4399 mobile product manager massive keyword optimization strategy

‘s massive keyword ranking optimization. The first step is to find all the words of this product.

to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we first need to understand the source web site for the flow of. At present, the main source of web traffic is divided into four parts: direct access, access, Shanghai Longfeng, APP recommended. In the third block of Shanghai Longfeng traffic sources, there are a lot of optimization channels, such as web pages, pictures, news source. Based on existing experience, web search is probably the biggest source of traffic for most web sites.

optimization is the premise of understanding the sources of traffic to the site. According to different traffic sources optimization scheme, including the choice of keywords, mining and arrangement.

Shanghai dragon

is of course the first brand word, because it is the brand keywords associated with the company, so long as it is the site must be obtained. Its main function is to maintain the existing users or potential users.

third is a general term, namely a large number of related keyword retrieval. The general flow is very large, can also be used to fight a part of potential users, such as Related words and answer the.

In this paper, we mainly discuss the

learned the main channel of Shanghai dragon, we need to think about the following points: the choice of what kind of programs do, flow distribution of keywords is what kind of, how to dig the words, words and words of cloth.



dig word is a huge amount of work, but the work that must be done. The word means to dig with major love Shanghai, Google, or industry input method thesaurus. We look through the love of Shanghai how to find a word.

second is a highly competitive products, because it points to a clear demand, it is generally for potential users who are worth fighting for quite effective.

in Shanghai Longfeng scheme, there are mainly single page optimization ranking, ZhengZhan optimization ranking and ranking of the three massive keyword optimization schemes, each optimization scheme for different products have different effects, such as single page optimization ranking is very important for web games, if the game ranked in the sea was not love first, that all your operating costs may be "dashuipiao".

is the last competitive word, is the brand keywords competitors.

for example, the joint operation of several companies Kung Fu "this a web game, each company will spend a lot of cost to do promotion, the user will see the ads in the search engines search; first-time users feel that this game is fun, and not remember the last time the site to play, only search in the search engine; when" Kung Fu "in the search engine ranking is very important.

fourth is a crowd of words, these words and the product correlation is small, but can reflect the target audience the mainstream point of interest and hobbies, through these words are likely to produce transformation.


The search engine can not recognize the original content

I have been worried about the piracy problem, fear of a search engine to my original as piracy, but through the analysis I found that the search engine is according to the published time of identification, as long as your article published by the time before, even if the search engine included late, "

according to the included time, this may be a more reliable method, but there are also disadvantages, due to the weight of each site is different, Shanghai love spiders access time is different, the first post not to be included, after the release of the article is not collected, some weight high site, the article just published immediately be included in search engines, and some new sites, several days have not been included. If the same article, published in two different sites, A station is the original, published earlier, but later included, B station is pirated, published late, but included earlier, how search engines will identify the two articles.


according to the published time, this argument is reliable, love of spiders in Shanghai is not as we imagined so simple, some people may think, the weight of the high site piracy of your original article, but also to be included in search engines, search engines will think that this is the original episode, but it is not the case, even if the spider did not love Shanghai to index your original URL, until the day after the index, will still be identified correctly. An example to prove it, I published an article in February 4th, in February 4th this day, love Shanghai and spider future visit, this article is another site of piracy, piracy time is February 5th to February 7th, I (bread net) the original article can be included in search engines, see through love Shanghai snapshot, this article is not a snapshot of the time in February 7th, but in February 4th, the love of Shanghai is very clear, this article is published in February 4th, early in February 5th the pirate sites.

love Shanghai launched the spark plan long ago, mainly for the original content, to better identify the original combat piracy, the move to love Shanghai supported many of the response, and love Shanghai is how to identify the original content, search engine can identify who is really not original who is piracy, love Shanghai has not announced the recognition method and the following personal speculation.

there are many webmaster have misunderstanding of the original article, that original article ranking must be better than good, in fact is not the case, the original article is not omnipotent, and can not immediately improve website ranking, search engine attaches great importance to the high weight of the site, will give priority to the weight of the high ranking website, but is not the arrangement to the original site. Someone said, if so, what is the use of the original article, simply forget piracy. Do a long time may be more understanding, recognition of search engine on a website takes time, even a web site to do good, but also in the short term can not recognized by search engines, the original advantage of subsequent blooming.

