Website home page by K’s solution in the sea

third: love Shanghai included normal, but every day an irregular time to site to the home page. If new words without Shanghai Longfeng excessive optimization, then you should immediately check the Links, if is old station, see if you modify the title, and then carried out according to the situation.

is currently the most popular solution several love Shanghai home page by several means K, indeed there are many owners to solve the problem through the above means, but sometimes owners use the above method can not be solved. I want to use some way to solve the problem of the K home page is not love the sea really because of your attitude change, is just a routine update period repeatedly. In the final analysis, is the Limited website weight home page is the real reason of K.

: the first love Shanghai website not included the home page, other pages normal included.

this case, should first check the Links. Hang out very front page of Links, see if there is love sea K station, found the right word to get rid of the other friend chain, if not timely affirmation of your station will be K off love Shanghai. In addition, this is probably the biggest Shanghai dragon over optimization, a new station in the early stage of optimization is easy to be excessive love Shanghai K away home, at this time the best website keyword density is reduced, the relevant keywords to H1 label processing. After the test, generally 2 weeks or so, they will come back home.



said the station is not easy ah, hard to do a station, it is possible to accidentally offend love Shanghai, punished, and fell in love with the sea home page by K which is a more common situation, this is K keywords in Shanghai love a search results page, up to a million, can see many webmaster is this problem, to solve this problem, many owners put forward their own views, to provide their own solution for everyone. At present, the popular program is mainly the following several solutions.

weight is not high site, love Shanghai slow to update, so after a renewal period if found to have a lot of new things, is likely to lead to the home page is ignored. I have always believed that much weight on how much content. The weight is not high, a lot of pages, the contents of these pages should be suspected as unknown.

second: if the old station, it has been normal, suddenly one day to site to the home page, but directly with the URL of the form to be able to search the home page, and included a reduction in a step by step. This time we must go and see the same IP there is not in love with the sea K out of the station, if it is available to change space.

home page is K, may wish to take this way, the webmaster may slow down or even stop the update website update, and then wait for the next update love Shanghai. This means the effect is also good, especially for some of the new station, the webmaster can consider.

Ofo defaulted on wages, and its financing was not 450 millionJoin Wangzhuan you must understand the

network training: online training is also very fire, training courses are also many types, there are SEO training, procedures, artists, online money making training, and even to hacker training. For example, seowhy do SEO training, annual profits are more than one million.

I think novice webmaster friends know that this data is very necessary, this is not a blow, I think it is an incentive. Making money on the Internet is not easy. Borrow a big truth: there is only pay in return. Of course, the amount paid is proportional to the return. Therefore, in the Red Army contact the Internet to the present summary is – concentration is the fastest way to use the Internet to make money. Concentration here refers to 1 or 2 technologies that use the Internet to make money. Like our university choose professional is the same, master a technology, use it to make money, to simplify things, the Internet is the same, we have to do is fine, not miscellaneous.

according to screenshots provided by friends show, someone’s company for the ofo supply chain of third party service company, mainly responsible for part-time bike project. The netizen pointed out that, as of now, has not seen the person in charge for more than a month, and wages have been arrears.


advertisement surnamed Zhang said that he is working, did not know at this time. Repair outlets ofo Liu park area is currently recruiting a large number of maintenance personnel, and every day there are more than two thousand vehicles damaged ofo small yellow car shipped here for repair, these bad cars were from the Tianjin area, repair employees daily workload.

use the Internet to make money is nowadays a hot topic, the current sh419 index every day about 2500 people. More and more people begin to pay close attention to this topic. Can you really make money by using the Internet? The answer is yes. The use of the Internet to make money in a variety of ways, it can be said that only we can not think of, can not do. Here are a few simple ways to make money online.

, and in a ofo operation and maintenance WeChat group, a suspected ofo outsourcing staff said, in June 30th, you can go home to rest, and called on everyone in July 1st do not have to go back to work. The reason is because the money ofo company since April has not been sent to our company, so we wages in June temporarily not issued, such as ofo, the money to the account, we will immediately give you a payment, hope to get your understanding and cooperation.".

