Carefully hung black chain brings the opposite effect

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but a station to get outside the chain of high PR station, which is not so easy, unless you webmaster friends friends broad, there are many webmaster friends, or you can choose to buy more money, buy the chain, the chain is divided into two types, one is the chain, another is the black chain, the chain refers to the so-called search engine, users can see the chain with the chain, this is generally the friendship exchange, or money, are generally paid monthly, according to the site of the PR value chain charges, the higher the PR value, the higher the price is, some big news site, a monthly rent to 800 yuan. But this chain brings the effect is also very high, which is equivalent to an industry celebrities has promoted a new human beings, new human values will rise.

black chain effect is debatable

station to increase the chain,

since the Google PR, we began to dawdle, how to rapidly increase the PR value, a method of increasing PR is the fastest made outside the chain of high PR site, outside chain is divided into two kinds, is always a two-way link, another is one-way, two-way link is called the connecting each other, and unidirectional links is a single direction of the chain, just like a vote for station to another station, another station did not know which station cast their vote, the more votes income, the higher the PR value of the site


!In this paper, is not easy!

due to the chain is expensive, some hackers have come up with the method of hanging black chain, this method first arose in the PW circles, hackers through intrusion security measures of low site, on the site linked to the hidden links, which is a black chain, this link is not seen, except the code view, general it is hard to find. But the black chain effect, actually did not imagine so good, with more and more people hung black chain, black chain is not like before the effect, the author also once bought black chain, but was online site less than a month, hang black chain, not only no bonus for the site, instead of being punished, analyzed the reason that this site is hanging too much black chain, therefore, buy black chain of friends, should be careful, don’t buy black chain site

What kind of website need to update what kind of site do not need to update

stand for the enterprise, in order to update and more.

content with the chain to become Shanghai dragon ER in operation of a website optimization process with the most points, I believe the vast majority of Shanghai dragon Er most of the time is spent on the above two points. We think this is not, the snapshot in the traditional Shanghai Longfeng officials eyes of a website is very important, and has important links with the snapshot is updated. Of course, some sites also is not simple to update the snapshot, but to tell the search engines my content is continuously updated, your spider will often come to my site. If this is to update and update the site sooner or later is to the problem, there are countless people of Shanghai dragon are doing in order to update and update web site. In fact, not all types of websites need to be updated, today is mainly want to talk about what kind of website needs to be updated with you, what kind of site do not need to update. Those who do not need to update the site every day to update after what will be the consequences.

first to introduce what kind of website need to update? Like some news websites, the website needs to be updated every day. We need to get the latest news every day uploaded to our website for users to browse, imagine if this kind of website is not updated. Users every day to see news are the same, believe that users will not come. So this kind of real-time information need very frequent content updates. Like some of the personal blog also needs to be updated, blog is a good platform for interaction, if you do not often publish content words, users every time to see the old content, you do not see the latest news, that you do not pay attention to the blog. The number after May will be less and less, so like this one can communicate with an interactive web site also need to update the latest trends in the us.

what kind of website does not require daily or frequent updates? Such as some technical site, like mechanical technology article some mechanical website is not updated every day. Because the principle of technology is something that is not change, the most is to have some breakthrough, that is how many years a change. So this kind of technology the type of website is not updated every day. Here also said one of the most commonly used do not need to update the site, it is the enterprise site. Enterprise site due to the attributes of the reason, is actually does not need to be updated every day, but many webmaster to Shanghai dragon. This forced the attribute to twisting it, actually this is wrong. Why not? Because of the general business station is mainly for the product display, in order to sell those products, what news and technical articles is just to introduce the situation of the enterprise, not the user is most concerned about. But many people focus on this above, because the product is difficult to have a chance to update, but also need to update the site, the natural way can think in the news and technical articles. In fact, it is harmful to the next, we analyze the content update what is the harm to the website.

