Love Shanghai, you dare to increase the rejection chain function

from the recent A5 and Chinaz articles, many owners have begun to change the way of thinking, for the original and high quality of the chain construction continue to emphasize the importance of attention, attention, in. This month the April 19th update once again confirmed this point, outside the chain of many sites have undergone great changes, which lead to website ranking changes, this trend seems to have been inevitable.

looked at a lot of the regular site, did not want to open, then think that since it is the cleanup work, or take a look at it, it does not matter, the chain has only a few points are garbled, rather baffling problems well, and the family home is normal, a hot heart do? To link, refused to hand shake, turned to refuse to link tools inside to see, found directly rejected the primary domain, also can not be changed, so here to remind you, for this type of chain, to use tools inside "refused to page" function, don’t use shortcuts Oh, that is to the primary domain. I want to regret will not regret it!

The main domain

found two jurisprudence chain in the cleaning process, how come? I really don’t know, I never in the jurisprudence site to send the chain. The website is usually the web site, click on the link but will jump directly to the jurisprudence pages, and these pages contain no mention of your web site, through this performance I judge this site grab some web site content to my website caught in, and loved Shanghai index. So here suggest that owners must see more of the chain, and preferably not in some sort of Web site link. Jurisprudence links are to come, we can blame Shanghai for my love down right?

link address

, may contain links to jurisprudence.

there is a type of chain, a link address, but once inside, I was almost tired blind krypton golden eyes, lengshi >

three, no

in 2013 can be said to be the year of change in the search for love in Shanghai, this year unveiled a "green" algorithm "and refused to link in" tools ", we reject outside the chain of tools may cause the site to drop right" in an article pointed out that this change is of epoch-making significance, because it opens up the chain to the door website right down, each of our ER Shanghai Longfeng should pay more attention to this change, if we can’t keep up with the pace of love Shanghai, so our website will be eliminated, even if you are feeling pretty good.

two, the regular site may not be trusted

so, we grassroots webmaster how to respond? Strengthen the site of the original article which is first, but today we don’t talk about this, we talk about the focus, how to use the chain link to tools to optimize the site. Here’s to my station as an example to explain, it can be said, do not know to do a jump! We found by cleaning up the web site outside of the chain mainly has the following characteristics:

How to prevent their website being illegally pan analytical

pan analysis and web site intrusion is not directly related to. Site permissions is known, is at most some black chain, such as delete data. The domain name resolution that is not get on the site.




first, because the owners of the site does not make money, but there is PR or some weight, and then sold to those who receive special pan analytical people. This is not to say, the webmaster voluntary.


said here using the DNS resolution service can play what role. This is equivalent to adding a double insurance. If others know your domain password management, but after you use the DNS, he can not directly use the pan analysis.

first, the domain name management to change password. (if this is the case, continue to consider from the domain name.

now seems to have closed. But the original time should be a talent website. Just do not know the pan analytical domain name expires after being bought is used in the past. Or on the site shut before being used. The analysis of what harm? Will make its own site is down right. If a problem, will be implicated.


site is generally appear several pan analytical possibilities:

then, the pan analytical all off. To love complaints about Shanghai (Something is better than nothing. ~



finally, consider a free DNS resolution service providers. Used to make a transfer.

first find a few pictures to see.


we can see that these two stations are two level domain name. The content of the website content is gambling. Look at the two station was originally what station.

third, the domain name service provider zuogeng. Although there is no evidence, but this possibility is still there. Generally a lot of friends to buy the domain name to love some small IDC that buy. They are agents, but they have permission, also have the ability to know your password management domain name. This is a piece of ~


if we stand by the pan analysis of how to do

This site is on them

station was originally a paint company website. But these contents can be seen, the domain name is pan analysis. All the betting. Another site.

second, domain name management their own password leak or guess, and then being the log domain management system to do the analytical yourself. And this situation generally we are hard to find. Because we often use a domain name, but also often not okay to love Shanghai own domain name included. But do not understand how the password is so easy to be out.