Of course,

it is reported that the maintenance department is a third party service company and has signed relevant contracts with ofo. Work matters are specifically responsible for the company, ofo is not directly involved.

use SEO: Master SEO technology, you can pick up the list to make money, you can also use SEO keyword search engine home page, bring traffic, sales products, rent or sell sites, and so on.

, for example, SEO technology, is designed to improve the ranking of Web sites in search engines. And there are many ways to improve your site rankings


network vulnerabilities: the Internet also has some use of network loopholes to make money, many people think this is opportunistic, which requires luck and opportunity. And networking is also important. For example, in the first few days, a group of people found the loopholes in the shlf1314 alliance, that time is just registered to send 500 yuan advertising. Some people take advantage of this loophole and enroll people to sell at a price of 200 yuan or less. I know that one person earns 100 thousand in a month. However, this opportunity is inevitable.


ad: users buy your website ad position, there are many large advertising alliance, some pay by click, some pay by time and so on.

ofo officials said the incident was part of a supplier defaulting to employees and would urge suppliers to pay their salaries as soon as possible. But when asked whether ofo owed suppliers money, the other party’s response for the details are still verified.

today, micro-blog users broke the news that the Tianjin Liu Yuan ofo maintenance plant strike, employees pulled banners to discuss salary. Ofo official response, the incident Department suppliers arrears of wages, details are still under investigation.

, one of the ofo investors, new Hualian Holdings Limited in its WeChat public

professional writer: to help employers write soft money, high-quality a soft text in a few hundred dollars or so. It’s also very profitable.

in addition, ofo announced D round of financing and its investors announced the amount of financing is different. It is understood that the real amount is not 450 million U. S. dollars, but over 300 million U. S. dollars.


since April this year, the company has not received ofo arrears, from next month, part-time staff do not have to go to work. And another picture shows that the current staff pay for discussion, banners written on "small yellow car returns my hard-earned money" words.

, ofo share rose 99 yuan from the previous single deposit to 199 yuan. In addition, the recent financing of poor rumors, including operation and maintenance, manpower and other costs, had to let people guess again what the yellow car,

at present, the network is paid by the piece rate. According to the damage, the cost is about 3.5 yuan to 5 yuan per piece, and the monthly income is about 4000 yuan to 6000 yuan.

method of Internet money too much, we simply introduced to several, and these are not our important emphasis of this article is how to use the Internet to make money fast, this is a summary of the Red Army in contact with the Internet since the. Everyone can guess, according to statistics, China’s personal Adsense monthly income reached 1500 yuan proportion is how much? Answer: less than 1%

Wangzhuan master tips earning money to make moneyExpert island Internet plus registered company one-


I was a rookie, but unwilling to lag behind, so every day to look around those hidden in the vast sea of the world outside expert and then ask for the way, a lot of communication master, finally found an unchangeable truth is also the master secret is: Wangzhuan money money money

registration company no longer have to travel around, registered company will become a one-stop O2O service. Expert island through innovative enterprise registration agent mode, connecting entrepreneurs and local government and the park investment staff, to achieve a disruptive innovation of enterprise registration, each year for the company hundreds of millions of entrepreneurs, registered intermediary fees

!In fact,

so many money master Wangzhuan secrets is the money to make money! They do not personally do traffic, but to buy traffic, and then continue until the test, looking for a way to input is greater than output, it is already a success, if you continue to test and eventually find a way into a piece of money to earn two dollars the copy that is one hundred million times as long as a billionaire! So, I think, maybe doing business is like a gamble, just ordinary gambling is more Bo luck, while doing business is more wisdom Bo

island belongs to Shanghai Yusheng Business Services Limited, by the industrial and commercial certification to obtain the enterprise registration agency, since its establishment in 2006, after ten years of rapid development, is now in Beijing, Shanghai, the county has 9 branches; as an enterprise self O2O service platform, expert island full service for customers, allow customers to avoid high intermediation costs, customer information leakage, infringement risk. Not only that, expert island also has more than 10 years of experience in customer service team and from all over the world more than a hundred people in the registered accountants, financial planners, tax accountants, appraisers, engineers, teachers, lawyers, auditors, trademark lecturer, Professor, project investment experts and senior industry consultant team composed of professional.