The enterprise website to improve some of the commonly used methods of correlation

second: let the vibration screen web content has become more professional


most of the time, the correlation of a site determines how the quality of the website, in many websites we usually contact, are the key character of huge admiration, the mixed keyword always affects some correlation and characteristics of our website itself, I know a lot of people say that was a lot of correlation now, a small edit but as the shaker website, also hope to do will improve the website correlation, these are also recently finishing a preparation for the implementation of the method, hoping to get some recognition.

sites are trying to maintain their weight, especially with the chain this piece, is as much as possible to make their site outside the chain more, not to export, a chain, in our life is supposed to do this, not just the guide outside the chain, is to make the weight more concentrated, but even if you have the advantage of a recommended chain is not done, it is wrong to correlation, for example, if a page is a professional, you can through the anchor text relevant guide to this place go to, for example, my website shaker, I need to set up the chain of words, love will give Shanghai a search for "shaker" of the chain, the chain will not retain such.

In fact,

is also a kind of export link algorithm, know why we usually need to do correlation chain? Because the chain of correlation because the theme similar, but can make love Shanghai that is a meaningful link behavior, so if you are a few links to related or other love Shanghai love Shanghai very much any chain agency you will stand, let love Shanghai recognized, after all, if you agree to a website, in the related areas will be also recognized, I will build the chain to love Shanghai encyclopedia, I always believe that love is the reason the establishment of the Shanghai encyclopedia, I hope more people can accept such a the file, so as to improve their relationship.

in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, why need to provide a very authoritative reference now, because the reference is equivalent to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love to you outside of the chain, the chain that is free of charge, so you change an angle to think, what others might recommend is not a bad thing, as more and more recommended for people, you do not recommend it is not enough.

I know this has been a lot of people said, however, still have to remind, for example, my website is screen content, then the content is a need of the original, but not many people can be original, so it will go to other search to find a vibrating screen the information, because now a lot of competitors, so these may appear in more sites, so.

In fact, many

the first point: do not mean your relationship link

Those years! A grass root to Shanghai dragon chain process station



3 blog chain

is about 2012, when Sina blog has a Links module, blog link blown all blog group software miraculous, then came out, the author also put on the market all have famous blog all registered again, bought a hack blog group software, write 2 articles every day, each big blog hard mass, but due to link flooding, good times don’t last long, its value has been declining, even known as the station group to treat.

website Shanghai dragon all know the chain for the king, as the golden rule of yellow, the author from 2011 entered the industry, after either part-time or full-time, has not given up the website profit dream, so do the site the chain has never stopped, today we talk in recent years Shanghai Longfeng outside the development process of

as early as 2011, Shanghai also know that love is not so strict, remember the time, love Shanghai know from time to time you can see a variety of short URL, then the author made a video website, when the latest video out, will love Shanghai know answer, then can not put myself the site directly links, but you can put the blog address, I created a Sina blog on their own, to write the article with the text and super address, then this blog address to love Shanghai know the answer, through the blog transit drainage, a day easily to hundreds of traffic, so days and months multiplying I blog weight, go up, not only to transfer the weight and bring traffic, time should be for shooting two birds with one stone, when the easy flow of

2: love Shanghai encyclopedia chain


chain! I often go to

then as a webmaster is behind, A5, Shanghai dragon Why webmaster forum, the forum attracted large quantities of replies, affixed to the top, because the signature at the end of the link, the higher the level of your signature. The longer, which triggered the trading volume of these forum account number and the promotion of various top stick machine and the machine also replies to let these small owners emerge in an endless stream, worried now, like A5 and so many stations have closed this signature function, as for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng effect, do not do or better, but cannot be the only one.

4 BBS signature chain

1: love Shanghai know that the chain of

is almost 2011-2012 years at that time, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love threshold is relatively low, micro film at that time just came out, many of the micro film encyclopedia are not perfect, the author through the search Youku, potatoes and so on all the latest micro video created directly in the URL below the encyclopedia, Wikipedia sources, directly write on their website in the page URL, so directly to the website of the weight of the inside pages, also bring traffic

5 media Links


90 MM website construction experience

this article for the novice friends, seniors take over, everybody is good, I am a novice, is a new webmaster, just started to learn the station, bought others a ready-made program, recently became aware of a push to A5, and learning is so important.

