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today’s young people probably don’t know what computers are like in the 70s. At that time, the computer was a giant, bulky, but seemed weak and had to be placed in the engine room. When people use computers, they have to change into slippers and put on white coats. And you have to wait in line when you can’t make an appointment.

imagine: if you’re a photographer, you’ll go out with a digital SLR camera. But for ordinary users, if the family also purchased a SLR camera, but he will go out with?. Instead, they took pictures with their cell phones. To put it plainly, mobile phones are more convenient than slr. Of course, of course, I know that the quality of the SLR camera is better than that of the cell phone. But as ordinary consumers, we tend to be irrational. Do you want to go out, subconsciously to see mobile phone pocket in touch, rather than look at the shoulder is not carrying slr.

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so, this is the point I want to pass on, that is, innovation doesn’t exist

digital camera when successfully subvert the film camera market, but had to face the fact that digital camera itself is smart and intelligent mobile phone mobile phone subversion, subversion of digital camera and digital camera for subversive film camera is the same, it is convenient.

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I’ve found that all innovations are from a human perspective. Man is born lazy, and all innovations are from lazy people.

I remember Jobs’s biography saying that he was looking for HP with a primitive, rough, personal computer, which HP declined because it seemed to HP to be at most a toy. Indeed, at that time, the huge computing power of the huge IBM mainframe was very strong, and Jobs’s personal computer computing power was very weak. But it has an advantage of large machine is in any case can’t ratio, it is convenient.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

Kodak’s film camera was eventually overturned by digital cameras, but when the digital camera first came out, the resolution was only 300 thousand pixels, even if it was 1 million pixels, its imaging still has many problems. The quality of the photo is terrible if it is washed. However, although it had many disadvantages at that time, it has been using continuous improvement for ten years. Today, the market for film cameras has been completely overturned.

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convenience, this thing is so important, I think it is the most important force to promote business progress.

, for example, if you buy a car, you have to study the engine principle and master the mechanical principle to drive it. Then, the automobile industry can not develop until today. Today, the Internet is becoming more and more popular. Compared with the Internet ten years ago, it is becoming more and more simple. If the telephone is a person who has to master the communication technology, then the phone will always be a laboratory product.


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Seven kinds of methods to check whether every site is down right

search your site name, if not the first, indicating the site is down right. Of course, the website name must be unique to you, rather than the general name, for example, should not be "lose weight", instead of "XX net weight".

four. Search your site name

each search engine has provided to the webmaster webmaster tools. These tools tend to validate our website, provide some suggestions for the optimization, show spiders crawl frequency. Some webmaster tools even directly prompted to be right down, whether there is a Trojan horse virus etc.. It is strongly recommended that the webmaster want to use these tools.

five. Unique search website text

this obviously, 100 owners have 100 know this method, if included may be reduced, the web site is down right, if the hair is pulled out, the site was serious drop right, should pay much attention to the webmaster.

search for a unique text on your site, such as company name, phone, email address, etc.. These words should be the whole network only. If it is found that the search engine results first is not your website, it shows that the website is punished, webmasters need to be careful.

except for some special cases (such as your website one day open, Shanghai love may not come, if the snapshot snapshot) is very likely to delay, website search engine drop right, should be timely to make corresponding measures, otherwise a drop right would ensue, commonly referred to as good measures is to update the original articles, a few high quality, a high quality of soft chain.

Two. Check the snapshot date

. Use the site instruction, check the amount included in

seven test >.

if the site most keyword ranking has dropped, so that the site is down right. Of course, here is the most key words, if only a key drop, in other words the same or even a rising trend, it is not necessarily right down. Often for some changes to the content is relatively large, while the weight of relatively stable station, keywords ranking as one falls, another rises is normal, if not most words are falling on the line.

site right down, not all the feathers, a site to the site, is not necessarily a snapshot delay, there are many possible manifestations can be regarded as the site is down right. If we only pay attention to site and snapshots, sometimes even their own webmaster site is down right do not know, so we should judge whether the website how to be down right? The author here is a list of the seven methods, the webmaster can observe again every day, I feel better.

three. The use of search engines to provide their own webmaster tools

six. Comprehensive statistics keyword ranking

Sogou Internet to promote the healthy and harmonious development

during the Spring Festival, a Fang questioned ghostwriter Han Han events make friends joked "raise a Babel of criticism of, is the Spring Festival this year, together with Han Han and fang." The Internet as an important platform for information sharing and people express views, is part of the daily life. With more than 500 million Internet users, how to maintain order in the Internet, how to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of users has become the focus of concern.