can use the money to buy some things you must know how to invest, perhaps this is the so-called commercial mode of thinking, in fact this is not innate, thinking that things can be obtained through continuous efforts in learning "

China ushered in the fourth wave of entrepreneurship, China has more than 10000 companies registered every day, an average of 7 companies will be born every minute. Many entrepreneurs start their own business, but the company registration is always a business at the beginning of the creation is not open around the difficulties, like assembling a computer to computer city, do not know if the road will inevitably be injured back. But there are always some prescient entrepreneurs who have discovered the new world, the Isle of man.


with the formal implementation of the new company law in March 1, 2014; in March 5, 2015 twelfth session of the third National People’s Congress, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report, to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation; in March 11, 2015, the general office of the State Council issued the "guidance" on the development of the public record space for promoting mass innovation and entrepreneurship, promote innovation and deployment the work of the public business, and support in the public service, financial support, financing mechanism.

now entrepreneurs are concerned about the policy, hoping to settle down to their own policy support Park, conducive to long-term development. But this is still a gray area. Entrepreneurs often find themselves unable to achieve the so-called policy support threshold, or the original commitment to support, when the cash was discounted. These did not enter the pockets of entrepreneurs policy support, and ultimately many have become an intermediary additional income. According to the industry long-standing, expert island and related cooperation government Park signed a unified agreement, get the best policy support without reservation all business enterprises, do not do any.

, as a businessman, we do not run out of mind to learn technology, technology can buy what we need is a global view of thinking, is in need of business thinking, if you want to learn the business must understand the investment, are not willing to invest in the merchant is a shrewd businessman, in fact, the so-called Wangzhuan master is the businessman, and the businessman is the essence of buying and selling, since the buy must invest! This is to do business, is marketing, marketing is the essence of the so-called once said: you put a piece of money, can recover more than a piece of money, that is to recover more than input is the marketing! Please remember: if you want to make a lot of money as to when the businessman, rather than others do not call the merchant staff! What are you doing, to learn how to integrate resources, the use of other people’s labor, rather than their own stupid.

"when running countless people are moving in one direction, there are always some people who will help you, make you stand out in the crowd, success. "

cooperation! !

is a no money, no resources, and not in the new nature can not reach the master Wangzhuan realm, something others have, why not look for the person to have you spend a lot of time and effort to pursue? If you want to be a guest of Taobao, you find a keywords, why don’t you go straight to the top two advertising pages, and do very good webmaster directly to buy it, but also spend their hard efforts, spend a few months time and effort to put up new optimization, to a few months of your time and attention than people buy website money? the kind of advertising is not good turnover low site estimates sold hundreds of pieces of stationmaster

entrepreneurship is ushering in the best policy environment for many years,

often recall that marketing said: in this society, anything you want, there must be one or more than one person have, you have to go looking for them, and then seek help! Anything you want, there will be one or over the same person and you very want to find them, use them and their

How do I get traffic with free, open source software

The flow rate of

, the general webmaster Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, are relying on big website traffic, and then placed on the website ads to wangzhuan. And for most individual Adsense, there is no strength for large-scale online / offline advertising, and only rely on search engines to bring traffic. According to experience data, for individual stationmaster, the flow that comes from search engine basically is in 50% above. Because basically no visitors will know and remember your URL in other channels. Therefore, how to get traffic from search engines is important for personal webmaster. So how do you get traffic from the search engine,


original content, included core issues

in fact, basically to solve 2 problems, one is the number of web pages included, and the other is the ranking problem. Because the ranking depends mainly on the chain, no longer within the scope of this article. So, how to solve the problem of web page collection? Now search engines, Baidu, Google are explicitly welcome original content, welcome static web site, welcome to continue to update, and welcome fast response website.

all personal Adsense, have met the website content distress. And a new website, without content, means not included number. Not included in the number, it means no traffic. And for those who want to rely on money webmaster Wangzhuan, solve the problems included vital.