Huyou is one of the important ability to be a successful webmaster

in the QQ group to see such a sentence, "women famous to take off, the famous webmaster to rely on blowing", although there are joking ingredients, but think about it, there seems to be really a little truth. All say Tang Wei by "lust, caution" a fame, in entertainment, this is the unspoken rules. We are not entertainment personage, not to talk about entertainment is right, and say, "famous station to rely on blow" this words, pondering some also not without reason.

in Zhao Benshan’s words, is "Huyou", modern society, if not Huyou others, may have been fooled. Throughout the station circle of shrimp, shrimp, do not rule out their actual ability, there are opportunities, "Huyou" is also a very important ability. In the webmaster circles, there are many "controversial" and "expert", looks very fierce, said than singing also nice, maybe his article is also plagiarism, but a group of loyal followers, of course, as many critics. Although this character is controversial, but undoubtedly also a "celebrity", most of the webmaster know.

webmaster to properly "boast" under their own, Huyou others.

Spring Festival Gala "Maiguai" a sketch, let everyone from the impression of "flicker". Now the social reality more, one accidentally was fooled, and sometimes appropriate to fool others, boast of themselves, is also a good way to publicize. "Three points strength, seven points blow" is not unreasonable, this is publicity, marketing. Stationmaster this group, the life is a bit drab, if who has the ability of flicker, it is also a flavoring agent of plain life. A lot of good words, skilled in debate, increase a lot of opportunities to express themselves, can say, can also blow up their own, more easily fooled by others.

December 1st

Baidu phoenix nest plan high-profile on-line, in fact there are bluff ingredients, at present, have not seen this and PPC what a big difference, but people all know this plan, this is Baidu webmaster "Huyou" genius. The result that flicker is, A5 forum everywhere is discussing "phoenix nest plan" the post, lift enough the appetite of stationmaster, it is clever move really.

sites should also "exaggerate" to attract attention.

here is not to webmaster talk, just add some rhetoric. For example, only about 100 thousand registered users of the forum, said there are hundreds of thousands of registered users; website advertising revenue of one hundred thousand, will be talking to customers, there are hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of advertising revenue and so on, proper exaggerated websites, will allow users to more trust website, in order to get more users effect. Sometimes we know some strange site, always look to its data, if the data showed considerable, good first impression is established, even if later discovered may not be so good, but still more likely to accept it.

such as Sina blog, boasts many celebrities registered blog, how many celebrities may not have statistics, >

Analyze the future of the game guild and the navigation station

hello dear friends (note that if you see so many connections that is soft, O (a _ U) O… It is wrong to me those are examples), we first question first, navigation station: webmaster friends certainly on the navigation station is the 5 station that has no future one of the. But I don’t think so, maybe HAO123265 has passed, I also agree that their time has passed, last year my home is still HAO123, but this year the station almost before I had been a few times, but other kinds of navigation station to keep in my bookmarks and favorites, such as the station. Although the navigation station, but you don’t say he didn’t have the money. The station, PR4, Baidu, Google and YAHOO included, reverse connect 2200. In view of a station, novel navigation station, money is no worse than the above. (Note: two members of the station is not me, not I just want to promote, for example)

to say that the navigation station has no money, I agree, but the alternative navigation station has no money, it is absolutely impossible.


second, Chinese game guild future: the practice proves that at present almost all games have gradually entered into the game stage, is no longer a person to solve the problem of the era. Then a variety of public will stand the prospect of needless to say, look at these stations the old guild website, will stand in the station, from the recommended IS to YY now, has been for the public service. Http:// this guild station reputation is not small, look at these anti connection, and know how these stations.

talked about two topics above, this point, perhaps someone must have guessed, to do association navigation station, I want to do this station only lack may reverse connection, how to get, you want to. The owners are most concerned about the topic is to stop money, if not to stop wind, so the station can only think of how to make money, not to think about the problem of interest, you don’t have money to burn. How to make money, see the article webmaster must be very clever long, he will surely be able to think of how to make money.

write so much nonsense, I put the idea to write out, I really had began to pay close attention to changes in the association, from the first to do public will recommend the station to union station in the game guild to the present guild navigation station, the navigation station I have designed for a long time, he can not is a common site navigation station, that station perhaps is really no money of the station, I design a set of solutions at present, but not now write out, or give people the first theft is sorry myself (*^__^*) hee hee……

well, for a no money, technical and not very good novice!