Good at learning from their rivals the Shanghai dragon Er can improve themselves faster


is a domain name even only a short while ago I and IP are not clear rookie, just contact Shanghai dragon that will own the interest on the Internet made the first website, practice is the best teacher, so in practice while learning I mastered the basic foundation of Shanghai dragon. But he did not have much experience, it is not what competitive, so the first station only lasted half a year sold. Then he began to look for weaknesses, reflect on their own failure, also saw the importance of many aspects of the article gradually learned to the opponent to learn.

is a competitor, then the other side and your competition is comprehensive, such as the selection of key words, so clear each big website keywords ranking and flow estimation also allows us to be aware of their target site. In addition, the structure of the other station, we also care, careful comparison, you may find other than their own good places, such as the URL page structure is more concise, more simple, more conducive to the layout of the user and so on. These are worthy of our study.

three, the internal structure optimization analysis.

this is very simple, but use is quite wide, but also very effective. Only a domain instruction will be able to know the opponent chain in which places and all kinds of different types of chain proportion. In addition to the number, but also the best under the weight of the other site chain back to the site, are some very bad, or is the weight of relatively high site. Domain you have the equivalent of a large chain resources database, when the chain rivals we are sometimes beyond him is a very simple thing! But Shanghai dragon to the chain and content of these two points, learned this from the chain chain, do not worry.

, a rival content analysis.


We need to go to what innovation

currently already exists on the network project, copied according to do it, as long as can insist on will be successful, of course, this is only for the novice. So learn to rival learning, copying the practices of competitors and thinking is very important. Below is a combination of my own experience at it, please support the love, also hope to master who give guidance.

Two, analysis of the chain

content is always the most important, this is the soul of the website and the engine. Therefore, we must carefully look at the opponent’s content is how to do, their content comes from where? How to edit and how to write the title and so on. Through these analysis we can summarize the content and source of the website to update the site, can be completed easily. Another analysis conditions included in the search engine’s competitors, and their comparison, we can analysis the site from the website content on opponent’s flow, also can learn many methods of collecting traffic.


The enterprise website page design targeted to footsteps forever

picture is also essential, since it is necessary to do business, to the customer in the display, so it can increase the sense of reality to the customer, can also indirectly promote products trading volume.

two page is simple but not simple, diversification is still not less


A In addition to the

page is always associated with the relationship with the other, so the article must be recommended forum related articles. Play a role of content aggregation. On the one hand to strengthen the construction of the chain, on the other hand can increase the depth of the user access. I like the.

before I said page needs to be simple, but I did not say that the page design should be simple, because think the problem from the user point of view, the web page is rich in content, with pictures do illustrations so that it can make it easier for users to accept the content of the web site. Take my site, first I will greatly enrich the content of the page, coverage is very broad, so you can make the page more real point, in order to avoid website advertising flavor too strong objectionable users.

layout is concise, main content has highlighted

, the high quality of the page it is better to be able to interact with the user, such as adding comments, comments can be increased as the page content rich step, or even add a comment on some strong timeliness, this can increase the value of the page.

? Add


is now a fast food culture, pay attention to the efficiency, but also so that the page design, our ultimate aim is to promote the products, so we need to do their own websites "a light weight, simple is not redundant, the main content of the main content with a pen, neat layout clean, no extra content, also do not have too much advertising, on the other hand, this website to allow users to stay longer. If a website is open advertisements and don’t know why this site a high bounce rate so scary. Like the Amazon Chinese network, of course I don’t belittle it, but to tell the truth to his website I really cannot read, is too messy! This site even ranked first, I do not love, how can the user does not love, that page is high quality

is a kind of "as everyone knows is presented to the user channel, through such a channel, we can own better products recommended to customers, in order to improve the trading volume of the website. So this time there is a doubt in mind is that the page will master, what can be regarded as the high quality. In fact, a high quality web site is not only reflected in its weight, the chain number, page setup, site layout and access speed may have quality about web page, so for a webmaster, how should we build their own pages? Below I combined with their specific experience and we talk about.