experts pointed out that the search engine has become the means of user access to the Internet to understand the most important information. However, the rapid development of the search engine to a group of criminals on the income. Driven by the interests, to avoid regulation, engaged in the promotion of commercial activities, illegal violations, even by substitution, the original legal compliance promotion materials modified for illegal information, or set the hyperlink and IP shielding to evade supervision, have caused a bad influence on the network marketing industry, and Internet users enterprise search engine. "For this malicious promotion behavior, resolutely punish sogou." Sogou responsible for the performance of the fake tough attitude in an interview with reporters. Sogou "mainly from two dimensions to combat malicious behavior promotion. First, increased audit efforts, all-round monitoring of search promotion in the promotion of information and malicious phishing sites through malicious fraudulent traffic violations, effectively reduce the user caused by straying into the trap economic losses; second, the focus of the division of monitoring industry, such as ticket easily by unscrupulous elements of the industry into the key monitoring industry focus on governance."

experts pointed out that the dog in the purification of the network environment to help users shield malicious promotion information at the same time, also provides the opportunity to show more information and better quality promotion platform for enterprises to build an effective communication bridge between enterprises and users. This is because a responsible attitude, Sogou has been the anti-counterfeiting campaign not only have a negative impact on Sogou revenues, but recognized by the majority of users and customers get through this, Sogou makes both market share and revenue have good performance. According to the latest CNZZ data: January 2012, use Sogou search rate of 10% mark for the first time, 10.45%, Google China 4.84%. Analysis of the industry pointed out that this means that after the official Google Sogou traffic beyond China, has a firm position in the market second.

Website optimization analysis of competitors I usually do

as everyone knows, the website optimization process as Shanghai dragon Er every one of us hope that their love Shanghai home site located in the top three positions, many website ranking can not get love a recognition of Shanghai there are more competitors websites occupy a prominent position as the first page, we do Er Shanghai dragon very simple, is squeezing out competitors, in love Shanghai home of the throne, saying this is easier than to do, the author mainly in their opponents in the process of optimization for site analysis and communicate with you, beyond the opponent we should start from what.

first, first clear what are our competitors? It is to confirm the objectives of the process, if the enterprise website, many times you will find that the core of the optimization of the word is often love their own products to occupy Shanghai, such as Shanghai Shanghai know love, love love Shanghai encyclopedia, library of these things is love Shanghai’s own products, as the station we obviously can not put beyond the object position in the ranking of the words, there are some people, such as the 58 city network channel page waiting for these are not counted as official we want to go beyond the object, we can do is to analyze the homepage and our similar independent enterprise site, industry portal pages in addition, because Shanghai love their products and some local station channel page, we mainly analyze and beyond the target or our consistent business station Or some higher weights within the portal page, that must be clear before we analyze the opponent’s heart.

second, basic data to understand the situation of these sites. As a webmaster we define their strength in the analysis of others you must not forget that the quantity and quality analysis data mainly includes the competition domain time competition, website content, number of competitors outside the chain, but would like to remind you that a lot of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix Er saw tens of thousands of people of the site outside the chain is scared to death in fact, don’t panic, encounter this kind of situation we have to open each other outside the chain, what is the source of the chain specific? Many similar to the forum signature, inquiry platform and so on the chain of its value is relatively low, if a firm stand outside the chain almost all from the high weight of the third party blog classification. The information industry portal site, this site the weight is relatively high, generally we have to weigh whether to how much time and energy to Beyond it. In this I would also like to remind you pay attention to details is a website domain name exists in time, many of the old site number is very small, the chain is scanty for this website we can not let down, there is time to observe the domain name is very important, especially for more than 5 years old domain name, itself has very high weights not only is, we can beat the opponents in the number and content of the chain, more requirements analysis of user experience and so on details of factors.

third, analysis of competitors details page optimization. We know that the current love Shanghai for the site of the examination is the key points of the user experience, user experience in.