1, because new people do not understand, how to deal with the problem,


A5 yesterday, I was reading the article, see the article mentioned a push, I find them a free diagnosis web site in Baidu, in a free diagnosis section, put forward many questions have been answered. All the problems I’ve been hiding for a long time, such as: what I bought is a program, I have done a lot of modifications, and some other websites should pay attention to the problem of routine maintenance. When all the questions were answered, I felt so happy and held back in my heart that the problem was so long that I finally got it, so I understood that someone was going to guide me. How much progress you make, at least let you have a heart bottom, know how to do it later.

for the above point summary, please do not believe the pursuit of success, a person hard, bitter is your last. Unless you’re born with these. If you are just learning from the rookie, so we have to ask some predecessors, according to disclose a push webmaster, please don’t mean to ask some good, to the forum to post. Everyone will be happy to answer for you. (personally feel that the forum answer questions, answers are generally Baidu can not find the problem, the question must have been Baidu search, ask and answer a lot of keywords, will certainly bring traffic to their forum.


2, the domain name and space issues when building

domain name, remember, do not go to Taobao to buy, I seem to be 09 years in February, in Taobao bought a domain name, 31bi.cn. Bought, then prepared to do SP, and now change to picture station did not change. Read the article, if said many, site title and similar domain name, such as baidu.com his website name is Baidu, I asked a push for my master station check yesterday, for my future development, guiding the next, he went to search my corn look, I two meters, not all the personal name, my rice is Taobao bought, that is my domain name ownership in the hands of others, one day, you can do the site every day thousands of traffic, the station has value. Then it’s very likely that someone will take back your domain name. And you can’t win a lawsuit,

now I have to yourself to re apply for a meter, the meter sold me told me, want to transfer to pay 65 dollars, plus 1 years, 15 express, people like BS, there is the problem of space must be stable. There is not much space. In this paper, please do the station, must want to use what domain name, of course, except the dumpster, if you want to do a decent station, you must pay attention to these. Don’t wait to do it, think of, like I now Baidu included more than 200 pages, to change meters. Heart >

Do not copy, succeed, imitate, but recreate

recently, the topic of "auction celebrity time" was again concerned. It is a famous CCTV CCTV producer exit, founder of quality rice network network TV platform (umiwi.com), one of the "celebrity auction time" is concerned. The current phase with Shi Yuzhu face to face, in a short period of time, the auction has been called 49999, and this is not the final price. Face to face with celebrities, what do you get,

?In 2008, Zhao Danyang spent $2 million 110 thousand on the chance to lunch with Buffett in

. Although the price of flowers, but Warren words make the investment quickly back to the. After all, is a celebrity, stand high and see far ahead, a few words of advice, in the stock market to avoid change unpredictably. Of course, this also depends on the listener’s ability to understand, how to translate dialogue into wealth. In terms of Internet buzzwords, what brother eats is not rice, but opportunity. Zhao Danyang and Buffett after lunch, went straight to Wall Street, in Wall Street, he quickly recovered 2 million 110 thousand. Quality rice network "Shi Yuzhu auction", still do not know now, who will face Shi Yuzhu and three hours after the dialogue will create wealth, what is more worthy of attention.

Chinese saying, and the king’s words, better than reading ten books, and celebrity dialogue, mystery here. How to translate the dialogue in business success, this meal was not free, the price was not called white. In the current fierce social competition, everyone hopes to achieve the accumulation of wealth as soon as possible, the improvement of life. Relevant findings show that the current social environment, employment problems, health care reform, housing issues are the three most important social issues. Under high pressure, it is more urgent to realize poverty alleviation as soon as possible, and face to face with celebrities also means more opportunities and possibilities. Dialogue with celebrities is not a simple duplication of their success, but more importantly, in the conversation to seize the opportunity, success can not be copied, then learn from it, so that at least a little closer to success.