The chain of resources for attention is paid to the method

etc.) ?The chain of traditional

in 2012, for most of February Shanghai station love home is K, it is not a station.

directly excluded sites (do QQ, movie, novel, illegal, jokes, pictures, links to sites of primary station) (small and medium enterprise website

method, we all cooked very ripe, this A5 has introduced many articles such as the author of this article "enterprises should be how to more efficient to do outside the chain of high quality", described above are some Links, forum signature, B2B platform to release information, blog, soft, community, sharing, exchange of resources collection, etc.. How should we understand these


what kind of resources can be accumulated for a long time? From the official guide and love Shanghai love Shanghai share finger appearance we can see that sharing and collection has become a new and consistent user experience increase an effective website exposure rate, currently face flooding love Shanghai share button, we can choose not to share. Sharing network, such as: heat transfer box, mop贵族宝贝 twitter etc.. On the other hand, and blog has been recognized as the chain of long-term and high quality. Because the release of the soft outside the chain as long as the original high, generally can be included in a long period of time.

often see such a group of friends in the forum who can shout sharing resources and so on, in fact, the resource is infinite, and the Internet has announced a lot of resources, but you really have to use it? If you are not in the know you can domain competitors. Ensure that your chain hair is not sent, good nonsense not say. We begin today’s topic: how to accumulate resources outside the chain of

was not a long-term accumulation? It is clear from this search engine update trend, weight character signature is almost micro call wins micro, so we only do a strong correlation can be. I have found a lot of good Shanghai dragon r often go to global A5, Shanghai dragon why forum crazy replies, did you really see the results? B2B information platform at present such as Alibaba, HC, inside information is repeated every day at that time included too many to count, in time, a few days will be deleted by the author think that as a long-term chain of resources.

finally, we turn our attention to the next Shanghai dragon R are most concern Links, ordinary chain exchange requirements are love Shanghai weight, PR value, love Shanghai included, snapshots, the number of other outbound links. In fact, I think this is wrong, especially at PR, we have to do is love Shanghai PR ranking, you see what? Here is my own finishing a chain exchange idea: only to find potential, do not go to high weight and better now. How to judge the potential? The first look at the webmaster to put into the number of sites (see the logo template, whether professional title and content belong to white hat optimization, the content is not original)

Website optimization need to do a good job in eight aspects

station optimization mainly involves the following aspects:

5 site keyword density in 2%-8%, more than the search engines will be judged for the optimization of transition. Too low for the ranking of words can not play great role. Therefore, the need to master a degree. But now a lot of software can help the query keyword density, as long as in the optimization process can make full use of these keywords ranking do better.

6, itelinks refers to the channel and the channel between the column and column, and between the article and the article, key words and articles. Good Sitelinks is conducive to search engine optimization at the same time, more conducive to the increase of PV website. Internal links like friends, more friends, so people to find your chances, so the internal links is not a negligible key.


7, the website

2, URL end sub directory should be kept within six letters as well.

3, the site layout should be DIV+CSS form.


search engine for the original article abnormal love included, and >


keep and don’t repeat appeared in five words or so, to avoid being judged for cheating search engine.


directory structure is conducive to the search engine spiders crawl, the weight of channel columns (PR) increased also have some help.

website promotion is an important part of network marketing, and it is essential for Shanghai dragon website promotion part in 70% traffic sources most of the site to the major search engines. Shanghai Longfeng website optimization including the station optimization and stood outside promotion. Today we introduced several aspects need to pay attention to the process of priority station.

tag title of not more than thirty words, more than thirty words behind part in Shanghai love the search results page to see. Position of the front part and important keywords can be placed in the title tag, which is of great help to improve the keywords ranking.

1, website structure, website structure here include directory structure or the hierarchical structure of

4, tag optimization involves the title, keywords, description of three important parts.

link is too long is not conducive to search engine optimization and is not easy to read, users memory.

description of not more than 90 words, describe the part is to introduce the website to do is what, what are the functions, to facilitate users to better understand the website about the situation.

site layout is divided into two forms: form (table) this form is not conducive to the search engines crawl. DIV+CSS change this situation, more convenient search engines crawl the content of the website, the website is more conducive to search engine included.


The secret behind the three day to raise 10 million dad 29Xiangpiaopiao by selling a year income 3 b

might want to buy something more.

