The best reason to participate in Shanghai dragon training to confused graduates

actually, each training institutions can be based on the Internet or in the line, there will be people admire the place. The reason is very simple, not everyone’s time and energy can be used to the point, many people can not go to study new things, such as website operation, website promotion, network optimization, build Shanghai dragon ranking website, Wangzhuan mode, and we, the so-called one special attack. This is interesting, there are certain advantages (the relative freedom of time and energy, the manager of the company’s background, professional thinking, rich experience, etc.) so we in-depth study, and then continue to launch their own achievements, we advocate real name to the network marketing, network marketing, Internet to do the most authentic self. For the strength, we have "write your name" book value of 1 million.

channels in the search industry, is constantly building site for testing, including the use of different ways to show our way to Taobao customers, bidding to do stand outside promotion money.

if you will Shanghai Longfeng ranking optimization, and the study attitude of the obsession with search engine, can I go out of one hundred thousand annual salary plus commission for your remittance way if you don’t do things, to yearn for the development of the Internet, then you can enroll in real VIP class Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, then to earn one million, please help you do optimization.

in the stage of network marketing, there are a lot of training, team, have to go it alone, as long as you pay will get what they want, and we do the training is to help people make the best use of the "tool" of the money network.

Shanghai dragon training, we have a lot of successful students, such as Liu Minhua, general manager of Southern China speed transit network for electric kitchen brand Gu Zhou Peng, Home Furnishing mall project leader Wei Zhijie, Tianjin enterprise network training consultant with hook et al.

real name network marketing, no name, no marketing! Do the most authentic personal brand name, on the Internet is full of opportunities for real talent, allow yourself to get more contacts, get more recognition.

real name network marketing training courses and the new Shanghai dragon class, very confused or looking for people who are still looking for a job the students an opportunity to communicate. Have been thinking, in the reflection of their own way! On the Internet, through many years, and really can understand themselves, but those who make people. Someone said, understand their own people are not partners, but the opponent! Of course, we do not try to avoid these, anyway, they study, is to do better, we are not on the battlefield, so there will be no killing what. Talk to you first, we exchange the idea, that is the way people exchange, help a person. So, human resources is the biggest purpose of the training we do. If you are willing to let go of things, see this article for ten minutes, then Zhu Weikun will first give you this bow! Thank you for your time!


K enterprise station is Shanghai dragon show the true effect of diagnosis

I will do better on the site, when problems occur if it is in my ability, it will give full play to their initiative to timely solve, if it is beyond the scope of his own ability, can not start, then find it not what exogenous disgrace. No Adsense is omnipotent, what problems can be solved, do Shanghai dragon would have a good attitude, do not appear on the site, their inability to solve, but also carry the dead, it will only make your website more and more time to know time is money, if a business website it can not be solved in time, the loss is not a person you can afford. It was the second day in the K website, after a day of observation and analysis of their hearts to understand, oneself cannot be resolved in a short period of time, because I can not find the root pressure is the source of K.

As for why

since June, love Shanghai large-scale K station, resulting in a lot of small and medium-sized enterprise website ranking back to the night before the release, many people are wondering what is the reason? Is the love of the Shanghai database, or because the market turmoil in Shanghai Longfeng, love Shanghai in the adjustment algorithm, or is their intention in use what is the method of cheating resulting in the site by K, in short, no matter what the reason the site was K, will make small and medium-sized enterprises suffered losses, although we do not know love in the face of Shanghai K station is how to solve, but since I know nothing, so he found a professional A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon the diagnostic team to help.

therefore, I determined to found a professional A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team, hope that through technology and their professional judgment to timely solve site problems, as far as possible to reduce the loss of the love sea K station. Just tell them the basic situation of the website after the description of the situation with them, just keep the FTP of the website, the boss did not want to let anyone know, so, I do not have the initiative to mention this, thought they would find what I want, the result is unexpected, they eventually did not mention anything about FTP. But after three days after they gave me a "proposal" site diagnosis and optimization.

In this

will find the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ zhenduan/ in the Shanghai dragon) I believe needless to say, we all understand, not because of their fame, but did see the friends of the site in the sea by love punishment, they give a timely solution, let the site as soon as the speed returned to normal, and even many of the sites is much better than before, I believe that no webmaster is the Everything is going smoothly. will certainly encounter, or that such problems in the process of doing station, encountered a problem is not terrible, terrible is that we’re going to face in a pessimistic attitude, can not be timely and effective way to to solve.