believe that many people have a herd mentality, others, lack of subjective thinking. Just say this time, network rectification, in the closed more than 140 thousand personal web site, I believe most of them are similar. A website does well, and its templates and programs will soon be sold online. For the success of others, if it is only a simple copy, doomed to walk behind others. Dialogue celebrity, looking for opportunities in the dialogue, this is the key. Successful experience can learn, but it is difficult to copy, draw inferences from others, try another way, perhaps you can achieve another brilliant.

is like webmaster communication platform, behind the times, A5 webmaster nets, admin5.com and Chinaz, each has the key. Backward communication, the most popular; A5 re trading, is the webmaster preferred intermediary platform; Chinaz re information, every day there is the latest and most timely message. The three forum each have their own characteristics, is a situation of tripartite confrontation grassroots webmaster, spiritual paradise. The three forums differ in patterns and overlap with each other. In three forums, A5 starts late, and if A5 wants to do information, there’s china>

Users are the root of the website, learning empathy, improving user experience

sites often have to consider how to make the user experience, simply said, is the user on your site to get the demand is satisfied, the information found? Technology learned? Master many predecessors have said, to make the user experience, but how to do but there is no uniform standard. If you change your mind and log on to your website, you need the website to meet your needs. What effect will you achieve?

different websites face different user groups, according to the needs of specific groups, to develop appropriate services. What kind of experience is a good user experience? I think we should describe the user experience from three aspects: appearance, utility and win-win.

1 appearance

web page appearance is the first impression of the user contacting the website, the first impression is good, and the opportunity for the user to return the visit is greater. Web design is clear and clean, I believe that many users are out of order and love; it is difficult to find the key ", who will not stay. Some webmasters in the design of web pages, and strive to fashion, features, sometimes forget the key, put the cart before the horse, the site is very novel, content, but let the user can not find the focus. This appearance, not from the user’s point of view, although gorgeous, but it is difficult to retain users, it is not a good user experience.

I think home design 19 Building community website is very good, the slogan is "to share life, warm you and me is to build a warm home online City, website to pass such information to the user, the first impression is very good, it is easy to retain users. Warm, clean and simple typography, users experience relaxation and warmth here, and user stickiness is virtually enhanced.

2 utility

web site is for users to see, only the user satisfaction, to retain users. Each site has targeted, different groups, different demand points, website information to practical value. Such as technical station, more technical information, but also simple and easy to understand, so that users can find the solution to the problem here; and for the entertainment website, let the user can know the recent entertainment and gossip, here is fresh, interesting, and meet the eye of the insider broke the news content. Have practical value, can see, will retain the user. Some forums can also hold some public lectures, interactive activities, and serve the users effectively.

Tencent such as entertainment news, since the Tencent to develop the mini homepage and Pop News, reading the news of the user is greatly improved, many people browse news through the mini homepage, many forum recommendations are timely, fresh, hot day, reading to attract users attention. No wonder Tencent is getting bigger and bigger, and its user experience is becoming more and more perfect. It is worth learning from.

3 win

profit is more sensitive topic, the stationmaster does the purpose of doing a website, say direct point, it is to gain, of course earlier period may be interest >

Are you sure you can buy Beauty needles Xiamen Customs seized 40 thousand illegal products

beauty has become a significant social phenomenon, although said, "no man is perfect," but many people in order to make their faces more beautiful, beauty needles and a series of beauty products continue to use. Recently, the Xiamen customs in the maritime Smuggling Investigation of smuggling channels of cosmetic injections, in one fell swoop seized the illegal entry of cosmetic injections of more than 100 boxes of more than 4 branches, in recent years the national customs seized the largest number of cases with cosmetic injections, including cosmetic whitening products "Beiliduo" "Nobel" "harutoshi health" and "high fill the life B12" Robin will benefit "" Shu Deqing "" Ming "liver" and "bleeding" the fate of live source "9 injection.

according to the provisions of the state, the import of foreign drugs must be approved by the State Food and Drug Administration approval number, while the packaging must be written in Chinese characters, and with Chinese instructions. After identification, these drugs are not labeled by the State Food and Drug Administration approved the drug approval number, the number of pharmaceutical products registration certificate or registration certificate of imported drugs, is a three noes products.

it is reported that since the beginning of this year, Xiamen Customs seized a number of illegal import of beauty needles, respectively, in the inspection and maritime smuggling channels, the number increased by nearly 140 times compared with the same period last year.