Will there be any chance of counter attack on netbooksFor four years, $50, my long and hard way of h

, but with the traditional notebook constantly dropping the price bottom line, the strong rise of the tablet, so that the Internet as a flash in the pan, becoming part of the memory of one of the people. The earliest netbook started in Eee PC, a new generation of laptops developed by ASUS and Intel. Three E respectively represent the "easy to learn, easy to use, easy to work" Easy to learn, Easy to play and Easy to work, the initial listing price of $399, equipped with a 7 inch screen, a relatively decent processor, and replace the traditional mechanical hard disk using 4GB flash memory.

at that time, if you need a lightweight, low cost >

I love music, so my first website is music network. At that time I do not know how to do the station, what technology do not understand, domain name resolution do not know what is, all things are friends to help me fix. I’ll just do it while I’m studying. At that time everyone thought I drop out is very wrong, we all feel pity, because I dropped out before the performance is not bad, but also has tested in the first class, the music performance is also good, a good test point of art college should be no problem. I used to own my college entrance exam

global media and consumers can not help but doubt, is 10 years ago the Internet to become fashion? In the PC market’s decline today, the mobile Internet era system of hegemony, the Internet counterattack whether there will be new opportunities. Judging from the current situation, although there are, but the market will continue to narrow, niche market has become the trend of survival and development of netbooks.

has attracted a large number of consumers and college students because of the attractive features of the three E, and some have installed Windows systems, so users don’t have to switch to Linux. The battery can last 6-8 hours, the screen keyboard is larger, and the experience is better. As a result, the craze for netbooks has quickly started. Over the next few years, virtually all mainstream Windows PC vendors produced and introduced cheap, ultra portable notebooks.

over a decade ago, before the mobile Internet era has not yet opened, in the PC era brilliant end netbooks as a representative of convenient elaborate set off a wave, as an important supplement to the notebook, has an important position to occupy the market, become the name for having heard it many times. That time, ASUS, Lenovo, HP and other manufacturers have launched notebooks, it seems huge opportunities for emerging markets. But with the emergence of an intelligent tablet computer represented by iPad, netbooks have fallen into the name of their last decade.

netbooks, from the beginning of the twenty-first Century notebook prices, traditional desktop PC is obviously unable to meet the demand of portable, so the demand for the Internet rapid amplification, Intel even launched a special Atom processor.

last week, a Pocket from the GPD netbook on the Indiegogo platform for all chips, causing widespread concern in the industry, and put a lot of enthusiasm. It is reported that this is a Windows 10 operating system 7 inches netbook, priced at $399. At present, the project received the support of 3099 investors. As of press time, the total raised $1272312, more than 6 times the original target of $200 thousand.

looked at the growing advertising costs of shlf1314 AdSense, and there was a sense that he could not express it. 04 years from high school drop out, begin to follow a friend to do a website, stumble to go to now, among them hardships, anguish also is us only these day and night those who fight individual stationmaster know in the heart. Many people who are engaged in the network must move beyond Bill Gates to build a powerful network Empire, and even change the life style and fate of all mankind…… And I do the purpose is very simple, just want to earn a little money to improve their living conditions, I am just an ordinary person, in charge of human beings can not sway. I just want to make myself a little better, and my ideal is not in the website, choose to do web site, just want to make money more freely. I love freedom, can not see oppression, those for the boss to squeeze employees and write the so-called success books, I never see, anyway, not starved to death, never work. I never put my career first, because I feel there is something more important in my life. My career is the means, not the end. The website is just a process I use to realize the ideal, a bridge. I often thought that when I got rich, I would have to live without a computer for a year. When I have no money, I don’t want to be led by others. I don’t want to lead other people when I have money.

asked people everywhere to negotiate, and finally cancelled the PIN code which had never been received. After so long and without any problems, I should be able to get my first ad fee from shlf1314 in the United States next month. Domestic online advertising in recent years more and more garbage, I also have to join the ranks of only $wangzhuan. It is not that I am not patriotic, but on the contrary, it is the actual manifestation of patriotism. I earn American money, but I spend it in china. Maybe you would say, American shlf1314 also has Chinese advertisers, so I still earn Chinese money. That’s right, I put those things make money to foreign advertising companies who earn money to Chinese, I not only their patriotism, also help Chinese patriotism. I think patriotism is not blindly follow the trend, let MSN everywhere is the same as the red head, not to abuse three unknown to hit people innocent supermarket. The former is only funny, thought it can highlight the unity, weekdays less with compatriots not really much intrigue? Who is just like two men fighting, one hit another forehead, the other person has stepped on each other’s shadow, and also feel the glory and announced to the world I see more powerful……

Interpretation of millet MIUI’s Internet development model from Lei Jun manuscript

these days watching millet co-founder Li Wanqiang wrote the "sense of participation: word of mouth marketing millet internal manual" one book, intended to write a book review, welcome to reply after reading the exchange.