, Shen net believes that the haze and renovation of formaldehyde pollution problems have been a headache for the people. By creating the concept of a special air purifier for children, Dai Cheng embodies the feelings behind the product. Children are the most willing objects of investment for parents, and the production of products is affecting the hearts of thousands of parents. The name of "Three Dads" is easy to remember, and at the same time there are three founders’ stories behind it.

recently, the domestic A shares of IPO seems to have the potential to relax, xiangpiaopiao again sprint, re submit the prospectus.

according to the SFC website disclosure, recently, a cup of tea supplier submitted a prospectus xiangpiaopiao, be listed in the Shanghai Stock exchange.

although three people have good products, but if three people are ordinary people, may not be so easy to get venture capital support. In the application of network learned, Chen Haibin, Li Hongyi, Dai Saiying three people are members of a dark horse, marketing background, health Tingmei senior practitioners and Tsinghua technology flow as the background behind, definitely not a pile of resources and a bunch of brothers support.

, Shen net with friends to look at the development of Three Dads:

the year sold hundreds of millions of cup of tea, the cup can be several laps around the earth’s xiangpiaopiao, IPO sprint again.

August 2014, three dads team and endorsement team to jointly plan new product release form, endorsement team for three dad butt Jingdong all raised resources.

want to say, the course of IPO is quite tortuous xiangpiaopiao.

and market segments in the packed tea cup, also successfully defeated xiangpiaopiao Lang’s Youlemei and Unilever’s Lipton, market share has accounted for more than half, close to 60%.


opens the market with marketing

August 29, 2014 AM9:40-12:00, endorsement – "Three Dads" special air purifier Conference for children in the dark horse will be held at the global roadshow center.

April 2014, in Chang Chen’s recommendation, the entrepreneurial team and Focus Media chairman Jason Jiang brought online, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Focus Media.

sell milk tea, a year income 2 billion yuan

Dai Saiying became worried about her unborn child, but for all times cleaner on the market, but no one belongs to special children. Most of the purifiers on the market are lack of formaldehyde, filtration, PM2.5 obvious results. Dai Saiying and Chen Haibin, Li Hongyi two people spoke father, found that this is a common affliction. "Create a special air purifier for children."." This idea hit it off.

according to the prospectus, the fund-raising xiangpiaopiao about 748 million yuan. Among them, about 261 million yuan will be used for liquid milk tea construction projects; about 488 million yuan for the cup milk tea automatic production line construction projects.

fundraising uses


prospectus, xiangpiaopiao last year’s revenue of 2 billion 300 million yuan, in 2014 and 2015 revenue of about 2 billion yuan. 2014-2016 years’ net profit was 185 million, 203 million and 266 million respectively.

in early 2011, xiangpiaopiao started the IPO plan, to become the first listed company of domestic milk suppliers". By November 2013, Hong fluttering listed environmental verification, the Commission has announced in December of that year to accept the moratorium on new IPO application materials.

China congregation raised the amount of record is refreshed again, "the father of three children’s special air purifier, to raise the platform with 29 days to raise 10 million grades in the Jingdong, the highest in the industry to raise the public.

xiangpiaopiao profits

can see that the company’s gross margin is slightly higher than the previous two years. Compared with unity and Kangshifu, xiangpiaopiao gross margin higher, which may be with the company’s product structure related to the different structure of the products as a single, Hong fluttering tea, unity and Kangshifu is more abundant. Overall, the company’s gross profit margin is little difference with peers, in a reasonable range of industry.

probably thanks to its focus on vertical, xiangpiaopiao obtain larger market share in the brewing industry type tea. According to China market survey network data, 2015 1-10 month, xiangpiaopiao become the domestic market share of the first tea company, the company’s brand in the tea market share reached 34%.


Chinese red tone food industry brand share


production of air purifiers, mainly due to the person in charge of a Saiying just promoted to father, friends learned from the doctor because the child respiratory system is not fully developed, the pollution resistance is only 1/10 to 1/4 adults, with air pollution is more and more serious, the incidence rate of respiratory illness in children will gradually rose.

xiangpiaopiao gross margin of

has a product concept, the venture team found Gao Rong capital partner Chang Chen, and from it received a $1 million bridge loan. At the same time, Chang Chen promised that if a Saiying team can make him a convincing product, they will add $9 million investment.

good source products from the concept of

According to the

Talk about your down-to-earth income

has not written anything for a long time, because I’ve been very busy, and my friend has contacted me and said, "what you write is very real, not exaggeration, and close to reality. It is a very good article.". I smiled and said to them, in fact, the article is not important literary talent, it is important that the article can give people knowledge, and give people inspiration, this is the true value of the article.

