not necessarily point on the two time, ha, so there will be 1 knives accounted for. The last is to improve the original Wangzhuan improve the flow. Well, this method hasn’t been shot by shlf1314 yet, ~

sunny green Wangzhuan: http://qing.web.17jzw


students do I feel this good advertising, many computer disaster, I was in our class only understand computer network, their computer broke down my pipe, so I took them home control! This method is very effective, I created a shlf1314 search as the home page they are convenient, and the flow. Pretty good,


president of point purchasing group, Mr. Chen Yuyan

In fact,



Mr. Yang Shubin, managing director, point purchasing group

A good webmaster must have consciousness

now, with the advent of the Internet era, the site is indeed a good choice for the moment, but it is not so easy to run up! If you want to profit from or to become an independent school brand is probably high! But no matter how cruel competition or countless frustrations, I choose, I love


either at home or part-time part-time, full-time is put in the work, have a good psychological quality, the mentality is very important! Take me, do website for a long time, there are a lot of feelings, can not be said to experience it, is only a common habit and has only! Unremittingly, transcend, dreams can come true!

first, the links on the site have to be checked several times a week, once the problem is found, it is resolved as quickly as possible. Now this situation is very common, so it is very important, once a man and I built Links canceled without my knowledge, afterwards just know, this is the reason to be regularly checked, at least every day to check more than 3 times, found problems in a timely manner to clean up, clean up time remember to inform others.

second, dead links are also important and should be checked with professional inspection tools. As far as I’m concerned, the Google crawling recommendation is more practical, and you can quickly use it to know if there are dead links in your web site. For the dead link, we are not no way to it, the first is that you can use skills to turn it into the chain, and the second is to use machine files to screen. That way we can make sure our pages are clear.

third, a website ranking and check conditions included, for keywords and Pastebin every week to check, included are not stable, less than is common, we should pay special attention to.

fourth, external links, the chain is related to the popularity of the site, so build a well-known brand, in addition to their original, but also to increase the chain. High visibility of the web site, tens of thousands of chains, are not overnight, but also rely on unremitting efforts.

finally, which is open to the outside world, not otherwise, from time to time and other owners of technical exchanges. Now, the popularity of the network, it is not difficult to communicate, and learn from the experience of others can be very good to improve themselves, you can also take less detours.


in contributions!

When the webmaster’s wife than the webmaster tired

today secretly used her husband’s number on the webmaster network, first came in, I feel pretty good, huh, huh,

when the owners of the owners wife than tired! This sentence can be said to be using the accumulated experience out, he said, when the owners to work at night and sleep during the day! You don’t sleep at night really tiring, but there is no thought of his wife, your body is subjected to tired, and we are. The mind body double tired! What when the wife does not want to let her husband hurt, spoil, want to take vacation travel together, go shopping together, play together, maybe these small things any family or couples will have, however, when you webmaster wife this treatment is luxury can say, is the kind of thing we should not occur even in a hundred years, during the day to go out to work, and you don’t work at home to sleep, to continue to work tired, you know that your wife is how much heart The pain? Worry, miss, have love, so we can’t work! When tired a day back home, can safely sleep, we also want to have arms pillow, can rely on, however, can be said every day is the only first available, while you are in. Fen station! Regardless of their own wife, perhaps in your world, the website became your wife, has become the indispensable thing in your life, and we


is always a person, a person, a person shopping (home with you in no mood). A person to eat (no taste), a person to sleep (you are involved, how can I sleep) wake up every day, watching you sleepy and I don’t have the strength to speak, has been tired to sleep, heartache, heartache to death, that kind of feeling I think only the Baidu K station when you can feel, right? Every day and you sit in front of the computer, and you told me most of the topic is your station IP, traffic, advertising and other GG about you the website of things, you know? I’m not interested in it, I don’t understand, I want a husband to the wife said, do you know how long have you called my name? Do you know how long have you shout a voice of your wife? You know how For a long time did not hug me? Do you know how long have you said "I love you"? Every day a person walking on the road, watching everyone else kiss me, you know I know what it is? Am I first love is this? I want to be a pain me, love me, when my husband and I need to accompany him, not every day let me worry about a person, you know? I am afraid of the feeling of a person, I am afraid of loneliness, fear of lonely, thought with you, there is your world I can live very happy. Never be lonely, but I was wrong, sometimes I really very tired, although I know you better than I am tired, but you don’t understand, a person standing behind you feel


when you webmaster’s wife, really tired, I hope you see this article, and take good care of his wife, more pain >

The operating skills of opening handmade candles

in recent years, a variety of handmade products more and more popular. For example, the opening of a candle is a very good choice. As long as you will make some small handmade products, you can successfully set up shop, or find a reliable brand, so that the headquarters can supply. What are the main concerns of this kind of shops? Come and learn.

Some marketing tricks

all into handmade candles stores customers we will seriously, to provide advisory services to its customers, with a cordial conversation, understanding of customer needs, the transaction is to leave a good impression; through various publicity activities, mining customers of competitors.

stores in the manual candles in the daily operation, many customers are always in the East West pick pick, color, specifications, style, delivery date. Stop, then do not talk about whether to buy immediately, to help each other warmly the selection of colors, specifications, style, delivery date, once the above problem resolved, on the implementation of the orders.