"site optimization proposal" in diagnosis analysis may cause a lot of love of Shanghai K station, after they saw indeed "

To investigate the site conversion rate is not the main reasons

keyword selection is the first important problem of every optimization personnel need to face in the process of site optimization, for e-commerce site to select a high organic search traffic is not the most important, it is more important for you to select a keyword can capture the target audience. We can give an example, for example, you are a from the clothing sales business, but when you are in the choice of keywords for your e-commerce site, if you choose "clothing manufacturing" is the word, objectively speaking, there will be a lot of traffic, but your goal is to sell clothes, and not make clothes, and if you choose the key words, although your site will have a certain flow, but to your site the majority will not be your target audience. When we are in this for the choice of keywords, the first consideration is to the purpose of user searches for the principle of the choice of keywords, you can get the best effect of the conversion rate.

error two: the structure and layout of the site to reduce the friendly experience of

error three: provide a poor user experience

error: the keywords you have chosen not to convert the value or low

value conversionThe

a site not only cannot do without a stable high flow, in the electronic commerce site for a high conversion rate and high flow rate is equal to the failure. Lead to the site’s conversion rate alone is not the untraceable. In fact, with the result of the conversion rate is not because there are some of the most basic errors caused by the Shanghai dragon. And as long as the analysis of the three surface is wrong, you can make the conversion rate is improved, the simple three we often lead to misunderstanding of low conversion rate.

Successful operation of the

of each site are likely to face up to the problem, we can first access to data from the background we seen in some clues. The author of the site background statistics tools for CNZZ, we can make a rough analysis from visitors browsing depth and residence time of visitors to the two pieces of data. As shown above, we site keywords ranking are good, but if the structure of your site and the layout of the page if it is a mess of words, just imagine what a visitors have the patience to slowly find the information they want. What is e-commerce site. At the same time, as a result of a site and layout will affect our business or consumer products in the serious professional and authoritative. All of these will seriously affect the site conversion rate.


for an e-commerce site is friendly experience site ranking important or important users? For this problem many optimization are very tangled. I think these two aspects there is not big difference. The two should complement each other, if you just blindly pursue a high ranking, while ignoring the user friendly experience of it, "


The panda is redrawn nobility baby ranking factors chart

noble algorithm of people’s attention. About this adjustment, the consensus is called "content farms", and the internal nobility baby named "panda action". When more and more eyes are attracted to those affected by the site, more and more people in exploring the reason why these sites affected. To solve these problems, the network appeared a lot of discussion of the article, among which the most famous is the Searchengineland above an article about SMX West symposium summary article, this text: Lessons Learned at SMX West, and Searchenginewatch on the social network environment of search engine optimization discussed in this text: Search Engine Optimization in an Increasingly Social World. Everything is still in progress, but the most direct signal we get is:

said this noble baby panda action affects at least 12% of the search results, but we have to remember is that this number will only increase, not decrease! First try just a royal baby panda action direction decision behavior. In the days after the noble baby will be according to the related data analysis of deeper changes. Only so we do: quality, quality.

users with content and interactive, below is the two chart, respectively for the adjustment of the algorithm in some proportion of the ranking factors were compared before and after a time, maybe you can give a more intuitive feeling.

from the top of the chart, we can see that the chain occupies a large proportion, the weights of the domain name is to maintain the chain, then add up to a total of 66%. And this adjustment, we all know that the quality of social references and web content is becoming the key factor, then chart new ranking factors above should be like? Here is the new chart ranking factors popular recently on the network, we take a look at:



this is a Shanghai dragon industry personnel individual draws a picture, but we can get a clear message is: algorithm! Interactive social network quoted this piece was exaggerated is increased from 6% to 20%. But honestly: social network plays in the search engine ranking plays an increasingly important role

panda action (content farm) is a field search ranking more change in nature! So far, we summarize all the changes and some related technical analysis, to be sure the baby is noble as long as possible judgment on the contents of the quality, including two main factors:


is the first Shanghai dragon Moz according to the survey produced by the distribution of

More and more baby

ranking factors

Entrepreneur, what can you learn from Stephen ChowExplain why shlf1314 Adsense fluctuates at a price


start with what you know best,

you are not just to modify the website? Is not new advertising layout caused the decrease of CTR? You can refer to the problem of layout optimization techniques to improve our advertising, using 728x90300x250160x600 three "trump card" advertising format, and try to put the first screen advertising on the home page and the content page, can effectively improve the CTR.

the mainland audience for Stephen Chow’s film is: nonsense, funny comedy.