Scindapsus algorithm for on-line bitter webmaster or continue to hang


Scindapsus on-line

algorithm, Baidu wants to fight against the trade links, let more grassroots webmaster get more traffic. But Changsha’s Web site says it is the beginning of a new Baidu business profit. We are just one of the small beneficiaries of the pain, the traffic accounted for absolutely no more than 20%

Baidu Scindapsus algorithm intended to combat the sale of links, but finally the injured or us the bitter webmaster. A utilitarian society will never stop utilitarian struggle, and if opportunistic, it will become economic war. I do not know if you have noticed recently, Baidu bidding in various industries will be much more than usual, and the medical industry will be more competitive. Take Baidu bid for, you webmaster, Baidu home left 8 bidding advertising, plus natural ranking home, left a total of 18 seats. Remove Baidu home seven bid seats are not counted, let’s look at such a situation,


if you put "now what technology promising word do the first page, according to Baidu’s ranking, your ranking or ninth, if slightly ranked third or fifth, your site will not flow out estimation. No matter you are optimized by means of a white hat, but the end result is still the "pit" into a fix on our side still bitter webmaster, ziyuzile said my website keywords ranked first. What a funny joke it is. In fact, we have been playing with Baidu.

Scindapsus on-line

algorithm, blow blow webmaster webmaster opportunistic, hack tricky, knocked down a number of economic strength and the webmaster, let a group of wealthy boss quickly fill, it is a rich man’s world, "zhumenjiurouchou road with frozen" this sentence is suitable for any age. Today, we are forced to do SEO, do promotion, do rankings, has been around Baidu in turn. As a result, Baidu played us around. Tomorrow, the second generation "Jack Ma" launched the second generation "dig Taobao", throw money one billion, the day after tomorrow "dig Taobao" index 99999, weight 9. We are pushing hard ah ah ah, and excellent. Baidu says "sorry" in the light of your website does not meet Baidu optimization standard, your natural ranking fell 5 compared to yesterday, please don’t compromise efforts, we pay more attention to the quality of the site 2013.

tip: Baidu Scindapsus aureus on-line algorithm for the adjustment, the following three types of sites will be affected in different degrees:

1, hyperlink mediation

the hyperlink on the Internet is relatively high-quality recommendation, is the content on the page, the website value between ordinary users and website, but now all kinds of super chain cheating making the real certainly become a stepping stone to seek benefits for some people, the user cannot link according to the recommended find high-quality resources needed, and serious interference the evaluation of search engine on the web. Super chain intermediary is formed under this abnormal super chain Market

Talking about the relation between station group and info domain name

recently webmaster circle hot is standing on the topic, from the beginning to the present L-carnitine how acne what you saw is a row of info domain name, open inside, see is some related articles, many people are very depressed, because his station was crowded to the following also, there are a lot of people at Baidu, is watching, individuals have a personal idea, today I share with you.


is often mixed in seowhy, so we can see a lot of people are talking about this problem, he also bought the station group software, first station software is not intended to QJ a large number of keywords, but purely large quantities of garbage sites, make the flow, make alliance cost, know the elder brother again and again appeared, we became aware of the station group software can do this, of course we are not to discuss the station group software, well, a friend said Baidu will go to the artificial intervention, the author think that the probability of intervention is not great, there are so many people to do so many words in the Internet every day, Baidu will be impossible to those one investigation the site is the station group and then K it, and for Baidu to K info domain, this argument is funny, info domain name hundreds of thousands or even millions, alphanumeric combinations is more regardless of its The number, which have Baidu Xianxin in charge of those, I think Baidu should adjust the station group strategy is, because these things are not in line with the user experience, consider the user experience is the priority among priorities of search engine, search engine is a website to develop, only to research on the strategies rather than one by one artificial.

for Baidu, the webmaster is relatively helpless, dominate the market in the form of Baidu’s technological progress is very slow, but you go to Google, never see standing group of shadow, because for Baidu, Google as an adult, consider things (ranking) when many factors, not because of the chain how to put the rankings up, not because the opponent was malicious K you stand, but after all, most of the domestic netizens are using Baidu, our small owners and no what brand was Baidu.


used in the recent two station group software, is more popular on the market, can really tell you, station group is not so simple, it is not an ordinary person can invest, if to do battle group, then do the dumpster right, according to your original ideas, money flow do you seriously, union, to maintain a station, brand, popularity, it is only with the heart that have more friends to return to do stand.

this article by webmaster announcement, reprinted please indicate copyright.