nowadays, domestic consumers of beauty and health care products demand, and the part of the shaping mechanism and the beauty salon exaggerated imported drug efficacy, the imported drugs have certain market demand in the domestic field of cosmetic surgery. According to the appraisal agency qualified news, by a group of "life live source" and other 9 kinds of injection combination of "whitening needle" package. In Taiwan the sales price of about 600 yuan, after smuggling entry will be 2000 yuan to the sales price of 3000 yuan to the cosmetology reshapingorganization, and finally into the the hands of the consumer price even up to a million.

compared to profits, smuggling cosmetic injection safety risks should be caused more attention to consumers. Investigators found in the sea smuggling channels found cosmetic injections, a large number of external packaging on display at room temperature or even cold preservation of the injection, no cover to expose the temperature above 50 degrees Celsius fishing boat deck. The investigators found that in the immigration channels seized in such cases, often from the parties to carry the "incubator" seized packaging cosmetic injections, the injection also stated on the "cold" storage requirements. In fact, whether it is from the immigration channels or immigration smuggling channels of entry, these cosmetic injections did not strictly through the transport of cold chain logistics, transportation and storage conditions, once into the society, great security risks.

for their own investment, to take effective measures of beauty, although it is an excellent thing, but in the quality of the product must be careful to buy. Do you buy Beauty needles are guaranteed? Xiamen Customs seized more than 4 illegal beauty injections, you have to buy the brand? Xiamen customs to remind consumers not to buy the use of "three noes" U.S.

How to open an ice cream store

ice cream store how to operate? Businesses need to take into account the location, decoration and other factors. If you are a novice is not very proficient in this issue, then hurry up with the small series to learn about it, hoping to help you succeed in getting rich.

age positioning: the main customer group of age distribution between 12 -35 years of age, because each part of the population of the different needs, therefore still need to be broken down. People aged 12 -18 years old on the cheap and good taste of ice cream interest; people aged 18 -25 years old for new, but the price of less than 50 yuan in the interest of ice cream; people aged 25 -35 years old of good taste, strong brand of ice cream is interested.

General for open ice cream shops are: Commercial Street, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools nearby (distance school less than 1000 meters), the campus, bars, office buildings, gas station, airport, train station, subway stations and other places.

divided by external factors: the best store door adjacent to the road, the peak flow of 100 people per hour, the traffic flow of 200 vehicles per hour is the best. Store the best choice from the beauty shop, clothing stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets are not more than 500 meters, because the main crowd is the main consumer of ice cream, ice cream shop in the vicinity to attract the target customers.

What join

Several ways to make money online big market

is now in the whole network, there are a lot of business opportunities at the same time, the majority of entrepreneurs also need to grasp as much as possible so that some of the entrepreneurial opportunities, then, what are the good ways to make money to make money online?

In the latest

site: the way to make money

online new tricks: "buy it now."

specific meaning: online auction website is very good, but rarely do so well and on-site auction. I want to have a place to live on the auction site.   trading principles: for example, the sale of iPhone, you can only bid for the top of the subject, the subject is only valid in a few minutes. The bids are on site and secured, and when the top bid is auctioned, the following items are then auctioned.

feasible reasons: as a sales staff, the commodity list, and then quickly sell resonate practice more and more difficult, a simple web site network auction will solve these problems.

online recently in the way to make money trading skills:

online new tricks: "exchange skills instead of money."

specific meaning: an exchange of skills and other network center. You do not need to pay for the service, you simply need to exchange your skills.

feasible reasons: there are tens of thousands of first-class designers, developers, writers, musicians, graphic member of the Internet, etc.. But there is not a very good contact method. To mediate the dispute, to ensure fair and secure transactions, a skill exchange site can become a big business.

In the latest online

to sell the game

online new tricks: "rapid sales of any commodity with a bar code."

specific meaning: you are in possession of something that you never use books, games, DVD or CD? This is a bit shy, isn’t it? A web page or a software through a network camera to scan the bar code, in order to quickly list the contents, save time and can make a lot of money.

trading principle: login, scan your books and pricing. Work done! This can be used as a web site, or recommended