and to solve the inclusion problem, we all face a solution to the original post problems. Now the search engine does not like to copy the content of the web site, and asked the webmaster to publish original posts, original content. But the original content is not easy to write. Maybe it’s very difficult to write more than 1-2 posts a day. Thus, a large number of pseudo original method. That is, through the synonym transformation to achieve pseudo original. But it still takes a lot of time and effort.

now has a lot of software to build, but the content construction is very difficult. Most news publishing websites support the content of copying other web sites from the Internet, which leads to the fact that all of your content is plagiarized and has no originality, so it is difficult to be included in the search engine. And the pseudo original – synonymous transformation, you need an article of the process, very troublesome, can not be fully automated.

and through the content of Machine Translation’s famous web site abroad, is a solution to the original content tired of a very good solution. First of all, the content of famous websites is generally authoritative and readable. However, as a foreign language, Chinese search engines are generally not included. If we translate it into Chinese, it is usually exclusive content, with typical original content.

is a free and open source software,

webmaster Wangzhuan tool

now has a free and open source software called "the American news release system", and I recommend you to use the PHP server webmaster. The software is extremely small and easy to install and only needs to be decompressed.

By doing the station and Thinking success requires a good attitude

I once had a dream, alone in the Internet and electronic control, both


I just graduated from university during the study of electronic information professional, but because I want to earn part-time living expenses, so during the University hooked on the Internet, but electronic is also my hobby. If you ask me more about that, I can’t tell myself. In order to participate in the electronic design contest, I gave up a daily IP1 million movie website (about 200 yuan per day). But now, in order to do the website, I gave up the job of electronic engineer. Experienced these things, gradually felt that he is more love the internet.

in February this year, from his hometown in Hubei, a person came to Beijing. Everything starts with looking for a house. In Beijing, there is a saying, "after a few years’ work, I can’t even buy a bathroom.". I also know the cruelty of reality. Simply earn some money by working, not to buy a house in Beijing, even the car is difficult to buy. So I came up with an idea, since before doing website can make money, why not spare time to do so? So I did the now two sites: Taobao supply amount Taobao (

life is full of contradictions, and that’s the way it is. Because I work for electronic products, I work very hard all day, and sometimes I have to work overtime at night. So the boss always felt I didn’t do it seriously, but I was really serious. Boss every Monday meeting to say I have a pass, I was really intolerable, with the boss to resign. But the boss had no one else to finish his project. Finally, the boss gave him a compromise: I can do no overtime, but the salary is minus 500 yuan. At that time I was also very depressed, and then think about it, anyway, not 500 yuan, and can not work overtime, so I have more time to take care of my Taobao supply network.

, now I can be happy with my website. At present, I work during the day, at night to promote the site, but also work hard to pay attention to the people, and now the site traffic is rising steadily. My goal now is to put my site up, such as money I use the money to invest in the electronics industry, electronic product development, is also the Quxianjiuguo bar, I in fact to tell the truth I do not want to give up electrons.

said that the above words, no purpose, just want to share their webmaster experience, but also want to say the next person to do two industry, really very hard. But I feel full time to do a lot of pressure to do website, so now no thorough resignation, promised the boss’s request. But when the income of the website exceeds my present salary, I will quit my present job without hesitation. As the saying goes, "take someone’s bowl and take someone else’s pipe.". Be free to do what you do.

below two pictures, one is I participate in the Fujitsu microelectronics competition winning photos, one is I yesterday Google advertising revenue. Although advertising revenue is not much, but I am also very satisfied, you


these two >

A webmaster entrepreneurial road empty and helpless

do not blindly do a stand, to do a good. Just like looking for a wife, it is difficult to recover the feelings that have been paid. If there is no end to this relationship, there is no return. Does it make sense to go on,


I now get a conclusion, do not stand blindly, planning is necessary, there is one in your insistence! Stick to it! If you have enough time to insist on doing it, my heart is bleeding. Regret. What a waste of youth!