, CPC change,

The decrease in


in the comedy before, Stephen Chow also took a lot of positives, but he became popular in the mainland, to 90s as "do not", "Tang Bohu scholar" and a series of comedy, comedy style, farewell career, let him in the limelight.

"what’s the difference between a person without a dream and a salted fish?"

publishers are very concerned about the volatility of income, today we will help you in-depth analysis of how to know the reasons behind fluctuations in income, and take appropriate measures.


advertisers will also have an impact on CPC when they are online or finished.

web site to do the promotion recently, is not a promotion of the end of the event, so lead to flow down? Is not a link to your site, bring a lot of traffic to your

checks whether the site displays public service ads, or whether the ads show technical problems, or whether the site violates policy and is stopped advertising. If the ad is not successfully displayed on the site, the amount of display will not be recorded.

only in the familiar scenes of life do you know what the people are thinking and what they need. Stephen Chow’s best job is to photograph ordinary people’s psychological vibes.

check whether the site grabbed the problem. If the AdSense system is unable to grab your web page, you may display irrelevant ads.


if you find that revenue fluctuations are due to changes in advertising display, you should take the following actions:

"king of comedy" about his own career, the most familiar, some is what sense of income, it is this movie, let Stephen Chow film is no longer limited to the irreverent comedy, tragedy, there are large tracts of breath, also at the time of the economic crisis in the Hongkong reach the top of the box office champion.

With such a positioning, Stephen Chow’s image became clear to the audience.

CTR if you continue to slowly decline, it is very likely that your website users on advertising gradually produce visual fatigue, then you can test some new ad formats, ad placements and color, give the user some freshness.

for years

don’t forget the traffic that the search engine brings. Use the webmaster tools to make sure that shlf1314 correctly captures and collects your site.

taking a look at all the movie images since Stephen Chow became famous, his life scenes, characters and stories are all small people. They are people and scenes of life they have known, which have not changed for decades.

display volume change

CPC is determined by the advertiser’s bidding and is not controlled by the publisher. Many of the changes in CPC are seasonal, for example, advertising in some industries adds more advertising money during holidays or back to school.

first of all, as you all know, the AdSense revenue depends on the following factors: display volume, click through rate CTR, and CPC. At the same time, many high-quality websites still have positioning advertising revenue. The following are the key factors for analysis,

he knew a dead walk on for several years did not red is unknown to the public, what taste, also think a person not to be known as "Jack" has its value of existence, "Kung Fu" in the cage walled city is reduced when he was young, the ground, said "the place my child is like this, it is a crowded place, as if all people are stuck together", "description of the sea Mermaid" from his childhood love of life in the sea, marine life. "Water is very mysterious to me.". I’m scared and curious, and I can feel what’s under the water."

In the

became famous, Stephen Chow shot nearly 60 movies, almost all of which were recognized as comedies. Stephen Chow can’t play the drama is not?.

CTR is often due to insufficient positioning of the site’s interface or advertising. So when CTR is down, you should start with improving your website interface and advertising positioning.

he knows well, go to electricity >

as publisher, the best way to improve CPC >

introduction: Stephen Chow make a living away from home for decades, perhaps some cheats can pass and you know.

"I know he is a walk on, but please don’t add a" dead "word?"

Recall that you are not on the

has been insisting on his style and positioning

under the wave of entrepreneurs, often do not understand the love to start their project, that any industry can "O2O" look, imagine, if you do not understand the industry, how can cause consumers "demand resonance"? You don’t know the people, how to know what they want? Plus there is no suitable helper, such as success, not Arabian Nights.

, CTR change,

Record the experience of website trading and analyze the psychology of the buyer

on a personal Adsense, sell station pay attention to (, cause a lot of webmaster sympathy. Recent website trading experience, I want to share with you webmaster, so as to avoid future losses in the transaction due. I still insist on my point of view, personal Adsense are not easy, and are also very talented, please respect the work of individual adsense.

long ago in the webmaster nets released a website to sell information, in order to save time on the price tag, the price is after careful consideration of the multiple assessment results. Because someone has to buy the price before, but for a variety of reasons failed to clinch a deal. So this price is basically consistent with the value of the site.