Lei Jun’s manuscript

article title from some of the big, from the book Lei Jun on Internet thinking manuscript. The original picture is as follows:

started the script by saying that the product was released because of BLUES’s experience with the YY voice product team, a story about YY founder Li Xueling.

in YY voice made product, I do YY founder Li Xueling about product point of view, a very impressive, is the product of his time in the study, with particular emphasis on the child to pay attention to the product, is from the current product back to the original look, this is the first version of the product release that is a core which meet the user demand, the product was what


then heard Li Xueling this view, my first reaction is that this guy is worthy of the people’s University Philosophy Department graduate. Three famous philosophical propositions: who am I, where am I from, where am I going?.

on the product, that is, this product is what, where products come from, the initial core needs, what is the future direction,


product release: user’s doubts

more coincidentally, in the micro signal background, a chubby his father friends very much love to think, to mention the following questions:

as an ordinary user, I still feel that most of the upgrade at least not my perceived benefits, to windows, office, and my work with professional software, small mobile phone Android version app update, in addition to every possible hardware upgrade requirements to improve a little. Software may solve a lot of problems from scratch, but the perceived advantages of their upgrades are too few. Except for some games, I almost never take the initiative to upgrade because there are new levels of upgrades. So many times I feel like upgrading is just messing around.


many products let users do not feel the benefits of version upgrades, from the source of the demand is not clear, out of the user. I also often discuss with peers, the timely release version is the product manager’s basic duties, ask yourself:

Where each version of the

? Fat version with no fat version, users have perceived how much? (some are inevitable users cannot perceive, not over here) and non fat versions made version, there is no change in the

product data?

millet MIUI version of the development model

The first version of the MIUI version of

millet was released in August 16, 2010 with only 100 users, one from the MIUI team, and one from the third party forum, "human flesh"

What is the most profitable farming project in 2014

selection of breeding projects, we must first understand the market. What is the most profitable farming project in 2014? If you want to fish in the breeding industry, then this article can be read carefully.

the County Ma Shan Xiang is the most concentrated township for the establishment of two breeding wild Rhizomys breeding professional cooperatives, responsible for issuing and in unified recovery, unified sales of goods of rhizomyidae, formed a production, supply and marketing through-train business model, farmers development Rhizomys aquaculture. At present, the total of 20 thousand kinds of Rhizomys aquaculture Xiang sell goods, only 240 thousand years of rhizomyidae, the annual output value of 41 million 280 thousand yuan, the annual profit of about 35 million 280 thousand yuan, output and profits accounted for the "half of the country".

wild quailWhat is the highest profit



What are the problems of air conditioning cleaning industry

summer has come, air conditioning started useful, however, on the air conditioning internal used after winter has been very much bacteria, and the air conditioning itself because of dust pollution has brought greater loss, so that air conditioning cleaning naturally became a career before when the market demand is very big. However, although the market is large, the prospects are good, but if you want to engage in such business, but also a lot of problems. So, what are the problems of air-conditioning cleaning industry?

is the winter flu and other respiratory disease epidemic season, Beijing and other places for the beginning of 2007 influenza patients increased, China Indoor Environment Committee issued a warning: prevention of influenza and other respiratory infectious diseases in winter, starting from paying attention to the indoor environment, indoor air purification and disinfection. In the days before the Shanghai city "NPC and CPPCC", Shanghai City, Liu Zhongling and Ling members also submitted proposals Kongshan respectively, focus on this issue and suggested that the public should be regularly cleaned and disinfected air conditioning system.

building "lung" bacterial contamination can not be ignored

central air conditioning is vividly known as the "lung" of modern architecture, but the building of the "lung" will become a hotbed of bacteria breeding.

it is understood that the indoor and outdoor air conditioning unit in normal operation, the radiation of refrigeration or heating through the heat exchanger and air exchange and ventilation, dust, lint and debris will adsorption in the heat exchanger fin surface, adhesion, filter and air supply link parts, humid environment will in the heat exchanger fin oxide, and the accumulation of thick.