hey, don’t say, pull it all out of your mouth. Let’s go and see for ourselves. Back is the way to go to do business, work every day, don’t daydream, see people doing station the success of the jealous! This is who I am, sorry ah. Empty every day, do not know what to do.

really tired, staying up late at night to sleep during the day, do something is the first, every day a new target. But it’s always going to be the end of the day, so let’s get started. In the development of CDN system, the development of halfway to the train of thought, is now at a standstill, I began to see other people do QQ station traffic, I also do QQ station. has no control over now.

later saw other people do movie stations, feeling very convenient, the heat for a few days, and now there is no tube.

suddenly one day saw a station, so I want to do a tool station, busy for half a month. Procedures are developed by themselves, and finally to the toilet when shit, think of a train of thought, the development of a QQ robot…… These days, I’ve been busy studying the QQ2005 protocol. I’ve just studied it and the agreement has changed. Bai worked and gave up. I don’t want to do it.

in the end, and casually bored to write a software,

now has several cooperative CDN contacts, and I want to engage in CDN dynamic DNS, so I went to register a DNS associated with corn, now is not in the mood to do. Now empty,! Think of what, now. No more ideas. I don’t know what to do. I’m tired……

will I succeed,


really want to verify outdated? A friend said to do 100 garbage stations? In the end these sites garbage?



Admin5 comments: Thank you for your contributions! I’m very sorry, now only the audit! Article typos more, typesetting confusion, mood is very bad when guess the author wrote this article. Through the author’s article, it is not difficult to see that the author needs only calm down to integrate their own resources, in fact, you are excellent,


The embarrassment and opportunity of short rent industry coexistence of multi modes and new opportun

Abstract: on the one hand, the lack of trust and sense of distance between strangers become the obstacle of localization of short rent model; on the other hand, China’s huge tourism market and idle resources become a fertile land for short rent. Multi mode coexistence, inadvertently also spawned a hundred flowers contend in beauty, a new occupation, which is now China short rental market situation.

O2O industry basically encompasses all aspects of people’s lives, from the basic necessities of life, home finance, from marriage, child rearing to health, beauty industry, etc., the fastest growing short travel industry, blue ocean state. Airbnb recently in Chinese, the bird had been short term financing 60 million claims to establish comprehensive pension Chinese largest reservation website, the way home announced the formation of "the way home", claimed that only China ant the entire rent is out of the way. Share O2O development in foreign countries has a linear upward trend, but in the development of China has suffered a change or alienation, the so-called "localization", is "shared O2O" tourism short rent localization, multi mode

cannot coexist?

one, single room or whole hire, our country short rental market faces awkward

rental residential single room in China is not established.

domestic and foreign soil is different, this is so out as everyone knows, but that rent single room in China is not established, the way home is the normal mode of development ", in other words the entire rent and operation mode is Chinese housing sharing economic way, for this industry, too one-sided remarks. Single room rentals are faced with the following problems: first, the strangeness and distance of strangers living in China; and two, the question of trust, whether the psychological or physiological safety of living with strangers is affected.

but is the rent model really out of this crisis? I don’t think so.

first of all, since you don’t trust strangers, renting your house to a stranger’s landlord is still completely out of your mind. Although the landlord tenant avoided cohabitation, but the landlord also has the key to this room, etc., the problem seems to be solved, there is still a big loophole.

secondly, education landlords share, users accept, share ideas difficult. From the current trend, platform education plays the role of booster, users quickly accepted sharing and sharing ideas; but we need to know is that even without education, people will gradually accept the concept of sharing, just time later, gradually to the deep penetration into all walks of life. Like more than 10 years ago, who would have thought that the Internet today could permeate all walks of life,


finally, sharing in China narrow economy, China is a heavy social and economic rent sharing with local people’s social and living, two roommates social operation mode will inevitably lead to heavy, weakened social function, short rent really made a "Hotel", and this do the departure from the original intention and vision.

at the same time, people are paying more and more attention to the experience of newness, or there will be no quadrupling of tourist groups every year. Since "social + tourism" is gradually being understood by large groups

The key step on the rural areas and farmers to get rich

in rural areas is the main battlefield of modern society, the business at the same time, now in the rural areas has a lot of characteristics of the entrepreneurial projects people still need to grasp the business in rural areas also need to pay attention to and grasp many aspects.