, there are several people with my QQ consulting, before a few people mostly ask price and other basic content go. In fact, when I wrote in a message is very clear or to ask one at QQ, obviously not the real buyers, just want to QQ tentatively ask whether the actual price will be lower than the price in the post, my reply is relatively strong. Such buyers are mostly holding the mentality of collecting cheap, I estimate the value of the site, hoping to buy a lot less than the value of the price, and then trying to sell. Probably not interested in the website itself, so it disappeared when asked about the price.

second days met a sincere buyer, from the conversation can feel very interested in the site, specializing in statistical analysis, but after the bargaining process, let me very angry. Because I have a shot based on the psychological price is much lower than the price, so the price is already very good value, the results of each other directly according to my cheap price for my 60 percent off return, citing a variety of reasons to maintain his price. As a sales company for many years, I naturally understand his ideas, and in the Internet industry for so long, more clear about the value of my own site, so directly back, never want to talk about.

third days met the real buyers, see the information is Chengdu, not too much talk has been talking about, I can feel he is trying to make this website do down from his conversation, because people in Chengdu, I have no reservation directly to what he was, the follow-up work is the Taobao deal and then transfer the domain name.

fourth days, has begun to process domain name transfer procedures, second days before the buyers have to find the proposed purchase: "sorry, has sold," the reply did not talk about.

fifth days, before the buyer and find, I hope to get this site buyer contact, or want to buy back, or on the basis of the original fare, let me resell to him. I’m sorry, the transaction is over, and it’s not convenient to contact him. You can contact him when you finish. Each other in payment have been traded, "can’t promise and then deny in succession this sentence rejected.

< >

10 ways to use blogs to promote websites

1. uses RSS to subscribe to web site related topics, which makes it easy to find the best source of pause and saves time for learning and pseudo artifacts..

2. in the blog published original soft Wen, strive for being recommended to the home page. Then the flow lead to website.

3. adds labels while blogging, which can greatly increase the chances of being discovered. Remember to send it to the forum and press

at the same time

button to attract traffic to the site.

4. refers to the site’s article, increasing the site’s chain.

5. step on other people’s blog, attract others to your blog; to blog message, introduce your website. Can be used to use the software.

6. makes web content blog bookmarks, highlighting its appeal,.

7. on the blog site links, and at the same time with other blogs do links.

8., because blogs are easier to optimize than websites, optimizing blogs, taking traffic to the site, is sometimes better than optimizing the site,.

9., because the blog content than the site more casual, for the current hot writing articles, send photos, viral marketing and event marketing, take the traffic to the site.

10. blog dating is probably a bigger gain than promoting.

Webmaster have to pay attention to the six point of network security problems

webmaster do long time, the more trouble, estimate the most headache to the number of the website was hacked. It is linked to the horse, I am a CAI webmaster, do stand less than three months, and did not dare to share what I experience, but was doing before the station is dry is two black, commonly known as the script kiddies, every day hanging a sweeping sweeping tool ah, do free to kill, playing dove, horse, ha ha, is really happy (as a pleasurable occupation, huh? What flying egg) later station, feeling that the gang is really hateful. But there are still a lot of small black will remind you webmaster. (this is called the occupation moral) well, and share with you my black to some website security awareness of the owners after, here is the statements of a school, my level is limited, and what problem, please master.

one, for security, the first thing is to find a good server. (how come a hiss from below?) sounds like crap. But the actual is particularly important, especially on the server can not afford, can only buy virtual space friends, because even if your site is again safe, if your website is bad and the other server server permissions are not very good, or to provide a lot of hackers mention the right chance, you the station also very dangerous. We usually say the notes is such a reason. Advice: choose the server is first query server what some other station, and then sweep the server open those ports, like servU port 43958 if a high-risk port, certainly not in some conditions, can not be used, you can try the right to mention the difficulty.

two, for its own website, the most dangerous two vulnerabilities to be: injection vulnerabilities and upload vulnerabilities