this will reduce the conduction efficiency of the heat exchanger, increase the air resistance and friction resistance, increase the work load at the same time, power consumption, reduce the use efficiency. According to statistics, only a single household air conditioning power consumption of 900 kilowatt hour meter, after cleaning can save electricity by 135 kwh.

in addition, air conditioning in the dust is easy to breed mold, causing the user’s allergic dermatitis, respiratory infections and other diseases, the air duct is also easy to become mice, cockroaches and other places of activity. Harbin in a health supervision and inspection found that 70% central air conditioning Legionella exceeded. Legionella bacteria through air vents into the hotel, office buildings, resulting in human lung infection, but also on the human nervous system, digestive system, renal function interference and destruction.

cleaning is extremely difficult yet to give enough attention to

standard central air conditioning cleaning including the main engine, water circulation system and ventilation pipe cleaning. In many large buildings in our country, the cleaning of the main engine and the water circulation system has been put into the budget. However, the central air conditioning ventilation ducts throughout the building due to internal, and criss cross, cleaning up

Anhui launched the venture nine to entrepreneurship with employment

now the society to help people employment, introduced a lot of social measures, and some measures such as to prepare many entrepreneurs who bring a lot of business strength, but also will promote to solve the employment problem of society.

to optimize the environment for innovation, our province will be simplified as much as possible entrepreneurs license application procedures. In the full implementation of business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate of "three in one" based on the gradual implementation of a unified code of social credit, "according to a code". Allow the country to combine with the actual relaxation of the new registration conditions of registration restrictions, to promote a multi site according to a multi site cluster registration and other residence registration reform, sub industry, decentralized release of residential resources.

I also encourage all localities and departments to actively explore the use of the purchase of public service achievements, support entrepreneurship carrier construction with market-oriented way. To guide all kinds of entrepreneurial carrier and creative space, such as incubators to provide quality and efficient entrepreneurial services.

for start-up staff, funding is the biggest bottleneck. It is understood that the province through the government guidance and market operation mechanism, the use of fiscal policy support, venture capital, angel investment development, and guide social capital and financial capital to support entrepreneurial activities, expand the scale of the venture investment.

"opinions" to encourage local conditions to explore entrepreneurial investment recommendation

Reasonable purchase can reduce the purchase cost

now many shopkeepers purchase is completely confused, looking at the cheap goods, not only cheap, but also may cause the backlog, so that funds can not flow. Therefore, the reasonable purchase actually reduce the purchase cost. After all, different purchase channels, the cost of goods is definitely not the same.

goods through the middle link, the greater the cost, the lower the profit, which is every shop engaged in the operation of retail customers know the truth. There is not a saying goes, "water over the land wet" well, to whom the goods to the hands, how many people want to earn some. So, from the purchase of channels, as our retail customers had better look for the most economical, the most direct way to reduce these links, reduce the purchase cost, to ensure a reasonable profit.

at the same time, in the purchase process, it is best to establish long-term cooperative relations with suppliers, in this case, the supplier will give a certain discount, because, after all, old relationship. Can not run two days, not only the credibility of the poor, but also the people will be disgusted with the supplier, of course, want to get the benefits of suppliers, it is impossible to do the work of the three.

The boss Zhang

and I shop, savvy in the local can be said to be known to all. Every time to go to the wholesale market to pick up the goods, he is the East stroll, the West walk, which the price of goods is low, he went from. People just start, want to draw this business, there is a long-term cooperation in the future, so, every time the purchase of the same goods, his purchase price is always cheaper than our little.

for this, at the beginning, I did not suffer less love criticism, saying that we will not talk about business, brains. Also, from the beginning, I look for a stock, after a long time to deal with his family. Of course, each purchase, but also rarely bargain with him, in fact, in order to long-term cooperation, as long as each other in good faith, the two sides will benefit.

my neighbor Zhang boss, opened a few years in the retail store, not a stable partner, later, people know his temper, do not give him privilege, finally, make each purchase price should be higher than me a lot. Later, there is no way, every purchase, always asked me to help him with some. So I think, in order to achieve cost efficiency, in the old relationship between the purchase process is very important, do not underestimate the suppliers are sometimes none of the money, the perennial months together, is a very large profit.

at the same time, I also believe that it is best not to the supermarket, or some people who are not familiar with where to purchase goods, because these goods through the layers increases, these supermarket suppliers, the price is quite high, not much profit. There is no guarantee of the quality of the goods on the supermarket, if you want to be unfamiliar with the supply