100 degrees of boiling pots enjoy life – fast food restaurant delicacy

food and beverage market has been very broad, for business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is very business choice! How about 100 degrees of boiling pot of fast food? Quality projects, worry about entrepreneurship, then, what are you waiting for?

After the

investment 100 degree boiling crock fast food has established a professional project headquarters operational guidance team, set up a franchise tracking steering group launched the "nanny" business support services, the perfect training system, logistics fast supply system. According to the requirements of different markets and investors to provide personalized support services (store market positioning and product positioning), to solve all the problems encountered by investors.

How about

100 of boiling pot of fast food?

many entrepreneurs are not clear in the end of 100, how fast boiling pots and enduring. He inherited the essence of Chinese traditional folk food culture for thousands of years of crock, follow up health food and medicine with philosophy. He used their own practical action to prove to which project good crock of fast food. Yes, 100 degrees of boiling pots project for the fast small investors tailored for the business area and the amount of investment of small investors, reduce the risk of investment.

In fact,

, open their own brand stores, entrepreneurship is so simple. So, what are you hesitating about? Do not act quickly, let us work together to wealth!

Online children’s clothing store opened the secret of great secret

for venture capital investment intentions of friends, choose a suitable industry is very necessary. Children’s clothing brand, fashion is quietly rising. Why not open an online children’s clothing store, at home to make money. Online children’s clothing stores want to make money need skills, let Xiaobian to tell you about the children’s online shop operating skills!

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The idea of getting rich yet to be tapped

side is not a lack of opportunities, many lack of business opportunities, but the lack of opportunities to find, find the eyes of ideas. Below, Xiaobian for you to sum up, for you to bring together a number of gold mining has not been excavated ideas, I hope to help you get rich entrepreneurial!

waste treatment

flowers food ZhuangLittle difference between restaurant

elderly small table

energy saving and emission reduction

SF brother beaten SF brother beaten to provoke outrage

"SF courier was slapped abuse" event continues. Wang Wei, President of the group has always been low-key incident on the same day (April 17th) that the sound of a circle of friends, said, if this matter is not investigated in the end, I no longer deserve to do SF president!" Subsequently, SF group in April 18th also made it clear that the official micro-blog, do not agree with each other’s mediation demands, will adhere to the law rights.

is worth mentioning is that the incident also caused the courier industry collective condemnation, Shen Tong, tact, in the pass, the peak number of courier companies who have issued a message of solidarity, "SF brother".

, the daily economic news reporter noted that the incident caused widespread protests express industry, thanks to the lack of attention to the social dignity of the courier practitioners of social parties. Insiders admitted that the express industry is very difficult to obtain the society should be equal treatment and respect, the courier suffered cold, abuse, even beating the situation is nothing new.

it is worth noting that the courier industry can now be described as conflicts and contradictions continue to advance. On the one hand, the express industry achieved rapid development in recent years, many industry companies have to seek listing; on the other hand, the country and more recently the "Jin Mo brownouts" policy, to express industry especially the front-line staff brought a lot of trouble.

SF adhere to legal rights

according to the video uploaded by users, April 17th, in a small area in Beijing, a three wheeled delivery vehicle SF courier, in the delivery process with a black Beijing B license sedan collided slightly. Car owners get off even after pumping courier number slap in the face, and the insults of the courier, although next to persuade people but it still did not stop.

and car owners uncivilized behavior is the formation of a huge contrast, video display, SF courier performance throughout the trial. It is said that after the incident, the courier still adhere to the delivery of all courier on the car, which also led users have points praise.

4 on the 18 day at 8:39 in the morning, SF group released through the official micro-blog statement, made it clear that he did not agree with each other and the demands for mediation, disturb the phenomenon, suggestions for criminal liability, such as after a similar incident, SF will still be the rights according to the law, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees in the end. "For the responsibility, we will not give up the objective and fair because of anger; for dignity, we will not give up because of understanding and recovery."

as of the daily economic news reporter at press time, the statement has been more than 130 thousand times in the official micro-blog SF praise.

it is worth noting that the SF brother rapidly suffered the whole industry support. I would like to express the feelings of each of the people are distressed, indifferent have been gentle alternative." The recommended