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In a hurry that year, the extent of the restaurant hot

red always inadvertently overnight, so everyone is always fighting the brains to become red net in every way. In Beijing, there is such a rush in the creative restaurant that year, because the novel film songs are very popular, deeply experienced as a restaurant network red feeling. This restaurant has been a lot of young people from the opening of the attention, it is not the extent of your hot two hours alone can be experienced.

before the spread of the Internet rush that restaurant owner is Han Han, is not it? Rush of that year the owner of the restaurant. There are a lot of rumors on the Internet, but there is no exact answer! One of the celebrities as Han Han, really opened a restaurant business, but do not call in a hurry that day, but is very glad to meet you! Well, or to introduce a rush that restaurant restaurant is in a rush of that year! Fashion restaurant, Restaurant restaurant, art fan, creative fusion cuisine restaurant in Shanghai as a whole, the restaurant is the fire line.

so, in that year, the creative restaurant to join? Now many restaurants have a chain, then, in a hurry that year creative restaurant can join it?

shop features brand:

steel pipe is a sign of the restaurant in a hurry that year, the whole chicken inserted in the steel pipe is still really enchanting, so that the clerk to help cut the pendulum soon after being wiped out.

is a gluttonous bullfrog hardcore favorite, fleshy tender, but inside the bullfrog side dishes are quite delicious.

no matter what you love is the "rush that year," the film is still a song, or just want to nostalgia, may wish to rush back to the restaurant experience.

rush that year to join the creative restaurant, mainly to meet the creative restaurant in the year to join the conditions can join:

1, with all the legal procedures.

2, agree with the development prospects of the creative restaurant that year, with the long-term development of the business philosophy.

3, to have a certain amount of capital investment and risk bearing capacity.

4, with the necessary shop area, to meet the requirements of the headquarters area.

5, the headquarters of the implementation of standards, a variety of management content recognition, identity.

6, in good faith oriented, with the intention of serving consumers thinking.

7, entrepreneurial spirit, dare to face difficulties and setbacks.

< >

Analysis of the advantages of the cooked food in the middle of brine

today Xiaobian to this one food project to introduce that a powerful, multi join advantage all say not over, what are the specific advantages, see the following introduction!

halogen Xian cooked food to join the advantages of

1, senior brand, trusted: halogen Xian was founded in Anhui Hefei, is a well-known brand of Henry Catering Management Co. Ltd., after years of hard work now has a strong, has gradually become the Chinese restaurant chain management field in a shining star.

2, rich dishes and profitable: halogen rich Xian products, special products, red halogen series, white halogen series, spicy series, special snack and so on, the main products: original spicy roasted spicy steamed duck bone, halogen series: crisp chicken, taste good, everyone is like the seasons, hot the purchase price of raw materials; cheap, brine pan finished Lucai price doubled, the production process is simple and unique Xian plus halogen halogen, let every Xian stores low cost, high price net.

3, simple operation guide: halogen cents all technical training has been standardized operation, standardized ingredients, according to the book material, can let all learn the franchisee can master the technology Lucai easy to understand, but also a skilled and experienced teacher taught you how to make food. In Xian and halogen based on continuous development to the only one not only soup water, let the cost compared to other franchisees do Lucai down several times the cost of food.

4, less investment, low risk, simple, lucrative: only twenty thousand or thirty thousand, you can get the core technology and equipment all the more professional managers to help you shop, free of charge for your absolute guarantee that your interests give advice and suggestions. Investment risk, the investment risk is a small halogen Fairy "feature" one, let you in the investment in the investment of halogen cents when the ease of comfort. The risk is small, halogen fairy business simple, easier to operate, so that you in the shortest possible time to grasp the operation of the halogen cents.

5, rich experience, a complete management system: halogen Xian for many years engaged in the food shop to join, has a wealth of management experience and experience to join, let the franchisee investment process less detours.

6, the characteristics of food, broad prospects: Tougu spicy duck and chicken is the one and only the characteristic fragrance Xian halogen lo. Love to eat four men and women, old and young, hot, manufacture and sale rights as long as they have joined in Xian Xian features halogen Tougu spicy duck chicken fragrance, halogen lo. Compared with other specialty brands, there is no absolute advantage.

7, ancestral secret recipe, has a long history: ancestral secret recipe, the twenty-seventh generation of descendants Shao

Baby personal care stores do promotion

is a lot of business promotion use sales methods, so, in the face of these common sales, baby care shop businesses will create new styles, to give consumers new ideas, so baby designer stores do effect can be better? Want to win popularity operators, may wish to look at it.

in the mall brand counters are not the same, the monomer is a lot of shops do not have high visibility of the brand, so the development of promotional activities to implement whether it has attractive weight, some promotion purpose is through a product promotion drive the overall sales store, in this case, related sales must make promotion products and best-selling products, to improve customer price.