A, walk the road of regional economy. According to the regional characteristics and needs, focus on the development of food industry or products, and strive to form a "one village one industry, one village one product" regional economic structure.

two, the road to a variety of business. Facing the market, based on the advantages, vigorously develop pigs, cattle, sheep, rabbits, chickens, fish, fruit, medicine, vegetables and other key species, the formation of scale, improve the product rate and market share.

three, take the high road of agriculture. To accelerate the transformation of agricultural scientific research, the promotion of good breeding method, promote agricultural products of high quality, high yield and high efficiency, improve the operating efficiency of agricultural production.

four, walk the road of the development of the courtyard. The garden, small garden, orchard, small to small ponds, small poultry farms, small workshops of the "five small" construction, vigorously develop courtyard economy.

five, walk the road of value-added processing. Focus on agricultural resources, relying on the rural specialized households, private enterprises and township enterprises, agricultural and sideline products and a series of development of deep processing and fine processing, improve the benefit of agricultural products.

six, walk the road of product transportation and sale. The formation of farmers marketing team to expand food, livestock, fruits, vegetables and other staple agricultural long-distance traffic, promote product sales, improve economic income.

seven, typical guide way. In rural areas to support and cultivate a variety of rich typical, play its exemplary role in leading farmers to take the road of common prosperity.

eight, the road traffic development. Through the transformation of trunk line, new economic road, on the broken road, to guide farmers on the roadside building business enterprises, engaged in the two or three industry, realize the way through a rich, a.

nine, the export of labor services road. Organize the rural surplus labor force to carry out the quantitative order, batch transfer, increase farmers’ income.

ten, walk the road of cooperation company. The joint-stock cooperative system is introduced into the township enterprises and the development of resources, to promote the rational flow and allocation of resources, labor, capital, technology, increase the vitality of enterprises, improve economic efficiency.

The final purpose of farmers in rural areas:

Investment animation owners fight derivatives

In the anime

Chinese birth time is not long, but with the development of economy and China ushered in a huge advance in the entrepreneurial hot market, it also attracted the attention of people, many people began to focus on here, but Zhang box through the main derivatives, create their own wonderful world!

derivatives profits into animation production, thus forming input-output profit: benign cycle again into the animation business, is the most happy to see the situation. Zhang small box seems to have seen the light, and make full use of it, thus ushered in the real development.

Cross border cooperation

under these fast development, the latest news is that Zhang box have been identified with the famous Japanese animation company MADHOUSE Chinese company, Maduohaosi Beijing company, to launch a 52 episode animated television series, is expected to launch by the end of 2011.

Restricted section of train

In order to ensure the convenience of passenger tickets during the Spring Festival, the reporter learned from Xining West Railway Station on January 16th, during the 40 day of this year’s Spring Festival, the Xining West Railway Station will be strictly limited to the sale of the sale of tickets.

it is reported that this year’s Spring Festival Xining West Railway Station is expected to send 445 thousand passengers, daily average of 11 thousand people, the Xining West Railway Station a week ahead of schedule to enter the state of the Spring Festival, carefully organized to ensure the convenience of passengers, safe travel. At present, the passenger train ticket pre-sale period for the Internet, telephone booking 20 days, the station window for 18 days, from January 16th to February 24th, the Xining West Railway Station will be in strict accordance with the restricted section of the ticket, as follows: T374 time limit the sale of tickets in Dangshan and beyond; K378 restricted the civil rights and the far ticket restricted Xinxiang and T152; at the ticket; K1060 restricted Lueyang and beyond the ticket; T266 restricted Changsha and beyond the ticket; T166 restricted Nanjing and beyond the ticket; T28 restricted Taiyuan and beyond the ticket; T224 restricted Dazhou and beyond the ticket; K622 restricted Xuchang and beyond the ticket; T176 restricted Dingbian and beyond the ticket; K890 restricted martial arts and beyond the ticket.