Firstly, we discuss the

injection vulnerability: injection vulnerability is usually due to filter incoming parameters led to lax, hackers can construct the SQL statement to query the database administrator account like, even for such as MSSQL database, can perform system commands, upload files and so on, is very harmful, to prevent such vulnerability is mainly to filter out harmful SQL code such as and select and so on, also often do in the parameters for the digital judgment about isInt? In the parameters for the characters’ can be filtered out. Of course, it’s not really that simple, but for a station where the security requirements are not high enough. For uploading vulnerabilities, it is better to solve, if it is your own program, in general, will not be a big problem, remember to limit the file format can be. For the program on the market, we will speak later.

three, talk about the default account name or the default database

many rookie webmaster, start not do stand, get a free program, directly upload to use, this is very dangerous, for example, hackers often say, the default account name is never outdated loopholes. Just because the security awareness is not enough, people get the program, or their own programs, if not for security

Hungry founder Zhang Xuhao shared his seven years of entrepreneurial experience

Internet business excellence men, one of which is called Zhang Xuhao, he is hungry founder, I believe many enthusiastic friends love the Internet ordering or know this person. Below, this article will share his speech in the world’s top 500 companies VC innovation investment forum content, to understand his entrepreneurial experience of the past seven years, and he has been in charge of the company’s experience in the past 2015 years.

we first do this industry, not only the mobile Internet, PC Internet, was a great challenge. We have to convince a restaurant on our website, you need to pull the cable, buy a computer, etc., pay a lot, and even our own to buy these, to the restaurant to provide tools to join hungry.

so that we have today not only hungry at noon for lunch and dinner service, now more is the breakfast service, fresh fruit of service, service, the category expansion, not the beginning of the creation of the formation is through a gradually unfolding, I think enterprises, especially the Internet the company to seize a user pain points and then in the other category, do other projects, it is more likely to succeed and progress.

but we think the market is there, then we make out the distribution of work, we feel that the information asymmetry is the restaurant a pain point, we adopted the NEPS system, to change our business model. When we first started, in fact, in Minhang, Jiaotong University to carry out our business, then there are a lot of partners, the model is recommended

Shop business needs to pay attention everywhere

customers the same kind of demand, some bosses carefully after the attention, from the perspective of consumers, you can meet more consumers, so that the business is more prosperous shop. Some bosses do not really from the consumer’s point of view, is not careful enough, should pay attention to the place did not notice that such a shop would like to do business is very difficult.

Shandong Ji’nan Changqing District GUI De Zhen Wan Zhuang Cun opened the shop has been more than two years, customers have been. Today, the snow shops a wedding with smoke cigarettes and Lu shop designated rural retail terminal demonstration shop, just 30 years old the shopkeeper Li Xue to do business more vigorously. The morning of September 12th, I went to the winter store, speaking shop management experience, with Li Xue.

"everyone says my store is a" Star shop ", which can not be separated from the trust of customers." Li Xue said, when just opened, due to the lack of business experience, business shop cigarette snow is not satisfactory, which made her very worried.

has little understanding of the variety of cigarettes, and most of the channels to obtain the information of tobacco products are from the customer service manual and the account manager…… Soon, Li Xue found his shortcomings.

a new business website has a variety of brand knowledge and sales volume method to find Li Xue inadvertently. So, she took the initiative to apply for the original telephone ordering cigarettes instead of online ordering. "As long as the computer boot, and the page is opened. Business is not busy, I began to read the cigarette brand information, regardless of the text or picture I will browse." Li Xue told the author. Less than half a year, Li Xue has a lot of information about the specifications of cigarettes.


only master new cigarette products in business information is not enough, after several months of operation, I found that in addition to enhance their own, more exchanges with the customer, especially in the village of old customers, often can give me some good suggestions." In the eyes of Li Xue, the customer’s advice than a pack of cigarettes worth much more, "last month, in some of the old customer’s suggestion, I in the new business website amount into the purchase of a few fine cigarette, did not expect the villagers around a high degree of acceptance."

"Hello, my family is going to be engaged next month. What can you recommend?" A more than and 50 year old male customer walked into the shop. Li Xue pointed to the counter "wedding recommended" explosion stickers, pull smoke cabinet explained: "you see this area, the first row is ten yuan price of cigarettes, the second row is twenty yuan price of cigarettes, third rows of high price of cigarettes. We have a complete range of cigarettes, you will be able to choose the favorite."

subsequently, Li Xue also introduced to the customer a few of these best-selling cigarettes, customers finally bought a dozen just left. Before leaving, the customer >