I write this topic, in fact, the purpose is very simple, that is, to those who mind, but difficult friends. We are not lacking in ambition, not lack of wisdom, and lack of that pragmatic attitude.

a penny is money. When you earn 1 cents, it’s close to 1 cents. When you earn 1 dollars, it’s close to 2 dollars. There are 500 pieces of income we dream every day, but we these personal webmaster can really do? What kind of person what kind of station, although this sentence has a friend will have other views, but I know from my own experience, it is really true.

For example:

began to take my stand, is a very professional, professional to let other industries are not worth a look, because of my limited ability, therefore, the development of 3 years, that is more than 2000 IP, the cost of a year in about 1500 (which does not include personal energy pay and invisible things), one can not earn a lot of money in the hands of my website. But I have been doing it, why, 2 reasons, hobbies, money, love, this level I will not say, money to earn this, I want to say, ha ha.

GG to make a number of dollars, a link to make a three digit, selling related things to earn milk money!, one month down, very little, but for me, enough, because it can support themselves, but also can help me solve Cigarette Money, even my son’s toy sometimes can change back. This kind of income is satisfying for me,


then, by the end of the year, I found out that there were a lot of them, too much higher than the unit bonus ~ ~ isn’t that a very cool thing? Oh, ha ha ha ha,


personal website, unless you have capital, no capital investment, you still think about my words, and make a little money, perhaps, this road is leading to make a lot of money road?.

himself, QQ549386240, welcome all webmaster friends to communicate with ~~

Jingdong Liu Qiangdong is not a general entrepreneurial story

Liu Qiangdong and tea sister’s story attracted a lot of spectators, in fact, the reason why the electricity supplier was highly regarded, the reason is because of his extraordinary leadership and amazing innovation strength.

Liu Qiangdong called China

2014, a milestone year for Liu Qiangdong. May 22nd, Jingdong successfully listed on nasdaq. This is just the past 10 years since the founding of Jingdong mall. The past 10 years, the rapid development of China’s e-commerce in the past 10 years, every step of Liu Qiangdong stepped on the right node in the development of e-commerce.

Before the

as mixed Zhongguancun boss, Liu Qiangdong understands Zhongguancun digital store trick, soit drained also to newcomers to warn: user centered, do not pay attention to the user experience of the business model, will eventually be eliminated.

Jingdong when the line on the mall merchandise is not much, but Liu Qiangdong adhere to the authentic business, he believes that genuine low price is the core value of the demands of the user. To this end, he was lying on the Internet all day posting, interact with friends, slowly, Jingdong accumulated the first batch of loyal users.

Suitable for higher income entrepreneurial projects in 2014

in the last half of the 2014, there are a lot of entrepreneurial projects, and business opportunities are also very large, so in this year, what are the projects can be successful? Or is it a lot of money to start a business? Today we’re going to take stock.

2014 years to earn tens of thousands of entrepreneurial projects which 1, Youth Hostel

2014 years to earn more than ten million entrepreneurial projects which have 2, grocery door service

2014 years to earn more than 10000 entrepreneurial projects which 3, barbecue

Open stalls in the relatively low cost, 3000 yuan will be able to open a small grill (not including store rent and renovation costs). Some of the current popular barbecue shop, one day can sell two or three whole sheep is not uncommon, is eliminating labor, housing and other expenses, income is very considerable.

2014 years earned over ten million entrepreneurial projects which 4, landscape design studio

"city, better life", this is not only the 2010 Shanghai World Expo theme is the development trend of the city: pay attention to the living environment, emphasizing the harmony between man and nature. The process of urbanization in China is becoming faster and faster, and landscape design has become an important part of urban construction. Especially in recent years, real estate continues to heat up, so that the demand for landscape designers.

2014 years to earn tens of thousands of entrepreneurial projects which 5, Chinese medicine sales

with independent intellectual property rights is the biggest advantage of traditional Chinese medicine Chinese (which is the other pharmaceutical sub industries do not have), WTO for Chinese Chinese medicine industry provides a good opportunity to go abroad, to expand the international market share; but whether the extent of benefit from the "WTO" is depending on the traditional Chinese medicine industry in the next few years of development. It is worth noting that the country has